Pollock in sour cream or wine, with onions, cheese, potatoes and fur dog! The best recipes for pollock stew in sour cream

Pollock in sour cream or wine, with onions, cheese, potatoes and fur dog! The best recipes for pollock stew in sour cream

Sour cream - the best supplement for pollock! She will make the fish juicy, tender and very appetizing. And yet, with sour cream, pollock is very easy and quick to prepare. Just some 30-40 minutes and a healthy dinner will be on the table.

Pollock in sour cream - general principles of preparation

In the store you can purchase whole carcasses of pollock or clean fillets. The product is inexpensive and affordable. Whole carcasses are usually small and usually weigh in the range of 0.4-0.7 kg. There are few bones in the fish, so the preparation of fillets usually does not cause difficulties.

Whole fish in sour cream is rarely cooked. Most often, the carcass is cut into pieces of 3-4 centimeters wide. Then placed in a dish, pour sour cream and sent to stew. But this is the most primitive and boring version of the dish. It is much more interesting to diversify the composition with other ingredients and cook a really tasty dish.

What can be added to pollock with sour cream:

• vegetables;

• various seasonings;

• cheese;

• greenery;

• sauces.

And you can pre-fry the fish and it will immediately become much tastier. The dish can be not only stewed on the stove, but also baked in the oven in a variety of ways, and here are the most interesting options.

Recipe 1: Pollack in sour cream with onions and carrots

Pollock stewed in sour cream according to this recipe, cooked on the stove in a frying pan. It turns juicy, tender and perfectly in harmony with vegetables. And since they are added to the dish quite a lot, you can not cook a side dish.


• 2 pollack;

• 3 bulbs;

• 2 carrots;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 40 grams of oil;

• spices, you can take a mixture of seasonings for fish.


1. Defreeze carcasses of pollock. Remove the fins, clean the abdomen and cut into pieces of three centimeters wide. Sprinkle with spices and can be left on time. 2. We clear onions, we cut into half rings. We clean the carrots too and chop straws.

3. Fry vegetables in a pan until half cooked.

4. Lay out the pieces of seasoned fish. Cover and simmer in your juice for 5 minutes.

5. Add sour cream. If it is thick and oily, then it can be diluted with boiled water. Immediately season the sauce with salt.

6. Cover the pan and simmer the fish for another 10 minutes. That will be enough for it to soak in the sauce, but before it gets away from the bones.

Recipe 2: Braised Pollock in Sour Cream with Paprika

For the preparation of stewed pollock in this recipe, in addition to sour cream, you will need ground sweet paprika. It goes well with sea fish. Preparing a dish on the stove.


• 600 grams of pollock;

• 200 grams of sour cream;

• 1 spoon of paprika;

• salt;

• wheat flour;

• butter;

• Dill greens;

• 1 onion.


1. Cut pollock into portions.

2. Roll in flour and fry in a pan until golden brown. Cover is not necessary, cook over high heat.

3. Cut the onion, fry separately, then combine with the fish.

4. Mix sour cream with 100 grams of oxen, add salt and paprika. Well, beat with a fork so that there are no lumps.

5. Pour cream sauce into the fish.

6. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

7. Add chopped dill, turn off.

Recipe 3: Baked pollock in cream and cheese

The simplest recipe for pollock in sour cream, which consists of only one stage. It is enough to put the products in shape and send them to the oven for half an hour. Bake fish at 190 degrees, the oven must be turned on immediately.


• 2-3 pollock carcasses;

• 7 tablespoons sour cream;

• 3 spoons of milk;

• 90 grams of cheese;

• 0.5 tablespoons of dried dill;

• seasonings.


1. Prepare the carcasses in the usual way, remove the fins, wash, clean the abdomen.

2. Cut the pollock slices, put in a greased form. 3. Mix sour cream with milk, add seasoning, dried dill, pour the form with pieces of fish.

4. If you have time, then the fish can be left to pickle in sour cream sauce. Pollock from this will only become more tender and juicier.

5. Fall asleep with grated cheese and in the oven! Cook until crispy crust on the surface.

Recipe 4: Braised Pollock in Sour Cream and Potatoes

To prepare such pollock in sour cream you will need a stewpan or cauldron. This dish is something medium between the first and second. If necessary, independently adjust the amount of liquid, add or decrease.


• 3 pollack;

• 6 potatoes;

• 180 grams of sour cream;

• 1-2 onions;

• butter;

• 1 carrot.

Spices: oregano, nutmeg, salt, pepper.


1. Fry chopped onion and grated carrots.

2. We clean the potatoes, cut into slices. Half laid on the bottom of a saucepan, sprinkled with salt.

3. Cut the prepared carcasses of the pollock into pieces, put them on top of the potatoes, sprinkle with oregano, pepper, salt.

4. We spread roasted vegetables.

5. On top of the rest of the potatoes, salt again, add more spices.

6. Mix sour cream with a pinch of nutmeg, pour into a saucepan.

7. Pour 300 ml of boiled water. It is possible more or less.

8. Cover the saucepan, let the dish simmer, then remove the fire and simmer for an hour.

9. At the end add the greens, put the bay leaf and turn it off.

Recipe 5: Braised pollock in cream and onion in a pot

This dish will require a pollock fillet, which you can buy or free the carcass from the bones and ridge yourself. The number of ingredients is calculated on one portion pot.


