Cooked meat - the best recipes. How to cook cooked meat and tasty.

Cooked meat - the best recipes. How to cook cooked meat and tasty.

Many tasty and tasty dishes can be cooked from boiled meat. Ready boiled meat in the refrigerator allows the hostess to prepare a real masterpiece in a short time. It is enough to add some fragrant spices to the dish and the dish is ready. This cooking option is perfect for those who do not have enough time to stand at the stove and even in the case when the guests are already on the threshold.

But at the same time you need to know not only the recipes for cooking, but also to boil the meat correctly. Each type of meat has its own characteristics that must be considered in the process of cooking. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact for which dishes you will boil the meat. For example, if you want to cook jelly or jelly, then the meat, before you start cooking the main dish, it is recommended to soak well in cold water, then rinse and only then start cooking the jelly.

In this case, you get a clear jelly with a pronounced taste of meat. Another wise advice is to wash the meat in room temperature water, but you should not leave it in such water for soaking. To soak the meat, use either mineral water or cold, almost ice-cold water. Now let's get down to cooking boiled meat dishes.

Recipe 1: Boiled Meat (Beshbarmak)

Ingredients Required:

- ideal - horse meat - 500 g, but can be replaced by beef;

- bow - 1 head;

- carrots - 1 pc .;

- parsley root - 0.5 pcs .;

- pepper and salt.

For test:

- flour - 2 glasses;

- egg - 1 pc .;

- broth - 150 ml; salt.

For the sauce:

- Onions - 1 pc .;

- fat from broth;

- a glass of broth;

- Dill and parsley


Pieces of meat will be sent to cold water and put on the stove to boil. Bring to a boil and immediately strangle the fire. Cook for about 2 hours on minimal heat. Then we will need to add onion, carrot and parsley roots, bay leaf, salt and peppercorns a few pieces to the meat. From the surface of the broth remove fat periodically - we need it in another process. We continue to cook meat with vegetables for another 35-40 minutes. Prepare the dough with the ingredients that are listed in the recipe, and instead of water use broth. Knead it up, gradually adding flour until it turns out that consistency like dumplings. Wrap it in film and leave for half an hour to ripen.

Onion cut into half rings and send it to the pan along with the fat that we removed from the broth. Cover with a small lid and simmer onions for 10 minutes. Add chopped greens and remove from heat.

When our meat is cooked, roll out the dough into the layer to 1 mm. In the original, the dough should be cut into large squares, but since we are not trained to eat, it is better to cut into small rectangles of a size that is convenient for you so that you can take a fork.

Now we choose the meat from the broth, and in its place we send boiling rectangles of dough. 2-3 minutes is enough, and choose a slotted spoon. Meat cut into slices.

Put the dough on the dish, on top of it slices of meat and pour over the onion sauce from the pan. Broth gently strain and pour it into pialkam.

Recipe 2: Boiled meat (pork knuckle in spicy jelly)

Ingredients Required:

- pork knuckle - 900 g;

- Onions - 1 pc .;

- garlic cloves - 5 pcs .;

- ginger root - 3 cm;

- soy sauce - 60 ml .;

- black pepper - 6 peas;

- Badian - 3 stars;

- dill seed 1/2 tsp;

- cinnamon - 1 tsp;

- Tabasco sauce - 2-3 drops;

- salt.


Pork skin shank, if necessary, a little opalim, clean the knife and wash it. Let's dry it with a towel and with a knife edge cut lengthwise. Carefully cut out the bone and unfold the knuckle. We take in hands a two-three-tooth fork and make punctures on the skin. Garlic mash or skip through the crush and mix with salt. Rub the meat portion of the shank with a mixture. Now we wrap it with a roll and so that it retains its shape, we drag it with twine or strong threads - but not much. On the stove, put the boil water in the saucepan, and on the other camphor we put a griddle with a thick bottom - let it warm up.

Prepare the spices - cinnamon, dill seeds, star anise and cloves and sprinkle them on a hot frying pan. Constantly stirring with a spatula, fry them for about 1.5-2 minutes. Pour on a dry plate, and after they cool down a bit, grind in a blender or in a mortar. Peel the ginger root and cut it into several thin plates. If the water in the pan has already boiled, dip the knuckle into it, the bone that we cut from it, add soy sauce, onion, Tabasco, ginger ringlets, salt and peppercorns. Leave at minimum heat - let cook for about 1.5 hours. The process of cooking is exactly the same as when we cook the aspic. After this period, 1.5 tsp to the broth. spices, knuckle gently turn over and continue to cook for another 1.50 hours. After 1 hour you can check the meat for readiness by the length of a wooden skewer. If it passes freely in the middle of the shank, then the meat is ready, and you can take it off the stove.

We do not remove the meat from the broth, but give them to stand together for a while, so that they cool down equally. Then take out the knuckle, carefully remove the twine or yarn from it and put the knuckle in a tray of a suitable shape. Strain the broth through a sieve and pour it into the tray. We put something flat on it on top of the meat. Leave in the fridge and wait until our broth turns to jelly.

When the jelly is well drained, place the bottom of the tray for a few seconds in hot water and turn the contents onto a dish. That's it, the great cold snack is ready.

Recipe 3: Boiled meat (stuffed ham)

Ingredients Required:

- One whole piece of calf ham - 2 kg;

- carrot - 1 pc .;

- Onions - 1 pc .;

- carnation - 2 stars;

- pepper - 3 peas,

- bay leaves - 2 pcs .;

- Ghee maslitse.


- leek - white part;

- spinach - 400 g;

- carrots - 1 pc .;

- Onions - 1 pc .;

- eggs - 3 pcs .;

- flour - 3 tbsp.


We put on the stove a pot of water for spinach, and in a dipper send eggs to boil. Clean the onions, carrots, wash the white part of the onion leek and meat.

For the filling of the future roll finely chop one onion, white leek and carrot. In a skillet, heat the butter and fry the prepared ingredients in it. Put them in a bowl.

Cut the spinach into strips and drop it in salted boiling water for 1 minute. Immediately overturn it in a colander and pour over cold water. Put on a towel so that it dries well.

Peel and chop the cooked chicken eggs. Send it to the vegetables in a bowl. Also send dried spinach, your favorite aromatic herbs, flour, pepper and salt. Break the raw egg and mix well. Now take the meat and put it on the surface of the desktop. Use a sharp knife to cut a third of the thickness of the meat lengthwise, not reaching the edge of 20 mm. Lift a layer and flip it aside as a page of the book. In the thicker part of the debarking, cut a pocket for the filling and fill it tightly. Wrap the lean meat and seal with the main piece of toothpicks. Wrap the tape measure with string and put it in the pan. Pour boiling water and put on the stove. Add to saucepan. Onions, carrots, cloves, bay leaves, peppercorns, green leek and salt. As the water in the pan boils, remove the skimmer with a skimmer, cover the pan with a lid and simmer for about 1.5 hours over low heat.

Put the prepared chicken legs on a platter, cover with foil and leave to cool slightly. Then remove the toothpicks, twine and cut into portions. Pour broth with meat and serve.

Cooked meat - secrets and tips from experienced chefs

- If you need boiled meat for salad, then it should be cooked no more than 50 minutes.

- Very often, meat grown on antibiotics has recently been marketed. To prevent these medicines from getting into your food, we recommend boiling the meat in two broths.

- The meat selected from the freezer is best defrosted on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for approximately 6 hours. Then dip the meat immediately in boiling water. Thus, all the vitamins and trace elements will remain in the meat, and not go into the broth.

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