Chiffon sponge cake - tenderness itself! Recipes for different chiffon biscuits: classic, chocolate, with poppy seeds, nuts

Chiffon sponge cake - tenderness itself! Recipes for different chiffon biscuits: classic, chocolate, with poppy seeds, nuts

Chiffon biscuits are considered the most delicate, they resemble muffins in taste, as they are prepared with vegetable oil. These cakes are chic and incredibly delicious cakes. Let's try to cook?

Chiffon sponge cake - general principles of preparation

Chiffon dough for biscuit is always prepared on the basis of eggs. Since vegetable oil is additionally added to it, more protein is taken than yolks. But sometimes there are recipes with an equal amount, where eggs just go. This is often done, but this is no longer a classic technology.

What else goes into the chiffon dough:

• flour;

• sugar;

• baking powder;

• vanilla and zest.

Very interesting and tasty chocolate chiffon biscuits are obtained. In addition to cocoa, they often add instant coffee. He gives the cake a noble and deep taste. Chiffon dough is prepared in two parts. In one bowl, whites are whipped with a small part of granulated sugar, in the second bowl all the other ingredients are mixed. Then everything neatly connects.

Chiffon biscuits are baked at 180 degrees. If the dough is poured on a baking sheet or in a large form, that is, the layer will not exceed 1.5-2 cm, then the temperature in the oven can be raised to 200 degrees.

Classic Chiffon Biscuit

The recipe is simple, but very tasty and delicate chiffon sponge cake. All products are taken in the specified proportions, you can not change the quantity.


• two yolks;

• four proteins;

• 105 gr. Sahara;

• 1.5 tsp. usual baking baking powder;

• 90 grams of milk;

• 160 grams of flour;

• 65 ml of sugar;

• vanilla, lemon zest.


1. For a classic chiffon sponge cake you need warm eggs at room temperature. It is better to prepare them and other ingredients in advance, leave 40-50 minutes in a warm room. Separate the right amount of protein, put two yolks in another bowl.

2. To the yolks pour prescription milk, pour 80 grams of granulated sugar, stir and add vegetable oil. Stir again, add 160 grams of wheat flour mixed with baking powder. Mix the first part of the dough, put the grated zest and a couple of vanillin for flavor. 3. Add a pinch of salt to the proteins, beat into the foam, add the remaining sugar. It should be foamy and thick eggnog.

4. Gently mix the protein foam in the main dough. We try not to upset the mass, stir with a spatula. The dough should turn out lush.

5. Lubricate the form with a piece of butter, sprinkle with flour, spread the chiffon biscuit dough. Spread the layer with a spatula.

6. Put the dough for chiffon biscuit baked in a preheated oven.

Chocolate Chiffon Sponge Cake

The recipe for stunning chocolate chiffon sponge cake. We will cook it with cocoa powder and instant coffee, it turns out very simple, tasty and inexpensive.


• 200 grams of flour;

• 225 grams of sugar;

• 2 tsp. baking powder;

• five yolks;

• eight proteins;

• 0.25 tsp. simple soda;

• 125 grams of oil;

• 60 grams of cocoa powder;

• 175 ml of plain water;

• 1 tbsp. l with a slide of instant coffee.


1. We measure out the prescription amount of hot water. In a bowl, pour all the cocoa powder, add instant coffee, pour hot water and quickly stir. Stir the mass until smooth and smooth, let it cool.

2. Combine yolks with sugar, but pour out not all, 45 g leave for whipping proteins. Pound this mass, throw a pinch of salt here, pour in vegetable oil and shift the chocolate mass with coffee.

3. Beat off the separated proteins to obtain a dense foam, add sugar in a thin stream. We continue to beat until it is completely all dissolved.

4. Enter the flour mixed with the ripper and a pinch of soda into the chocolate dough, stir until smooth.

5. Now add the prepared proteins. Mix them as carefully as possible.

6. We shift the chiffon dough into the form.

7. Put the chocolate cake baked in the oven.

Simple Chiffon Cocoa Biscuit

A simple recipe for chocolate chiffon sponge cake with cocoa. It is great for any cakes, does not require instant coffee.


• 30 grams of cocoa; • 80 grams of water;

• 230 grams of sugar;

• 3 yolks;

• 4-5 proteins;

• 180 grams of flour;

• 10 g of baking powder;

• 120 grams of oil;

• 0.5 tsp. soda


1. Combine baking soda with cocoa powder, pour hot water over it, stir the mash up.

2. Pound the yolks and 200 grams of granulated sugar, throw salt into the dough, one small pinch is enough, add vegetable oil, add the mixture with cocoa and soda. Knead a moment. Fill the flour with a mixed bag of baking powder. Stir chiffon mixture until smooth.

