Cauliflower with an egg in a pan - you need to try it! Recipes and cooking cauliflower with an egg in a pan

Cauliflower with an egg in a pan - you need to try it! Recipes and cooking cauliflower with an egg in a pan

Cauliflower is not loved only by someone who does not know how to cook it. The product has a high taste, combined with many ingredients, but is especially good friends with eggs. Let's try?

Cauliflower with an egg in a pan - general principles of cooking

Cabbage inflorescences before frying in a skillet boil until moderate readiness. Vegetable should not be too soft and fall apart. It is also important to drain the water in time so that it does not pick up the taste from the inflorescences.

Eggs in a dish can be used in two ways: for wetting the inflorescences before frying and breading, or as a pouring dish (omelette). And eggs, and cabbage love all sorts of seasonings, spices. They are perfectly combined with cheese, meat dishes, greens, onions, tomatoes. Therefore, the options of dishes from the main products very much. It's time to try!

Ordinary fried cauliflower with an egg in a pan

The recipe is simple fried cauliflower with an egg in a pan. For this dish will require a minimum set of products. Spices can be selected at its discretion.


• 350 g cabbage;

• 40 g of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• spices.


1. Put a saucepan with water. While she boils, wash the cabbage, cut into florets. Throw in boiling water and boil until soft, about ten minutes.

2. Put the inflorescences in a colander, let it drain.

3. Put a griddle on the stove, add butter, it is better to take a cream product. We warm up.

4. In the hot oil with one layer lay the previously cooked cabbage. Fry inflorescences first on one side, then on the other.

5. Beat eggs with salt, throw other spices. We select seasonings to your taste. You can add different types of pepper, pour in a little soy sauce, and even put a spoonful of ketchup. Beat until smooth.

6. As soon as the cabbage is reddened on the other side, pour it with eggs evenly.

7. It's time to cover the pan. 8. Reduce heat, we cook the dish under a lid for about three minutes until the omelet is ready.

9. We shift on plates, decorate the dish with fresh greens, served with vegetables.

Cauliflower with egg and tomatoes in a pan

In addition to cabbage, this dish will also need ripe tomatoes. It is advisable not to use sour or watery vegetables, the taste of this will suffer.


• 400 g cabbage;

• 4 eggs;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 40 ml of oil;

• 1 spoon of crackers;

• spices.


1. Laying cabbage in steep boiling water, before it is disassembled into inflorescences. Boil for 7-8 minutes. Remove and cool.

2. Heat up vegetable oil.

3. Cut the tomatoes into slices, fry in butter until soft.

4. Add the inflorescences of previously boiled vegetables, fry the tomatoes with cabbage for a couple of minutes.

5. This time is enough to beat the eggs with spices.

6. Add to the cabbage with tomatoes a spoonful of crackers, just sprinkle.

7. After a few seconds, pour the eggs beaten with spices, do not forget to salt.

8. As soon as the scrambled eggs start to set, take the spatula and begin to gently stir it. You can immediately turn the whole dish on the other side or make it in parts.

9. Serve scrambled eggs with cabbage and tomatoes immediately, the dish is not subject to storage.

Cauliflower with an egg in a pan (with cheese)

For this dish it is better to use hard cheese that melts well. Then the cabbage will be covered with amazingly beautiful, fragrant and enveloping crust.


• 2 eggs;

• 80 grams of cheese;

• 300 g cabbage;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• spices.


1. Cook the cabbage until soft, steamed or in ordinary boiling water.

2. Pour some oil into the pan.

3. Now cut a pod of Bulgarian pepper in half, remove seeds from it, chop sticks.

4. Put the pepper in the butter, fry a little, just a couple of minutes.

5. Add cauliflower to roasted peppers. Fry together over high heat.

6. While the inflorescences are prepared, beat the eggs. Immediately throw spices and salt.

7. Rub finely a piece of cheese, send to the eggs, stir. 8. As soon as the cabbage is fried to the desired state, pour the cheese mixture with eggs. Turn on the maximum fire.

9. Fry the dish until golden brown, stir the cabbage with a spatula, but not very often.

10. We take out on a plate, serve with greens and immediately straighten on the table.

Cauliflower with an egg in a frying pan with sour cream and onions

An interesting version of an omelet with cauliflower and an egg, for which you also need sour cream. You can take a dairy product with any fat content, it does not matter.


• 0.3 kg of cabbage;

• 4 eggs;

• 70 g sour cream;

• 1 onion;

• 1-2 tablespoons of flour;

• 1 clove garlic.


1. Cook the cabbage until tender. Cool the inflorescences.

2. We take one piece of cabbage, roll it in flour, put it in hot oil, fry on both sides. Shifted breaded inflorescences in a bowl.

