How to cook a lush sponge cake at home? The best recipes for sponge cake at home: sure to succeed!

How to cook a lush sponge cake at home? The best recipes for sponge cake at home: sure to succeed!

Biscuits are loved in many countries.

They are delicious, they are not as difficult to prepare as it may seem, and besides, many interesting desserts can be made on their basis.

And if you don’t know how or don’t know how to cook a sponge cake at home, the recipes that have been tested over the years will help you to cope with this simple task.

Sponge cake at home - general principles of cooking

Biscuit - a unique pastry, which is perfect for making all kinds of desserts, cakes, pastries.

The finished sponge cake is cut and smeared with creams, condensed milk, jam or jam. On the biscuit cakes lay nuts, dried fruits, fruits and berries. The finished biscuit product is poured with icing, sprinkled with powdered sugar, chocolate chips.

Some people even prefer to use sponge cake and no fillings at all, because a properly prepared sponge cake is so delicate, fragrant and airy that even in its original form it turns out to be very tasty and tasty.

For home-made sponge cake use the main three ingredients: flour, eggs and sugar, the occurrence of the remaining components depends on the recipe.

Sponge cake can be various: on the basis of kefir or sour cream, from choux pastry or usual, white classic or chocolate. It is also possible cooking lean biscuit.

Try, experiment - you will definitely succeed.

1. How to make a lush sponge cake at home: a classic recipe


• 150 grams of flour;

• six eggs;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 10 grams of baking powder;

• 10 grams of vanilla sugar;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Beat fresh eggs until foaming.

2. Add salt, vanilla sugar and granulated sugar. Beat the mass for another 3-5 minutes.

3. In another bowl sift flour, mix it with baking powder. 4. Add the dry mass in small portions in well-beaten eggs with sugar, while not stopping, whip the dough. The finished dough for biscuit should not get too thick, but not liquid, its consistency should be average, volatile.

5. We lay out a round baking dish with baking paper, pour in the prepared dough.

6. We bake a biscuit at home in a preheated 180 g. oven twenty-five minutes.

7. After the time allotted for cooking, we turn off the oven, we don’t rush to get the very same product - let it stand in a warm oven for another ten minutes.

8. Carefully remove the form, turn the homemade sponge on a dry clean towel.

2. Sponge cake at home from semolina


• four eggs;

• 150 grams of semolina;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• 300 ml of milk;

• 10 grams of vanillin and baking powder;

• 75 grams of butter;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Carefully separate the yolks from the proteins.

2. Mix yolks with semolina and milk, whites with vanillin and sugar.

3. Beat the first mixture for 3-5 minutes, leave aside so that the semolina is slightly swollen. Beat the second mixture until a fluffy white foam is formed.

4. Combine both mixtures in a clean bowl, mix it carefully so that the mass does not lose its fluffiness.

5. Liberally grease the baking form with butter, pour in the prepared dough.

6. We bake at 180 gr. twenty minutes to an appetizing golden crust.

7. Give the biscuit to stand in a warm oven for five minutes, then remove from the form.

3. How to make lush sponge cake at home from choux pastry


• 80 grams of flour;

• 80 grams of corn starch;

• four eggs;

• 20 grams of butter;

• 150 grams of powdered sugar;

• to taste vanilla;

• a pinch of salt.


1. First, separate the yolks from the proteins.

2. Beat the whites, adding a pinch of salt, until the airy fluffy foam.

3. In the yolks add powdered sugar, beat until smooth and pleasant pale yellow hue. 4. Combine both mixtures, beat the resulting mass in a water bath until it thickens.

5. Now we put the mass container into a large container with cold water, continue to beat until the mass is completely cooled.

6. In another container, mix the sifted flour, starch and vanilla.

7. Pour into the dry mass half of the egg mixture, mix thoroughly. Add the second half, mix again.

8. We lubricate the mold for making biscuit butter, pour in the dough, bake for thirty minutes in the heated to 180 gr. the oven.

9. We keep the finished custard base for cakes in a warm oven for 5-10 minutes, only then we take out and carefully remove from the mold.

4. Honey sponge cake at home


• one and a half glasses of flour;

• a glass of sugar;

• four eggs;

• butter to lubricate the form;

• three tablespoons of liquid honey;

• teaspoon of soda.


