Treat your relatives: rice or cottage cheese casserole with strawberries. Light and sweet desserts - homemade casseroles with strawberries

Treat your relatives: rice or cottage cheese casserole with strawberries. Light and sweet desserts - homemade casseroles with strawberries

You dream all winter about strawberries, but there will be a red berry on the shelves and lose your head - what to cook?

And try the casserole!

Delicate, almost like soufflé - from cottage cheese, or dense, crumbly on the basis of rice. You do not even know which one is better, but you know for sure who will not leave a single crumb on the plate. You can please the little sweeties and in the winter, if you stock up on time with canned strawberries.

Casseroles with strawberries - the general principles of cooking

• For cooking curd casseroles with strawberries, it is recommended to take fresh or short-stored cottage cheese in the refrigerator. The percentage of fat in the product does not matter, it only affects the calorie content of the dish. Regardless of granular cottage cheese or not, it must be frayed on the sieve. This makes casseroles airy and tender.

• For rice casseroles with strawberries, round grain rice is most suitable. It must be sorted and washed to clean water. Then the dried rice cereal is boiled in milk, water or berry (strawberry) syrup.

• Granulated sugar, eggs and butter are necessarily added to the curd or rice mixture. You may also need to add semolina or flour.

• Often rice mass is mixed with cottage cheese, thereby obtaining mixed “curd-rice” casseroles. Flavor the dish by adding ground cinnamon or vanilla in the form of powder or vanilla sugar.

• In a cake, strawberries are perelajut with the main (curd, rice or mixed) mass, interfere with it or spread over the surface. The berries are cut into slices or slices of the recommended size or frayed with sugar and cooked sauce. Strawberries can be either fresh or canned in their own juice. Fresh can be replaced with well thawed frozen. • The dish is baked in an oven or a slow cooker. Temperature and cooking time is always indicated in the recipe.

Airy cottage cheese casserole with strawberries


• fatty cottage cheese - 600 gr .;

• three eggs;

• 40 gr. homemade butter;

• two large spoons of dry semolina;

• 0.5 tsp. vanilla sugar;

• one and a half glasses of refined sugar;

• fresh or frozen strawberries - 300 gr.


1. Homemade cottage cheese carefully grind on a rare metal sieve.

2. Separately, beat the eggs with sugar and a small pinch of salt. Pour the mixture into a bowl of cottage cheese. Add vanilla, semolina and stir everything with a spoon or whisk at minimum speed with a mixer.

3. Take any baking dish. It is best suited thick-walled or non-stick coating. Lubricate it from the inside on the walls and bottom with butter and spread half of the prepared mass.

4. Washed, well-dried strawberries, cut lengthwise into two halves and spread them on the curd layer cut down.

5. Put the rest of the curd-semolina on top of the strawberries and level the surface with a spoon.

6. Put the cottage cheese casserole with strawberries in the oven, heated to 180 degrees. Cook at this temperature for 40 minutes.

7. Immediately after finishing, remove it, cool it well in the form and only after that carefully put it out of it.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Strawberries


• two large spoons of high-quality baking flour;

• one chicken egg;

• granulated sugar - 60 grams;

• half a small bag of vanilla powder;

• seven berries of fresh strawberries;

• powdered sugar;

• 1/3 teaspoon of fine evaporated salt;

• spoon of butter or margarine;

• 300 gr. cottage cheese (fat).


1. Mix the sugar with vanilla and salt. Beat the egg into the mixture and whisk until a frothy cap is formed. 2. Separately, pound cottage cheese with a fork or tolkushka and shift it to the egg mixture.

3. Pour flour and stir everything thoroughly.

4. Smear a small mold. Put the prepared mass in it and evenly distribute it throughout the form.

5. Cut clean dry strawberries into large slices and spread over the entire surface of the curd mass.

6. For half an hour, put the mold on an average level of an oven preheated to a temperature of 200 degrees.

7. Then remove, cool slightly and sprinkle evenly with powdered sugar.

Delicate cottage cheese casserole with strawberries


• 400 gr. fat, not containing grains, cottage cheese;

• two spoons of the ripper for the test;

• creamy “Peasant” butter - 40 g;

• two and a half spoons of sugar;

• three large spoons of semolina;

• 300 gr. ripe middle-sized strawberries (you can use frozen);

• 50 gr. milk chocolate.


1. Combine cottage cheese with sugar, pour in eggs and smash everything into a homogeneous mass with a blender.

2. Add two spoons of dry semolina, stir and leave for 40 minutes. During this time, the croup will swell well and the casserole will not be tough.

3. Cut the washed berries into thin slices and shift to the curd mass. Pour the ripper and gently mix everything with a spoon or spatula.

4. Bottom and sides of a small roaster well blot with slightly softened margarine and plenty of semolina. Then turn upside down and shake off excess semolina.

