Salad with Korean carrots and crackers: recipes. Cooking at home a delicious and hearty salad with Korean carrots and crackers

Salad with Korean carrots and crackers: recipes. Cooking at home a delicious and hearty salad with Korean carrots and crackers

To diversify your daily diet, try cooking a salad with Korean carrots and crackers.

It will be a great addition to the main course or a great snack at any celebration or home party.

For convenience, it can be decomposed into separate small bowls.

This non-standard approach will also be appreciated by guests.

The salad is quite simple in execution, which is an undoubted advantage for any hostess. Many of your friends will surely ask you for his recipe, they will like it so much. Be sure to try to cook at least a few types of this salad to choose your favorite.

Principles of cooking salad with Korean carrots and crackers

To prepare such a snack, you will need two essential ingredients: Korean carrots and crackers. The latter can be made independently or used purchased. Crackers from the store usually have a strongly pronounced taste, which can significantly affect the whole salad. Therefore, it is better to determine in advance with this important component.

If you know how to make carrots in Korean - it will be even better! You will be able to personally control the degree of its salinity and spiciness. Otherwise, any purchased Korean carrot will fit. The main thing is that it is fresh and crispy.

Also prepare in advance a beautiful plate for a salad and determine with the dressing. It can be completely different: mayonnaise, oil, garlic sauce. Everything will depend only on your own taste preferences. You can choose a gas station from the recipes described below.

Korean carrot salad and crackers with ham

Lovers of hearty and tasty salads will definitely like this particular recipe. Korean carrot and croutons salad goes well with any kind of deli meats, so you can safely use your favorite ones. This recipe suggests the use of ham. Prepare the dish quickly and simply, which is good. Ingredients:

1) 140 g Parma ham;

2) 200 g Korean carrot;

3) one fresh cucumber;

4) two boiled eggs;

5) 150 g of grated cheese;

6) 100 g of crackers;

7) greens at will;

8) mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Ham cut into narrow slices.

Grate the cucumber on a coarse grater.

Cook the chicken eggs and cut them into medium-sized slices.

Grate the cheese. You can use the purchased rubbed product.

We put in the dish all of the above ingredients, including Korean carrots.

Add the croutons to the salad and season it with mayonnaise.

Decorate with greens.

Korean carrot salad and crackers with chicken breast

This recipe for salad with Korean carrots and crackers with chicken breast will especially please the representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is quite substantial, so if you want to cook only one kind of salad, easily choose this option.


1) 200 g chicken breast;

2) 250 g Korean carrot;

3) 100 g of rusks;

4) 3 - 4 pickled cucumbers;

5) mayonnaise;

6) one boiled potatoes;

7) a pinch of salt.

Cooking Method:

Boil chicken breast and potatoes in advance.

When they cool, you need to cut them into small cubes.

Add Korean carrot to these ingredients.

Cut the marinated cucumbers into cubes and also add to the salad.

Season with mayonnaise.

Before serving the salad, lay out the croutons so that they do not soften.

Korean carrot salad and crackers with eggplant

For vegetarians and simply lovers of plant food, be sure to enjoy Korean carrot salad and crackers, along with other vegetables and dried fruits. It is light and non-nutritious. If desired, you can even replace the mayonnaise with olive oil or any low-fat dressing.


1) 300 g Korean carrot;

2) 150 g of crackers; 3) half a cup of beans;

4) 300 g of prunes;

5) two eggplants;

6) mayonnaise;

7) one tomato.

Cooking Method:

Boil the beans. To speed up the cooking process, you can add one pinch of soda to the water.

Separate the prune from the seed and cut it into small cubes.

Eggplants need to be washed and peeled.

Then fry in sunflower oil, then remove the fat from them with a paper towel.

Tomatoes cut into half rings.

Next, mix all the ingredients in one dish and season the salad with mayonnaise.

Top put crackers and, if desired, greens. You can serve a salad with Korean carrots and crackers to the table.

Salad with Korean carrots and crackers with the addition of crab sticks

Since childhood, many of us love crab sticks, but few know that they are the perfect complement to Korean carrot and croutons salad. This dish can be layered or mixed into one mass. In any case, it will be very tasty and original. All guests and household will enjoy for sure!


1) two red peppers;

2) 200 g of mushrooms;

3) 150 g of crab sticks;

4) crackers;

5) 200 g of Korean carrot;

6) greens.

Cooking Method:

The first step is to boil the mushrooms. When they cool down - cut them into quarters.

Wash peppers and clean seeds from them. Cut into small half rings.

Cut the crab sticks into strips of medium size.

