Pollock with onions and carrots is such a familiar and favorite budget dish. Cooking pollock with onions and carrots: simple recipes

Pollock with onions and carrots is such a familiar and favorite budget dish. Cooking pollock with onions and carrots: simple recipes

Fish is one of the most favorite products of the inhabitants of our planet.

She has even more connoisseurs than meat.

Especially in honor sea fish.

First, it contains an abundance of nutrients and vitamins. Secondly, dishes from sea fish are tasty and at the same time dietary, not creating problems for the stomach.

The representative of the Pacific waters of pollock conquered his place on the dining table long and firmly. In taste, it is inferior to more expensive types of fish, but its nutritional value is high.

From pollock prepare good dishes. And they can decorate any table. The taste of pollock with onions and carrots is especially pleasant. It is one of the most useful food compounds recognized not only by consumers, but also by nutritionists.

Pollock with onions and carrots (in the oven, stewed, baked) - general principles of cooking

Pollock - nutritious and dietary product. Sold in stores and markets in frozen form: carcasses with and without heads, fillets. The choice of fish must be approached responsibly, as a stale product will spoil not only the dish, but also the mood.

First you need to look at the thickness of the ice crust. Its mass should be no more than 4%, and its thickness should be no more than two centimeters.

On the carcass should not be damaged, and the color of the meat is white and clean without yellowish shades.

Stale fish can be distinguished immediately by smell, even if it is frozen.

Buying pollock in the store, it is necessary to evaluate not only the appearance, but also the storage conditions, package integrity and shelf life.

Before cooking, defrost the fish, clean the belly and trim the fins. Then wash under running water. If there is caviar, then it is baked along with the pollock.

Vegetables are cut into strips, cubes, arbitrarily - depending on the method of cooking. The dish can be fried in a griddle, stew and bake in the form of, in heat-resistant dishes or in pots.

Preparing pollock with the addition of lemon juice, pepper, laurel, tomato paste, vegetable oil, sour cream, soy sauce and even wine.

1. Pollock with onions and carrots in the oven

Baked fish is a light and dietary dish. Therefore, it can be prepared not only for lunch but also for dinner.


• Two fish carcasses.

• Carrot - two pieces.

• Onions - two pcs.

• 50 grams of tomato paste.

• Two cloves of garlic.

• 0.100 liters of red wine.

• A mixture of peppers, salt.


Using a grater for Korean carrot, grind carrots.

Cut the bulbs into several pieces and separate the feathers.

Put the vegetables in a deep saucepan and fry. We load paste from tomatoes, we mix.

Pour in the wine. We salt, we pepper. Fry until half ready.

Fish cut along the spine layers.

Prepare a baking dish. At its bottom pour vegetable oil. We load half of vegetables. Cut the garlic into four parts and pour it on the carrot. From above we place layers of pollock.

Pour the remaining vegetables on the fish layer.

The form is covered with a large piece of foil. We load into the oven for three quarters of an hour (220 degrees).

Ready fish served with greens. Pollock can be eaten both hot and chilled.

2. Braised pollock with onions and carrots

The finished dish carries the flavor far beyond the kitchen and makes you want to quickly eat at least a piece.


• A pound of fillet.

• Flour.

• A mixture of peppers, salt.

• Large carrot.

• Bow.

• A tablespoon sour cream.

• Two tomatoes.

• Bay leaf.


Cut the fillet into small pieces and move it to the bowl. We pepper, salt and mix well.

Each piece is rolled down abundantly in flour and fried on both sides. We move on a plate with napkins.

Cut vegetables: onion in half rings, carrot into cubes. Tomatoes are peeled free and turned into mashed potatoes. Fry onion, add carrot. Lightly salt, pepper and simmer until tender with constant stirring. Sunflower oil is poured only at the beginning of extinguishing. Further water is added.

We pour out tomato and sour cream. Stir.

Pour some vegetables in a saucepan. From above we place a ball of fish. We alternate layers, at the top should be a carrot and onions. Put a pair of laurels.

Fill vegetables and fish to the brim with hot water. She must cover the products completely. Stew thirty-five minutes. Remove the lid and mix is ​​not necessary.

3. Pollock with onions and carrots baked in pots

A simple way to cook tender and dietary fish. The dish is tasty and aromatic. Suitable for a nutritious, but light dinner.


• Three fish.

• Carrots and onions - one each.

• 50 grams of Vologda butter.

• Mix of peppers

• Soy sauce.


Cut the carcasses of pollock into pieces.

Cut onion and carrot into cubes.

Lay the bottom of the pot onions, put carrots on top. Put four slices of pollock on vegetables. Pour in soy sauce to taste and pepper.

Sprinkle the fish with onions and carrots. Put a small piece of butter. Add half a glass of water.

Close the pots with a lid and bake for forty minutes (180 degrees).

4. Pollock with onions and carrots under marinade

The dish should be consumed cold. The fish soaked in marinade is tasty and nutritious.


• 0.500 kg of pollock.

• Three medium carrots.

• Onion.

• 50 grams of flour and granulated sugar.

• One Art. l 6% vinegar

• 50 grams of tomato paste.

• Seasoning for fish.


Mix salt in flour in a plate. Cut pollock into small pieces, roll in flour and fry in vegetable oil.

