Stew pollock with onions and carrots in pots, on a baking sheet, in a frying pan. Habitual and unusual recipes for stewed pollock with onions

Stew pollock with onions and carrots in pots, on a baking sheet, in a frying pan. Habitual and unusual recipes for stewed pollock with onions

It is not difficult to soften dryish fried fish by extinguishing, and the result is very positive. Especially, if you stew with vegetables that will complement the dish with its taste.

Carrots and onions serve as an excellent “pillow” and for seasoning, whether you want to make the dish fragrant, or sharper in your plans. Often used delicacies with added wine are also appropriate here. Pollock gratefully perceives such a neighborhood, and, diversifying spices, you can get the aroma of Mediterranean cuisine, and the sharpness of the Far Eastern dishes.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots - the general principles of cooking

• Buy pollock chilled or fresh almost impossible, for sale it only in frozen form. Sold as gutted, and with heads.

• Before cooking, the fish should be thawed properly. To do this, place the carcasses in advance in any suitable dishes and leave them on the table until they are completely thawed.

• Well thawed carcasses must first be washed with running water. If the fish is not gutted, then first chop off the head and remove all the insides, along with a film of dark (black) color lining the belly from the inside. Liver and caviar, if any, are not thrown away, but stewed along with fish.

• The upper and lower fins are very small and sharp, so they should be cut along with the side ones. It is also recommended to remove the tail.

• After that, pollock for stewing with onions and carrots cut into pieces. So that there is no ridge and small bones in the dish, fillets are often used. It can be bought or separated from the bones by itself, cutting with a sharp knife from the ridge in the direction from tail to head.

• To prevent vegetables or fish from being burnt when they are burnt, they add a little water or pour in specially prepared sauces.

• Vegetables are ground and added raw or pre-browned.

• With onions and carrots, pollock can be stewed on a stove in a frying pan, a small sauté pan or a cauldron. In pots or deep oven - in the oven. No less tasty get a dish, if you cook it in a slow cooker.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots in a tomato in a pan


• kilogram of pollock ice cream;

• a teaspoon of granulated sugar;

• two large onions;

• 300 gr. carrots;

• garlic - 3 teeth;

• half a liter of tomato juice.

Cooking Method:

1. From thawed carcasses, cut off all fins, scrape off the scales and chop off the tails with a knife. Cut the abdomen, remove the black film and wash well from the inside. Dry dry, cut into chunks and fold into a small bowl. Salt and mix gently.

2. Thin carrot and onion rings fry in olive oil until softened. Spread half of the vegetables in an even pan in an even layer and set aside a second part for a while.

3. In a clean frying pan, with intense heat, heat the oil and fry in it the pieces of fillet, rolled in flour. It will take at least 2 minutes. on one side.

4. Lay the fried fish in a frying pan on the sprouted vegetables with a layer. Then put the remaining vegetables on them and smooth them.

5. Press garlic in tomato juice, pepper, add chopped dill and salt.

6. Pour the prepared sauce into the pan with the dish and place on a slow fire. Simmer under the lid for 45 minutes.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots on cabbage leaves


• pollock fillet, ice cream - 700 gr .;

• two carrots;

• cabbage leaves;

• two leaves of lavrushka;

• 1.5 tsp. peas, black pepper;

• two slices of an average apple;

• 2 tbsp. l - thick tomato and 15% sour cream (low-fat);

• “Spices for frying fish”.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the well-washed fillet into portions. Salt, season with fish seasoning and leave to stand. After half an hour, fry in a frying pan in hot oil until half cooked.

2. Cut the carrots into cubes and the onion into half rings.

3. Grease the cooking bowl with lean non-aromatic oil and cover the bottom with cabbage leaves.

4. On the leaves lay a layer of onions with carrots, and on them pieces of fried fish. Put apple slices in the center and drown them a little. Add lavrushka, black peppercorns. 5. Mix sour cream with tomato, salt and spices. Add 2.5 cups (300 ml) of water and pour the mixture into the slow cooker.

6. Cook in “Quenching” mode for an hour and a half.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots in pots


• three small pollock carcasses;

• seven medium-sized potatoes;

• two lettuce bulbs;

• 350 gr. fresh carrots;

• 200 gr. fat (not lower than 20%) sour cream;

• 50 gr. natural butter;

• 120 ml of “Sherry”, or 180 ml of “Aligote”.

Cooking Method:

1. Defrost the fish beforehand. Gut insides and rinse well with water. Remove the tails, cut off the fins and remove the skin. Separate the fillet from the bones and cut it into small (centimeter) cubes.

2. Chop the onion in large slices. Straws of the same size - carrots, and cut potatoes into small sticks.

3. Take refractory pots and place half a chl on the bottom of each. oils.

4. Then lay the carrot, laying it in a layer, on it pieces of fish fillet, and onion over it. Pour two spoons of sour cream on the onion layer and smooth it. Next, put a layer of potatoes and on top of it a few small pieces of butter. Add fine salt and season with ground pepper.

5. Dissolve wine with a glass of water and pour 6 spoons of this mixture into each filled pot. Cover the pots with lids and place on a baking tray in a cold oven.