1. In one bowl, beat the yolks and half a cup of sugar to a smooth consistency.

2. In another container, beat the remaining sugar with proteins until stable white peaks are formed.

3. Put honey in a small saucepan, heat it up, add soda. We continue, stirring, to heat until the color of the mass becomes light brown, and the consistency is uniform.

4. In a large dry bowl, mix a mixture of yolks and sugar with honey, half of the protein mixture and sifted flour.

5. Carefully add the remaining protein mass to the resulting aromatic mass, mix.

6. We cover the baking mold with parchment paper and oil it.

7. Pour in the dough, bake at 180 gr. half an hour.

5. How to make a fluffy sponge cake at home on kefir


• three eggs;

• glasses of kefir;

• a glass of sugar;

• a pinch of salt;

• 100 grams of butter;

• two glasses of flour;

• half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and soda;

• a few drops of vinegar to extinguish soda.


1. Mix the butter softened at room temperature with sugar and eggs. 2. Add vinegar baked soda and sifted flour, vanillin and a little salt.

3. Thoroughly mix the mass, then pour kefir.

4. Beat the dough until smooth and medium density.

5. Pour the dough into the form lined with parchment paper.

6. We bake biscuit on kefir for half an hour.

7. Let cool in the oven off, then gently remove from the form.

6. Chocolate sponge cake at home


• half a cup of flour;

• three-quarters cup of sugar;

• four eggs;

• 50 grams of cocoa;

• butter.


1. Bring proteins to white stable peaks in a small dry container.

2. In another bowl, mix the sifted flour and cocoa.

3. In the third tank, beat the yolks with sugar.

4. Gently mix the yolks with the whites, so that the mass does not lose its pomp.

5. Gradually introduce flour and cocoa into the egg mixture, making it difficult to gently move the mass from the bottom up.

6. Pour the dough into a greased form.

7. Bake for thirty minutes.

7. How to make a lush sponge cake at home on sour cream


• a glass of sugar;

• a glass of sour cream;

• two glasses of flour;

• six eggs;

• vegetable oil;

• a tablespoon of lemon juice.


1. We pour granulated sugar into a container with yolks, beat until all the sugar particles are completely dissolved.

2. Add sour cream, mix thoroughly.

3. Pour lemon juice into the whites, whisk until dense and firm.

4. Combine sour cream with proteins, add sifted flour.

5. Beat the dough with a mixer at low speed or a whisk.

6. Lubricate the mold with butter, pour in the prepared dough.

7. Bake for 25 minutes, the first 15 minutes in a preheated 180 g. oven, the next 10 minutes at 160 degrees.

8. Lenten sponge cake at home without eggs and milk


• a glass of sugar;

• a glass of highly carbonated mineral water;

• two glasses of flour;

• 80 ml of vegetable oil;

• apple cider vinegar, soda;

• one third cup of semolina. • to taste vanilla and cinnamon.


1. In a deep bowl sift flour, add cinnamon and vanilla.

2. In another container, mix vegetable oil with sugar, vinegar and mineral water. Thoroughly whip the mass so that the sugar is almost completely dissolved in the mass.

3. Mix the flour mass with the oily mixture, beat for five minutes to make the biscuit especially lush.

4. Pour the ready-made lean dough into a semolina-baked form, bake for twenty minutes.

How to make a lush sponge cake at home: tips and little tricks

• To make a sponge cake fluffy, you need top-grade flour with a high gluten content.

• When baking a biscuit, never open the oven door, otherwise the dough will fall off and the finished product will not be lush.

• If the eggs do not beat a sufficient amount of time (8-10 minutes), the sponge cake will rise during baking, but after it has cooled, it will drop.

• Do not use brown sugar for making biscuit; only regular granulated sugar or powdered sugar will do.

• All the ingredients that make up the biscuit should have a uniform temperature, so take the food out of the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking.

• Do not use sugar more than necessary, the excess of this product may make the dough heavier and the biscuit will not work out fluffy and airy.

• If you decide to bake a chocolate biscuit based on recipes for a regular biscuit, reduce the amount of flour by the amount of cocoa powder you put in.

• Be sure to bake a biscuit in a preheated oven, otherwise it will not rise.

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