Flying Cake is a classic dessert from Soviet times. The best recipes of the cake "Flying" with different creams

Flying Cake is a classic dessert from Soviet times. The best recipes of the cake

In Soviet times, the “Flight” cake was considered one of the most popular. It was not so often to be found on the shelves of the store, so the appearance of the “Flying” cake on the holiday table was always a delight.

Flying Cake - Basic Cooking Principles

The combination of brittle meringue and tender cream makes the dessert just unique. The cake seemed especially delicious with coffee.

Today, almost every housewife can cook the most delicate meringues at home. To do this, proteins are separated from the yolks and put them in a dry dish. Gradually, adding sugar, whites the proteins to form a white dense mass. Crumbled nuts are added to whipped whites: peanuts or cashews. They are pre-peeled, ground, and roasted in moderate heat, stirring constantly.

Deco covered with baking paper and spread whipped whites with nuts in the form of two cakes. Send in the oven and dried to a state of meringue. As a rule, it takes about two hours. The temperature should be from 50 to 70C.

Then prepare the butter, cream or custard. Ready meringue cakes are spread on a dish, lubricating each with cream. Top and sides of the cake are also coated. Cakes, meringues can be alternated with biscuit.

Recipe 1. Cake “Flight” according to GOST



vanilla sugar - bag;

peanuts - 130 g;

granulated sugar - 320 g;

five egg whites.


drain oil - 125 g;

vanilla sugar - bag;

granulated sugar - 190 g;

Cognac - 30 ml;


milk - 125 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Place the egg whites in a clean, dry dish, add a pinch of salt and beat until hard peaks form. Gradually add sugar, without ceasing to beat, until you get a dense white mass, which should not flow out if you turn the dishes.

2. Spoon whipped proteins lay in the cornet with curly nozzle. Peel nuts, chop in a blender and fry in a dry frying pan. Add the nuts in the meringue, mix and set aside another spoon, only with the nuts. 3. Deco cover the parchment. Put the protein mass on it in the form of two cakes, with a diameter of 20 cm each. Set loose arbitrary figurines separately from the cornet. Dry the meringues for about two hours at 75 ° C. Remove the small figures before.

4. Combine yolk with milk, add vanilla and white sugar. Stir and put on slow fire. Boil, stirring continuously, for about four minutes. Beat the soft butter until it brightens, without stopping the beating process, gradually introduce a warm milk-egg mixture. At the end, add brandy.

5. Lubricate the cake meringue cream. Put another cake on top. Spread the remaining cream evenly over it and lubricate the sides. Crumble the small meringues with a knife and garnish with the resulting crumbs from all sides.

Recipe 2. Flying Cake with Prunes



peanuts - 130 g;

half a glass of prunes;

five eggs;

half a kilo of sugar;

Cognac - 30 ml;

two sachets of vanilla sugar;

a pack of plum oil .;

milk - 100 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Peanut peel, put on the deco and roast in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Then place in a blender and chop.

2. Deco lay a new sheet of baking paper and draw two identical circles. Wash prunes, cover with hot water and leave for ten minutes. Then dry it on a paper napkin and cut it into small pieces.

3. Five egg whites, whisk with a mixer until resistant peaks. Gradually add 300 g of white sugar, mixing it with a bag of vanilla. Continue to beat for another eight minutes, until you get a dense foam. A couple of spoons set aside for decoration. Add nuts to the remaining mass. Stir.

4. Lay out the protein mass across the diameter of the circles. Next to otsadite a few small bezheshek for decoration. Dry for two hours at 100C. Make sure the meringue does not darken.

5. Mix the yolk with 200 g of granulated sugar and 100 ml of milk. Put on the minimum fire and boil from the moment of boiling up, constantly stirring, a couple of minutes. Cool it down.

6. Whip butter with a bag of vanilla sugar. Gradually introduce the custard, whipping incessantly. Set aside a spoonful of cream and add a little cocoa. Stir. 7. Carefully remove the cake from the deco, cool and cover with a layer of cream, spread out the prune pieces. Put a second meringue on top. Smear the surface and sides of the cake with cream and garnish with small cookies, left with cocoa cream and prunes.

Recipe 3. Flying Cake with Chocolate



six egg whites;

juice of half a lemon;

200 g of sugar;

100 g of dark chocolate;

150 g peeled peanuts.


six yolks;

30 ml of cognac;

175 ml of milk;

a pack of plum oil .;

5 g of starch;

100 g of sugar.


100 g of black chocolate;

30 g coconut chips;

30 g white Milka chocolate;

8 round chocolates.

