Turkey salads - hearty snacks for holidays and weekdays. Recipes for turkey salads, which always work out

Turkey salads - hearty snacks for holidays and weekdays. Recipes for turkey salads, which always work out

Turkey is a lean meat, so it is a great ingredient for cold salads.

It goes well with dressings and various products.

Here are the most interesting recipes for turkey salads, which simply can not get tasteless.

Turkey Salad - General Cooking Principles

For the preparation of turkey salads, clean fillets are used boiled, fried, baked or smoked. Skin and fat are not used, as in combination with dressings they get an unpleasant taste. Therefore, they must be removed immediately before cooking. For the same reason, do not fry meat in large quantities of oil.

How to cook turkey salads:

• Meat must be freshly prepared. Otherwise, the salad will sour faster, even if the turkey was in the fridge.

• Products should have the same temperature, it is better to be cold. Warm ingredients can not be used.

• Salads will be tastier and more beautiful if all products are cut into equal pieces and size.

• Cutting a turkey for salad needs to against the fibers. If this is done by fiber, the meat is poorly saturated with sauce.

• It is only necessary to decorate turkey salads with the ingredients that make up the composition.

• Often consists of dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes). They should definitely be doused with boiling water and dried with a paper napkin, since a large number of microbes are usually concentrated on the surface.

Whatever ingredients a turkey salad is made from, they must be high quality and fresh. Only one poor-quality product can spoil the taste of the whole dish.

Recipe 1: Greek Salad from Turkey

An original and nourishing turkey salad that men especially like. Cooking is easy. The composition includes boiled fillet, but if you want you can replace the smoked and even slices of ham. In this case, the preparation will take no more than 15 minutes. Ingredients Required

• turkey fillet 0.5 kg;

• 4 eggs;

• 0.1 kg of walnuts;

• 0.1 kg of prunes;

• 0.2 kg of mayonnaise;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the fillet into several pieces and boil in salted water for 40 minutes. You can cook and a whole piece, but in this case, the time will need to increase. Eggs also boil hard boiled. While the fillet and eggs are cooling, you need to cut into cubes prunes. Nuts also chop with a knife, but not finely. They should be felt. Cut the fillets and eggs into cubes. Put meat on the bottom of a salad bowl, add salt and grease with mayonnaise. Put prunes on it, then eggs. Salt and smear again with mayonnaise. Cover turkey salad with a thick layer of walnuts.

Recipe 2: “Mushroom with pineapple” turkey salad

An incredibly tasty recipe for turkey salad, which is cooked with fried mushrooms and canned pineapples. The most tasty is obtained with champignons, but you can use any mushrooms.

Ingredients Required

• 0.5 kg fillet;

• 0.5 kg of mushrooms;

• onion;

• pineapples 0.3 kg;

• mayonnaise 0.3 kg;

• cooking oil;

• cheese 0.2 kg.

Method of preparation

Boil fillets in salted water. Rinse the champignons, cut them. Onion peel, cut and fry simultaneously with mushrooms for 15 minutes on a small amount of oil. You can use both cream and vegetable. While everything is cooling, you can cut the pineapples and grate the cheese. Pineapples need to be well drained juice, throwing back in a colander so that the turkey salad is not liquid.

Salad can be done in 2 ways: in layers and just mix. Layers: meat, mayonnaise, pineapples, mushrooms, mayonnaise, cheese. Mixed salad is better soaked, it turns out more tender. You need to combine all the ingredients except cheese. Leave 2 spoons of mayonnaise. Put the mass on the dish in the form of a cake, cover with a layer of mayonnaise. Thickly fall asleep cheese. Let it soak for 2 hours.

You need to store the salad in the refrigerator and better under the cling film or a lid so that the cheese does not dry out.

Recipe 3: Dietary Turkey Salad

This terrific turkey salad recipe is good because it is very light and does not hurt the figure. It can be safely used for dinner and not be afraid of extra pounds. It turns out that you can lose weight tasty!

Ingredients Required

• fillet 0.4 kg;

• 1 onion;

• 1 avocado;

• lemon;

• 0.2 kg of cottage cheese;

• 1 tomato or 5 cherry tomatoes;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper.

Method of preparation

Fillet cut into plates, as on escalopes. Lightly repel and chop straws. Chop the onion finely and fry with the prepared fillet pieces until golden brown in a greased frying pan. Cut the zest from the lemon and send it to the frying pan. Fire another 2 minutes.

Peel avocados, mix with cottage cheese, add lemon juice and salt. All whip blender. The sauce should be quite thick. Tomato cut into slices, pepper half rings. Put the vegetables in the first layer on a dish, on top of the onion fillet fried with onions. Form a slides. Top sauce in the form of a snowy top.

Recipe 4: Spicy Turkey Salad

Perfect salad for snacks and not only. Dressed with mustard-based sauce, giving special spiciness and hearty taste. This turkey salad is made with boiled fillet only. It is not worth replacing fried or smoked meat, as the dish itself has a very pronounced taste. Mustard is needed spicy, better homemade.

Ingredients Required

• fillet 0.6 kg;

• onions 0.3 kg;

• marinated honey agaric 0.3 kg;

• salted cucumbers 0.3 kg;

• vinegar.

