Pork head jelly - a budget find! Recipes of braised pork heads: clean and with different additives

Pork head jelly - a budget find! Recipes of braised pork heads: clean and with different additives

The pork head contains a sufficient amount of gelling agents and is great for preparing jelly.

At the same time, the cost of this part of the carcass is many times lower than that of many other pieces.

About 1.5-2 liters of aspic comes out of a medium-sized pig head.

And if you add more meat products to it, then much more.

Profitable? And how!

Pork head jelly - general cooking principles

Head for jelly must be cut. At home it is not always possible to do this, it is more convenient to resolve this issue in the market with a butcher. Usually the fee for the procedure is symbolic. Brain is removed from the head , it is not useful. You can also extract the language. Putting it in jelly or not is a personal matter. On the basis of the language you can make different delicious salads.

Parts of the head are washed, placed in a saucepan, filled with water and boiled for 3-5 hours. It used to be that the brawn must be cooked for at least 6 hours, but this is unnecessary. The foam that forms during boiling is removed. To make the broth saturated, many liquids are not poured. Also do not allow the future brawl to actively boil and evaporate. Toward the end of cooking, spices are put in the pan.

The cooked head is taken apart, the bones are removed. The pieces are placed in containers or bowls, garlic is added and seasoned broth is poured in which the ingredients for the aspic are cooked. The dish is cooled to full solidification, but not in the cold.

Recipe 1: Classic pork jelly

The basic recipe for brawn jelly of pork head without adding other parts of the carcass, extra meat and gelatin. Mostly consists of cartilage, skins, small meat pieces, but it does not affect the rich taste of pork and garlic. Ingredients

• 1 head;

• 1 head of garlic;

• 3 bay leaves;

• salt pepper.


1. Well wash the parts of the head, if necessary, then scrape the skin with a knife.

2. Fill with water and boil for 2 minutes after boiling. Drain broth, wash the pieces again well.

3. Fill the pork with clean water so that the liquid covers the food per centimeter. Again, set stew. Remove the foam, remove the fire and cook for 3 hours.

4. Add salt, cook for another half hour. Cooling down.

5. We take out meat, we sort on pulp, hryashchiki and bones.

6. Edible parts are cut with cartilage pieces, add chopped garlic, mix and arrange in containers. In each we throw a bay leaf. The more the product is laid, the “meat” will be jelly. The smaller the pieces, the more jelly will be.

7. Taste the broth, if necessary, add more salt, pepper.

8. Fill the meat in containers with prepared broth and send to freeze for a cold.

Recipe 2: “Twisted” Pork Head Chill

Many people like the jelly to not consist of pieces, but to represent a homogeneous, twisted mass similar to sausage. Often it is poured into plastic bottles, which are then cut and removed. The resulting round-shaped sausages are convenient to cut and use for sandwiches. But how to cook such a dish?


• 1 head;

• spices;

• garlic.


1. Prepare the pig's head and boil in the same way as described in the first recipe. Then cool, pick up edible parts.

2. Grind carcasses and pulp through a meat grinder together with garlic.

3. Add the broth in which the head was prepared. Try not to scoop fat. It should turn out quite thick talker.

4. We try on the salt, put pepper and other spices. Stir until dissolved. 5. Spill twisted jelly in containers and ready!

Recipe 3: Thick jelly of pork head and legs

The recipe is a thick dish that is reminiscent of brawn in consistency. To prepare such a jelly of pork head will need its half and 3 legs.


• 1/2 pig head;

• 3 legs;

• 1 onion;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• salt pepper;

• 1 carrot.


1. Put the washed and peeled meat products into the pan, pour water over it so that it covers the food and cook for 2 hours. Do not forget to remove the foam.

2. Add the carrot, onion, peeled and cut in half, salt, you can throw a couple of peas of pepper and cook another 40 minutes or an hour. Meat should be soft, but not boiled soft.

3. Chill, pick up edible pieces from the bones. On the legs will be a lot of skins, edible cartilage, they all need to be put in aspic. They will provide density and density.

4. Grind the garlic, mix with meat products, which can be simply cut or twisted, as in the previous recipe.

5. Boiled carrots can be cut and added to the dish, onions are usually thrown away.

6. Add the broth so that it slightly covers the pieces of meat, mix well with a spoon and send the jelly to freeze.

Recipe 4: Pork Head and Chicken

Chicken lovers or those who are little in the meat chop from the head will surely enjoy this recipe. In addition, chicken legs are quite cheap and with the addition of chicken dishes you can cook a lot more!


• 1/2 head;

• 3 chicken legs;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 1 onion;

• spices.


1. Fill the rinsed head with water, boil a moment after boiling. Change the liquid, set to stew.

2. 2 hours after boiling we add chicken legs and onion cut in half, broth can be slightly salted. Cook until cooked chicken. 3. Cool, pick meat, cut into small pieces.

4. Chop the garlic, add the meat. Mix well so that the chicken and pork are distributed evenly.

5. Bring the broth to taste, put salt and pepper.

6. Fill the meat, cool and ready!

Recipe 5: Pork Head and Knuckle Chicken

Shin - the part of the leg that contains a lot of meat. And, it means that brawn from the head will turn out very tasty, thick, saturated.


• 1/2 head;

• 1 knuckle per 1-1.5 kg;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 2 onions;

• bay leaf, salt.


1. We fill in the washed meat products with water, boil for 3 hours.

2. Add the sliced ​​onions, salt, cook another half hour.

3. We cool down the future by placing a bay leaf in it.

4. We pick meat and all edible parts from the head and knuckles. Cut into pieces, combine with chopped garlic, laid out in bowls.

5. Filter the broth, pour the meat and ready! It remains to send jelly freeze for 5 hours and you can try!

Recipe 6: Pork Head and Beef Jelly

Beef - rich meat with bright taste. And due to the fact that it contains little fat, it is ideally combined with brawn of pork head. And these products are cooked in time in the same way, which further simplifies the preparation of a popular dish.


• 1/2 head of pork;

• 1 kg of beef, you can with a bone;

• onion;

• carrot;

• salt, pepper, bay leaf, garlic.


1. Fill the pig water with water, boil for 2 minutes, rinse. Add a piece of beef, clean water and cook it all together for 2.5 hours.

2. Put the peeled onion, carrot, you can add some salt to the brawse and cook for another half hour, maybe an hour.

3. Next, we collect the jelly according to the standard scheme: cool the products, pick up edible pieces, chop, mix with garlic. 4. Cut the boiled carrots into beautiful slices, place them in containers with meat. From the root can be cut various figures. Also we put one bay leaf into each container.

5. Pepper broth, if necessary, then salt.

6. We fill in brawn and we send on cold for hardening.

Pork head jelly - useful tips and tricks

• To get a low fat version of jelly, after cooking you need to remove all the pieces from the broth and cool them well. Then remove the layer of fat from the frozen surface. The broth is again melted on the stove, and the dish is prepared further according to the recipe.

• Pig ears have nice and soft enough cartilage. But they are destroyed during cooking and go into the broth. To avoid this, you can cut off the ears and add to the jelly 2 hours before the end of cooking.

• It is better not to put the bacon from the pork head into the brawn, since then the fat is still removed and removed. You can immediately cut the fatty pieces and melt in the pan in the fat. It is good to fry potatoes. Yes, it is harmful, but how delicious!

• To make the jelly jelly layer transparent, do not allow the broth to actively boil. And after cooking it must be filtered through several layers of gauze. Transparency is also affected by regular foam removal.

• Salt suppresses the gelling ability, so you need to add spice at the end of boiling jelly, when broth absorbed from cartilage everything you need to solidify.

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