The best and proven recipes of braised pork and beef. Secrets of cooking delicious braised pork with beef

The best and proven recipes of braised pork and beef. Secrets of cooking delicious braised pork with beef

Jelly can be cooked from a variety of meat or poultry. Most often it is pork or beef. But the most delicious dish is obtained if you combine them.

They are excellent friends in a dish, harmoniously complement each other, minced meat turns out a lot and it is not as fat as from one pork.

Pork and beef jelly - general cooking principles

For jelly, you can use any part of the pork, but often it is shank, legs, head. They have a lot of cartilage and gelling substances. They turn into broth during cooking, which contributes to the solidification of the dish. It is important to thoroughly wash the legs and knuckles; if necessary, they are burned over a fire, cleaned with a knife. It is best to soak for several hours, periodically changing the water.

Beef for aspic is also used by any, more often areas of the legs on the bone, for example, areas of the knee. But you can take pure pulp for filling. Since there is no skin on the beef, it is enough to wash the pieces of meat thoroughly and rinse the bones. All products are laid in the pan, filled with water, boiled for 4-6 hours.

What is added in the cooking process:

• onions, carrots, other roots;

• bay leaf, pepper, aromatic spices;

• salt.

All this is laid not immediately, but in a certain sequence. When cooking it is very important not to let the meat boil actively, periodically remove the foam. Otherwise, the broth will be cloudy. Finished pork and beef are robbed from the bones, minced, combined with crushed garlic and poured with saturated broth. To freeze the dish is sent to the cold, but kept at above zero temperature. Do not freeze jelly.

A simple recipe for braised jelly from pork and beef with garlic

A variant of the common recipe of brawn with pork and beef. Parts of bone carcases are used on the bone, which contributes to good solidification of the dish and eliminates the need to add gelatin.


• 2 pork knuckles;

• 2 kg of beef knees (bones with meat); • 2 pork legs;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• onion head, carrot;

• 10 peas allspice;

• laurel, salt.


1. We wash all kinds of meat with running water. If necessary, clean the legs and legs with a kitchen knife.

2. We put them tightly in a saucepan, pour cold water over it so that it barely covers the pieces. We put stew.

3. When boiling a large spoon, remove the foam and fat. An hour later, we throw a carrot into the pot, onion head. Cook another 3 hours.

4. Then add pepper peas, salt the meat. Cooking for another 1 hour.

5. Remove from heat, remove the meat. Cooling down.

6. Free pork, beef from the bones. All edible pieces cut into pieces.

7. Peel the garlic, chop finely, mix with the meat.

8. Filter the broth. We taste, pepper, salt, if necessary.

9. The meat mixture is laid out in containers, bowls or in portions.

10. Fill it all with concentrated, seasoned broth. The size of the jelly layer is done at its discretion.

11. Give the brawn frozen in the fridge until solid. It usually takes about 6-8 hours. It is better to leave the dish until the next day, so that it is well strengthened.

Recipe for braised pork and beef in a slow cooker

A variant of a simplified recipe for beef pork jelly that is easily cooked in a slow cooker and does not require close attention. You can not worry about the included plate, do not need to adjust the intensity of the boil.


• 2 pork legs;

• 1 beef shank;

• spices, garlic;

• carrot;

• onion.


1. Wash the nights, it is better to soak for several hours in ode. Chop the beef shank so that it fits into the container from the multi-cooker saucepan. We don’t remove bones in any way.

2. Put the meat pieces in a regular saucepan, pour cold water over them, boil for 5 minutes after boiling and pour everything into the sink. Wash the pieces.

3. Now you can put meat products in a slow cooker, pour clean water on it so that it covers them lightly, it is enough for 2-3 cm.

4. Close, set the soup mode. When boiling we remove the foam. 5. Rearrange the extinguishing program, time 5 hours. If there is, then you can use the mode of languor for the whole night (or for the day). We throw onions with carrots, spices, close and cook before the signal.

6. Take out the meat, cool it. Cut into pieces that are more like. Add the garlic, you can throw a little green, stir and distribute in bowls.

7. Filter the broth, do not forget to taste it. Add spices if necessary.

8. Fill the meat in bowls, send the dish to freeze.

Recipe for braised pork and boneless beef

For this recipe for pork jelly with beef, you will need gelatin, as the meat is used without stones. But the dish has another plus - it is cooked much faster, you just need to cook a simple broth.


