The most popular folk snack is eggs with cheese and garlic. Recipes for a variety of egg and cheese dishes and garlic

The most popular folk snack is eggs with cheese and garlic. Recipes for a variety of egg and cheese dishes and garlic

If you list the products that will be needed to prepare the proposed dishes, then a classic recipe for stuffing comes to mind. However, this flavor combination is so successful that the housewives went further. As a result, we have dozens of recipes, including stuffed vegetables, omelets, rolls and crab sticks.

The pungent flavor that gives garlic to appetizers is slightly extinguished by the soft taste of yolk, mayonnaise gives juiciness, and all other products complement the composition. Salads, along with appetizers from the listed products, are prepared chilled. Such dishes are usually served at the “first table” at home festivities, although they often with pleasure eat strong alcohol.

Classic or decorative serving options are always enthusiastically perceived by the youngest eaters. When cooking specially for them, watch the spiciness and salinity of the dish, do not forget that it is common for garlic to exaggerate the amount of added salt.

Egg dishes with cheese and garlic - general principles of cooking

• Almost all dishes are made from hard boiled eggs. In its raw form, chicken eggs are used only for making an omelet, which is then smeared with stuffing and rolled up.

• If boiled testicles are required to be stuffed with cheese and garlic, they are cut lengthwise into two halves, with a third cut of the cross section.

• Mixing chopped eggs with cheese and garlic, prepare salads or stuffing for stuffing vegetables or rolls.

• The dishes use melted cheese or non-sharp varieties of hard cheeses, which are ground with a grater. Garlic must press through or finely rubbed.

• Stuffing for stuffing usually filled with mayonnaise. To taste, they can be seasoned with black or fragrant pepper and salt.

“Spicy White Mushrooms” - appetizer of stuffed eggs with cheese and garlic


• 70 grams of “Russian” cheese;

• two tables. spoons of liquid low-fat mayonnaise;

• large garlic teeth - 2 pcs .;

• a few sprigs of parsley;

• one and a half glasses of strong tea brew;

• seven hard-boiled eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the eggs from the shell, wash it under the tap and dry it with a napkin.

2. On the side of the sharp tip of each testicle, cut a third part of it and carefully select the whole yolk with a spoon.

3. Pour the pointed “dome” of the protein with tea leaves and hold it there, giving the squirrel a good brown color. The lower part of the time set aside.

4. Rub yolks and cheese with a medium grater and mix. Add mayonnaise, pressed garlic, and mix well.

5. Fill previously deposited proteins with cooked garlic filling and put on a flat dish with the convex side up.

6. Place the tea-stained parts of the proteins on a disposable towel, dab slightly and set on stuffed eggs (pointed end up).

7. In parsley, tear off the stems, and spread the twigs on a serving dish between the “mushrooms”.

Stuffed halves of eggs with cheese and garlic


• boiled chicken eggs - 10 pcs .;

• 100 ml 72% mayonnaise;

• 100 gr. hard or semi-hard cheese;

• medium bunch of fresh parsley;

• garlic - 3 small cloves.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the shelled eggs along in half and carefully remove the yolk from each half.

2. Protein set aside and mash the yolks well with a fork.

3. Mix them with finely grated cheese and chopped parsley. Season with mayonnaise and mix well. You can add a little salt and a little pepper.

4. Take squirrels and fill the grooves with egg-cheese mixture. Put the stuffing so much that it lay on top of the yolk.

5. To make the stuffed portions lay flat on the plate, cut off a small piece of protein from the convex side before stuffing. 6. Place the stuffed halves on a serving plate and decorate with fresh greens. From above you can lightly shake finely worn cheese.

Layered egg salad with cheese and garlic


• two processed cheese, “Dutch”;

• three large cloves of garlic;

• five hard-boiled eggs;

• 100 gr. walnut kernels;

• a small bunch of young onions;

• 200 gr. low fat mayonnaise;

• 300 gr. dried prunes.

Cooking Method:

1. 20 minutes before cooking, put the processed cheese in the freeze, and soak the prunes in warm water. Then rub the cheese on a large grater, and remove the prunes from the water and dry, shifting to a sieve.

2. In the grated curds add garlic crushed garlic, stir thoroughly and place in the first layer on a serving plate. Liberally grease the cheese layer with mayonnaise.

3. Mix the eggs, cut into medium-sized pieces, with the chopped green onions and place the mixture in the second layer.

4. Then cut the dried prunes dried with water into thin strips and spread it over the egg layer. Pour mayonnaise well, level with a spoon and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

5. Then repeat the layers in the same sequence and be sure to grease the top of the salad with mayonnaise.

6. The dish can be decorated with finely worn yolks or sprigs of fresh greens.

Crab "Rafaelki" of eggs with cheese and garlic


• small package of crab sticks;

• three boiled eggs;

• 72% mayonnaise - 3-4 spoons;

• 150 gr. Cheese "Kostroma";

• garlic - 2 slices.

Cooking Method:

1. Rub boiled hard-boiled eggs with a yolk with a large grater, and lightly frozen crab sticks, garlic and hard cheese - fine.

