Crackers with garlic - a brilliant invention of thrifty culinary! Recipes unmatched appetizers and dishes of stale bread "in a hurry"

Crackers with garlic - a brilliant invention of thrifty culinary! Recipes unmatched appetizers and dishes of stale bread

We know from childhood that you cannot throw away stale bread.

Careless attitude towards bread is a sign of disrespect for the hard work of grain growers and bakers.

Crackers with garlic - the general principles of cooking.

There is nothing difficult in preparing homemade garlic crackers.

The remaining piece of yesterday's bread must be immediately cut into slices, cubes, and long cubes: bread, dried completely, is much more difficult to cut.

You can use shaped metal notches, and cut circles, hearts, or asterisks from the crumb: bread figures will be useful in order to surprise guests at the holiday table. You can make original snacks from them. The remains after the curly cutting rubbed on a grater, and breadcrumbs - always at hand. Useful, and not only for meatballs.

If necessary, for the preparation of crackers with garlic, suitable and fresh loaf.

Garlic crackers can be made from wheat, rye bread, and even from buns. By the way, the combination of the taste of sweet bread with spicy and salty spices corresponds to the classical canons about food.

Taste croutons, in addition to garlic, give other spices, and there is plenty of room for improvisation, depending on personal preferences for one or another of spices. In addition to garlic, salt and pepper, a special aroma of garlic and garlic add:

  • dill,
  • Provencal herbs,
  • coriander,
  • cilantro,
  • lemon peel,
  • mint,
  • celery,
  • cumin.

When using dry herbs, it is advisable to grind them into powder, then add them to the oil. The leaves of fresh dill, celery and other herbs should be cut as small as possible, and the stalks crushed in a mortar with salt and vegetable oil, which will be used as a dressing. The stalks which have given the juice to gas station to remove, and to strew ready crackers sprinkle with finely chopped leaves. Crackers can be fried even on a fire or simply dried in the sun. But more often they are cooked in the oven, in a pan or in a microwave. Briefly about what is the difference between the last three ways:

• Crackers with garlic in a pan.

This method is convenient when you need to quickly cook a small amount of crackers, for example - for the preparation of various dishes. Fry in a pan should be in small portions. It is important that the pieces lay on the bottom of the pan in a single layer: so they will roast evenly, and it is convenient to mix them. You can also cook croutons. When frying, vegetable oil should be well warmed so that it does not immediately absorb into the bread: the croutons will become too fat. When the croutons are reddened, turn off the stove, put the croutons in the dishes lined with a paper napkin and cover with a lid for 5 minutes to better absorb the smell of the dressing.

• Mushrooms with garlic in the microwave.

With this method, dressing in crackers can be added immediately. Cooking in the microwave has one small drawback: the croutons will not have a beautiful, golden crust on top. But at the same time, the cooking time is 1-2 minutes. Microwave garlic crackers can be used to make salads, where other bright ingredients will attract more attention than crackers.

• Crackers with garlic in the oven.

This way of cooking is very convenient to stock up for future use.

In the oven it is better to bake crackers, cut into cubes or cubes. They, as in the pan, you need to evenly distribute a small layer to achieve the necessary golden brown. At the same time, the oven should be heated to a temperature of 160 ° C and baked crackers for 7-10 minutes, until golden brown. Then turn off the oven and, opening the door, leave the pan with the crackers in the oven until it cools completely. In a hot oven, excess moisture from the bread will quickly evaporate.

Garlic Crackers: Refill Options

Dressing can rub the crackers. This is convenient to do with a silicone brush. You can sprinkle with the prepared mixture of spices, but this method is more laborious and does not guarantee that each piece will be evenly coated with the mixture.

The best option - impregnation. Spices, dissolved in a liquid, evenly absorbed into the croutons.

For the impregnation of crackers you can use not only water, but also meat or fish broths.

Garlic Crackers: Basic Cooking Recipe

0,400 g of crackers:

• Water (boiled) or broth - 0.070 ml

• Vegetable oil (any) - 0.030 ml

• Salt, pepper, garlic, spices - to taste.

Boil water or broth. Add salt, pepper, dry spices. Add fresh herbs to the water, after it boils, turn off the stove and add vegetable oil.

Put prepared croutons in a plastic bag. Add 1-2 cloves of minced garlic, finely chopped leaves of greenery to the package, for additional flavor and decoration of crackers. Pour the prepared dressing in small portions, constantly shaking the bag with crackers.

Tie the bag and leave for 15-20 minutes so that the croutons soak up the whole flavor of the spices. After that, the contents of the package must be poured into a suitable container and dried up with excess moisture in any convenient way: in a frying pan, in a microwave or in an oven. The moisture will evaporate in 5 minutes, while the vegetable oil and garlic will retain their aroma and freshness.

Crackers with garlic in the “Autumn Nocturne” salad.


• Beet table, baked - 0.200 g;

• Prunes without stones - 0,200 g;

• Walnut kernels - 0.200 g;

• Boiled veal (neck) - 0.200 g;

• Croutons with garlic, white - 0.120 g;

• Mayonnaise (any% fat) - to taste;

• Salt, black pepper - to taste;

• Greens - for decoration.