• 0.5 kg of pork;

• 0.5 kg of beef;

• garlic to taste;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• 3 tablespoons of gelatin;

• 4-5 peas of pepper;

• bay leaf.


1. Rinse the meat, can be cut into several pieces so that it cooks faster. Fold in a saucepan, pour water 3 cm above the product.

2. Carrot washed, cleaned, throws entirely.

3. At the onion we remove the upper husk, the rest is all left. We send after the carrot.

4. We throw peppercorns, put the broth to boil. Watch and remove the foam in time. Then we remove the fire, and you can forget about the meat for 1.5 hours.

5. Add salt and laurel to the pan. Cook further to the softness of the meat.

6. Remove the pieces from the pan. Pour a glass of broth. Cooling down.

7. In a glass of the cooled broth we part three spoons of food gelatin. We insist the time specified in the instructions.

8. Meat cut into pieces. Since only pulp is used, you can make cubes, a beautiful straw, plates.

9. Chop the garlic, send to the meat.

10. Heat 2.5 cups of broth, mix with loose gelatin. Do not forget to try pouring the taste, if necessary, then salt. Heat everything together until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

11. Fill the prepared meat. Sent to the cold.

Recipe for twisted pork and beef aspic

A variant of twisted aspic, in which there are no large pieces of meat. The dish is very similar to sausage, it can be poured into a round bottle and made under cutting.


• 3 pork legs;

• 0.5 kg pork with bone;

• 700 g of beef on the bone;

• 20 g garlic;

• salt, seasonings;

• onion.


1. Rinse all products, prepare them according to the rules, put them in a saucepan and cover with water, add onion.

2. Boil the ingredients for jelly 4 hours. Then add salt, throw a few peas of pepper, bay leaf. Cooking another hour. Cooling down.

3. Separate the meat and skin from the bones. Throw in a bowl. There we also add peeled garlic cloves. You can take more or less as you like more.

4. We twist the entire contents of the bowl through the meat grinder.

5. Add a few soup ladle to make the consistency of porridge. We try. We supplement with spices.

6. Pour the meat into the forms. Or we take a bottle with a wide mouth of milk and fill it with meat mixture. We send to freeze. To remove the jelly from the bottle, it will need to be carefully cut.

Recipe for braised pork and beef with chicken

Another recipe for aspic with beef and pork, but easier. You can use a turkey.


• 0.5 kg chicken;

• 3 pork legs;

• 0.5 kg of beef on the bone;

• carrot, onion;

• garlic, spices.


1. Beef and pork legs are processed, filled with water, cook for three hours.

2. We also wash the chicken, add to the meat, throw onions and carrots, cook together for another two hours.

3. Now we throw salt, pepper, any spices and boil for about half an hour.

4. We cut all edible parts into small cubes, mix thoroughly, fill with fresh garlic, arrange in bowls.

5. Fill the jelly with strained broth, put in the fridge for eight hours.

Recipe for braised pork and beef with tongue

Recipe for delicious pork jelly with beef. The language for this dish is beef, but you can take two pork.


• 2-3 pork legs; • 1 beef shank;

• 1 language;

• carrot, onion;

• spices, garlic.


1. Pour legs and beef with water, put onions and carrots, cook in the usual way, as in recipes above 5-6 hours. Do not forget at the end about spices.

2. Cook separately for 2 hours. Then we take out, we fill in with ice water, we clear and we send in the refrigerator that then it is accurate to cut it thin plates.

3. We take out the pork legs and beef, cut into small pieces, discard the bones. Add crushed garlic.

4. Put the meat in bowls, but not more than half.

5. Add a little broth, which will seal the layer, but it should not exceed the meat.

6. We send jelly to freeze.

7. Cut the cooled tongue into thin slices.

8. We get frozen meat aspic, spread out the language on top. You can add greens, boiled carrots.

9. Fill the tongue with broth on top. Maintain the dish until complete freezing.

Pork and beef jelly - tips and tricks

• If you want to get lean jelly, the broth is cooled to room temperature, then placed in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. During this time, a dense cake of solid fat is formed on top, which is easy to remove.

• Broth from jelly left? It can be poured into molds, containers and put into the freezer. At any time on hand will be concentrated broth, which can be diluted and added to the soup, sauce, any second course.

• How to determine if the jelly freezes or not? In fact, this can be done before connecting the broth with meat. It is enough to pour a little on a saucer, cool in the freezer for about fifteen minutes, then keep the same amount in the refrigerator. If the jelly starts to set, then there will be no problems with freezing.

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