Favorite recipes of simple salads in a hurry. Simple salads in a hurry for every day and for the holiday table

Favorite recipes of simple salads in a hurry. Simple salads in a hurry for every day and for the holiday table

There is always a place for a good salad on the table.

Neglect the benefits of this dish is not worth it, especially since many salads are prepared very quickly.

Let it be even the simplest salad, hastily prepared from everything that was found in the refrigerator, anyway, it will delight loved ones and help feed the guests who suddenly appeared suddenly.

General principles for making simple salad

You can prepare this dish from vegetables or fruits, with the addition of meat or fish ingredients; creating simple salads in a hurry, you can fully surrender to creativity, using expensive or cheap products, combining two or three or nearly a dozen ingredients. Yet there are classic combinations that should not be neglected in the preparation of even unpretentious salads in a hurry.

Such combinations include, for example, such:

• Cucumber with fish;

• Cucumber with sausage;

• Egg with cheese;

• Citrus with chicken;

• Pineapple with chicken;

• Tomato with cheese;

• Tomato with garlic;

• Celery with apple;

• Carrots with dried apricots;

• Chicken with prunes and others.

Strictly speaking, from these combinations, adding another 1 - 2 ingredients and dressing, it is already quite possible to cook a quick salad in a hurry.

Various dressings are used: vegetable oil, sour cream, natural yoghurt, mayonnaise, purchased or homemade, a variety of homemade sauces based on yogurt or vegetable oil, vinegar, lemon juice.

Here are examples of salad dressings that will give a pleasant taste and, perhaps, even a certain charm to unpretentious salads in a hurry:

• A spoon of olive oil, a spoon of lemon juice and half a spoonful of mustard;

• Natural yoghurt, some mustard and ketchup;

• Half a glass of tomatoes in its own juice, 100 g of processed cheese, garlic (used for warm salads);

• In equal parts vegetable oil and orange juice with mint and a pinch of pepper. Simple quick salads can be used as a light dinner or snack, as a snack before lunch, as a side dish to the main dish. In this, the last case, you need to pay attention to the compatibility of the ingredients of the salad and the main dish.

Recipe 1. A quick salad in a hurry “Mosaic”


Boiled rice until cooked - 1 cup

Boiled beef (it is possible, although undesirable, to replace with other boiled meat) - 250 g

Bulgarian sweet pepper - three pieces of different colors

Canned corn - half banks


Method of preparation

Boil until ready rice (or take ready), rinse it under running cold water. Beef cut into small cubes (it is better to pre-cool it strongly, then the meat will be better cut) or even chop with a knife.

Pepper also cut into small cubes.

Mix meat, pepper, corn and rice, season with mayonnaise.

If you wish, you can add a little salt, black pepper or a clove of garlic.

Recipe 2. A very simple salad in a hurry “Makarishechka”


Small macaroons (bows, horns, shells) - 1 pack (400 g)

Parmesan - 200 g

Fetaki or not too salty cheese - 200 g

Sweet pepper, better than different colors - 2 pieces

Maslinki - 1 bank

Olive (or another vegetable odorless) oil - 3 tablespoons

Pesto - 3 tablespoons

Oregano, rosemary, freshly ground pepper - to taste

Method of preparation

Boil the pasta, and the cooking time to choose a little less than the recommended (about three minutes).

Parmesan cheese, grate, cheese, grate or mash with a fork.

Peppers wash, dry and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 5 minutes. Then remove the skin and cut the flesh rather finely.

Maslinki put on a napkin and cut into halves. If olives with stones, then the bones, of course, must be removed.

Pesto whip with butter, if desired, add chopped spicy herbs, salt and pepper to the dressing; You can pour a little dried mixture of Italian herbs. Still warm macaroons pour dressing, let cool and put cheese, cheese and olives.

Recipe 3. Unpretentious quick-salad “Spicy-Sweet Pineapple”

This is one of those simple salads in a hurry that can be used for a festive table.


Boiled chicken meat (fillet) - 300 g

Canned pineapple - the contents of a medium-sized jar (approx. 400 g)

Cheese hard enough (for example, “Dutch”) - 200 g

Garlic - 2 - 3 cloves

Natural yogurt - a glass of 125 g

Pineapple jar syrup - 50 ml

Method of preparation

Remove the pineapples from the jar and put them in a colander so that the liquid is completely glass. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

Chicken is also a medium cut; grate cheese, but better not very fine. Garlic peel and pass through the press.

Whisk yogurt, syrup and garlic. Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl and pour over the dressing. It is better to let this salad stand for at least half an hour in the refrigerator.

Recipe 4. Simple quick salad “Spicy carrot”


Fresh carrots (preferably sweet) - 2 large root vegetables

“Maasdam” or “Edam” type cheese - 150 g

Garlic - 2 cloves


Method of preparation

Grate carrots and cheese on the smallest string and skip the garlic through a press. Mix, season with mayonnaise and leave for 30 minutes.

Recipe 5. Very simple salad in a hurry “Bean”


Canned red beans - 1 can

Canned white beans - 1 can

Canned corn - 1 can

Pickled cucumbers - 5-6 medium sized pieces

Garlic - 1 - 2 cloves

Vegetable aromatic oil

Method of preparation

Drain liquid from cans of beans (not everyone likes its taste), it is better to even fold the beans into a colander and lightly rinse with cold water.

