King cake without flour - a gorgeous dessert! Simple recipes of the royal cake without flour with starch, nuts, crackers

King cake without flour - a gorgeous dessert! Simple recipes of the royal cake without flour with starch, nuts, crackers

The royal cake without flour is a culinary masterpiece from nutritionists.

Principles of making a king cake without flour

• This cake can be made from two types of cakes. Both those and others contain many nuts, but the consistency of dough for them is different. Protein cakes are more dense, with pieces of nuts inside. When they are made, starch is mixed in instead of flour in the dough. Another type of cake is more tender, there is no flour in them either, it is replaced with finely ground nuts. Sometimes white breadcrumbs are added to the dough.

• Royal cake cakes grease with thick creams of thick cream or with the addition of butter. Baked from protein blanks are tender, meringue in contact with moisture can melt, so they use chilled cream or pre-coated with melted chocolate.

• King cake does not require special decoration. Most often the surface leveled with a cream is sprinkled with grated chocolate or small nut crumb. For decoration, you can separately bake meringues in the form of sticks and glue them on the sides of the dessert.

Royal cake without flour with butter cream


• ten proteins;

• icing sugar - 240 gr .;

• 600 grams of chopped walnuts;

• two spoons of starch.

In cream:

• yolks of ten fresh eggs;

• A pack of “Traditional” or 200 grams of homemade butter;

• 160 grams of hand-powdered sugar;

• 60 grams of cocoa powder.


• chocolate, dark - 50 g tiles.


1. Sprinkle the nuts on a baking tray or the bottom of a thick-walled pan and gently heat it. Be sure to ensure that the kernel is not burnt, periodically mix. Cool, chop, but not finely.

2. Using a mixer, beat the proteins to a fluffy foam, then, adding a spoonful of sugar, bring them up by beating until stable peaks form on the surface.

3. Sift starch through a protein sieve and gently mix it. In the same way, with careful movements from the top down, we interfere with nuts, but not all, leave fifty grams for decoration. 4. We lay out a baking sheet baking paper, lightly oiling, pour the protein dough on it. Having leveled so that it lay down a uniform layer of seven millimeter thick, put it in the oven. Do not forget to preheat the oven in advance; when installing the pan, the temperature in it should be 180 degrees.

5. Reduce the temperature to 160 degrees, bake for twenty-five minutes, focus on the color, the cake should be a pleasant cream color.

6. Taking the cake out of the oven, cool slightly and cut right in the baking sheet into three pieces. Carefully removing, we shift the workpiece on the grid.

7. Cooking cream. Pour sugar in a bowl. Add to it the yolks and carefully grind. In a separate container, fluff up the softened butter, mix in cocoa. Combine both masses and, whipping, bring the cream to homogeneity.

8. We form a cake on a platter, stacking cream-coated protein cakes in a pile. We correct the cream mass of the bumps on the sides and put its remnants on top of the cake.

9. We leave the previously abandoned nuts to a large crumb with a blender and sprinkle the whole dessert with it. On the upper surface through a large grater rub chocolate.

Royal cake without flour with butter cream and chocolate layer


• squirrels - 4 pcs .;

• 150 gr. hazelnut;

• a glass and another spoon of fatty, but liquid cream;

• 160 gr. Sahara;

• a spoon of potato starch;

• one hundred grams of dark chocolate, weighed or in tiles.


1. Lightly roast the nuts in a pan or in the oven. Cool, interrupt in a coffee grinder or blender into the flour.

2. Beat proteins with sugar until strong peaks. It is important to start working with a mixer at minimum speed, gradually increasing the speed. Sugar should be introduced in small portions, no more spoons at a time and do not add a new batch until it is completely dissolved before being completely dissolved. Only under these conditions, you can achieve the desired result.

3. We sprinkle nut crumb and starch on a dense protein mass, gently interfere.

4. Dividing the dough into pieces, in a round 20-centimeter form we bake five shortcakes. Each baking time is approximately seven minutes. Be sure to cover the bottom of the form with baking paper and lightly grease it with vegetable oil. 5. While the cakes cool, prepare the cream. Breaking 80 grams of chocolate into pieces. Pour into a bowl, melt in a water bath, then cool slightly.

6. Pour very chilled cream into a dry, non-fat bowl. Add a spoonful of sugar, whisk until fluffy. Carefully monitor the process, with long-term operation of the mixer, the cream can turn into butter.

