Cheesecake without baking is a tempting delicacy. The best recipes for cheesecake without baking with mascarpone, cottage cheese, chocolate, Nutella

Cheesecake without baking is a tempting delicacy. The best recipes for cheesecake without baking with mascarpone, cottage cheese, chocolate, Nutella

Who doesn't like cheesecake? Only those who have never tried this amazing dessert!

Initially, the cheesecake was prepared only with baked goods and the basis of the filling was cream cheese. But times change, and with them the recipes.

Today you can make a cheesecake without baking and with a variety of fillings. The basis of the cream can be a mixture of cheese with sour cream, condensed milk, cream and even chocolate paste “Nutella”.

Cheesecake Without Baking - General Cooking Principles

The base for dessert is made from sand. Mostly used shortbread, such as “Yubileiny”, “For coffee”, rarely take biscuit, puff, sometimes cooked with Savoyardi chopsticks intended for tiramisu. Cookies are crushed into a crumb, the smaller and homogeneous it is, the better the basis will be. Then add the melted or just softened butter. You can also put cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, crushed nuts. A lot of knead and spread in a split form.

For the filling prepare a special cream. It can be based on soft cheese or other dairy products. Since the dessert is not heat treatable, do not lay eggs in it. As a thickener, you can add gelatin, ready-made chocolate bars, butter. If eggs are added, the cream is heated in a water bath.

After combining the sand base and cream, dessert should be kept in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Cheesecake without baking turns out to be rather weak, it cannot be kept warm for long. Decorate a delicacy at its discretion, use toppings, berries, creams.

Recipe 1: Uncake cheesecake with mascarpone

The simplest and most common version of a cheesecake without baking with the most delicate cheese filling. Gelatin gives additional density and stability to mascarpone cream. Ingredients

• 300 grams of cookies;

• 150 grams of oil;

• half a kilo of Mascarpone;

• a cup of powder;

• 15 grams of gelatin;

• 200 ml of cream.

To sprinkle the finished dessert, you need cocoa powder.


1. Turn cookies into crumb. You can roll a rolling pin or skip through a meat grinder.

2. Mix the resulting crumbs with softened butter.

3. The bottom of the molds (detachable) is covered with cling film, lay out the resulting dough. We form small bumpers and put them in the fridge.

4. Gelatin pour 50 ml of water, leave to swell.

5. Making the stuffing. First, whip the cream with powder. Then the resulting mass is gradually added to the mascarpone. We mix it a little bit each time so that the products do not separate.

6. Heat the swollen gelatin until completely dissolved, add it to the cream, mix.

7. We take out the form with the cake from the refrigerator, lay out the stuffing. Dessert sprinkle with cocoa powder on top and then remove the cold until complete solidification, about 3 hours.

Recipe 2: Cheesecake without baking cheesecake

Cottage cheese is a great alternative to soft cheeses such as mascarpone, ricotta, philadelphia. The product is more common and affordable, great for cheesecake without baking. But it is desirable to use fat cottage cheese at least 9%. You will also need thick jam, but you can get out of it only berries. It will be equally tasty if you add chocolate droplets to the filling.


• 250 grams of cookies “Jubilee”;

• 200 grams of oil;

• a pound of cottage cheese;

• egg;

• 0.5 teaspoon of soda;

• 150 grams of jam;

• 50 grams of powder.


1. Crumble cookies, then mix with half the butter. We carefully grind, form the cake and cool.

2. Combine cottage cheese with butter, soda, powder and raw egg. Put the mass in a water bath and warm up well. Soda will react with the curd, the mass will begin to melt and become homogeneous. 3. Mix the cream cheese with jam and spread on the cooled cake.

4. Cover the form with a film and send it to the refrigerator for 8 hours. We decorate the ready delicacy with berries from jam, sprinkle with chocolate or cocoa.

Recipe 3: Uncooked Cheesecake with Nutella Paste

The recipe for a creamy chocolate dessert based on the popular pasta. Cheesecake is prepared without baking, thanks to the thickener that is part of it, the filling is quite dense, but it is better not to keep it warm for a long time.


• 300 grams of Nutella;

• 300 grams of soft cheese;

• vanilla;

• pinch of nutmeg;

• 300 grams of heavy cream;

• 50 grams of powder;

• bag (10 grams) thickener for cream;

• 200 grams of cookies;

• 80 grams of oil;

• 50 grams of condensed milk.


1. Crumble cookies, mix with soft butter and gradually add condensed milk. Well knead, adjust the density. It may take a little more or less condensed milk, depending on the thickness of the product. We form a cake in a detachable form, do not forget to lay the bottom. Ship to cool.

2. Mix nutella with cheese, vanilla and nutmeg. We set aside.

3. Beat the cream with the powder, pour out the thickener. You can add it immediately, it does not matter much.

4. Now you need to put a lot of cream into cheese nutella. Add a spoon, gently stir. Some whipped cream (about 5 spoons) should be left, they are useful for decorating dessert.

