Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin is a rosy joy for children and adults. Recipes best curd casseroles with pumpkin

Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin is a rosy joy for children and adults. Recipes best curd casseroles with pumpkin

Have you ever wondered why casserole is one of the main dishes in kindergarten?

Simply, it refers to useful baking, nourishing, easy to prepare, and even the curd after heat treatment is absorbed by the body much better than raw.

Perhaps your childhood casserole was not very tasty, but we will fix it. There are plenty of delicious recipes for pumpkin casseroles with pumpkin, which everyone should try.

Cottage Cheese Casserole - General Cooking Principles

Cottage cheese - the basis of casseroles. Ideally, it is advisable to use a natural product from cow or goat milk. Restored cottage cheese, consisting of a large number of ingredients, can simply not withstand the heat treatment, melt when heated, release a large amount of water, and there is not much use in it.

Pumpkin for casserole, you can take any. But the pastries will turn out to be especially tasty and fragrant with a ripe vegetable. Pumpkin can be put in a casserole in a raw, boiled, fried and stewed form.

How to make a casserole:

1. Cottage cheese is wiped through a sieve or just knead into a homogeneous mass.

2. Added eggs, semolina, sour cream and other ingredients according to the recipe.

3. The curd mass is combined with the ground pumpkin or mashed potatoes.

4. Everything is laid out in forms and baked until ready.

As a filling, fresh and dried fruits, berries, nuts, seeds can also be added to the mass. Serve cottage cheese casseroles with pumpkin can be alone or in combination with sweet sauces, sour cream, condensed milk, jam or yogurt. Also, casseroles can be decorated with icing, creams, chocolate, coconut flakes. And the daily meal will turn into a small holiday.

Recipe 1: Simple cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin

A simple version of cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin in the oven. The finished dish turns out a beautiful, yellow color, and smearing the top with sour cream allows you to get a crispy crust.


• a pound of cottage cheese; • 400 grams of pumpkin;

• 60 grams of semolina;

• half a cup of kefir;

• egg;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• to taste vanilla;

• spoon of sour cream;

• butter.


1. Clean and grate a ripe pumpkin, stew until soft in a frying pan or cauldron with the addition of a piece of butter. Cooling down.

2. Manco mix with kefir, let stand 15 minutes for swelling.

3. Stir cottage cheese with a spoon, if the product is dry, then it is better to rub through a sieve. Add the egg, sugar, swollen semolina and pumpkin. Mix a lot, pour some vanilla to taste, similarly, you can add cinnamon.

4. Lubricate the mold, sprinkle decoys and lay out the future casserole. Level with a spoon, grease with sour cream.

5. Bake in the oven for about 50 minutes, set the average temperature to 170-180 degrees. The exact time depends on the thickness of the layer and the diameter of the form.

Recipe 2: Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pumpkin and Apple

Apple gives cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin a light sour and pleasant taste. This dish turns out tender, juicy, is prepared without adding semolina, but with potato starch. It is possible to cook such a casserole in a large frying pan, but no less interesting is obtained in small, silicone cake tins.


• 250 grams of cottage cheese;

• one apple;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• 2 eggs;

• spoon of starch;

• slightly peeled seeds, you can take pumpkin or sesame.


1. Peel and cut the pumpkin in arbitrary pieces, fold into a small saucepan, pour a little water and steam under the lid until soft. Then cool and knead in a puree, the liquid needs to be drained, the mass should be quite thick. You can scroll through the blender.

2. Pound the curd with raw eggs and sugar. At the same stage, add a spoonful of starch.

3. Apple peeled. Three finely, avoiding contact with the core and seeds.

4. Combine the curd mass with pumpkin puree and apple. Mix, add seeds or sesame.

5. Lubricate the mold, sprinkle with breadcrumbs or semolina. We spread the curd mass and bake until done at 190 degrees, about half an hour.

Recipe 3: “Sunny” cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin and carrot

Mega is a positive and healthy dish that can be used even for children, but only after a year. Also, curdled casserole with pumpkin can be pampered by the weight-lifting people. With all its taste, the dish can be attributed to low-calorie. Cornmeal is used as a thickener, you can also take oatmeal.


• 250 grams of pumpkin;

• one medium sized carrot;

• 3 eggs;

• 300 grams of cottage cheese, better than dry;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 3-4 tablespoons of corn flour.


1. Clean the carrots and pumpkin. All together we rub large.

2. Add grated cottage cheese, eggs, flour, softened butter. We knead everything thoroughly with our hands, making sure that the lumps of flour or cottage cheese do not slip. If you are planning to cook a non-dietary option, or just like a sweet, then you can add some sugar.

3. Lubricate the form, then powder flour, you can still the same, from corn.

4. We spread the casserole, put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees, after 15 minutes, remove the temperature to 170 and bake until done.

Recipe 4: Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pumpkin and Rice

A hearty version of pumpkin casserole. For cooking it is better to use round rice, long grains will not work. If desired, you can add raisins to this casserole, which is pre-steamed in hot water, this will only taste better.


• 100 grams of rice;

• 2 eggs;

• 400 grams of cottage cheese;

• 500 grams of pumpkin;

• 50 grams of oil;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• 2-3 tablespoons condensed milk;

• vanilla.


1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, send it to the saucepan and simmer until soft with half a serving of butter.

2. Wash rice, boil until cooked, but make sure that the grains do not boil soft and remain intact. Water is drained, rice washed.