• 200 grams of pollock;

• 1 onion;

• 0.5 tsp. spices for fish;

• 1/4 of lemon;

• 40 grams of cheese;

• pinch of dried dill;

• 70 grams of sour cream.


1. Cut the fillet into neat strips two centimeters wide. Rub the spices for fish, pour the juice from a piece of lemon. Usually there is salt in the seasoning, but if not, then the fish can be slightly salted. 2. We leave pollack for 15 minutes.

3. Mix sour cream with dill, lightly salt, do not need much.

4. The onion needs to be cleaned and cut with neat rings.

5. Lubricate the pot with oil inside, put half the onion on the bottom.

6. We put on top pickled fish pieces.

7. And now again onions and pour sour cream.

8. Fall asleep with grated or chopped cheese and send the pot to the oven for 40 minutes.

Recipe 6: Baked pollock in sour cream with potatoes

A great way to cook pollock with sour cream in the oven, which eliminates the need to make a side dish. Convenient, easy and fast. Fresh tomatoes give a special taste to the dish, they must be ripe.


• 2 pollack;

• 10 potatoes;

• 300 grams of sour cream;

• 4 tomatoes;

• spices for potatoes;

• spices for fish;

• 3 bulbs;

• 4 tablespoons of vinegar essence;

• 180 grams of cheese.


1. Dilute the vinegar in a glass of water, mix and add the onion sliced ​​into half rings.

2. Clean the potatoes, cut into slices, sprinkle with spices for potatoes, but you can use any other or just salt. We spread in a greased form.

3. Slice pollock into portions, rub with spices for fish, spread on top of tiled layer.

4. Squeeze the onion from the vinegar, sprinkle with the pieces of pollock.

5. Cut the tomatoes into circles, lay out on the dish. Too thin pieces do not need.

6. Beat the sour cream with a fork with salt and coat the entire dish on top.

7. Bake for about half an hour in the oven at 180 ° C.

8. We get, we fall asleep with grated cheese and bake for another half hour, perhaps a little less. We focus on the readiness of potatoes, it should be easily pierced with a sharp object.

Recipe 7: Braised Pollack in Cream Sour Cream

A variant of a polished pollock dish. Ideally, white wine is used, as it is best combined with sea fish. But if it is not, then you can use a wine of another kind. Ingredients

• 2 pollack;

• 4 tablespoons flour;

• 1 onion;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• salt pepper;

• butter;

• 100 ml of wine;

• 1 scoop of browned flour.


1. Cut the washed and prepared fish into chunks and breaded in flour.

2. Fry on both sides in oil.

3. As soon as the pollock was turned over to the second side and fried a minute, add the onion sliced ​​in half rings. You can move the fish in the direction of the spatula and fry vegetables in the vacated area.

4. As soon as the onions become transparent and begin to roast, pour the wine into the pan, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

5. Sour cream mixed with roasted flour. To make sautéing, simply pour a spoonful of the product into the frying pan (dry) and fry until creamy color.

6. Add 50 ml of water, salt, pepper to the sauce and send it to the fish in a frying pan with wine.

7. Cover and simmer another 10 minutes.

8. Done! It remains only to sprinkle the dish with greens. And it is better to serve it with fresh cucumbers and radishes.

Recipe 8: Pollack in sour cream with tomatoes

Another version of stewed pollock with sour cream, which will need fresh tomatoes. We will cook on the stove with pre-roasting fish.


• 2 pollack;

• 4 tomatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• flour;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• oil and seasonings.


1. Cut the pollock in portions, roll in flour and fry on both sides. We shift in a saucepan.

2. Dice the onion, fry until transparent and also send to the pollock.

3. Put the sliced ​​Bulgarian pepper there.

4. On tomatoes, make a cross-section, drop for half a minute in boiling water, then in cold water. Remove the skin and cut into cubes. If you confuse the seeds, you can remove them before chopping tomatoes.

5. Combine the tomatoes and sour cream, add the spices and shift them to the saucepan with the fish.

6. Close the lid and stew. Usually, 15 minutes is sufficient until complete readiness, since the pollock has already undergone heat treatment.

Pollock stew in cream - useful tips and tricks

• Fins from fish are easily removed with kitchen scissors. And at the same time, the risk of a minimal cut They are also convenient to cut off the excess skin from the carcass and minor damage.

• Lemon juice is the perfect addition to any fish, regardless of recipe. And pollock from the presence of this ingredient only wins. Pieces can be pickled with lemon juice before cooking, or simply sprinkled when assembling the dish.

• Pollock - fairly dry fish, devoid of fat. Therefore, if you want to cook a really tender and juicy dish, then do not regret greasy sour cream, butter.

• To remove the unpleasant smell of fish from a cutting board or other dishes, rinse with vinegar water, you can with lemon juice. Also useful are fresh citrus crusts, which can simply rub the surface of dishes, knife blades or boards.

• Inside the abdominal cavity of the fish you can see a dark film. It must be scraped with a knife. The film can give an unpleasant taste and bitterness to the dish.

• If the fish is fried before stewing, then the slices should be breaded in wheat flour. If the product is simply fried, you can use breadcrumbs or semolina. They give a beautiful and crisp.

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