3. Proteins are separated, whipped, gradually adding to them the remnants of granulated sugar, for flavor, you can additionally introduce vanilla in sponge dough.

4. We connect both masses, we shift in the form, we send to the oven to bake.

Chiffon sponge cake with nuts

A wonderful recipe for fragrant cake based on chiffon sponge cake. Nuts can take any, but especially successful is the cake with hazelnuts and walnuts. You can use a mixture of several types at your discretion. The number of products is calculated for a biscuit 21-23 cm. It can be baked in a slow cooker, it also turns out great.


• 120 grams of vegetable oil;

• 2 tsp. ripper;

• 130 grams of nuts;

• eight proteins;

• five yolks;

• 170 grams of flour;

• 180 grams of milk;

• 200 grams of sugar.


1. Nuts should be prepared in advance. They need to dry, then grind to get baby. If you grind them without pre-drying, you get a wet mass. You can dry in the oven or in the pan.

2. Combine the nuts with the rippers, pour the flour, optionally pour out a bag of vanillin.

3. Mix yolks with 150 grams of sugar, add milk to them, add vegetable oil and throw a little bit of salt. Stir to dissolve the ingredients.

4. Add the nut mix with flour, knead the smooth dough.

5. Now whip proteins with sugar residues.

6. Combine the protein mass with the main dough, stir and send the chiffon dough to bake.

Chiffon sponge cake with poppy

Variant of very tasty and fragrant poppy biscuit from chiffon dough. It is very important not to reduce the amount of poppy. Otherwise, nothing happens. Pick it up, rinse and dry.


• 1 tbsp. wheat flour;

• 100 grams of pure poppy;

• vanilla bag;

• 0.3 Art. water;

• 3/4 Art. Sahara;

• 2 tsp. ripper;

• 0.25 art. oils;

• 3 eggs.


1. Instead of water, you can use whole milk for the test, it will be even better. Connect it with separated yolks. Put almost all the sugar. A couple of spoons are left to whip proteins.

2. Mix yolks with water, add oil, add a little salt, literally a third of a teaspoon. Pounding.

3. Add the prepared poppy to the dough, stir it. We pour out flour and baking powder. Spatula interfere to homogeneity.

4. Add granulated sugar to raw squirrels, whip together into a fluffy foam. You can throw a pinch of citric acid to obtain a more elastic texture.

5. It remains only to combine protein foam and poppy dough. Well they stir, shift in cooked mold.

6. Poppy chiffon is baked also at 180 degrees, about half an hour.

Chiffon sponge cake with cherries and brandy

Variant of delicious cake based on chiffon sponge cake. Bake the cake according to the classic recipe. But you can use a sponge cake with cocoa, it will also be tasty.


• chiffon sponge cake;

• 600 g cherries;

• 350 g of condensed milk;

• 300 g sour cream 25%;

• 300 g of oil draining .;

• 120 grams of cognac.


1. Remove bones from cherries. Juice that will stand out, do not need to merge. Add cognac to the berries, mix well, leave to pickle. Stir periodically.

2. Beat the butter. Gradually introduce condensed milk, then sour cream.

3. Squeeze cherries from brandy and excess juice.

4. Cut the chiffon cake into three parts.

5. Sprinkle the cake with the juice of cherries with brandy, lubricate with cream, scatter half of the cherries. Repeat all the same with the second layer.

6. Cover the cake with the last cake, coat with cream, decorate with fresh cherry.

Chiffon sponge cake with delicate cream

Another option for a wonderful chiffon biscuit cream. The layer is prepared very simply and quickly.


• 350 ml of cream of 33%;

• 300 g of boiled condensed milk;

• 1 packet of vanilla;

• 1 sponge cake;

• some grated chocolate.


1. Pound the condensed milk so that it becomes homogeneous. If the mass turns out to be too thick, then add a few tablespoons of cream or milk, add vanillin.

2. Whip cream into dense foam, add boiled condensed milk, gently stir. The cream is ready!

3. Coat the cakes with cream. Sprinkle top of the cake with grated chocolate. But you can decorate with caramel chips, coconut chips.

Chiffon Biscuit - Tips and Tricks

• Zest for biscuits can be prepared in advance, dried and crushed. It perfectly preserves the aroma in a closed container.

• If there is no baking powder, it can be completely replaced with baking soda. Only powder tedious necessarily extinguish.

• The main thing when kneading dough - do not upset proteins. Therefore, you need to stir the mass with a spatula, lifting the thick dough from the bottom up.

• Before cutting, the biscuit must be carefully cooled, and it is better to leave it for 8-10 hours to ripen. In this case, the crumb gets a little stronger, the moisture is evenly distributed inside the cake.

• Do not rush to remove the cake from the oven. First open the stove slightly, let the heat subside, then fully open and leave for ten minutes. Korzh will get stronger, will not fall down.

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