Croutons with garlic - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked toast with garlic.

Croutons with garlic - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked toast with garlic.

Croutons with garlic - general principles of cooking

Garlic croutons are a great appetizer for salads, broths, vegetable slices or beer. Garlic croutons can be used as a base for hot or cold sandwiches. Prepare such breads easy. You can go the easiest way and fry in a skillet until ruddy slices of bread, and then rub them with garlic. And you can use another way: cut the garlic cloves into two or three parts and fry in any vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Once the garlic is reddened and gives its flavor and taste to the oil, it can be removed. After that, in such an aromatic oil, you can fry the slices of bread.

In some recipes, garlic toast with garlic itself is used after toasting the bread. For example, hot bread slices can be coated with a mixture of grated garlic, mayonnaise and greens. It turns out very appetizing snack, which can be supplemented with cheese, canned food or other ingredients. By the way, garlic croutons can be made from any bread. Suitable and ordinary wheat, and rye, and peklevanny, etc.

Garlic Croutons - Preparing Food and Dishes

To cook savory garlic croutons you will need a cutting board with a sharp knife, a grater, a garlic press and a frying pan. If you need to make a sauce using a recipe, you will also need a bowl.

Pre-need to cut the bread in neat even chunks. Garlic must be cleaned and chopped with a knife or skipped through the garlic press (you can also grate on a fine grater). Heat butter or vegetable oil or margarine in a skillet.

Croutons with garlic recipes:

Recipe 1: Garlic Croutons

The easiest recipe for savory garlic toasts. For their preparation you need very few ingredients. Such breads are perfect for the first and second courses, as well as for spreading cream cheese.

Ingredients Required:

  • Wheat bread;
  • Salt;
  • Garlic - a few cloves;
  • Vegetable oil (best olive oil).

Preparation Method:

Bread cut into pieces (not too thick and not thin). You can also use yesterday's bread. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, fry bread in it in both sides. Garlic (the right amount) to pass through a press and mix with salt. Hot crispy croutons rub with garlic and salt. To decorate the croutons with garlic, you can sprinkle with fresh chopped greens.

Recipe 2: Croutons with garlic and mayonnaise

Incredibly delicious fragrant croutons with garlic and mayonnaise. They can be served with salads or other light dishes or just to eat. Very good are these croutons with garlic and smoked sausage or sprats.

Ingredients Required:

  • Several slices of white bread;
  • Mayonnaise - a few spoons;
  • Two eggs;
  • A pair of garlic teeth;
  • Cheese, hard;
  • Parsley fresh;
  • Butter.

Preparation Method:

Smash two eggs in a bowl and beat with a small amount of mayonnaise (about one spoon). Slices of bread dunk in this mixture. Fry the croutons on both sides in a frying pan with butter. Cool slightly. Garlic is passed through the press, chopped parsley, mix it all with the remaining mayonnaise. Lubricate croutons garlic mass. Grate cheese, sprinkle it with croutons. We decorate the snack with greens.

Recipe 3: Croutons with garlic and onions

Such croutons with garlic and onions will certainly appeal to men. This seemingly simple snack turns out very tasty and savory. Garlic-onion croutons are ideal for salads, vegetables, first courses and beer. If desired, you can use additional seasonings, for example, ground red pepper.

Ingredients Required:

  • Wheat bread;
  • Onion head;
  • A few cloves of garlic;
  • Butter or margarine for frying;
  • Salt - to taste;
  • Ground black or red pepper;
  • Greens.

Preparation Method:

Bread cut into slices of the desired thickness and shape. Melt margarine or butter in a pan. Fry the bread on both sides to a crispy brown crust. Onion cut into thin rings and fry in butter until golden brown. Garlic cloves skipped through a press or grated. Green chop chopped. Rub garlic with croutons, put fried onion rings on top. If desired, add some salt and sprinkle with pepper. Sprinkle croutons with garlic and onions with chopped greens.

Croutons with garlic - secrets and tips from the best chefs

- To croutons with garlic do not get too hard, it is better to cut the crusts from the edges of the bread, although many people like garlic croutons like crackers for beer;

- Toast with garlic can be salted to taste or seasoned with any seasonings and spices;

- The main secret of making delicious croutons with garlic is the use of not the freshest bread. Firstly, such bread is easier to cut, and secondly, garlic croutons from it will be more crispy. But this does not mean that you can take old, stale bread.

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