Garlic sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook garlic sauce.

Garlic sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook garlic sauce.

Garlic sauce - general principles and methods of cooking

Now you can use a variety of bioactive supplements. Garlic on the full basis can be considered a real natural supplement. What makes garlic special? What is the reason for the popularity of the product with such a pungent smell and spicy taste?

This wonderful seasoning is used with a variety of dishes. It is very good for the body, improves digestion and stimulates appetite. The vast majority of meat and vegetable dishes with this spicy product become more appetizing and richer. Garlic sauce is very popular. The garlic itself is added at the very end, since during heat treatment its properties are very quickly lost, even the smell changes and disappears.

Garlic Sauce - Food Preparation

To prepare the sauce you need sunflower or olive oil, preferably cold pressed. Garlic is cleaned and finely ground into a homogeneous mass with oil. You can use a blender or stupa. The sauce is left in a cold place to feed the oil. It should be used within 7-10 days; the billet should be shaken daily. Sour cream or dairy products, tomatoes, meat and fish broth and much more can be used as additional ingredients.

Garlic Sauce - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Garlic Sauce with Tomato Paste in Broth

This is a wonderful recipe for a sauce for meat, noodles, dumplings, kebabs, or a ready dish - soak bread in it and eat it! Spicy taste for lovers of “hotter”, with a bright tomato flavor. Prepare broth and greens, tomato paste (not sauce) and go!

Ingredients: tomato paste (2 tbsp. Spoons), tomato (1 pc.), Broth (meat), black ground pepper, greens.

Method of preparation

Peel the garlic. Put one clove, chop about half a head and fry in vegetable oil, then add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. We shift the mixture in a salad bowl and diluted with hot broth. Remove the skin from a tomato (scald it with boiling water and make cross-shaped incisions). Cut into small cubes and stew in a pan. It is better to knead them to softness tolkushkoy. Mix, whip everything and add greens and a clove of garlic, chopped into small pieces. Salt and pepper.

Recipe 2: Garlic sauce with sour cream

Especially popular is garlic sauce in the East and Transcaucasia. As a basis, we use sour cream and lemon, although in the Caucasus it is made from suzma or matsoni - more acidic products, with a soft-sticky consistency. You can try katyk or airan, but you get only a disposable sauce, you can not store it.

Ingredients: sour cream (250 grams), garlic (2-3 cloves), lemon juice, parsley, cilantro, salt, ground pepper.

Method of preparation

Chop finely greens, clean the garlic and rub it through a fine grater. Smetau mix with garlic and add lemon juice, salt, pepper, greens. Dilute with boiled water to the consistency of kefir - the sauce is ready! It is served to many dishes - for example, dolma or mantles, it is very suitable for any meat.

Recipe 3: Bread Garlic Sauce

If you have stale bread, cook the garlic sauce according to the original recipe. Additionally, you will need lemon and garlic.

Ingredients: white loaf (1/2 piece), lemon, garlic, parsley, olive or vegetable oil (4 tablespoons), ground pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Peel the garlic. Cut bread, rub garlic cloves and lightly pour over vegetable oil. Dry in a preheated oven and grind in a blender into small chips. We press garlic with a knife or in a mortar. Cut lemon zest from the lemon and chop the parsley finely. All mixed with bread crumbs. Salt and pepper and pour in the remaining olive oil. Beat in a blender. Despite its simplicity, it is delicious in itself. They can fill salads and refresh the taste of stewed or boiled meat.

Sample dishes with garlic sauce

Recipe 1: Chicken legs, baked in garlic sauce

Such appetizing and juicy legs can be made only in garlic sauce. You can only take shins, fresh or fresh frozen.

Ingredients: chicken legs (5 pcs), cream (350 grams, 30%), mayonnaise (100-2150 grams), garlic (1 head), salt, seasonings - to taste.

Method of preparation

Mix in a separate saucepan components of the sauce: sour cream, mayonnaise, cream and chopped garlic. Rinse the chicken drumsticks under running water, pour in a baking bag and close. If there is no pastry sleeve - you can use a frying pan or broiler, just cover with foil. So the moisture does not evaporate too quickly. In the package, make several small holes on top for the steam to come out and put in the oven. Oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 40 to 60 minutes. After 10 minutes a magnificent garlic smell spreads around the apartment, you will look forward to the moment. When on the stew are rosy chicken legs, just floating in the sauce.

Recipe 2: Squids in Garlic Sauce

Squids in our country can be attributed to delicacies. They will be a great addition to the festive table at a family party or with invited guests. The main thing is not to digest them so that they do not become rigid. Well clean them from the skin, so that no bitterness remains.

Ingredients: squid (500 grams), half a glass of white wine, garlic cloves, bunch of greens, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, greens.

Method of preparation

We clean, wash, and cut squid rings. Heat oil in a pan and fry some finely chopped garlic, add squid, fry for 5 minutes. Finely chop the greens, add to the squid along with the wine and spices. Stew for three minutes. Serve hot.

Garlic sauce - useful tips from experienced chefs

Delicious sauce for lovers of garlic, pasty or granular, is obtained from boiled and raw eggs. Add a little lemon juice and olive oil, stir and beat the boiled and raw yolks (2 pcs). The sharpness of the dish is governed by the amount of garlic. Mild egg sauce can be simply spread on bread, sharper is perfect for meat and vegetables.

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