Classic cheesecake - dessert for all desserts! The best recipes for a classic cheesecake for a sweet life: simple and complex

Classic cheesecake - dessert for all desserts! The best recipes for a classic cheesecake for a sweet life: simple and complex

Cheesecake. From the names alone, drooling.

Still would! With all the variety of pastry desserts, only a few give true pleasure.

There are still disputes over the occurrence of dessert.

Americans consider it a national dish, and the Greeks record the appearance of delicacies at their own expense.

But what's the difference?

The rich history and prevalence were the reason for creating new recipes and expanding tastes. But classic cheesecakes are still the most beloved and in demand.


Classic Cheesecake - General Cooking Principles

The basis of the classic cheesecake is the cake, prepared in a simplified way. Cookies simply fray with butter, then a kind of dough is sent to the form. Sometimes other ingredients are added to it: sugar, cocoa, almonds, cinnamon. Even less often, a full-fledged dough for cheesecake made from wheat flour is prepared, but it also consists of a minimum amount of products and is mainly limited to butter and sugar.

Stuffing classic cheese cake gives more attention than sandy. For cream selected the best products. Most often cream cheeses and cottage cheese. Diluted with cream, sour cream or yogurt. Filled with sugar, vanilla. To thicken the mass added eggs, flour, starch, gelatin. Cooked cheesecakes with baking in the oven, as well as in collective methods without heat treatment.

Recipe 1: A classic cheesecake with pastries in a water bath

Professional pastry chefs are sure that baking a real classic cheesecake is impossible without a water bath. It allows to avoid cracks on the surface, burning, dropping of the filling. One can argue with them, because now there are many alternative ways of cooking. But still the cheesecake in the bath turns out to be unusually tender and airy. Ingredients

• Cookies “Jubilee” 200 grams;

• 100 grams of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• 5 grams of vanilla;

• Philadelphia cheese 600 grams;

• 150 ml of cream (fat content of 30%);

• a cup of powder.


1. Put butter in a combine with a knife, grind. Add broken cookies and interrupt everything together. We form a lump from the resulting mass. If there is no combine, the cookies can simply be rolled with a rolling pin and mixed with butter melted on the stove.

2. We take the form to 20 cm in diameter, put our room and distribute it to the sides, making the cake with the sides. Well tamped.

3. For the filling, take the cheese and mix with the powder. Here we pour vanilla.

4. We introduce eggs alternately. Knead with a whisk.

5. Pour in the cream, also mix. Beat the stuffing is not necessary.

6. Pour the cooked cream into our shape with biscuit dough.

7. Now we take the foil and wrap the form with the prepared dessert in two layers so that the water cannot flow.

8. We put the form in a container, large in diameter. You can take a deep pan or pan. Now pour the boiling water into an empty form, about 3 cm from the bottom.

9. Put the design in the oven, preheated to 170. Cooking dessert 80-90 minutes.

You cannot take out the cheesecake right away, it is necessary for it to cool and stand in the cold for at least 4 hours.

Recipe 2: Classic Mascarpone Cheesecake

Mascarpone - fat, but very gentle cheese. Classic cheesecakes with it turn out to be airy, creamy and, importantly, they can be cooked without baking. Mascarpone keeps its shape well, and when adding thickeners it is perfectly cut into portions, the filling does not follow.


• 0.3 kg of cookies;

• 0.5 kg mascarpone;

• 0.18 kg of cream;

• 0.15 kg of oil;

• 20 grams of gelatin;

• half a glass of water;

• vanillin;

• sugar glass.


1. Oil melt. Crumbly biscuits in flour. We mix everything and put it on the bottom of a detachable form previously made with parchment. 2. Pour gelatin into a bowl, add water and set aside for swelling. Duration depends on the product. For instant gelatin 10 minutes is enough. An ordinary product will need at least half an hour.

3. Pour the cream into the mixer bowl, beat with sugar.

4. Combine butter cream with cheese, add vanilla.

5. Melt the swollen gelatin, send in a creamy mass.

6. Fill the filling in the previously prepared form, cover with something and leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Recipe 3: Classic “Curd Cheesecake”

This is an alternative version of a classic baked cheesecake. In addition to the simplified version of the preparation, the filling is also facilitated. As a basis for the cream used cottage cheese. More affordable and cheaper product than soft cheeses. But even here there is one condition - the curd must be fat and real, not soy.


For test:

• 200 grams of flour;

• 70 grams of oil;

• 60 grams of sugar.

For the filling:

• 180 grams of sugar;

• 30 grams of flour;

• 5 eggs;

• 800 grams of cottage cheese;

• pinch of vanilla;

• 30 grams of lemon juice;

• 5 spoons of milk.


1. Knead the dough. To do this, mix the melted margarine with sugar and sifted flour. The dough should be steep and elastic. If it sticks, then you can cool a little. Then we distribute in a detachable form, making a cake.

2. Cottage cheese needs to be pierced with a blender with milk so that no lumps remain.

3. Beat eggs with sugar, then mix with cottage cheese.

4. Add flour, lemon juice, vanilla and knead the filling until smooth.

5. Fill the curd cream in the form.

6. Classic dessert is baked until ready at a temperature of about 180 degrees. 40-50 minutes are usually enough. Then the cake is cooled and stood 2 hours in the cold.

