Salads with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat salads.

Salads with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat salads.

Salads with meat - general principles and methods of cooking

In order for a person to live in vigor and health, he does not need any particular products. He needs energy and some complex of substances, which he draws from food. The body itself is not able to synthesize the components that it receives with food.

So, meat eaters rejoice! That meat fits perfectly into the scientific concept, which was given above. This is the most important food product, from which you can not refuse, because it has a high nutritional value. Meat fats not only form the aroma and taste of the product, but also determine the energy value of the meat. Consuming meat and meat products, a person provides his body with iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur and a number of trace elements: iodine, zinc, cobalt and copper.

Therefore, meat salads, fresh and properly cooked, is necessary.

Salads with meat - preparation of products

Meat for salad need to choose fresh and high quality. Young beef has a creamy white fat, and it is light red, but not burgundy. Fresh meat smells like milk. The dark color of the flesh and yellow fat indicate that the meat is old.

Fresh pork has white fat and uniform pink meat. When pressing with a finger, the meat should spring up, not press through.

Water puddle under the meat means that the sellers watered it, so as not to wither. This product can not be taken. After lying in the hot season a couple of hours in the water, the meat becomes hazardous to health.

Vegetables need to choose ripe, but not overripe. They should please both the stomach and the eye.

It is better to still avoid the use of mayonnaise, but in our recipes it is present. You can change it to a mixture of sour cream and soy sauce. This is also delicious. If you still use mayonnaise, you need to apply it only in the required quantity.

Salads with meat - preparation of dishes

Slicing the ingredients of any salad, you need to know what kind of knife and what is intended. One knife for everything is economical, but wrong. For vegetables should be special knives: for cleaning vegetables and for shredding them. For cutting meat from a stone, there is also a separate knife. This is not too long a knife, with a wide base and a narrow end of the blade. With this configuration, it will easily bypass any bone, gently freeing it from meat. Long narrow knife with notches on the cutting surface is good to cut sausages and meat.

Knives must be sharp at all times! A blunt knife will quickly lead to injuries in the kitchen than a sharp one.

To keep the knife no longer dull, do not use hard cutting boards. Ceramic, glass and metal boards are good, but not for knives. Use wooden boards, but make enough of them. For meat, for bread, for fish and so on.

Salads with meat - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Salad “Elementary”

Not every salad should be the pinnacle of culinary art. Sometimes you just need to cook something very tasty, but in a hurry. Everything is very simple. This salad will help out the hostess, if the guests are already, practically, here.


Pork pulp without fat - 250 grams, 2 eggs, 400 grams of tomatoes and potatoes, mayonnaise for dressing, chopped black pepper, a little salt and a sprig of greens for beauty. If there is no mayonnaise, you can replace it with a universal dressing, for which you need to mix: wine vinegar - 30 ml, 1/2 tbsp. olive oil, salt and pepper, crushed garlic clove.

Method of preparation

Boiled eggs boiled. Cook potatoes in uniforms until ready. Meat cut into large pieces and cook until ready. All components are cooled. Chilled potatoes cut into thin slices. Chilled meat cut into small pieces. Cut tomatoes into strips. Eggs are divided into proteins and yolks. We knead yolks, and squirrels rub on a grater.

At the bottom of a deep salad bowl put a layer of tomatoes, then the meat and, finally, the potatoes. Each layer is slightly salted and pepper (if necessary) and covered with mayonnaise. Pour white on the top layer of mayonnaise and chop up yolk on top of it. We decorate salad greens.

Recipe 2: Mystery Salad with Meat

Fresh cucumber and green apple give the beef salad a spicy taste and create intrigue. Let the guests try to unravel the secret of the ingredients of this salad. In any case, the hostess who created this masterpiece, will receive the attention and praise. Ingredients

Boiled beef - 300 grams, one green cucumber and fresh apple, hard cheese (150 gr.), 2 boiled eggs and 1 onion, 1 lemon, a bunch of dill and lettuce, salt, pepper and mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

Cut the apple and beef into thin strips, grate the cheese and eggs, and cut the cucumber into strips. Crushed onion lightly sprinkle with lemon juice. Chop the dill.

The bottom of a deep glass salad bowl lay out lettuce. Salad to form from the layers of ingredients. Salt and pepper layers to taste. Layers lay out in the following order: beef, onion, mayonnaise, apple, mayonnaise again, cheese with dill, mayonnaise again, cucumber, mayonnaise, eggs and the last layer of mayonnaise. Top salad must decorate.

Recipe 3: Salad with meat “Oriental bazaar”

Since the bazaar is oriental, there is no pork here and there cannot be, but there are also nuts and prunes, without which there is no eastern bazaar. This is another one of the layered salads, but ... with its own twist. Rather, with prunes. It has a rich and pleasant taste. Boiled beef in the recipe can easily replace the turkey, making the basis of dietary salad.


200 grams of boiled beef, 4 hard-boiled eggs, hard cheese (150 gr.), 100 gr. prunes, free of pits, 3 small cucumbers (salted or pickled), 100 grams of green peas (canned), 1 onion, 50-70 grams of cedar nuts (if desired), mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

Finely cut the meat, prune cucumbers and onions. Onions pour boiling water for a couple of minutes and then rinse in cold running water. It will be tasty and crunchy, but will not irritate the stomach. Grate cheese and eggs and mix with each other, adding a bit of mayonnaise. Nuts roast on a dry skillet. So they will be even tastier.

Take a deep salad bowl and grease the inside with vegetable oil. Fill the pot with cling film so that there are still free edges. Grease the film in a salad bowl with mayonnaise. We lay out part of the egg-cheese mixture, mixed with mayonnaise on the bottom, we carve on this layer with prunes. The edges of the layer fall asleep with a small portion of the egg-cheese mixture. Prune on top slightly smear mayonnaise. The next layer is meat. The edges are again egg-cheese. Mayonnaise on top of the layer. The next layer is pickled cucumbers. The edges are again egg-cheese. Mayonnaise. Green peas we fall asleep the entire surface of the last layer and smoothly grease with mayonnaise. Cover the salad with the edges of the film and put the dish in the fridge for an hour. After removing the salad from the refrigerator, we open the edges of the film, press the dish to the upper surface of the salad bowl and quickly turn the salad bowl upside down! The salad was laid out on a platter slide. It remains to decorate it with nuts and herbs.

Salads with meat - useful tips from experienced chefs

Salads need to decorate. Aesthetic component in cooking plays an important role. Everything should give not only edible, but also beautiful.

To decorate the salad with greens, it is enough not to chop up a whole bunch, but to put a couple of twigs. For such purposes, take young leaves or even the tips of the leaves. Tomatoes for decoration are cut into thin slices, slices or circles. Cucumbers can be cut into circles. In this case, the skin is not necessary to remove, so as not to disturb the color range.

Interesting decorations are obtained from boiled eggs, pieces of pepper or boiled carrots. From onions make beautiful lilies.

Mayonnaise can be colorful. The finished mustard will make it yellow, the red wine and beet juice will turn cherry, the tomato will orange, and the sorrel puree will turn green. Mesh from mayonnaise is also a salad dressing. It can be made using a cooking syringe or parchment paper, if you roll it into a bag and cut off the tip.

Carefully chop the hard cheese by heating the knife in hot water. Cooled in the freezer, the knife will help you beautifully portion the ready-made puff salad.

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