Protein omelet in a griddle, oven, multi-cooker and double boiler. Cooking an omelette of protein with chicken, ham, vegetables and cheese

Protein omelet in a griddle, oven, multi-cooker and double boiler. Cooking an omelette of protein with chicken, ham, vegetables and cheese

Protein omelet is an excellent dietary dish. It is appreciated by those who follow the figure or actively lose weight. Low-calorie meal is easily digested, provides the body with valuable protein and other beneficial substances. It never bothers, because protein omelette can be diversified with vegetables, meat, ham, cheese, cottage cheese, bran, sour cream.

The lack of yolks in the omelet is a big plus for people suffering from high cholesterol. That is why the dish is welcome in clinical nutrition. It is well tolerated in diseases of the stomach, intestinal upset, indicated for obesity.

Protein omelette - the general principles of cooking

To make a classic protein omelet, only two ingredients are needed: eggs and milk. Before breaking the shells, the eggs should be thoroughly washed to clean chicken droppings, dirt particles and feathers. It is very important to avoid poisoning and intestinal infection.

Separate proteins can be a special device, but it is easy to do this with the help of the shell. Ready-made proteins are mixed with milk in the same way as for a regular omelet.

You can make an omelet from proteins in a pan, in an oven, in a double boiler, a slow cooker, and even a grill. Frying increases the calorie content of the dish and makes it less useful.

Protein omelet “Dietary” with greens

An excellent recipe for a simple protein omelet in a double boiler should be learned by those who need to lose weight. Minimum calories, maximum benefit and quite a bit of cooking time. The number of ingredients indicated for one person. Prepare an omelet preferably in a double boiler or a slow cooker with the function of steaming.


• three eggs;

• a glass of low fat milk;

• salt;

• tablespoon chopped fresh herbs;

• pepper and paprika (optional);

• 5 drops of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Carefully separate the three proteins. Pour the milk into the proteins and thoroughly whip the mixture until foaming.

Add salt and, if desired, add pepper and paprika and beat again.

Cut the greens and add it to the base for an omelet. Stir gently.

Capacity for cooking rice steamed lubricate.

Pour the protein-milk mixture.

Cook an omelet for a couple about ten minutes.

Serve hot.

Protein omelet with cottage cheese and green onions

A great protein breakfast is an omelet with green onions and low-fat cottage cheese. It contains a lot of calcium, which is necessary for the strength of bones and teeth. Such an omelet is good to include in the diet of people who are actively involved in sports, pregnant women and in general everyone who adheres to a healthy diet. The number of ingredients is indicated for two servings.


• four egg whites;

• two hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese;

• six green onions;

• a tablespoon of chopped seasonal greens;

• tablespoon of vegetable oil;

• salt, seasoning to taste.

Cooking Method:

Squirrels pour into a bowl and whisk together with salt.

Add a pack of soft cottage cheese, mix.

Chop green onions.

Lubricate the pan with vegetable oil, heat.

Pour the omelet base into the pan.

Cover tightly for six to eight minutes.

Arrange the omelet of protein on plates, sprinkle with chopped herbs and serve.

Protein omelet with vegetables

To make a healthy breakfast not only low-calorie, but also very tasty, make a protein omelet with tomatoes, bell peppers and greens. Get


• five proteins from medium-sized eggs;

• half a cup of milk;

• big juicy tomato;

• small Bulgarian pepper;

• two tablespoons of chopped parsley;

• some vegetable oil for the pan;

• a teaspoon of homemade mayonnaise (optional);

• pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

Separated from yolks whites vigorously whisk with a whisk with salt and pepper.

Add milk, beat everything again.

Add half of the chopped greens to the omelette mixture, mix gently. Grease pan with oil, put on medium heat.

Pour the eggs beaten with milk onto the well heated surface of the frying pan.

Cover with a lid, turn down the heat to a minimum and cook the protein omelet for seven minutes.

While the eggs grab, chop the tomatoes and peppers in small cubes.

Mix vegetables in a separate plate, salt and add a teaspoon of homemade mayonnaise.

Thickened omelet put in a plate.

On one side, lay out part of the vegetable mixture, wrap the second side of the omelet, covering the filling.

The remaining vegetables put side.

Sprinkle with remaining greens and serve.

Protein omelet with cheese

A hearty and light protein dish with milk and cheese is a good breakfast option. Such an omelet will be good with a cup of sweet coffee.