Recipe 4: Classic Cheesecake with Strawberries

Option unusually tasty and beautiful classic cheesecake. Strawberries need fresh. Canned or frozen berries are not suitable. The filling is prepared from cottage cheese. Ingredients

For the cake:

• 220 grams of cookies;

• 90 grams of oil.

For curd cream:

• 600 grams of cottage cheese;

• 10 grams of vanilla sugar;

• 30 grams of starch;

• 4 eggs;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• 300 ml sour cream.

For clearance:

• 400 grams of strawberries;

• bag of strawberry jelly.


1. Make a regular cake for cheesecake and determine in the form. A detailed cooking process can be found in the first recipe.

2. Whip cottage cheese with sour cream to a uniform consistency. The most convenient way is to put the ingredients in the bowl and work with a mixer.

3. Add sugar plain and vanilla. Interrupt again.

4. We introduce starch, lemon juice and alternately eggs. Their blender is better not to interrupt.

5. Pour the filling into the mold, bake the cheesecake for 75 minutes at 160.

6. We dissolve the jelly out of the bag, but reduce the amount of water by one third from that indicated in the instructions. This is done for a thicker fill.

7. Cut the strawberries into plates and place them on the surface of the cheesecake.

8. Fill with prepared jelly. It should not be warm, but not frozen. Approximately room temperature.

9. Ship dessert to freeze. Remove from the form can be no earlier than 3 hours of inactivity in the refrigerator.

Recipe 5: Classic cheesecake with ricotta and almonds

The peculiarity of this fragrant cheesecake is not only the filling, but also the cake. Almond kernels are added to it, giving a pleasant taste. The filling is prepared on the basis of “Ricotta” cheese and has a special texture.


For the cake:

• 3 tablespoons of almonds;

• 140 grams of cookies;

• 5 tablespoons of butter.

To the filling:

• 3 eggs;

• 110 grams of sugar;

• 450 grams of ricotta;

• some almond chips;

• spoon of liquor;

• pinch of cinnamon.


1. Fry the almonds in the oven or in a pan for a couple of minutes, cool and grind together with the cookies. This can be done with a combine or meat grinder. Fill with pre-melted butter, knead. We make the cake in the form of the classical scheme, do not forget about the bumpers. 2. Break eggs into a deep bowl. Pour sugar. All whisk until fluffy foam, about 2-3 minutes.

3. Pour in liquor and put a pinch of cinnamon. You can add vanillin instead, but cinnamon in combination with almonds gives a special flavor.

4. Ricotta knead with a spoon, gradually introduce the egg mixture and knead.

5. Put the stuffing in the cake, send the creation to the oven.

6. Cheesecake is baked for about 50 minutes at an average temperature. Then cooled for 3 hours. Ready dessert is sprinkled with almond chips.

Recipe 6: The classic “New York” cheesecake made of crackers with Philadelphia

The classic “New York” cheesecake is characterized by a lush layer of cream cheese filling. According to tradition, for this kind of delicacy only Philadelphia is used, which has a creamy texture and a salty taste. And in order for the dessert to work out exactly, prepare the products in advance and let them lie down for the same temperature.


• 130 grams of crackers;

• a pinch of salt;

• 80 grams of oil;

• 40 grams of sugar.

For the filling:

• 1/3 cup flour;

• a pack of vanilla;

• 1,100 grams of Philadelphia;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 1.5 cups of sugar;

• 5 eggs.


1. Pound the cracker into the flour, add sugar and salt. Melt the oil and combine with the bulk mixture. Form a cake without sides and bake in the oven for 10 minutes until light golden. Cooling down.

2. Beat the cheese with a mixer at low speed for about 3 minutes.

3. Enter eggs one by one.

4. Add a spoonful of sour cream.

5. Combine flour with vanilla and sugar. And all this mixture is sent to the filling. The mass should be homogeneous and fluffy.

6. Pour the cream over the previously baked, but already cold cake.

7. Wrap the form outside with foil so that water does not leak through the bottom connection.

8. Put on a baking sheet, then pour 2 cm of boiling water into it.

9. We send our New York to the oven. We bake 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Then remove the temperature to 160 and prepare another half hour. Cool for at least 5 hours. Decorate at your discretion.

Classic Cheesecake - Tips and Tricks

• Cheesecake stuffing should not be whipped intensively so that no cracks form on the surface. But this rule only applies to desserts with baked goods. If the delicacy is prepared in a cold way, then the cream even needs to be whipped well. This will make the filling of the cheese cake airy, light and lush.

• Ideally, classic cheesecakes are prepared with a vanilla pod and do not replace with synthetic counterparts. But if you could not get it, you can put vanilla powder, but it is better to double the portion.

• Initially, in America, the dessert was prepared only with “Philadelphia” cheese, then the assortment of toppings expanded. When you try to replace this cheese in mascarpone in the recipe, do not forget to remove a third of the sugar. The product is sweet, has no salty taste peculiar to philadelphia. But on the other hand, it is desserts on mascarpone that combine perfectly with fruits and berries.

• It is better to decorate classic cheesecakes after cooling and curing the filling. Regardless of whether pastry was baked or prepared in a cold way. Otherwise, fruits and berries will fall into the cream, cocoa will melt from moisture, and the icing will not harden and drain.

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