Peel the beets and cut into strips. Prune wash and rinse with boiling water (do not steam); cut along the berries, straws. Slice the nuts in a frying pan, remove the bitter film, cut the kernels lengthwise. Boil veal in salted water, adding spices; cool and cut into strips along the fibers. The ingredients combine, add salt, pepper, mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Add white croutons with garlic (bars) and gently mix again. This salad will suit the croutons with garlic buns.

Croutons with garlic in the “Good husband” salad


• Fried chicken liver - 0,300 g;

• Carrots - 0.150 g;

• Green onions - 0.100 g;

• Red beans, canned - 0.150 g;

• Marinated champignons - 0,300 g;

• Sesame - 0.025 g;

• Crackers with garlic (cubes) - 0.100 g;

• Lemon (juice) - 0.025 ml;

• Butter (melted) - 0.050 g;

• Sugar, salt, chili pepper;

• Refill - olive oil with lemon juice and pepper; or mayonnaise (optional);

• Greens: lettuce, parsley, basil (red) - for decoration.


Chicken liver fried in butter, cool, cut into large cubes. Prepared carrots are also cut into large cubes, browned until cooked in butter; for caramelization in the passaging process, lightly sprinkle with sugar. Chop green onions and sprinkle with lemon juice. Throw beans in a colander, rinse and allow to drain water. Small champignons can be cut into thin slices, and large mushrooms into cubes. Put the cut ingredients into a large container, add sesame, mix, fill. Before serving, add the croutons and, carefully mixed, put on a dish, decorate with fresh herbs.

Crackers with garlic in the salad "Spicy"


Hard cheese - 0,250 g;

Korean carrots - 0.100 g;

Corn, sugar, canned - 0.200 g;

Fresh cucumber - 0.150 g;

Egg, boiled - 4 pcs .;

Sweet apple - 0,100 g;

Cashews - 0,100 g;

Green onions - 0.100 g;

Crackers with garlic, rye (sticks) - 0.100 g;

Lemon juice 0.025 ml;

Dressing - salt, pepper, garlic, mayonnaise (to taste).


From carrots in Korean slightly press marinade. Cut the cheese into thin strips or grate a large grater. Corn recline in a colander. Wash cucumber, also cut into strips. Remove the core from the apple, peel and cut into strips. An apple must be a solid variety. Cashews lightly dried in a pan. Slice green onions, sprinkle with lemon juice. Prepare dressing from mayonnaise. Stir the salad in a large container, add rye crackers with garlic.

Croutons with garlic in a “Tropikanka” salad


Black olives (pitted) - 0.100 g;

Green olives (pitted) - 0.100 g;

Feta cheese - 0.250 g:

Cherry tomatoes - 0.150 g;

Fresh cucumber - 0.150 g;

Salad pepper, yellow - 0,100 g;

Marinated squids - 0.250 g;

Croutons with garlic - 0.100 g;

Greens: lettuce, basil, dill.

For refueling:

olive oil (cold pressed);

lemon juice;

salt, sugar, chili pepper.


For this salad will need special croutons with garlic: they must be prepared from fresh cake (pancake). Knead the dough out of water and flour, adding a pinch of salt. The consistency of the test - as for thin pancakes. Grease a pan and bake pancakes. Warm pancakes roll up and cut the noodles. Pancakes to fill with garlic, dill and chili. Drain in a pan or in the microwave. “Noodles” for this salad is better to prepare in advance.

Cut the tomatoes into four slices and remove the core. Peeled peppers and cheese cut into large cubes. Cucumber cut into half rings. Cut squids with very thin straws and hold marinade (lemon juice + sugar) for 5-10 minutes. Cut the olives in half. All ingredients mix. Put on a dish, top with greens and crackers with garlic.

Garlic Crackers - cooking details and tips

• It is always better to have a supply of food, so that at the right time you do not waste time preparing or buying the necessary ingredient.

• It happens that yesterday’s bread remains a lot, and there are no croutons in the menu for today. After baking, cooled slices of bread must be poured into a storage container if you do not intend to use the croutons immediately. Store in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

• When there are in stock semi-finished products from crackers, preparing a tasty and fresh dressing for them is five minutes. In addition, fresh, not refried dressing, eliminates lovers of crackers with garlic to eat carcinogens. Not roasted vegetable oil will bring the body only benefit. • Garlic has a peculiar smell, which manifests itself in different ways, depending on the technology of preparation and storage of the dishes, which it contains. The old, choked smell of garlic and roasted butter does not cause appetite.

• Vegetable oil, which is a part of a dressing for garlic crackers, exhibits its worst qualities during storage: valuable polyunsaturated fats of vegetable oils turn into harmful chemical compounds.

• When adding spices, do not be zealous in this matter. Spices should emphasize the taste of the dish, and not suppress it. Especially garlic.

• If croutons are needed as an ingredient to a dish, it is important to think about the combination of spices added to rusks with garlic and the products from which the dish is prepared.

• The range of choice of vegetable oil for cooking garlic and garlic crackers is significantly extended if you make a dressing without the use of heat treatment. In the “raw” form, you can use sesame, mustard, olive, peanut oil to make your favorite treat.

Food with bread is always tastier, and with crackers it is healthier: the yeast content is much lower than in fresh yeast bread!

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