Put the pollock on a plate. Separate each piece from the bones. We put in a shallow container.

Cut carrots and onions. Send the vegetables to the pan. Add tomato paste. Instead of oil, pour in water. Stew until done. Vegetables shift in a bowl and prepare the marinade. Add vinegar. Sprinkle with fish seasoning and pour sugar. Stir.

We spread the vegetable mass on top of the pollock. Dish left for an hour, so that the fish soaked with marinade.

5. Pollock with onions and carrots and soy sauce

The fish is rosy and juicy. Soy sauce gave her a salty taste, and carrot - a bit of sweetness.


• 0,700 kg of fish.

• Carrot - one piece.

• White onion - two pcs.

• 4 tbsp. l soy sauce.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Two Art. spoons of sour cream.


Cut the fish in half. Move it to deep dishes.

Thin straw cut carrot.

Onion is cut into half rings and divided into individual feathers.

Pour into a dish to pollock. Here we add carrots.

Soy sauce is poured into a plate and add sour cream. Sprinkle with a mixture of peppers. Mix - it turned out the sauce. Pour the fish with vegetables and stir again. If the salt is not enough, you can add.

Cover dishes and set in a cold place for two hours.

We take out fish, roll in flour and fry in any vegetable oil until half cooked.

Fill in onions and carrots, pour in the remains of the marinade and continue cooking for another fifteen minutes.

Finished fish can be eaten with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers. Not bad boil some rice.

6. Pollock with onions and carrots in a tomato-cream sauce

Cooked in a sour sauce of tomato juice and cream, the fish is tasty and tender. We supplement pollock with onions and carrots, and a full dinner is ready!


• 0,700 kg of fish.

• Carrot - three pieces.

• White onion - three pcs.

• 200 ml of 10% cream.

• Tomatoes - 4 pcs.

• A bunch of dill.

• 100 grams of flour.

• Black spoon of sugar.

• Bay leaf.


Peeled pollock cut into centimeter pieces, roll abundantly in flour.

Fry the fish until half cooked.

Cut tomatoes and onions into small pieces. Turn the carrot into a straw with a vegetable cutter.

Fry onions until half cooked, then add the carrot and fry, do not forget to stir, until cooked.

Pollock shift to heat-resistant dishes, top with carrots and onions. Put laurel.

In sliced ​​tomatoes pour cream, add sugar. Salt and pepper. Mix.

Pour on the fish and level. Bake for half an hour (200 degrees).

Fish put on a beautiful plate and sprinkle with dill. Next to each piece put baked vegetables.

7. Pollock with onions and carrots in semolina

Pollock in manna “coat” is gentle and soft. Vegetables fill the dish with freshness and flavor. It is appropriate at any time of the day. An attractive and nutritious dish for those who love fish, as well as steamed vegetables.


• One kg of fish.

• Carrot and onion head - one piece each.

• 0.150 kg of semolina.

• Sweet pepper.

• Tavern.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Salt.


Clean and peeled fish cut into pieces of 1.5 cm. Salt and pepper.

Roll each slice in semolina. Fry in a hot pan on both sides. It is necessary that the semolina stuck to the fish. For this, four minutes is enough to roast each side. Fish fried in portions.

Put pollock into a deep saucepan and pour a glass of hot water. He should have steamed for about fifteen minutes so that the semolina boiled soft and soaked with fishy taste.

Cut vegetables into cubes. Mix pepper, eggplant, zucchini and onions. Salt and pepper.

Send carrots to a hot pan, fry for a few minutes. Then add a mixture of eggplant, zucchini, pepper and onion. Put out ten minutes. Pour the contents of the pan into a saucepan with pollock. Cook for another ten minutes.

The dish is ready. You can serve the table and serve.

8. Pollock with onions and carrots under cheese crust

The dish is simple, but with a twist: the combination of cheese heated in the oven and mayonnaise will add polka with onions and carrots a refined taste. Ingredients:

• 0.700 kg of fillet.

• Carrots and onions - four pcs.

• Art. spoon of lemon juice.

• 0.200 kg of hard cheese.

• Vegetable oil.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Salt.

• Mayonnaise.


Cut the fillet into pieces, pat dry with a napkin and spread on a large plate.

Salt and pepper. Sprinkle each piece with lemon juice.

Cut vegetables at random.

Onions fry in sunflower oil. Add the carrot and fry for another five minutes.

Lay out the layers alternately: vegetables, fish. Below and at the very top should be onions with carrots.

Pour with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Bake in the oven for thirty-five minutes (180 degrees).

Pollock with onions and carrots - tips and useful tips

  • It is advisable to work with fish with gloves, then it is not necessary to wash hands for a long time from an unpleasant and corrosive smell.
  • Pollock can be quickly thawed in the microwave. But it is better if it defrosts itself at room temperature.
  • Carrots are rubbed on a regular grater, cut with a knife or crushed with a vegetable cutter. But if the Korean carrot grater is used, the product will be tastier.
  • The sour cream present in the recipe can be replaced by ryazhenka or natural yogurt with a high percentage of fat.
  • If there are fresh tomatoes and tomato paste, you need to choose tomatoes. It is much tastier and healthier.
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