For refueling:

• mustard spoon;

• 50 ml of vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Bake the fillet for 40 minutes. Turkey breast is best for this salad, since after cooking the meat is quite dense and can be easily cut into neat straws. While the meat is being cooked, peel the onions, chop into thin half-rings and marinate in water acidified with vinegar. Cucumbers cut into straws, put in a colander and leave to drain the excess juice. The cooled fillet is also cut into strips. With onions, drain the water, squeeze the half-rings and pour into a cup. Add mushrooms, which also merged marinade, pour meat and cucumbers. All mix gently. Grind the mustard with vegetable oil and season the salad. Let it stand for a few hours in a cool place.

Recipe 5: Turkey salad with cucumbers

Light summer salad of turkey, to which meat adds satiety. A special feature is the savory cream sauce, which gives the dish an unusual taste.

Ingredients Required

• 0.3 kg boiled fillet;

• 2 young cucumbers;

• 2 eggs;

• Salt;

• bunch of green onions.

For refueling:

• 0.2 kg sour cream;

• 3 tablespoons of soy sauce;

• garlic clove;

• black pepper.

Method of preparation

Put the boil eggs. At this time, cut the fillet into cubes. Wash cucumbers, also cut into cubes. Chopped boiled eggs. All combine, add chopped onions. Prepare the dressing by mixing sour cream with soy sauce, garlic and pepper. Pour into the salad and mix. Soy sauce is salty enough, but if you want, you can add more salt to the turkey salad. Can be served at the table. This snack should not be done in advance, as cucumbers in the process of storage will allocate a lot of juice.

Recipe 6: New Year's Turkey Salad

This salad of turkey to taste in no way inferior Olivier and successfully help to update the festive table.

Ingredients Required

• 0.4 kg boiled turkey;

• bank of green peas;

• 0.2 kg of hard cheese;

• 5 eggs;

• green onions;

• mayonnaise 0.2 kg;

• bank of green olives without stones.

Method of preparation

Put the boil eggs. At this time, cut meat into cubes. Open the peas, drain the juice and add to the turkey. Cheese is also cut into cubes. To do this, he must be firm. Drain marinade from olives, cut them in half. If the fruits are large, then into 4 parts. Clean eggs and cut into cubes. Mix all the ingredients together, season with mayonnaise. Put the salad in a dish and slide gently sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Recipe 7: Turkey salad with corn and Chinese cabbage

Easy and fresh salad of turkey, which is Beijing cabbage. But if it is not, then you can substitute arugula or other leafy lettuce. Ingredients Required

• boiled fillet 0.35 kg;

• Peking cabbage 0.3;

• Corn Bank;

• sour apple.

For refueling:

• 2 tablespoons of olive oil;

• 2 spoons of lemon juice;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Cut meat into cubes. Peel the apple and do the same. Peking cabbage cut into squares. If leafy salads are used, then you can simply break your hands. Put a layer of cabbage (lettuce) on the dish. Drain marinade from corn, mix it with meat and apple. Salt Put on the cabbage. Mix oil with lemon juice and pour over the top. If desired, for the satiety, you can add white crackers.

Recipe 8: Turkey salad with tomatoes and cheese

Spicy turkey salad with bright garlic flavor. For cooking it is better to use fleshy tomatoes, in which there is not a lot of juice. In this case, the snack will retain its appetizing look longer.

Ingredients Required

• 400 g turkey meat;

• 0.2 kg of cheese;

• 0.2 kg of tomatoes;

• Oil for frying;

• 0.1 kg of canned corn.

For refueling:

• 0.1 kg of mayonnaise;

• 0.1 kg sour cream;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the turkey meat into cubes and fry in a frying pan with a little oil. Leave to cool. At this time, cut the tomatoes in half, remove the seeds with juice and also cut into cubes. Cheese can be simply grated on a coarse grater, but it is tastier and more beautiful when cut, like the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything together, add corn. Fill the turkey salad with a sauce for which to mix the chopped garlic, mayonnaise and sour cream. Salt the salad to taste.

Recipe 9: A quick turkey salad with crackers

This salad can be made in exactly 10 minutes. Smoked turkey meat is used, but it can be boiled or fried.

Ingredients Required

• pack of crackers;

• 0.3 kg smoked turkey;

• Corn Bank;

• jar of pickled beans, better than white; • mayonnaise;

• garlic clove;

• salt.

Method of preparation

Drain marinade from beans and corn. Cut meat into cubes. Combine everything, squeeze the garlic, add mayonnaise and at the end of the crackers. Mix. To taste salt. If the salad needs to be made in advance, then cook without crackers and add to serving before serving.

Turkey salad - tricks and tips

• To the taste of meat did not go into the broth, when boiling need to lay the pieces in boiling water.

• The less liquid, the tastier and more fragrant the boiled turkey will turn out.

• Greens in the salad is better to add when serving. Otherwise, it will fade, and the dish will not look so appetizing.

• In turkey salads, it is better to add pickled onions. Soak in water with vinegar and sugar. Bitterness will go away, the salad will be juicier.

• If you need to make a salad in advance and keep it in the fridge for a long time, it is better not to fill it with mayonnaise.

• You can reduce the calorie content of mayonnaise salad by replacing dressing with sour cream or classic yogurt without additives. Or mix in half.

To cook delicious turkey salads, you do not need to be a top-class chef. With our recipes any hostess can easily do this.

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