5. Put the curd mass mixed with strawberries in a roasting pan and smooth the surface with a damp spoon.

6. On top, spread the butter cut into medium-sized bars and bake at 180 degrees for about an hour.

7. Put the finished soft casserole out of the mold and decorate with the remaining, sliced ​​strawberries. On top of the berries on a large grater, rub milk chocolate.

Double-layer cottage cheese casserole with strawberries


• low-fat 4% cottage cheese - 400 gr .;

• 50 gr. a piece of natural butter (72% fat);

• 100 gr. sugar;

• three fresh eggs;

• 300 gr. frozen medium-sized strawberries;

• two spoons of semolina;

• 1.2 spoons of cinnamon powder;

• starch to seal the filling - 2 tbsp. l


1. Grind the curd with a meat grinder with the most “fine” grill, and better grind on a sieve.

2. Pour in half the sugar, add ground cinnamon, mix.

3. Pour in eggs whipped in foam, add semolina. Stir again and wait a quarter of an hour for the croup to swell.

4. Slowly melt the butter in the microwave on the “easy” mode, cool and pour into the bowl for the mixed ingredients.

5. Boil the sides and bottom of a small square shape with baking paper and transfer the prepared curd mixture into it. Carefully level the surface and put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

6. Thawed on a colander thoroughly mash tolkushkoy and mix with the remaining sugar. Add the starch diluted in 30 ml of cooled water, stir and put on a small fire. As soon as the berry mixture thickens, remove the container from the heat.

7. Remove the casserole from the oven and reach the top and fill the top with a strawberry mass. Smooth out and put the form back in the oven for another quarter of an hour.

8. Cool the prepared casserole well without removing it from the mold. Then cut into portions of the desired size and serve.

Rice casserole with strawberries and nuts


• one cup of round grain rice;

• 300 ml of full-fat milk;

• 200 ml of fat, thin cream;

• raw eggs - 2 pcs .;

• a pound of fresh strawberries;

• a quarter cup of chopped nuts;

• vanilla sugar - small standard sachet;

• white sugar - 2 tbsp. l

Preparation: 1. Wash the rice grits with cold water. Well strain the remaining liquid and fill it with milk. Add sugar and vanilla, add salt to your taste, and put on a very light fire. After the milk boils, lower the heat and boil the rice until cooked. You will get viscous rice porridge that needs to be cooled.

2. Divide the yolks with the whites and whip well with 170 ml of cream. Separately, whip the whites with the remaining cream.

3. Cut berries into centimeter slices.

4. Add chunks of strawberries to cooled slightly warm porridge and, mixing gently, add yolks whipped with cream.

5. Cover the sides and bottom of the mold with oiled baking paper and transfer the rice mixture into it.

6. Smooth the surface, pour the whipped cream whites and gently stretch the mixture with a cooking brush over the entire surface.

7. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and bake for 40 minutes. Temperature 200 degrees.

Cottage cheese and rice casserole with strawberries and pineapples (canned)


• 600 gr. low-fat cottage cheese;

• 3 large spoons of dry semolina;

• five tablespoons of nonfat kefir;

• three eggs, fresh;

• half a cup of rice cereal;

• 15 gr. vanilla sugar;

• baking soda - 1/2 tsp;

• liter jar of canned strawberries in their own juice;

• 250 gr. pieces of canned pineapple.


1. Put the strawberries on a sieve and dry the berries well. Do the same with pineapples.

2. Mix the semolina in kefir well and let stand for 20 minutes. Scatter the soda over the top, gently mix the mass with a spoon, trying to distribute the soda evenly, leave for another quarter of an hour.

3. Pour into the brew bowl, washed until the absence of mealy water, rice. Pour it with two glasses of strawberry syrup, decanted from a can. If it is not enough, add pineapple. Boil until cooked in the “Rice” mode and place on a colander. 4. Whip or a mixer with an egg until frothy.

5. Curd mash with a fork and shift to kefir mass. While stirring with a spoon, gradually bring the beaten eggs into the mixture.

6. Third of the resulting mixture set aside in a separate bowl, and in the remaining, add pineapple pieces, vanilla sugar and strawberries. Small berries can be added whole, cut into larger pieces. Stir.

7. Smear the bottom and side walls of the bowl with a thick layer of softened butter and transfer the cottage cheese to it without pineapples and strawberries.

8. On top lay out the rice cooked in syrup, and on top of it the curd-fruit mixture.

9. Close the slow cooker, select the “Baking” operation and cook the casserole for 50 minutes.

Strawberry Casseroles - cooking tricks and useful tips

• If the curd does not grind, the casserole will not be airy and homogeneous. In it grains of cottage cheese can come across.

• If you do not want to waste time on grinding, perebite cottage cheese with a mixer or twist through a rare sieve of the meat grinder.

• Fresh berries can be replaced frozen or canned in their own juice. Frozen strawberries must be thawed on a sieve beforehand. With canned carefully decanting syrup. The berries thawed and laid out from the syrup are carefully dried from excess liquid on the sieve or colander.

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