2. Mix half of chopped sticks with cheese chips, chopped eggs and garlic. Add a few spoons of mayonnaise (to taste) and mix well again.

3. Lightly moistened hands, form small balls from the resulting mass and roll them well into crab chips left from all sides. 4. Put the “Rafaelki” on a flat dish and can serve.

“Catalan Eggplants”, stuffed with eggs with cheese and garlic


• young medium-sized eggplants - 2 pcs .;

• onion head;

• three small slices of garlic;

• one large ripe tomato;

• two boiled eggs;

• 100 gr. hard non-sharp cheese;

• greens - to taste;

• 30 ml of high quality oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the eggplants, wipe dry with a towel and remove the stem. Cut into two halves and carefully cut the flesh.

2. In a frying pan in olive oil, save small-sized onion slices together with garlic let through a press until light transparency. Add the eggplant flesh cut into small cubes and continue to simmer all together for about three minutes. Then remove from heat, cool slightly.

3. With chilled vegetables, mix small sliced ​​tomatoes and chopped eggs. Add a spoonful of chopped greens and finely rub about half of the cheese here.

4. Salt, season with fine pepper, mix well and fill the previously cut grooves in eggplant halves.

5. Sprinkle the eggplant laid out in a deep pan or form with large cheese chips. Cover with a sheet of foil and bake.

6. Cook the first quarter of an hour under the foil, then remove it and bring to readiness, baking for another 10-15 minutes.

7. The oven temperature when baking is 200 degrees.

“Snack Monastery Hut” made of crab rolls filled with eggs with cheese and garlic


• ten crab rolls;

• boiled chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;

• three melted “Dutch” cheese;

• garlic - 2 cloves;

• a tablespoon of mayonnaise;

• 50 gr. any hard non-sharp cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Thaw the crab rolls and gently, so as not to tear, expand them.

2. On a large grater, rub the eggs, melted cheese and peeled garlic in small.

3. Combine chopped products, add mayonnaise and mix well with a fork. 4. Then take the unwrapped crab rolls. Grease each with a thin layer of cooked filling and wrap back.

5. Put the stuffed rolls on a wide plate with a slide and put them in the refrigerator for 40 minutes. After reach, sprinkle with small cheese chips and serve to the table.

Egg roll with cheese and garlic


• raw chicken eggs - 6 pcs .;

• 450 gr. salad (medium-fat) mayonnaise;

• 3-4 melted cheese, not soft;

• two cloves of garlic;

• A handful of walnut kernels.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour all the yolks and whites in a small bowl, add 300 gr. mayonnaise, and whisk whisk, bringing the mass to a uniform state.

2. Cover the baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper, grease with vegetable oil and pour the liquid mass onto it.

3. Bake the omelet in the oven at 180 degrees until fully cooked. Place the brazier in a well-heated oven only.

4. While the omelette is cooked, prepare the filling for it. Mix finely grated, processed cheese with chopped garlic. Add remaining mayonnaise and mix.

5. Separate the omelette, which is still warm, from the parchment so that when rolling into a roll the places stuck to the paper do not break. Do not remove the omelet from paper.

6. Take the cheese filling and apply it evenly on the omelet layer. Smooth and roll. Wrap not too tightly, helping the parchment sheet on which it was baked.

7. Then wrap the egg roll tightly enough into food film, and put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Slice and serve, decorating with greens.

Eggs with cheese and garlic in tomatoes baked in the oven


• small ripe tomatoes - 12 pcs .;

• 300 grams of hard cheese not sharp varieties;

• six boiled chicken eggs;

• to taste - ground pepper, mayonnaise, fresh herbs and salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the tomatoes well under running water. From the side of the stem, cut off the “lid” not very thickly and select the pulp with a spoon. 2. From the inside lightly salt the tomatoes and leave for a few minutes. Drain formed during this time juice.

3. On a medium grater, rub the cheese, cut the testicles into medium-sized slices and combine. Add chopped greens with chopped garlic, mayonnaise and mix well.

4. Then fill the tomatoes with this mixture and put them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with finely worn cheese and bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Egg dishes with cheese and garlic - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• If you put salt in the water with the eggs while cooking, and cool the already cooked ones under cold water - the shell will be cleaned off faster and better.

• When cleaning the shell together with it, the protein can get off and the eggs will not be suitable for stuffing. Therefore, for cooking, take them a few pieces more.

• Processed cheeses and crab sticks will rub more easily if they are slightly frost-bitten. Therefore, do not defrost the sticks until the end, and cheeses for a quarter of an hour before cooking, put them in the fridge freezer.

• Eggplants before stuffing, it is desirable to slightly add salt and leave on a colander or sieve, turning the cut down. The bitterness characteristic of these vegetables will go away.

• Stuffing eggs with cheese and garlic on an omelet should be spread while it is still warm and as soon as possible. Then it will be easier to roll and the surface of the roll will not crack when folded.

• In order for the crab rolls to unfold well and not to tear when unfolded, they must be well thawed.

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