Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - a combination of Asian and Russian cuisine. Korean carrot salad recipes

Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - a combination of Asian and Russian cuisine. Korean carrot salad recipes

The technology of salads, beginning in the second half of the eighteenth century, is rapidly developing in all cuisines of the world. The geographical proximity of Asia, with its culture and traditions, allows not only to get acquainted with the cuisines of Asian countries, but also to adapt its culinary secrets to Russian cuisine.

Carrots, in Korean, have long since gained serious popularity as an independent dish, side dish and appetizer. It is increasingly being successfully used as an ingredient for tasty and simple Korean carrot salads.

Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - general technological principles

For Korean-style carrot salad, you definitely need one ingredient - Korean-style carrots. And if all the other components of a cold dish are necessary, to varying degrees, from time to time, then without this savory carrot salad you can, of course, make a cold dish, but it will be a completely different salad.

For delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots, it is simply necessary. You can buy this salad in finished form on the market, in the cooking departments, and you can do it yourself. Moreover, this is - firstly - not difficult, and, secondly, it is always useful - even if you are not going to make a salad from it, it is an excellent garnish for meat and fish dishes, vegetables.

For this reason, the Korean carrot recipe, the main ingredient for delicious and simple Korean carrot salads, will be discussed in more detail.

The secret of delicious, Korean carrots lies in the marinade, which is used to make it. And the composition of the marinade, in addition to the traditional components used in the canning of vegetables - vegetable oil, salt, sugar and acetic acid - has a slight difference in the set of spices for carrots, in Korean. This mixture can be purchased at any distribution network, and you can cook yourself. It consists of: three types of ground pepper - hot, red, sweet paprika and ground black, ground coriander seeds and garlic. As you can see, nothing unusual. However, there is no difficulty in cooking either, except for a special device - a shredder in order to grind carrots with just such long, thin strips. Using this set of spices for marinade, you can cook mushrooms, cucumbers, and many other vegetables. Korean carrot salad goes well with many products, which, in fact, can be seen on the examples of recipes for delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots.

Recipe 1. Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - warm salad for breakfast


For 4 servings:

• Mushrooms, fried 240 g

• Onion greens 120 g

• Liver, chicken, stew 280 g

• Boiled beans 320 g

• Carrots, in Korean 360 g

• Dill, lettuce (for serving)

• Dressing: mayonnaise, pepper (ground, black), garlic, lemon juice


Soaked beans cook until ready. Liver birds cleaned of films, cut into cubes; first lightly fry, seasoned with spices, then simmer, adding a little milk to the skillet. Chop the mushrooms and fry too. Korean carrots squeeze to remove excess marinade. Green onions and dill finely chopped. All ingredients, including carrots in Korean, combine, warm in a saucepan and put on a dish decorated with lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with chopped dill. Serve filling in sauceboat.

Recipe 2. Delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots, roast beef and grapes

Product Composition:

For 4 servings:

• Green Apple (sweet and sour) 160 g

• Carrots, in Korean 320 g

• Roast beef marinated 450 g

• French fries 360 g

For refueling:

• Sour cream 15% 150 ml

• Dill

• Salt, spices

• Apple or grape vinegar (or dry, white wine) 50 ml

For submission:

• Lettuce, large leaves

• Greens (red basil)

• Grape berries, fresh (white, seedless) 280 g


Peeled apples and marinated beef cut into strips. Fry the potatoes, let the oil drain after frying and cool. Lay the cooked salad in a slide on a flat, round dish covered with leaves of curled lettuce, on top - grapes, basil leaves. Cooked sauce, sour cream, chopped herbs with garlic and dry wine, served separately to the salad. For this salad you can also prepare a sauce based on olive or mustard oil, without sour cream.

