Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Rassolnik is a very famous soup and is served not only in Slavic countries, but also in restaurants around the world. And each country prepares it with the addition of its spices and seasonings - only the main ingredients remain unchanged.

Many people mistakenly believe that this hot first course was invented specifically so that it was sober in the morning, since pickles have been hungoverly removed since ancient times. But this is not the case at all!

Rassolnik was created in the 15th century, and at that time it was famous for adding all the products in stock to make soup thick. That cucumber went into action. By the way, then there were no refrigerators and the cucumber pickle was brightened by the taste of the dish. In addition, the acid neutralized the fat content of the dish and gave a feeling of fullness for the whole day.

Of course, the recipe for pickle with pearl barley is more popular, but it is cooked so long that it is easiest to replace it with rice. So, to create 4 servings of this lean, rich soup, you will need:

- 4 potatoes;

- 4 salted or pickled cucumbers;

- 1 carrot;

- 1 onion;

- 100 grams of rice;

- 2-3 pinches of salt;

- green onions and parsley;

- 30 ml of vegetable oil.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

The difference between the fast rassolnik and the holiday is the replacement of vegetable oil for meat. That is, if you decide to add meat - buy pork and cook it for 1 hour - this is at least! This is the amount of time it will take meat to become soft. If you are cooking lean soup, first you need to fry carrots and onions. To do this, peel them and rinse with water. Cut in any way convenient for you.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

When cooking pickle with roasted vegetables, use a cauldron or pan with a non-stick bottom. You can otseserovat vegetables and in the pan, but this process is best carried out directly in the container in which you are going to cook the soup. Pour vegetable oil into it, heat it and add chopped vegetables. Pass for 5 minutes until soft.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Pour the washed rice. From which rice variety you will cook pickle - no matter, the main thing is that it cooks for about 15-20 minutes - the same amount will be prepared by potatoes.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

By the way, clean it from the peel, wash and cut it into large cubes. Add to the container after the washed rice and fry for 1-2 minutes, stirring. Then fill with hot water and cook for 15-20 minutes.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

At this time, cut the pickled or pickled cucumbers into cubes.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Do you have a pickle, then do not pour it, but add it directly to the container - you and I have not yet salted the soup! Following the brine, send in the first and cucumber cubes. Stream the soup for about 2 minutes and taste it. If it turns out to be unsalted, add additional salt.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Rinse the herbs in water and chop. One minute before the end of cooking add to the container and cover with a lid.

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

Pour the soup into the deep plates, trying to scoop the thick, and serve with the cloves of garlic. Enjoy your meal!

Pickle - delicious and very economical soup

As you have already seen - pickle is created quickly and easily, however, its cost is also not high! We can verify this with you by comparing the prices of products:

- 4 potatoes - 7.5 rubles;

- 4 salted or pickled cucumbers - 5 rub .;

- 1 carrot - 2 rub .;

- 1 onion - 2 rubles .;

- 100 grams of rice - 10 rubles .;

- green onions and parsley - 5 rubles;

- 30 ml of vegetable oil - 5 rubles.

Total: 4 servings of an appetizing first for dinner for your family will cost 36.5 rubles, and 1 serving is almost 10 rubles! It is unlikely that there will be at least one restaurant in the world that can offer you a more budget-friendly version of a tasty dish created using an economical recipe! And we - could! Scoop up delicious food ideas and save with us.

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