3. Cottage cheese should be mixed with eggs, sugar, add vanilla and condensed milk.

4. Combines the curd mass with boiled rice and stewed pumpkin. If you do not like the pieces, then the product can be pureed using a blender or simply wipe through a sieve. All thoroughly mixed. 5. Prepare the form, simply lubricate and sprinkle semolina, flour or bread crumbs. Spread the mass and send in the oven for 30 minutes.

6. Served casserole served with jam, condensed milk, sour cream.

Recipe 5: Curd casserole with pumpkin “For the child” in the slow cooker

Children's menu is a little different from an adult. For the preparation of cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin it is not advisable to use flavors, vanillin, margarine. All products should be natural, but not have high fat content. We will cook in a slow cooker.


• a pound of cottage cheese;

• 400 grams of pumpkin;

• half a glass of semolina;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 200 grams of sour cream;

• oil for lubrication;

• 3 eggs.


1. Clean the pumpkin, finely chop into cubes. You can just grate, but on a fairly large grater. Choose a more convenient option.

2. Beat eggs with sugar into foam until the sand is completely dissolved.

3. Add semolina mix.

4. Put the mashed curd, mix again.

5. At the end add the prepared pumpkin. If the pieces made a lot of juice, then you need to squeeze it with your hands.

6. If there is a desire, then at this stage it is possible to add a ripper to the mass. The casserole will turn out fluffy and airy. Or vanilla, so that the pastry becomes more aromatic. Children are allowed to supplement after two years.

7. Lubricate the bowl of the multicooker with a piece of butter, spread the casserole, and cook in baking mode for an hour.

Recipe 6: Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pumpkin and Bananas

The peculiarity of this casserole is a unique banana flavor. Baking turns out amazingly tender, juicy, great for an afternoon snack or breakfast. Bananas are better to take ripe, but not overripe.


• 300 grams of cottage cheese;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• 2 bananas (about 150 grams);

• half a glass of semolina;

• 200 grams of milk;

• sugar to taste;

• 2 eggs;

• some oil;

• 1 teaspoon ripper.


1. Milk must be heated to about 40 degrees. Then we connect with the semolina and give swell, for this simply set aside the bowl for half an hour.

2. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, simmer with a few drops of butter in a saucepan. Then take out the pieces, grind. This can be done in any way. 3. Sugar, beat with eggs, combine with cottage cheese, ripper and pumpkin mass. Enter the swollen semolina and mix everything.

4. Pour the resulting mass into the prepared mold. Distribute with a spoon.

5. Peel bananas, cut into 0.5 cm circles. We stick in the casserole over the entire surface. You can in a chaotic manner or lay out patterns.

6. Put the form baked for 40 minutes in the oven. During this time, the ripper will raise the mass, the casserole will become lush and airy, will be similar to charlotte.

Recipe 7: Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pumpkin and Condensed Milk

A delicious recipe for casseroles for sweet teeth. Baking turns soft, fluffy, has a pleasant, creamy aroma and taste. But only if you use this condensed milk, from milk without vegetable fats.


• bank of condensed milk;

• 0.4 kg of cottage cheese;

• 3 eggs;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• 3 spoons of any flour.


1. We take a large bowl, break eggs into it and whip it into a foam with a whisk, you can take a mixer. Gradually pour in condensed milk, mix until smooth consistency.

2. Add grated cottage cheese and flour, mix.

3. Cut the pumpkin into small cubes, send it to the dough. Optionally, at the same stage, you can add vanilla.

4. Put the casserole in a greased and powdered form and send to bake for about 40 minutes. You can also cook in a slow cooker, but in this case the process will take about 60-80 minutes, depending on the model.

Recipe 8: “Holiday” cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin

It is better to cook such a casserole in portion cakes for muffins. Baking turns really festive, airy, with sesame seeds and a delicate pumpkin filling.


• 2 spoons of semolina;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• sesame;

• 2 eggs;

• 5 grams of ripper;

• 500 grams of cottage cheese.


1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, steamed in a saucepan under the lid, then take out the pieces, trying not to take the liquid, and grind with a spoonful of sugar in mashed potatoes.

2. From cottage cheese, eggs, remaining sugar, ripper and semolina we knead the mass. Give stand for half an hour to semolina swelled. The mass should get quite thick. 3. Shape the cake muffins with oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

4. Spread the casseroles on the tins, not reaching the edge of 1.5 cm.

5. In the pastry bag lay out pumpkin filling and squeeze a small amount into the center of each cake. If there is no bag, then you can simply make a hollow with a spoon and mash it.

6. Top with cottage cheese casserole sprinkled with sesame seeds, then send bake at a temperature of 180 degrees. The time depends on the size of the molds, but usually 35-40 minutes is enough.

Cottage Cheese Casserole - Tips and Tricks

• The pumpkin itself is quite watery, so when you put it in the casserole, it is better to squeeze the product. If mashed potatoes are prepared, then after steaming or stewing, the excess liquid is better to drain, and if the mass with curd is thick, then it can always be diluted.

• Cottage cheese for casserole, you can use absolutely any and even sweet mass. But you need to monitor the consistency of the test. If it is dry enough, then add sour cream, pumpkin juice, kefir, milk. If the mass is liquid, then you can fill the semolina, flour, starch.

• Instead of wheat flour or semolina, you can thicken the dough with corn, oatmeal, rice cereal. To do this, they need to grind into flour on a coffee grinder and add to the casserole. Some hostesses add oat, wheat, rye or buckwheat bran to increase the usefulness of the dish.

• To give the casserole a pleasant aroma, vanilla, food flavors, cinnamon, cloves are added to it.

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