Recipe 3. Tasty and simple salads with Korean carrots, mussels and crab sticks - Poseidon cocktail salad


For 6 servings (weight: net):

• Red, lettuce pepper 180 g

• Korean carrot 120 g

• Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

• Sesame (seeds) 100 g

• Shrimp, peeled 350 g

• Crab meat (or chopsticks) 240 g

• Onions, green 160 g

• Mussels marinated 250 g

• Lemon slices (for registration) 140 g

• Olives (for registration) 220 g

• “Feta” 240 g

• Arugula (for registration) 50 g

• Salad dressing:

- soy sauce 15 ml

- wine vinegar 40 ml

Olive oil 140 ml

−sahar (or honey, liquid)

- garlic 25g

- salt

- basil, fresh (green) 130 g

- rosemary 40 g


We start with preparing a sauce for a festive cocktail salad: shake off the water from the washed rosemary and basil leaves, add one or two large cloves of garlic, oil to them and kill everything with a blender until a thick mass is formed. Then pour the wine vinegar with soy sauce and season with salt and sugar (or honey). Once again interrupt the dressing with a blender and pour into a sauceboat.

Remove the mussels from the marinade, boil the shrimp and peel. The rest are cut into small cubes, together with eggs, red pepper, crab sticks, chopped green onions and feta. Cut canned mussels into 2 or 4 parts. Sesame slightly fry in a dry frying pan to show its flavor.

We begin to lay the salad layers in high and wide glasses, layers. The bottom layer is Korean carrot. Next, take turns:




crab sticks,

green onions (sprinkle with lemon juice).

On top of the onion are the pieces of feta. Cheese can not be cut, and break into small pieces. Put shrimp, rings of olives on cheese and sprinkle with fried sesame. Hang an incised lemon slice on the edge of the glass and put arugula sprig in the salad. Glasses with sea cocktail-salad to put on plates covered with napkins.

Recipe 4. Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - vinaigrette with fish and eggs

An interesting combination is Korean carrot salad in Russian vinaigrette. Herring vinaigrette in Russian cuisine has been prepared for a long time, but the recipes of smoked herring vinaigrettes and carrots in Korean, this is something new and intriguing. Product Composition:

For 6 servings:

• Korean carrots 320 g

• Beets, baked (dining, dark red) 360 g

• White cabbage, fresh 450 g

• Lemon juice 70 ml

• Baked potatoes 350 g

• Green, canned peas 280 g

• Onions, pickled 180 g

• Eggs, boiled 300 g (net)

• Salted cucumbers (marinated) 140 g

• Herring, fat, smoked (fillet) 480 g

• Sunflower oil, unrefined (first spin) 120 ml

• Salt, sugar (for dressing)

Cooking Procedure:

Potatoes, beets, without damage, wash thoroughly, use a brush to remove dirt, dry with a napkin, brush the surface of vegetables with oil (refined) and bake until tender. When the baked vegetables become warm, peel off the skin to make it easier to remove the skin. Leave for full cooling. Onions and cabbage (white cabbage) nashinkovat. Cabbage mash with salt and sugar. Soak in acidified water until bitterness is eliminated. In addition to cabbage, onions and Korean carrots, all products for vinaigrette cut into cubes. First, cut the beetroot and seal it with oil so that it does not stain the other ingredients. To do this, cut the beetroot cubes well, with the addition of oil and hold for a few minutes before adding to the vinaigrette, in a separate bowl.

Combine all the ingredients and put in a salad bowl. You can decorate with boiled eggs, carved in the form of lilies or lilies, fresh cucumber (leaf) in thin slices of pickled carrots and beets, rolled up in the form of roses.

Baked vegetables in salads create a special taste. They are less watery, more retain their natural flavor. It is very important that the oil for the vinaigrette is fresh and fragrant.

Recipe 5. Delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots, chicken fillet and mushrooms marinated in pita

If you think about it, the beloved by many Oriental shawarma is a salad in pita bread. And such a “road” version of a tasty and simple salad with Korean carrots in the piggy bank of recipes can always be useful. Homemade food is always better and tastier!


For 4 servings:

• Chicken fillet (grill) • Fresh cucumber

• Carrot, in Korean

• Cheese, hard (any)

• Marinated mushrooms

• Cabbage, Peking (or lettuce)

For the sauce:

• Spicy tomato sauce, with garlic

• Mayonnaise

• Mustard.


If you like, you can wrap this salad in pita bread and put it in road containers. You can simply serve it in a salad bowl and put the sauce next to it, made up of equal parts of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. You can arrange the salad in the form of a cocktail, putting it in layers in the bowls, decorating with greens, a slice of lemon and an olive berry.

Preparing such a salad is extremely simple: separate the grilled chicken from the bones and peel - cut into cubes. You can use fried or baked chicken fillet. The taste of the salad will not change.