6. Turn on the heat, bring the temperature to 180 degrees and simmer the dish in the pots for about 40 minutes.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots in sour cream sauce


• one and a half kilograms of pollock;

• four large salad onions;

• carrot - 3 pcs .;

• 25% sour cream - 500 grams;

• juice from 1/8 of a small lemon;

• flour;

• “Spices for fish” - 5 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop off heads and tails of previously thawed fish. Gut the insides and remove from the inside all the films. Do not throw away the liver, you can put it in the dish.

2. Carefully, in order not to damage the skin, scrape the scales with a knife and cut the fish into 3 cm thick slices. Fold into deep dishes, lightly salt, season with spices, add lemon juice. Pour in three spoons rast. oil, mix gently and leave to stand, marinate for 20 minutes. 3. Over medium heat, warm the olive oil in a pan well and fry the pieces of fish until they take a golden crust. Before frying, roll the fish well in flour.

4. In half a liter of hot water, dilute the oil, cool slightly and add sour cream.

5. Chop the onion half rings and coarse carrots on the grater.

6. Lay prepared vegetables and fried fish in a small roasting pan. Sprinkle each layer lightly, season with a little spices and pour over the sour cream sauce. Cover the roaster with a lid or tightly cover its top with foil.

7. Put only in a heated oven, cook at 190 degrees for half an hour.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots under sour cream in a frying pan


• one kilogram of pollock ice cream;

• medium bulb;

• small carrot;

• 300 ml of pasteurized milk;

• 200 grams of 20% sour cream;

• lean, non-aromatic oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash carcasses of pollock well, gut and clean the scales. Remove tails with fins and cut into medium-sized portions. Season with spices, salt and cover with milk for one hour.

2. Then dry the pieces of pollock lightly on a towel and fry slightly on each side, pre-rolled in flour. Do not bring to readiness, fry quickly, so that only a light golden crust appears on the surface.

3. Put the fried pieces in a clean frying pan, sprinkle with coarsely shabby carrots and thin half-rings of onion.

4. Pour in sour cream, salted and slightly diluted with water, lightly salt and simmer on the minimum of heating for 20 minutes, covered with a lid.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots under mayonnaise


• 850 grams of gutted pollock (without heads);

• 400 gr. carrots;

• five sweet pea peppercorns.

• 250 gr. Luke;

• two bay leaves;

• a couple of pinches of ground pepper;

• 80 gr. fat (“European”) mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop the onion, rub the carrot into a medium grater and mix well. Salt, add sugar and stir well again. 2. Rinse the carcass under the tap. Remove the remains of the entrails from the abdomen, cut off all the fins and tails. Cut the pollock into pieces of arbitrary size and rub each with a mixture of salt and pepper.

3. Put a layer of half vegetables in a small pot, place some fish on it, then the remaining vegetables and again the fish. Lay the mayonnaise and flatten with a spoon so that all the pieces of pollock are under it.

4. Carefully, in order not to wash off the mayonnaise layer, pour cold water into the pot. It should take only 2/3 volume.

5. Put the container on low heat and simmer for a slight boil for half an hour. If foam appears on the surface, remove it with a spoon or a slotted spoon.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots in thick tomato marinade


• pollack gutted, headless - 900 grams;

• onions - 3 large onions;

• a pound of carrots;

• Lavrushka;

• flour;

• two tablespoons of thick tomato;

• Black pepper and ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Medium grate the carrot and fry it in the refined vegetable oil. Put onion carrots thin half rings. Slightly add to your taste, sweeten slightly and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes. At the end of cooking, add the tomato, season with ground pepper and, mixing well, stew for another 2 minutes.

2. Rinse the carcass with water, removing all remaining in the abdomen. Cut tails, cut off all fins and cut into pieces. Dip each piece well in flour and fry until half cooked in vegetable fat (corn, sunflower or olive oil).

3. Lay the fried fish in layers in a small stewpan or cauldron, shifting each of its layers with vegetables stewed with a tomato.

4. In an incomplete glass of water, dilute 2.5 tablespoons of white flour and pour the fish into the resulting mixture.

5. Add pepper peas, you can put a leaf of Lavushka and simmer over low heat for ten minutes.

Stewed pollock with onions and carrots - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Pollock carcasses can be thawed in water or a microwave. This will speed up the thawing process, but the dish will lose juiciness.

• To prevent pieces of fish from falling apart, be sure to fry them and do not stir the dish while stewing.

• Sour cream for the sauce can be replaced with fatty yoghurt and tomato paste with fresh tomatoes or juice.

• So that the fish cooked with lavrushka does not taste bitter, try immediately after the meal is ready to get all the leaves.

• Also, when choosing a bay leaf, pay attention to its color. It should be less green and more brownish. Such leaves have a good “laurel” aroma, but they almost do not give a sharp taste and smell.

• Means a lot for the final taste of dishes and carrots. It should be juicy, with a thin inner “core” and always sweet. Sometimes it is even worth adding a little sugar when it is quenched.

• If this is not against your culinary principles, try a little salty fish, and make vegetables sweetish and add all the seasonings in them. A dish with such a twist will be very tasty cold. But it should be served with hot lush mashed potatoes.

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