Method of preparation

1. Whisk the egg whites with the sugar until a thick, dense foam is obtained. At the end add lemon juice.

2. Fry the peanuts in a dry frying pan, peel from the thin husk. Crush half the black chocolate bar on a coarse grater, and cut the other half into small pieces. Grind peanuts in a blender.

3. Add chocolate and nuts to the protein mass and mix gently. Draw two identical circles on baking paper and make a baking sheet with it. Put the protein mass on the paper, without stepping over the boundaries of the picture. Next, put a spoon a couple of small cakes. Dry for a couple of hours at 80C. Cool without removing from the oven. Remove the parchment from the cooled cakes. Chop small cakes into crumb.

4. In a small saucepan, mix the milk with the yolks, starch and sugar. Put on a small fire and cook with constant stirring until thick. Place the saucepan in cold water and cool. Add soft butter and whisk. At the end, add brandy.

5. Apply almost all the cream on the cake, leaving a little to coat the sides. Put the second cake on top and coat the sides. Cover the top of the cake with melted chocolate. Sprinkle sides with chopped meringue. Decorate with coconut chips and candy.

Recipe 4. Flying Cake with Cocoa


sweet cocoa - 50 g;

five egg whites;

5 ml of cognac;

250 grams of sugar;

a glass of cashews;

200 ml condensed milk. Method of preparation

1. Place the egg whites in a clean, dry bowl, and whisk it with a whisk in a strong foam. Fine portions of sugar are added in small portions without stopping the beating process.

2. Clean the cashews and dry them in a dry frying pan. Add to the protein mass and mix.

3. The form is covered with a silicone mat and we lay on it whipped whites with nuts, giving the cake a round or oval shape. Leave some mass for the third cake that we will use for decoration.

4. Dry the meringue for two hours at 100C. If there is a “convention” function, you can use normal heating. Cakes should be light beige.

5. Whip soft butter. Gradually add condensed milk and cocoa, continuing to beat. We cool the cooled meringue cakes with cream and lay one on top of the other. From above and from the sides we also coat and sprinkle with a crumb of crushed third cake.

Recipe 5. Flying Cake with Tender Lemon Cream



100 grams of peanuts;

four egg whites;

240 grams of powdered sugar.


half a lemon;

four yolks;

5 g cocoa;

100 g of sugar;

a pack of plums. high quality oils;

100 ml of milk;

A bag of vanilla sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Four whites are whipped with sugar into a strong dense foam. Gradually sprinkle icing sugar and continue to beat until the mass becomes dense. Putting a spoon with a slide for small meringues. The rest of the mass is mixed with nuts and laid out in the package and cut the tip.

2. Peanuts lay on the deco and dried for a quarter of an hour at 180 degrees. Cool the nuts and clean them from the thin husk. Put the peanuts in a plastic bag and grind with a rolling pin.

3. Deco covered with baking paper and draw patterns of future cakes on it. Along the contour, we lay out the protein mass with nuts, and then fill them inside. On the free space we deposit small bezki from the deferred protein mass. Dry at 100 ° C for two hours. Small meringues are taken out earlier.

4. Pour milk into a stewpan with a thick bottom, add yolks, sugar, juice and lemon zest. Cook over medium heat with constant stirring until thick. Do not bring to a boil. Cooling down. 5. Beat soft oil until white. Gradually pour in the custard and continue to beat.

6. Put the meringue cake layers on each other, each richly smearing with cream. Boca also covered with cream. Small bezshki grind into a crumb and sprinkle the sides.

Recipe 6. Flying cake with honey biscuit



five egg whites;

vanillin - bag;

sugar - 320 g


baking powder - 6 g;

five eggs;

flour - 2.5 cups;

honey - 6 tablespoons;

sugar - a glass.


drain oil - two packs;

condensed milk - one and a half banks.

Method of preparation

1. Beat egg whites to dense peaks. Pour white and vanilla sugar and beat for another seven minutes.

2. Bake two equally sized meringue slices at 100 ° C for two hours. Cool them down.

3. Combine the baking powder with honey and heat to a brown tint over low heat. Beat eggs with sugar for eight minutes. Add honey to the egg mixture. Sift a little flour and knead the dough. Bake honey sponge until ready. Cool and cut along in half.

4. Whip butter with condensed milk. From the biscuit and meringue cake layers, collect the cake, smearing each with cream. Decorate at your discretion and soak for several hours in the cold.

Flying Cake - Tips and Tricks

If you doubt that you can make meringue, you can use the purchase.

Before you send the nuts in the protein mass, clean them from the husk.

Make sure the meringue is not burnt. Constantly monitor the process.

To make the cakes even, draw a pattern on the parchment, and lay out the protein mass without leaving the contour.

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