Mushrooms free from marinade and cut into plastics, along with cucumbers. Add Korean carrot salad, chopped fresh cabbage (do not pickle or mash). Cheese rubbed on a large grater.

All components of the salad and dressing-sauce are taken in the same proportions.

Recipe 6. Delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots and squid

For those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Korean cuisine - a recipe for a delicious and simple salad with Korean carrots and boiled squid fillet. The advantage of Korean salads is that they can be stored for up to 7-10 days, unlike other mixed salads. The secret of this “longevity” lies in a special Korean dressing-marinade containing preservative ingredients.


• Boiled squids (carcass fillet) 280 g

• Carrots, in Korean 420 g

• Cucumber, fresh 150 g

• Pepper, red (salad) 100 g

For marinade:

• Sugar

• Glutamate sodium

• Garlic

• Alcoholic vinegar, concentrated (70%)

• Salt (cooking)

• sauce, soy

• Refined oil

• Spices: coriander, chili pepper (powder), black ground pepper

Cooking Method:

Prepare a sharp marinade, for salad, in a small amount. Ingredients do not need to be watered abundantly with dressing, but only mix them well, combined with spicy sauce. On a tablespoon of oil will need no more than 20 drops of acetic acid. Add the listed spices to taste. Boiled and peeled squid carcass cut into very thin and long straws, add the finished carrot salad, thin slices of fresh peppers and cucumbers, also cut into slices, not across, but along. Cucumbers should be chosen not too large, with “dairy” seeds. The salad should be kept in a tightly closed container, at a temperature of from 0 to +6 degrees, so that it is saturated with marinade.

Recipe 7. Tasty and simple Korean carrot salads - Spicy cocktail salad


For 4 servings:

• Oranges, red 0.8 kg (net)

• Nuts (roasted hazelnut kernels) 80 g

• Sesame, fried 50 g

• Fig, dried 280 g

• Green apples 320 g

• Carrots, in Korean 160 g

• Mint leaves (for registration) 4 pcs.

• Cheese, cream (any, unsalted) 200 g

• Blueberries (berries) 150-200 g


Caln hazelnuts in a hot pan or in the oven, coarsely detail. Fry the sesame to slightly browned. To release slices of oranges from membrane films and to break into 2-3 parts. Steamed figs cut into slices, apples - thin slices. Bilberry to sort, wash with cold, running water, put the berries in a colander, dry on a napkin.

We form a salad in glass or crystal glasses of a wide, cylindrical shape, laying out each ingredient in a thin layer: Korean carrot, fig, oranges, apples, pieces of cream cheese. We decorate the surface of the glass with sesame and shredded hazelnuts, fresh mint leaves. Make mashed blueberries and pour blueberry sauce over each serving.

Recipe 8. Delicious and simple salads with Korean carrots, broccoli and tomatoes


• Broccoli, browned 350 g

• Carrots, Korean-style salad 280 g

• “Mozzarella” or “Feta” 250 g

• Olives, black 120 g

• Baked tomatoes (dense, fleshy) 240 g

• Maize 160 g

• Basil, parsley 40g

• Salad leaves (for registration)

For the sauce:

- mayonnaise,

- garlic,

- black pepper


Broccoli disassemble into separate inflorescences and hold a little in salted water, then shake off and sauté until done. Cut pomegranate olives into rings, cut greens into large pieces. Baked, small tomatoes, when cool, peel and cut into plates, crosswise, or half rings. Cut the Fet into medium cubes. Combine the ingredients of the salad and mix by adding canned, sweet corn, Korean carrot salad. Separately prepare the sauce, adding garlic and spices to mayonnaise.

Delicious and simple Korean carrot salads - tips and helpful tips

• When preparing salads, try preparing vegetable and fruit ingredients, keeping in mind that many raw vegetables and fruits have a very short vitamin value. If you care about healthy and healthy nutrition, then vitamin products must be cleaned and crushed immediately before use.

• Add sauces and dressings to salads just before serving, in order to keep the dish fresh longer.

• Many ready-made salads can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two hours. Salads cooked using marinade, but not canned, can be stored in the cold for a longer time. Marinated dishes, like any other, should be stored in a sealed container.

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