3. Onion cut into half rings, lay out in a frying pan, fry until ruddy color.

4. Chop a clove of garlic very finely, add it to the onion.

5. Now we return back the fried inflorescences.

6. Beat eggs with sour cream. Immediately salt, throw pepper and other seasonings, mix thoroughly.

7. Pour the fried cabbage with cooked omelet.

8. Cover the pan, bring the flavored dish to readiness, but do not overcook. As soon as the omelet grabs, immediately remove the pan from the heat.

Cauliflower with an egg in a pan (with sausage)

The recipe is not quite dietary and healthy, but very tasty and filling dishes. Sausage for him, you can take any boiled or smoked. The dish turns out delicious, even with sausages and wieners.


• 150 grams of sausage;

• 200 g of boiled cabbage;

• 1 onion;

• 4 eggs;

• spices.


1. Boil the cabbage in boiling water until soft. Leave for a while to drain all excess fluid.

2. We cut onions, we spread in a frying pan, we fry to transparency.

3. Cut the sausage into strips. If sausages are used, then you can circles. We shift the sausages to the onions, fry on.

4. After a minute add boiled cabbage. Fry some more. All excess moisture should evaporate. Sprinkle everything in the pan with spices, salt. 5. Eggs can be broken immediately into a frying pan, but it is better to shake it until smooth in a bowl. Pour over the cabbage.

6. Fry the dish until cooked, serve immediately until it has cooled.

Cauliflower with egg and crackers in a pan

The recipe for stunning cauliflower in an egg in a pan with crisp crackers. Used ordinary breadcrumbs, you can take the purchased or homemade. In this dish seasonings are very important, which give the breading a special taste.


• head of cabbage;

• 150 g of rusks;

• 3-4 eggs;

• butter;

• a couple of lemon slices;

• spices: salt, pepper, thyme, nutmeg, etc.


1. Head out into inflorescences, thoroughly wash them. Boil water, throw a couple of lemon slices, salt and cabbage. Cook for about ten minutes until cooked. Pour into a large colander, decant all the water.

2. Beat eggs with a fork, add nothing to them.

3. Mix in a dry bowl crackers, spices, a small pinch of salt.

4. Pour any oil in the pan, it is best to fry in a mixture of cream and vegetable product.

5. Dip the inflorescence in the egg, roll it in breadcrumbs and put it into the hot oil. Do the same with another cabbage, fill the pan with one layer. We do everything quickly.

6. Fry the pieces until crisp on both sides. It is not necessary to make a small fire, otherwise the breading will begin to absorb oil.

Cauliflower with an egg in a pan (with chicken)

The recipe for a delicious and satisfying dish that is perfect for a family dinner. In addition to chicken, for cauliflower with an egg in a pan, you also need canned peas. If necessary, it can not be used.


• 250 g chicken fillet;

• 250 g of cauliflower;

• 70 ml of cream;

• 3 eggs;

• 1 tablespoon soy sauce;

• 50 g canned peas;

• spices, oil;

• green onions, parsley;

• 3-4 tablespoons of grated hard cheese.


1. Cut the chicken into strips, mix with soy sauce. Let stand ten minutes, but you can and longer. Cabbage just boil until done, large inflorescence do not. 2. Heat up the butter, lay out the chicken and fry until almost ready.

3. Add cabbage, make a big fire, continue to fry.

4. As soon as the inflorescences are slightly browned, pour out the peas. It's time to sprinkle the dish with spices, salt. We continue to fry, moderate fire.

5. Beat eggs with cream until lightly frothy; omelette is also slightly salted.

6. We rub cheese, we send to eggs, we stir.

7. Pour the egg mixture over the cabbage and chicken. We try to do it evenly.

8. Covering the pan, make the minimum fire. Stand an omelet for about five minutes. Then open the pan. Optionally, you can add fire to fry the bottom until golden brown.

9. Chop the greens, sprinkle an unusual dish before serving.

Cauliflower with an Egg in a Frying Pan - Tips and Tricks

• Boil cabbage inflorescences recommended in an enamel saucepan. If you use an aluminum pan, then some of the vitamins will die.

• The most useful cabbage is obtained by steaming. Fortunately, now there are a lot of different devices. You can use the tray, put on the pan or cook a vegetable in a slow cooker.

• To prevent the cabbage from becoming gray, it remains beautiful and snow-white; when cooking, pour a few drops of vinegar into the pan or add a little citric acid.

• Cauliflower will be much tastier and more fragrant if, when cooking, add a bay leaf, a slice of lemon or a little zest to the pan.

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