Kurnik on kefir with potatoes - a hearty pie! Simple recipes of delicious chicken eel with kefir with potatoes for oven and multicooker

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes - a hearty pie! Simple recipes of delicious chicken eel with kefir with potatoes for oven and multicooker

Kurnik - light cakes, but nourishing. Products for them are available and are not something unusual, as are the methods of baking the cake. Regardless of the technology, the products for the filling are prepared equally, with rare exceptions.

Kurnik on kefir - general principles of preparation

Potatoes are used raw and thinly sliced, since thick slices or slices are not baked in dough. If, according to the recipe, the potatoes need to be grated, then this is done with a large grater, so that the potatoes do not turn into mashed potatoes.

Onions are most often passaged to a light golden color scheme, cooking experience suggests that the juiciness of the cake strongly depends on the amount of this component.

Chicken, as a rule, cut finely and do not fry. If you cook in a hurry, you can marinate the meat in any non-sour or non-spicy marinade, lightly fry the potatoes, and onion slices briefly rub with butter.

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes


flour, high-grade - 700 grams;

Peasant oil - one pack, including a spoon for the filling;

250 milliliters of kefir;

half a spoonful of fine salt and soda.

In the filling:

half chicken fillet - 350 grams;

three potatoes;

two medium sized onions;

salt and pepper mix.

To lubricate the cake:

yolk of one fresh egg.

Cooking Method:

For kefir, select a fairly voluminous bowl, pour all at once, add and mix the soda, salt. Melt the butter and let cool, pour in kefir and stir.

Gradually add flour, stir constantly, until it is convenient to do with a spoon. Then put the dough on the table, add flour under it and knead by hand. Add small portions of flour until the dough stops sticking strongly to the hands, then wrap the bag and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Wash the chicken and cut into quarter-sized matchbox slices. Peel the bulbs, and cut into half rings, and then chop with a knife even smaller. Cut the rind off the potatoes, rinse and dry with a towel. Take a thin, narrow and very sharp knife, cut the tubers first in two, then in thin half-slices. Salt the ingredients and fill with pepper, mix and proceed to the formation of the pie.

A quarter of the cooled dough set aside, and the rest is slightly rolled out and spread out in a round, slightly moistened with butter form. Hands carefully form the cake, starting the dough also on the board.

Evenly, spreading the potatoes and chicken throughout the form, lay out the stuffing. Rub or pieces decomposed oil.

The remaining dough is rolled into a circle smaller than the shape of the diameter. We put in the middle, and we start on it and slightly we skim the sides. In the middle of the cake we make a small hole, rub the surface with yolk, stirred with a spoonful of water.

The cake is baked at the usual for the pies of one hundred eighty degrees, the time it takes about 50 minutes. Serve warm or cold.

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes and cheese


a glass of three percent kefir;

half a spoonful of sugar and a quarter - salt and soda;

five hundred grams of flour;

half a standard pack of butter “Farmerskoe”.

In the filling:

four hundred grams of white chicken;

three potatoes;

large onion;

50 grams of “Farmer” oil;

half a spoonful of fine salt and half as much - ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

Pour the melted butter into a bowl of kefir, pour out salt and soda, mix thoroughly.

Add and mix the flour until it thickens, then transfer the batch to the table and bring the dough to a dense consistency. In the refrigerator, we will not withstand it, but cover it with a film or wrap it in a bag and let it stand, it is necessary.

Chicken my, dried and chopped melenko. Vegetables clean and rinse too. Chop the onion smaller, and the potatoes for a couple of pieces and then rub it with a large grater.

Heat the oil, fry the meat to a ruddy color and spread onions to it. Stir and let the juices evaporate, and lightly fry the onions. We fill the components of the filling into one container, add salt, optionally add spices or simply pepper them, mix well.

The shape of any size that allows you to fit the cake is lined with foil. Roll out into a centimeter layer of dough, separating about a quarter for the top of the cake. Rub the foil with oil, lay out the “thick” cake. Knead it with your hands, forming and bumpers. Lay out the suspended filling in an even layer, cover with a cake of deferred dough. The sides of the bottom cake are separated from the form and put on the top, in the middle of the cake we make a two-centimeter hole.

Heating the oven set at 180 degrees, the duration of roasting will be from 40 to 60 minutes. Ready-cooled and sufficiently cold chicken oil is lubricated with a slice of oil.

Yeast broil on kefir with potatoes


eight grams of “fast” yeast;

one and a half cup of pure water;

a spoonful of sugar and half the salt;

three spoons of refined oil;

one fresh egg.

In the filling:

three medium sized potatoes;

three hundred grams of chicken boneless and fat;

spices for chicken dishes;

slice of “traditional” butter.

Cooking Method:

To forty degrees we heat water, we pour out salt and yeast, stirring, we add sugar. Pour in the oil, begin to knead and pour flour. We act as long as there is an opportunity to act with the help of a spoon.

We transfer the batch to the work surface, continue to knead and add flour until a plastic, soft dough is obtained. We remove it by wrapping the package in a warm place, let it settle and rise within three hours.

Peel and chop the onions into large pieces, then fry in butter. Chop smaller chicken, mix with chilled onions and season with spices. Thinly shred peeled potatoes, mix with the other components of the filling and salt.

We divide the dough into two unequal parts, to be more precise, we set aside one third, and roll out the rest in size and shape of the roaster. Fold the dough and knead the dough with your fingers all over the baking tray, be sure to lightly oil, stretch the low sides.