Mix all the ingredients in a salad, add carrots and crackers.

Decorate the dish with greens.

If desired, add salt and pepper.

Salad with Korean carrots and crackers in garlic sauce

Those who prefer savory and spicy dishes should definitely try Korean carrot salad and crackers with garlic sauce. The most pleasant thing is that the degree of its sharpness and spices can be controlled independently, simply by adding or reducing the amount of garlic. This dish will be an excellent snack before the main course, as well as enhances appetite. Ingredients:

1) 150 g Korean carrot;

2) crackers;

3) four garlic cloves;

4) one egg;

5) lemon juice;

6) salt to taste;

7) half tbsp. vegetable oil;

8) 200 g of mushrooms.

Cooking Method:

Boil the mushrooms, cool and cut into small quarters.

Now you can do the preparation of the marinade. To do this, finely chop the garlic or give it out with a press. Add salt and lemon juice to it.

Meanwhile, beat the egg with a blender for one minute and gradually add vegetable oil to it.

Add garlic to the mixture at the end. The sauce is ready.

It only remains to mix all the last ingredients in one plate and add the sauce.

Korean carrot salad and crackers with seafood

If you are crazy about seafood, try them in a salad with Korean carrots and crackers. In combination with such ingredients, shrimps and crab sticks give absolutely amazing unusual taste. This salad is definitely worth a try at least once.


1) 150 g crab sticks;

2) 180 g of Korean carrot;

3) 200 g shrimp;

4) 150 grams of grated cheese;

5) three eggs;

6) mayonnaise;

7) crackers;

8) red pepper.

Cooking Method:

Cut the crab sticks into small pieces.

Rub cheese or use ready-made.

Boil the eggs and cut them into small cubes.

Pour boiling water over shrimp.

Cut the pepper into small semi-rings.

Mix all the ingredients, fill with mayonnaise and sprinkle the top with crackers. Salad is ready to eat!

Korean carrot salad and smoked crackers

If you are thinking about making a tasty and simple dish, pay attention to the smoked Korean carrot salad and crackers. There are very few ingredients in its composition, but they are quite affordable and inexpensive. Such a salad will become an indispensable dish, when suddenly guests came. Its preparation will take literally 5 - 10 minutes. Ingredients:

1) 250 g Korean carrot;

2) one smoked chicken breast;

3) 3 tomatoes;

4) crackers; mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Put the carrots in a separate bowl to drain all the juice from it to the bottom.

Meanwhile, cut the chicken breast in small pieces.

Cut the tomatoes into medium sized slices.

Mix the ingredients and season with mayonnaise.

For decoration, put on the salad homemade crackers and parsley.

Korean carrot salad and crackers - tips and helpful tips

1) To make homemade croutons, thinly slice the bread and dry it in the oven. You can sprinkle it with various spices to make the salad spicy and fragrant. Suitable for crackers: dried garlic, paprika, oregano or any Italian herbs.

2) Korean-style carrots are easy to cook by yourself. To do this, thinly chop the vegetable and marinate it in vinegar, sugar and salt. After 20 minutes, add the red pepper to the marinade and the carrot will be ready to eat.

3) Salad can be filled not only with mayonnaise, but also with olive oil. You can also leave the dish completely without dressing, as the carrot will give its natural juice.

4) Salad with Korean carrots and crackers should not be pressed for too long. It is especially tasty when just cooked.

5) If you do not like too much carrot juice in a salad, then remove it, initially, from the vegetable with a paper napkin.

6) When choosing a Korean carrot, pay attention not to its color. it should be orange and spotless, but not yellow.

7) To give the carrot more of its natural juice, add a teaspoon of sugar to the salad.

8) To make the salad with a more spicy and rich flavor, add red ground pepper and coriander.

9) If you want the salad to be more useful, instead of ham or sausage, choose recipes that contain chicken breast. 10) If you choose a salad with Korean carrots and crackers with mushrooms, give preference to oyster mushrooms or champignons. They will be most combined with the main ingredients.

11) To make the dish look more attractive and appetizing, put it on big green leaves of lettuce.

12) If you choose the purchased croutons, then let them be with the taste of cheese or ham. These are the most appropriate flavors for a salad with Korean carrots and crackers.

To please yourself and loved ones, sometimes you need not so much. Try to prepare a salad with Korean carrots and crackers, and you will be pleasantly surprised how many laudatory reviews you get at your address. This is an incredibly simple, but at the same time tasty and hearty dish, which, if desired, can be either a snack or a full meal. Everything will depend only on your imagination and taste preferences.

This salad is not ashamed to submit to the holiday table or on any weekday. He will always be the way!

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