Pickled cucumbers cut into cubes a little smaller beans. Peel the garlic and finely chop it with a knife, literally into a crumb. If there is no time at all, you can skip through the press, but this is worse, because then garlic will give juice. Mix in a bowl beans, corn, cucumbers, garlic and fill with fragrant vegetable oil (this mustard salad is good).

Recipe 6. The easiest salad in a hurry “Sweet chicken”


Chicken fillet - from one breast

Prunes - “Father's handful”

Egg - 2 pieces

Raisin - half a cup

Fresh cucumber - 2 pieces

Corn salad (you can have another one according to your taste) - 100 - 150 g

Walnuts - pieces 7-8


Method of preparation

Boil eggs and chicken. Cool it down. Wash and dry the salad.

Soak the raisins and prunes in cool water (of course, this should be done if the dried fruits are hard or not very clean; otherwise, rinse them well enough).

Chicken fillet, cucumbers (they are better to pre-clean), prunes cut into strips, thin as possible. Eggs peeled and cut into slices.

Peel and roll the nuts.

Chicken, prunes, raisins, nuts, cucumbers mix gently and generously season with mayonnaise.

Put lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, place fillet with cucumber and dried fruits on them, and decorate with egg slices on top.

Recipe 7. A quick salad in a hurry with cod or pollock liver


Boiled rice - 1 cup

Cod or Pollock liver - 1 can; can be used and the liver "in a seaside", that is, in the form of "pate"

Pickled cucumbers - 2 - 3 pieces of mediocre

Onions (it is advisable to take red lettuce, but you can also use ordinary ones) - half-onion of medium size

Eggs - 3 pieces



Method of preparation

Eggs and rice to boil and cool. Wash rice with cold water.

Onion to clean and cut into thin half-rings, and can be smaller. Eggs chopped. Pickled pickled cucumbers and parsley. If the liver is in pieces in a jar, remove it from the oil, let it drain and knead the pieces with a fork.

Mix rice with eggs, liver, cucumbers, onion, season with mayonnaise, put in a salad bowl and sprinkle with parsley.

Recipe 8. A quick quick-mix salad with shrimp

This simple salad in haste can be served on the holiday table.


Boiled shrimps - a glass of peeled

Boiled eggs - 3 - 4 pieces

Any lettuce leaves - 250 g

Sweet apples - 2 large

Fresh cucumber - 1 small; possible without him

Radish is a good handful; also can not put

Lemon juice

Mayonnaise or yogurt sauce (natural thick yogurt with mustard, salt and curry)

Method of preparation

Eggs boil, cool and cut into slices.

Shrimp podvarit a couple of minutes in boiling water and clean. Wash apples, peel and cut into thin slices. Sprinkle with lemon juice so as not to darken.

If you decide to put a cucumber and radish, wash them and cut them into thin circles. Wash the salad and tear it into medium sized pieces if necessary.

Put salad leaves, cucumber and radishes in high portion salad bowls (you can just in glasses), flavor them with mayonnaise or yoghurt sauce, put shrimps, apples, eggs and a hill of sauce on this “pillow”.

Recipe 9. Very simple salad in a hurry of cheese


White cheese or feta cheese - 200 g

A mixture of lettuce leaves (corn, mangod, friss, romano, etc.) - 150 g

Large plums - 2 or regular - 4 - 5 pieces

Lemon juice half lemon

Olive oil - 60 ml

Corn mustard - 1.5 tsp

Honey - a tablespoon; if desired

Walnuts chopped or pine; In extreme cases, peanuts - a couple of tablespoons

Method of preparation

Wash lettuce and plums. Salad, if necessary, tear hands. Cut plums into quarters, and large ones into thinner slices, removing, naturally, a bone in both cases.

Cheese or feta gently cut into thick slices, and then into cubes.

Mix lemon juice with olive oil and mustard, whisk. If desired, you can add a spoonful of liquid honey.

Put lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, cheese and plums on them, season with potting and sprinkle with nuts.

Subtleties and useful tips on making quick salads in a hurry

  • Now there is a huge amount of products on sale that can reduce the time for salad preparation to a minimum. For example, a mixture of salads in sealed bags, canned ingredients (fish, chicken, beans, beets and carrots “steamed”, etc.), fresh frozen vegetables, including mixtures. All this will greatly facilitate the work of the hostess, but will increase the cost of the dish. Yes, and get involved in canned foods to the detriment of fresh still not worth it, especially at a time when there is so much delicious, right from the beds!
  • Yet standing in the far corner of a jar of beans, corn, cucumbers, salmon, cod liver, and similar supplies can perfectly “save” you with the sudden visit of hungry guests. A bag of salad, apple and lemon can be easily purchased at any supermarket.
  • If possible, mayonnaise should be replaced with other sauces that are not so harmful. For example, sauce based on yogurt, sour cream, vegetable oil with lemon juice.
  • When serving, even a simple salad in a hurry should somehow be decorated: put a beautiful slide, sprinkle with herbs or grated cheese, cover with a “mesh”, painted with thick sauce, etc. You can put it in a la carte salad or in a head of lettuce. For the festive table, you can prepare 5 - 6 small salads and put them into a partitioned dish or several identical small bowls and put them in a group.
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