The filling is laid out, making sure that it is equally over the whole pie of meat and potatoes. The deferred dough is also rolled into the cake, put on top of the filling and direct the edges of the lower layer on it. We press a layer of dough with the teeth of a fork, and we make 3-4 holes in the upper crust for free steam.

Beat the egg and brush with a brush, lubricate the kurnik, bake at 190 degrees for up to fifty minutes.

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes and canned mushrooms in a slow cooker


half a glass of thick cream;

100 grams of kefir;

a pack of "Peasant" oil;

spoonful of fine salt;

400 grams of flour;

300 grams of fresh chicken;

four potatoes;

large lettuce onion;

soda - at the tip of the knife;

one and a half glasses of pickled mushrooms.

Cooking Method:

Melt, not too warming the oil. Kefir mix with sour cream and soda, add salt and add the suspended butter. Mixing flour in small portions, we start plastic, not stiff dough. We pack it in a bag, remove it for a couple of hours in the general compartment of the refrigerator.

Mushrooms are decanted from brine, chopped arbitrarily. Peel the onion and chop into small slices, pass to golden color in the heated oil. Add the mushrooms and simmer for seven minutes.

Cut the washed chicken finely, and clean the potatoes and dissolve them in thin cubes. Divide the dough in two parts of unequal mass, roll out in the form of circles, put the larger one on the bottom of the bowl. Please note that you do not need to lubricate the bowl!

We spread the first layer of half of the potato, add it, then lay out the sliced ​​fillet. Meat should also be sprinkled lightly with salt and spices. Next, lay out the mushroom zazharku and finish again with a potato layer.

Lay out a few thin slices of butter on top of the potato; if it is frozen, you can rub it with large chips. Cover the cake with a “lid” from a smaller layer, tightly pinch both dough layers together.

In the middle of the cake it is necessary to make a hole the size of a small coin, for the free flow of steam.

If your multicooker allows you to adjust the set modes for the duration, select “Baking” and set the timer to 90 minutes. If such a convenient function is not available, simply repeat the standard cycle after the end of the program, and note the time by hours.

Take out the cake carefully, use a saucer or steam container.

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes and fresh mushrooms in the oven


one third kilo of flour;

fifty grams of sour cream and mayonnaise;

60 milliliters of milk;

1/3 packs of oil;

fresh egg;


In the filling:

two potatoes;

two hundred grams of champignons; half chicken fillet, weighing about 300 grams;

large onion and half a glass of chopped onion feathers;

pepper, vegetable oil and salt.


pancakes or pita bread to form cake layers.

Cooking Method:

Sift the flour in a bowl, slice frozen oil to it. Hands rub it into a crumb. Separately mix mayonnaise with milk and sour cream. Pour the mixture to the oily crumb in small portions, knead until a soft dough forms. Use the mixture completely, if necessary, add flour. Wrap the dough film, cool for half an hour.

Wash chicken and blot with a cloth, dissolve into small cubes. We cut the peeled onions with the same size and shape, and the mushrooms are slightly larger. Separately, pass the onion, add and fry the chicken with it. Mushrooms browned in another skillet.

Mixing both passerovka, grind them with a meat grinder, release the egg, salt and season to taste. Peel the potatoes, dissolve it in thin and narrow sticks.

Roll out the dough into two unequal layers. Place the smaller sheet in a parchment-laid baking sheet, apply about a quarter of the filling to it. We cross the pita bread and put the stuffing again. Repeat, until the products run out, but the last we leave is the layer of filling.

We harbor the cake with a second, large, layer of dough, pinch the edges, make a hole in the center, the size of an average coin. Bake the cake for forty minutes, with standard heating at 180 degrees.

Lazy Kornik on Kefir with Potatoes


a glass of kefir and the same amount of mayonnaise;

soda, quenched with vinegar - teaspoon;

a half cup flour;

two eggs.

In the filling:

five potatoes;

300 grams of chicken;

half a spoonful of pepper and salt;

spices for chicken meat;

large lettuce onion.

Cooking Method:

Cut the peeled and washed vegetables into thin slices, leave the potatoes, and cut the onion into quarters of rings.

Chicken is separated from the bones and skin, small particles of fat can be left. Wash, dry and cut the meat into small cubes.

We turn on the oven for warming up, thickly wipe the oil on a thick-walled pan without a handle, put potatoes on the bottom, salt and pepper this layer. Spread the chicken evenly and sprinkle with pepper, spices and salt, spread the onion with the latest layer. When the oven warms up to 190 degrees, send the pan to it for a quarter of an hour, and proceed to making the dough.

In a deep bowl with sloping walls, produce eggs, add mayonnaise and kefir. We mix intensively, adding soda and a pinch of salt in the process. Part of the flour, planting the dough, thick as a pancake.

We take out the pan with the heated products and give them a little to pause, pour dough and return to the oven for forty minutes. Heating lower degrees by ten, and make sure with a wooden stick.

Kurnik on kefir with potatoes - cooking tricks and useful tips

It is widely believed that Kornik is a relatively tasteless cake. In practice, this happens only when the details of the technology are ignored. If you still want to pie brighter, do not delay recipes Kurnikov in the "long box". First of all, pay attention to the seasonings, in addition to the most common pepper, you can add a little and ready-made mixtures.

For example, soak the chicken in the “For poultry” spice mix and mix the potatoes with a spoonful of seasonings designed specifically for it.

Use the marinator to prepare the chicken, which will take no more than ten minutes. Potatoes can be cut into thinnest slices, as for chips, and heated in a microwave oven.

If, nevertheless, something is missing from the cake, serve tartar sauce to it, for such an hen, such an additive can be very useful.

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