Cottage cheese casserole with apples - an unusual breakfast and healthy. Recipes for cottage cheese casseroles with apples: dietary and hearty

Cottage cheese casserole with apples - an unusual breakfast and healthy. Recipes for cottage cheese casseroles with apples: dietary and hearty

Cottage cheese casserole with apples requires a minimum of time, and the result is surprising. Presented options for cottage cheese casserole with apples will become a favorite breakfast for children

Cottage cheese casserole with apples is the most delicious and often used version of cottage cheese and apple dishes. Such a dessert can be prepared with dried fruits, eggs, flaky or homogeneous.

Casserole of cottage cheese and apple slices suitable for dessert to cocoa. If a child does not want to use cottage cheese as an independent dish, casserole with cottage cheese will become an indispensable dessert.

General principles for cooking cottage cheese casserole with apples

Cottage cheese is the main component of the dish. Those who take a dietary food, you must use low-fat cottage cheese product. Before baking the dough, the curd mass should preferably be ground with a blender and also with a mixer.

Eggs contribute to the viscosity of the dough. A large number of these products can spoil the dish - the casserole will turn out rubber. Eggs are able to give the finished baking blush. These ingredients will give the dish airiness. The yolk is not a required ingredient of cottage cheese casserole.

With the help of vanilla cottage cheese casserole with apples will acquire an unforgettable flavor.

For taste, you must add sugar or a substitute as needed. A sweet casserole requires more sugar. In the salt dough sugar is placed quite a bit. From the applied dose of sugar depends on the shade of the crust that appears on the surface of the casserole.

Depending on the wishes and the chosen recipe, casseroles with cottage cheese use rice or semolina. Manca will give juiciness to the dish. Croup is mixed with cottage cheese and egg-sugar mixture. Be sure to give the dough to stand to semolina swelled.

To prepare a dish of exceptional tenderness, you can apply semolina, previously cooked in milk. Apples can add both sweet and sour varieties. Each of these types of fruit will give a casserole, respectively, sweet taste or mild acidity. The ingredient must be chopped and put between the layers of dough or decorate the dessert to them from the top. The taste of apples goes well with cinnamon.

Additional ingredients of the dish can be fruits, berries, raisins, carrots, sour cream, pasta.

The mixture of products is mixed, laid out in a special baking mold, thoroughly smeared with oil. You can cook a delicacy in the microwave, multicooker and oven.

Finished sweet casserole with cottage cheese and apple slices can be poured on top with honey, hot chocolate and yogurt. Salted cottage cheese delicacy consumed with sour cream.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pears and Apples


Low-fat curd mass - 650 g

Large pears - 4 pcs.

Eggs - 3 pcs.

Cinnamon - to taste

Halved apples halves - 2 pcs.

Semolina - 125 g

Cognac - 1.5 Art. l

Brown sugar - 55 g

Honey - 72 g


Method of preparation

Yolks into a bowl separate from the yolks.

Protein mass mix. Bring to light foam.

Mix yolks with honey.

Through a piece of cheesecloth skip curd. Put to the yolks.

Beat the mixture to make the mass homogeneous.

Add semolina.

With 2 pears cut off the skin. Pulp cut into small pieces.

Grind cinnamon and zest of citrus grated.

Apples cut into small pieces.

In a saucepan, pour the lemon juice.

Dissolve sugar.

After the syrup boils, pour brandy.

After the smell of alcohol has disappeared, add apple, pear, cinnamon and zest.

Cook for 4 minutes.

Remove pieces of pears and apples from the syrup.

Combine with cottage cheese.

Add fluffy protein mass in small portions.

Stir upwards.

Vegetable oil pour a thin layer on a baking sheet.

Fill the container with curd.

Spread the remains of chopped pears over the top layer of dough.

Send the future casserole in the oven with a temperature of 175 degrees for 35 minutes. Before serving, pour portions of the casseroles into the syrup.

Sweet cottage cheese casserole with apples and pears is ready for serving to guests at the festive table.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apples on Kefir


Manca - 245 gr.

Citrus zest - 18 gr.

Sweet curd - 54 gr.

Granulated sugar - 260 gr.

Kefir - 330 ml

Vanillin - 14 gr.

Eggs - 4 pcs.

Baking Powder - 5 gr.