5. Put the resulting filling on the cooled biscuit cake.

6. Top cover with a layer of cream, gently leveled. Now you can decorate it. To do this, sprinkle chocolate chips, nuts, cocoa, you can apply Nutella patterns using a pastry syringe. On a white cream background they will look spectacular and bright.

Recipe 4: Cheesecake without baking “Marshmallow”

The peculiarity of this recipe without baking cheesecake is a delicate marshmallow cream. For its preparation will need sweets marshmallow - chewing marshmallow. When heated, they give a wonderful fluffy mass, well combined with other ingredients. Ingredients

• 400 grams of marshmallow;

• 50 grams of cranberries;

• 130 grams of oil;

• 300 grams of milk;

• 500 grams of mascarpone;

• 20 grams of lemon juice;

• 350 grams of cookies;

• 3 spoons of cocoa.


1. Grind cookies into a crumb, mix with cocoa and butter. If the mass is loose, you can add more oil or some warm water. Form the cake, cool.

2. We take a big cup, put mascarpone and marshmallow in it. Send for a minute in the microwave, then remove and mix. Repeat again, again set for a minute. Three procedures are usually enough to get a uniform, fluffy mass.

3. Pour in milk, mix it intensively.

4. Pour in lemon juice, mix again and lay out the resulting cream on a previously prepared base.

5. Pound the cranberries with a small amount of sugar, then pass through a sieve. Get a thick puree, which must be laid out in a pastry bag. At the end we make a hole and put a drop of syrup on top of the marshmallow cream, until it froze. It is possible to depict any drawing, pattern. Sour cranberries go well with sweet filling and looks beautiful on a white background.

Recipe 5: A non-baked cheesecake with condensed milk and sour cream

Of course, the taste of cheesecake without baking on sour cream is different from the classic version on cheese, but it is no less magnificent. The dessert is tender, nourishing, sweet and, moreover, it turns out to be quite cheap. The filling is prepared with gelatin. Sour cream is used fat, more than 25%. Condensed milk can take any, including boiled.


• half a kilo of sour cream;

• 300 grams of condensed milk;

• 100 grams of oil;

• 250 grams of cookies;

• 20 grams of gelatin;

• some water.


1. Making a base with butter from crumbled cookies. A detailed description of the process can be found in previous recipes.

2. Mix sour cream with condensed milk. Beat is not necessary. You can also add vanilla, liquor, cocoa and any other fillers. 3. For the cream you need to dilute the gelatin in 80 grams of water, leave for at least half an hour. As soon as it swells, heat it until the grains are completely dissolved.

4. Pour the liquid gelatin into the cream mass, stir.

5. Put the stuffing on top of the cake, decorate and send to freeze in the fridge. Withstand at least four hours.

Recipe 6: A non-baked cheesecake with fruit jelly

The original version of the cheesecake without baking, which will especially appeal to children. The preparation will require ready-made bags of fruit jelly, which can be purchased at any store. The base is made from any cookie.


• 0.3 kg of cookies;

• 0.13 kg of oil;

• a pound of cheese (any cream);

• a glass of cream;

• a cup of powder;

• 2 bags of jelly, can be different.


1. Prepare a crumb from cookies, then mix with melted butter and make the basis for our dessert with sides. Cool well.

2. Dilute the sachet of jelly, but pour water a third less than indicated in the recipe. After heating, the jelly needs to be cooled, but not allowed to harden. Then pour the resulting jelly syrup on a biscuit base, again put in the fridge and deal with the cream.

3. Whip the cream into the foam, pour the powder, then gradually mix it with soft cheese. Very important! Cream is introduced into the cheese mass, and not vice versa. Otherwise, the ingredients may exfoliate, the cream will be spoiled.

4. Spread the cream over the frozen jelly. Usually, the syrup hardens quickly, as the base is already cooled. Now the cheesecake must be kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

5. Prepare the last bag of jelly, also pour less liquid to make the layer stronger. Cool and gently, pour over the surface with a spoon. You can not pour out a stream, otherwise in the cream of mascarpone fossa is formed.

6. Remove the dessert to cool for 3 hours, better for the whole night. You can also make another layer of fruit jelly in the middle, dividing the cream into 2 parts. But in this case, the cooking process will take even more time.

Cheesecake without baking - tips and tricks

• To gently lay cocoa powder on the surface of the cheesecake, it is best to sprinkle the dessert with a small sieve. You can also use different stencils to depict various figures and patterns on the surface of the dessert. Stencils are optional to buy, they can be easily made of paper or cardboard.

• For many housewives beating cream is a real problem. If the mass is naughty and stubbornly does not want to thicken, try to cool it. Ideally, the temperature of the cream should not exceed 4 degrees. If the product does not give up, you can simply add a thickener for cream and sour cream. It can be purchased at the bakery department.

• If the biscuits with butter do not connect, the mass crumbles and does not form into a lump, you can simply add a little water, condensed or fresh milk, more butter. If, on the contrary, the dough is liquid, then just put it in the fridge, the butter will still harden, but to reduce the fat content you can still add cookies.

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