• proteins from four eggs;

• thirty grams of semi-hard cheese;

• one third cup of milk;

• salt, a pinch of favorite seasoning (optional);

• a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Cheese piece grate on a fine grater.

Egg whites salt, add pepper and a little seasoning, whisk.

Pour in the milk, mix the omelet base again.

Grease the bottom of the pan with oil and heat it over medium heat.

Pour the protein-milk mixture into the pan, sprinkle with cheese crumb on top.

Cover the omelet with a lid and cook, lowering the heat to a minimum of seven to ten minutes.

Protein omelet with ham and tomatoes

Low-fat ham makes the taste of protein omelet piquant. It turns out nourishing, but quite dietary dish. It is ideal for a protein diet.


• three proteins from chicken eggs;

• a quarter cup of milk;

• fifty grams of lean ham;

• a teaspoon of vegetable oil;

• medium tomato;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Tomato cut into thin rings.

Ham cut into cubes or plates.

Prepare an omelet mix as described in previous recipes.

Preheat pan with vegetable oil.

Fry ham and tomatoes.

Pour whipped whites with milk into the pan. Cook under the lid on the slowest fire for 8-10 minutes.

Protein omelet with cauliflower and cheese

Spicy aroma of cauliflower does not spoil the traditional protein omelet. A tasty, healthy, nutritious dish can be served as a light dinner.


• two hundred grams of boiled cauliflower;

• two chicken proteins;

• two tablespoons of milk;

• salt;

• a teaspoon of olive oil;

• twenty grams of semi-hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

Cook the cauliflower with a small amount of salted water.

Disassemble the cabbage into small inflorescences, dry.

Prepare an omelet basis from proteins, milk and salt.

Heat the pan with butter and fry the cabbage inflorescences before browning.

Pour the cabbage whipped eggs with milk.

Cook under the lid closed for five to six minutes.

Protein omelet with chicken fillet in a slow cooker

Low-fat diet omelet cooked in a slow cooker will not affect the shape. Thanks to chicken fillet, the dish will remain dietary, but will be more satisfying and tasty than the usual protein omelette.


• six proteins;

• half a cup of milk;

• a teaspoon of butter;

• two hundred grams of boiled chicken breast;

• salt;

• small Bulgarian pepper.

Method of preparation

Boiled chicken fillet cut into small cubes.

Bulgarian pepper to clear from seeds and partitions, cut into narrow strips.

Separate the whites from the yolks, salt and milk and mix well.

Add pepper to the mixture.

Smear a bowl of multicooker with butter and lay out the fillet pieces.

Pour the chicken omelet mixture with slices of pepper.

Snap the lid, cooks on baking mode for fifteen minutes.

Protein omelet with broccoli in the oven

Very useful broccoli prevents cancer, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, strengthens the immune defense during the flu season and colds. In combination with protein omelette, fragrant vegetable turns out very tasty.


• three proteins;

• three teaspoons of white flour; • tablespoon of milk;

• two or three broccoli florets;

• two tablespoons of sour cream;

• oil for the form;

• some salt.

Method of preparation

Cabbage broccoli pour boiling water and boil for three minutes. Water during cooking salt.

Drain broth, put broccoli on a chopping board.

Turn on the oven at 200 degrees.

Grease the form.

Beat the whites with salt and milk.

Add sour cream and flour, beat again.

Cabbage cut into beautiful pieces.

Pour the creamy protein mixture.

Send bake until cooked in the oven for twenty minutes.

Protein omelette - tricks and tips

The yolks left over from the protein omelet can be frozen in a plastic container. They will not lose their nutritional properties. In the future, the yolks will be useful for kneading dough or making sauce.

If you want to get a lush omelet, whites should be whipped in a completely dry and clean dishes. The fat on the walls of the bowl will spoil the airiness of the dish.

To give the classic white omelet recipe a new note, you can reduce the amount of milk and add sour cream. The result is a delicious dish with a delicate texture.

People who have gall bladder disease can cook boiled protein omelet without salt. Squirrels need to be whipped with milk, as in the traditional recipe, pour the mixture and plastic food bag, tie so that there is space, and dip in boiling water for about fifteen minutes.

To beautifully serve protein omelet, you can put lettuce leaves on a serving plate, and place the finished dish in the center. You can decorate it with greens: basil leaves, sliced ​​parsley, dill, spinach, cilantro.

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