Method of preparation

Fill the container with the required amount of semolina.

Pour kefir. Stir the mixture. Leave for 10 minutes to swell the cereal.

Cottage cheese put in a separate dish.

Attach the eggs.

Add vanillin.

Add sugar. Mix the products thoroughly.

Add swollen semolina.

Add baking powder to the dough.

Pour citrus zest.

Coat the pan with oil.

Send there curd mass. Leave for 8 minutes.

Turn on the oven mode 195 degrees.

Send the form with the dough.

Bake for about 42 minutes.

Turn off the oven.

Stand the casserole for another 3 minutes. Let the dough cool.

Cottage cheese casserole with apples is ready.

Unsweetened cottage cheese casserole with apples and potatoes


flour - 620 gr.

kefir - 260 ml

soda - 7 gr.

chicken eggs - 2 pcs.

curds in packs - 220 gr.

grated cheese - 225 gr.

salt - to taste

Sour apples - 130 gr.

Butter - 48 gr.

potatoes - 450 gr.

Method of preparation

Pour sugar into a pot.

Add fresh eggs. Beat the ingredients.

Pour the soda.

Sift flour into the mixture.

Pour sour milk drink.

Add half the cheese.

Knead the dough.

Rid the potatoes of the top layer.

Boil in salted water.

Crush until smooth.

Improve the taste with butter.

Apples rid of the skins. Grate on a medium grater.

Cover the baking sheet with parchment.

Put a piece of dough.

Put a few spoons of potato mass on top. Spread evenly.

Sprinkle with cheese residue.

Put the remaining potato mass.

Add apple gruel. Spread the rest of the dough on top.

Send the baking tray with the contents into a preheated oven.

Bake 55 minutes at 195 degrees.

Appetizing cottage cheese casserole with apples goes well with jelly.

Cottage cheese casserole with apples and pumpkin slices for diet food lovers


low-fat sour cream - 260 g

pumpkin - 950 g

raisins - 65 g

quail eggs - 12 pcs.

apples - 440 g

ground crackers - 64 g

butter - 36 g

salt - to taste

curd cheese - 135 g

Method of preparation

Rid the pumpkin from the skin.

Take out the seeds.

Juicy pulp turn into mush with a grater.

Put in pan.

Add butter.

Close the container with a lid. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes.

Add shredded apples. Cook a lot more minutes 4.

Remove pan from heat. Wait until its contents have cooled.

Add crackers.

Fill a separate plate with sugar.

Beat yolks of eggs there. Grind the mixture until smooth. Put in pumpkin mass.

Salt Stir the ingredients.

Squirrels beat in foam. Connect with apple-pumpkin mass.

Put there soft curds. Mix.

Throw stewed raisins.

Oil smear in shape. Pour grated crackers.

Put the dough.

Sprinkle the top layer with oil.

Bake in the oven until cooked 25 minutes.

Serve a low-fat cottage cheese casserole with apples and pumpkin with ryazhenka.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apples and Nuts


cottage cheese - 265 gr.

egg - 1 pc.

honey - 24 gr.

semolina - 18 gr.

low-fat sour cream - 30 gr.

a mixture of nuts - 80 gr.

apple slices - 90 gr.

banana chips - 40 gr.

vanilla - 1 pack

cinnamon, cardamom, raisins - 1 tsp.

Method of preparation

Combine honey with sour cream in a deep dish.

Add the yolk to the protein.

Enter semolina. Knead the mixture.

Let stand so that the grains absorb the liquid.

Curd wipe.

Put to manna mixture.

Add the dough flavor using vanilla.

Put cardamom, cinnamon, nuts and banana chips. Put butter in a glass mold.

Put the dough out of the curd.

Decorate the future casserole with slices of ripe apples.

Bake in a double boiler for 20 minutes.

After complete cooling, serve with tea.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pasta and Apples


66 g of crackers

144 g sugar

415 g of cottage cheese

3 egg whites

8 g soda

310 g pasta

115 g of juicy apples

90 g butter

6 grams of sea salt

Method of preparation

Pasta cook and cool.

Mix the required amount of granulated sugar, soda and salt in a plate.

Put the cottage cheese there.

Add whipped whites.

Put the pasta.

Oiled the bottom and sides of the pan.

Sprinkle breadcrumbs.