7. Applying a cooking brush, grease with melted chocolate the top of one of the cake layers. We put on a dish, chocolate side up and apply the cream. The next cake is also greased with chocolate and placed on the cream with this side. We cover the top with chocolate and only then apply the cream. In this way we process and stack all the remaining cakes.

8. Cover the top of the cake only with cream and sprinkle with a layer of fine chocolate chips.

King cake without flour with custard


• ten eggs;

• a glass of fresh caster sugar and 2/3 cup of cream;

• 50 gr. potato starch;

• two glasses of nuts (400 gr.);

• milk - 200 ml;

• two spoons of cocoa;

• packaging of “traditional” oil;

• a small bar of dark, bitter chocolate, not flavored.


Cakes need cooled proteins, so don’t get eggs in advance from the refrigerator, or vice versa, place them in it for cooling.

1. After breaking the shell, very carefully, pouring into a clean bowl, separate the whites from the yolks. Beating at low speed mixer, bring the proteins to the pomp and changes in color. Next, with continuous beating, pour some powdered sugar in parts. Upon completion, a dense mass should emerge, which will rise beyond the corollas, forming steady peaks.

2. We pereseivaem starch on the protein mass and very gently interfere. Following, interfering in the same direction, we introduce finely chopped nuts. To make the cake more nutty flavor, the kernel can be pre-calcined a little in a dry frying pan.

3. Covering the bottom of the pan with baking paper and a uniform 8-millimeter layer distribute protein dough through it. You can also bake cakes in the form of, its bottom will also need to be covered with parchment. 4. Bake the cake at 180 degrees until it gets a nice creamy tint. Taking a baking sheet out of the oven, we cut the still warm cake into three parts, freeing it from paper, then lay it on the grid until it is completely cooled.

5. For cream butter will need to soften at room temperature. In order not to waste too much time, the packaging can be laid out from the refrigerator even before preparing the dough. Cut the softened butter and whisk until a porridge mass.

6. In a separate bowl, rub the icing sugar with ten yolks until smooth. Turning to whipping, pour a thin stream of milk to the yolks.

7. Placing the bowl with the yolk mass on a low fire, and continuously stirring, bring to a boil. Boil do not give!

8. Remove the thickened base from the stove, cool. Add the butter and cocoa powder, beat well. To prevent cocoa from clumping, it should be injected through a sieve.

9. Densely grease the cooled cakes with cream and stack them in a serving dish. We decorate the cake with grated chocolate.

Royal cake without flour with nuts and poppy


• three proteins;

• 100 grams of culinary poppy;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• half a cup of sugar;

• 100 gr. chipped nuts.

For impregnation:

• one and a half glasses of milk;

• three yolks;

• two spoons of potato starch;

• a full cup of powdered sugar;

• 200 milliliters of heavy cream;

• white chocolate bar, hundred gram mass.


1. After washing the poppy, pour boiling water over it, let it stand under the lid for half an hour. Drain all the liquid, throw the poppy on the sieve, and again leave, all the moisture should go.

2. Pour the cooled proteins into a dry bowl, add a few salt crystals and fluff up with a mixer. Without stopping beating, gradually introduce sugar into the protein mass. Having received a mass that is dense with a slight glossy shine, set aside the mixer.

3. We pour out the dried poppy and finely chopped nuts to the whipped squirrels, gently mix the blade movements upwards.

4. Put the protein dough on a baking tray, covered with oiled parchment, level and place in a heated oven for forty minutes. Ready hot cake cut into pieces, and cool, laying on the grid. 5. Cooking cream. Combine powdered sugar with starch in a bowl. Pouring some milk, mix it vigorously, a homogeneous pulp mass should come out.

6. Pour the remaining milk into a small saucepan and beat it with yolks. Entering the icing sugar in the mixture, put the saucepan on the minimum heat, boil down the cream, stirring until thick. Cooling down.

7. Beat in a strong cream foam and gently mix in them cooled custard base.

8. Putting the cake on a wide dish, thickly covering the poppy cakes with cream. We decorate the top of the Royal cake with white chocolate in the form of small crumbs or chips.

Chocolate King Cake (without flour) with nuts


• chopped nuts, walnuts - two glasses;

• sugar - 180 g;

• starch - sixty grams;

• six proteins.

For cream:

• gelatin granules - 5 gr .;

• high-grade cream - 600 milliliters;

• dark chocolate - 300 gr .;

• two spoons of brandy.

