Flea pasta: master recipe

Flea pasta: master recipe

You'd be surprised, but the “Pasta in a Navy” dish itself has nothing to do with the fleet, although almost everyone is sure that this masterpiece was created in the fleet!

Moreover, they are sure not only Russians, but also foreign people. And in foreign restaurants, the name “Pasta in a fleet” translates as “Pasta a la sailor” - they renamed it in one word!

In general, this economical and budget recipe was created in the post-war five-year period, when there was little meat in the country, but pasta factories were already producing these products from dough. Therefore, our mothers and grandmothers, who invented a way to serve boiled macaroni roasted in minced meat, thus combined the meat stuffing with dough, the benefit of the meat required quite a bit.

In anti-crisis conditions, it’s just a sin not to cook delicious pasta in a naval manner, because they can be cheap to feed your entire family!

For 4 servings of this dish you will need:

- 250 g of minced meat;

- 200 g pasta;

- 20 ml of vegetable oil;

- 4 pinches of salt (2 - in water and 2 - in stuffing);

- 1 onion;

- 0.5 tsp. seasonings.

Flea pasta: master recipe

To cook delicious pasta in a fleet style, the dough products themselves must be chosen carefully. It is best to cook pasta dishes made from durum wheat - they do not boil soft during heat treatment. With this recipe, you can cook any kind of pasta, ranging from spaghetti to cannelloni, choose them to your taste!

First of all, boil the pasta for 10-15 minutes in hot, salted water. Throw them in a colander and rinse with cold water - so the pasta will not stick together and become al dente, that is, slightly hard. Put them back in the container and leave for some time. Optionally, they can add a piece of butter.

Flea pasta: master recipe

And do the roasting yourself: peel the onion, cut off the tail and root and rinse it in water. Cut into small cubes and otsessiruyte in a skillet or pan in a hot vegetable oil for about 3-5 minutes.

Flea pasta: master recipe

Then add the minced meat and mix. Cook for about 10 minutes. For this dish, any kind of minced meat is suitable, only in chicken it will be necessary to add spices to taste, as it will turn out to be completely dietary. Pork-beef is rightfully considered the most delicious minced meat - it will give the pasta juiciness at the expense of pork, and beef will fill the dish with a fragrant taste.

Flea pasta: master recipe

As soon as the roasted minced meat is covered with a golden crust, put boiled macaroni into the saucepan and mix everything well.

Flea pasta: master recipe

Lightly fry and remove from heat. lay out pasta in a fleet-style portions, do not forget to decorate with fresh herbs or vegetables, and serve to the table. Good appetite!

Flea pasta: master recipe

Having prepared a nourishing and appetizing dish in half an hour, let us now find out how much approximately its preparation costs:

- 250 g of minced meat - 30 rubles;

- 200 g of macaroni - 12.5 rubles;

- 20 ml of vegetable oil - 5 rubles;

- 1 onion - 2 rubles.

Total: 4 servings of pasta in a naval manner will be released at a cost of 49.5 rubles. Almost 50 rubles you spend on lunch or dinner for the whole family, but one portion will cost only - 12.5 rubles. It's just a great budget option dishes for every day, and for the holidays! Cook with us and we will teach you how to save.

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