Put the dough out of the curd.


Apples cut into thin bars.

On the top layer to distribute a gentle curd mass.

Melt the butter.

Pour them the top of the dough in the form.

Sprinkle with the remains of crackers.

Bake for about 35 minutes.

Cool it down.

Serve with fresh herbs.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Pumpkin and Apples


potato starch - 16 g

cottage cheese 5% - 275 g

frozen pumpkin - 435 g

egg - 2 pcs.

apple - 75 g

sesame - 26 g

sour cream - 95 g

sugar - 84 g

Method of preparation

Put the pumpkin in the shape intended for baking.

Send to the oven to bake at 180 degrees for 18 minutes.

To squeeze out excess moisture in the pumpkin.

Mash in puree.

Place the curd mass in the blender container.

Add eggs.

Put the pumpkin puree.

Pour out the sugar.

Grind the mixture.

Apple cut into small cubes.

Put in the dough along with the starch.

Spread the dough into a silicone mold using a spatula.

Draw a picture from above.

Garnish with sesame.

Bake the dish at a temperature of 180 degrees.

After 30 minutes, the edges of the casserole will lag behind.

Remove the dish from the oven.

Beat a few spoons of pumpkin mass with sour cream and powdered sugar.

Sprinkle with cooked sauce.

Garnish with cranberries.

Fragrant cottage cheese casserole with apples and pumpkin puree is ready, you can treat children. Serve with yogurt.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apples and Rice


milk - 470 ml


cottage cheese - 19 g

eggs - 3 pcs.

apple slices - 14 g

dry rice - 13 g

sugar - 55 g

Raisin - 120 g

vanilla sugar - 14 g

nutmeg - 9 g

Cinnamon - 10 g

Low-calorie yogurt - 17 g

Method of preparation

Boil the rice with milk and water to make a milk porridge.

Pour sugar.

Cool it down.

Mix with curd mass.

In a separate dish add raisins. Pour boiling water.

Steamed raisins add to the mixture of cottage cheese and rice.

Beat 2 eggs. Infuse with rice.

Cut off the peel from apples. Cut into small pieces.

Mix with rice.

Add nutmeg.

Add vanilla sugar.

Put the cinnamon.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Apply oil evenly on the walls and bottom of the pan.

Sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

Put the dough.

Top miss with a mixture of egg and yogurt.

Sprinkle with sugar.

Send the casserole to a well heated oven.

Cook until golden brown at 200 degrees.

Serve cottage cheese casserole with apples and warm rice.

Pour chunks of liquid jam.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apples: Tricks and Useful Tips

  • Do not use the milk product “fresh from the refrigerator”. To the dough could rise well, the ingredient must be heated to room temperature.
  • Kefir can be replaced with liquid yogurt or ordinary yogurt.
  • It is better to use high-grade flour, then the curd dessert with apples will turn out to be more lush and tasty.
  • For dough on kefir soda should not be extinguished.
  • It is desirable to sift the flour so that it is filled with oxygen. Then the dish will be as high as possible.
  • In order for the cottage cheese casserole with apples to rise well, the dough must be allowed to stand for about 15 minutes before cooking.
  • The finished pumpkin mass should not spread.
  • Instead of sugar, fructose can be added to the sweet dough.
  • Casserole of cottage cheese, apples and pumpkin flavored suitable for people who are watching the figure.
  • In order for cottage cheese casserole with apples and pumpkin puree to have a unique taste, it is necessary to choose a sour variety of apples and an orange pumpkin.
  • Serve delicacy with berry or fruit sauce.
  • Treats can be cooked in the microwave.
  • You can use pancake, oatmeal, wheat, potato or corn flour.
  • Cottage cheese casserole with apples is cooked faster in a double boiler in “Baking” mode.
  • Typically, semolina is added to the dough, but rice, buckwheat, and oatmeal will do as well.
  • To improve the taste of the finished dish use dried apricots, prunes, raisins.
  • They serve salted cottage cheese casserole with different types of greenery.
  • Cottage cheese casserole with apples is perfect for an afternoon snack, dessert, dinner and breakfast.
  • To make the casserole not fresh, you need to add fresh sour cottage cheese.
  • The fat content of the curd mass can be any.
  • In too dry cottage cheese add a few spoons of sour cream. Wet product must be pressed.
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