For clearance:

• teaspoon cocoa without sugar;

• single egg white;

• three spoons of sugar refined sugar;

• 50 gr. dark chocolate


1. Prepare baking sheet, line the bottom with baking paper. Using a shape or plate of twenty centi-centimeter diameter as a template, draw three circles with a pencil.

2. Pour nuts, starch and 150 grams of sugar into the blender bowl, smash into flour.

3. To chilled proteins add a few grains of salt and whisk until fluffy. Without ceasing to work as a mixer, in a spoon, add the remaining sugar (a quarter cup). Having received a dense, without admixture of sugar crystals, the mass, stop beating.

4. Pouring the nut mixture in portions to the protein mass, mix it with a wide spatula by folding: first, from bottom to top, then - in circular motions.

5. Put the prepared protein dough on a baking sheet, distribute it in equal parts into each circle, and gently spread it, without stepping over the borders.

6. Bake cakes for no more than forty minutes, placing the pan in a preheated 160 degree oven.

7. Cool slightly, carefully, trying not to break, remove the cakes from the paper and lay them on a wire rack or towel. 8. Bay gelatin cool water (50 ml), incubated for 20 minutes.

9. Heat up 100 ml of cream until hot. Do not boil!

10. Rub chocolate on a large grater in hot cream and mix thoroughly, add cognac.

11. To the swollen gelatin pour three spoons of hot water, stirring, we achieve homogeneity. Pour the dissolved gelatin into the chocolate mass and, having stirred well, cool it.

12. To steady peaks, whip cream, combine with chocolate mass. Mix it carefully, remove the cream for a quarter of an hour in the cold.

13. On a serving dish we put a ring from a detachable form, put one of the cake layers into it. Please note that there should be a small gap around the perimeter between the cake and the ring.

14. Apply a third of the cream to the protein-nut cake, put another one on top and press it down slightly. Apply to the blank half of the remaining cream and slightly pressing down, put the last cake. We spread on it the remnants of the cream mass, leveled.

15. Tighten the top of the form with a film, remove the molded cake for eight hours.

16. After putting the dessert cool, cook the meringues. Whip the protein with sugar. Pre-divide the sand into two parts and mix one with cocoa. Tinted sugar, you need to enter last.

17. We deposit the dark albuminous mass from the syringe onto a parchment covered with parchment, in the form of sticks. Dried meringues in the oven at 80 degrees for at least an hour.

18. Before serving, carefully remove the ring from the cake and quickly blow the sides of the sidewall with a hair dryer, attach the meringues to them. Top make out finely chopped chocolate.

Royal cake without flour in Swiss


• hazelnut - 300 gr .;

• six eggs;

• spoon of brandy;

• sugar - 220 g .;

• a quarter of a spoonful of ready ripper;

• Two spoons of sugar and the same amount of breadcrumbs.

For cream:

• heavy cream - a glass;

• three spoons of ground hazelnuts;

• 75 gr. Sahara;

• spoon of instant coffee.


1. Separating the yolks, temporarily place a bowl of proteins in the fridge.

2. After adding 220 grams of sugar to the yolks, beat with a mixer or whisk until white. Stir cognac into the yolk mass, ground hazelnuts and fine breadcrumbs in small chips. 3. Beat cooled proteins up to lightness with several salt crystals. Add a ripper, two spoons of sugar and whisk again quickly.

4. Put the whipped proteins to the previously prepared nut mass and gently mix with a spatula.

5. Turn on the oven to warm up. Lined with parchment with an allowance for the boards, we grease with oil.

6. Fill the dough, place for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, then lower the temperature from 180 to 150 degrees and bake for another forty minutes. The cooled cake get out of shape and neatly cut along.

7. In a deep bowl, gradually pour sugar, whip cream. As soon as the mass becomes lush, pour coffee and nuts ground to it in powder and quickly beat again to a uniform color.

8. Putting the bottom of the cake on the dish, evenly apply a little more than half of the cream. Level up the sides with the remaining mass and cover the top of the cake. We make nuts or grated chocolate.

Tricks of making a king cake without flour - useful tips

• Before chopping, do not be lazy to dry the nuts in the oven or pan. After such a procedure, they will give the dessert more flavor, and its taste will be more intense.

• In any recipe added to the dough or cream sugar, you can replace the powder. This will not only speed up the beating, but also help to make it more qualitative.

• Cream and proteins will beat up much faster if they are chilled, so put them in advance in the fridge: proteins in total, and cream in the freezer.

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