Meat pies from pita with minced meat - easy! Recipes pies of pita with minced meat and cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini

Meat pies from pita with minced meat - easy! Recipes pies of pita with minced meat and cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini

Lavash is the basis of a variety of simple treats; fast pies and complex, multi-layered cakes are made from it. Meals can even be sweet, but still the main stuffing of such treats is meat. In our selection are various cakes, in which lavash is the cake.

Pita with minced meat pies - general principles of cooking

For the preparation of quick pies from pita fit both round and rectangular his layers. It is important that they are fresh, or rather not dried. When purchasing pita bread, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the package, the presence of even a small hole can lead to the product drying out.

Several types of meat pies can be made from pita: closed, layered, in the form of a roll or a snail. Almost all pies are baked in a round shape, and pie-roll is prepared on a baking sheet.

Stuffing for the filling can be prepared personally or use the purchased semi-finished product. For juiciness, browned or raw vegetables are added to the meat mass, and to diversify the taste - mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes.

Almost all pies from pita are poured with specially prepared sauces or they are well lubricated with them. When forming puff cakes, the inner layers of pita are richly soaked or dipped in such fillings.

Lavash pies are baked in the oven, which is preheated to 180-190 degrees. Baking time can take from a quarter of an hour to 30 minutes, it depends on the filling and the type of cake.

Pita with minced meat - “Snail”


pork and beef (pulp) - 250 grams of each type;

two thin pita;

large onion head.

To fill:

two fresh eggs;

a glass of medium calorie sour cream.

Cooking Method:

Having washed the flesh, remove the film from it. Cut into pieces, twist in a meat grinder.

Peeled onions, grind, like meat, or rub through a large grater. Combine the meat mass with onion gruel. Salt lightly with salt, sprinkle with pepper and mix well.

Having unrolled the pita bread on the table, put a thin layer of minced meat and turn them into alternately dense rolls.

The bottom and walls are round, with a brush we moisten with vegetable oil. Turn on the oven to warm up.

We spread in the prepared form of rolls, twisting them in the form of a snail.

In a small bowl, release the eggs. Beat lightly, add sour cream and add plenty of salt.

Pour the pits laid in the form and immediately place it in the hot oven. Bake the cake for an hour.

Without releasing the mold, we lubricate the surface of the hot cake with butter and leave it in to cool slightly. After that, gently reach and serve, cut into pieces.

Fast pita bread with minced meat


large egg;

one and a half cup of kefir;

fresh dill;

large onion;

one small carrot;

400 gr. pulp, or chicken breast;

thin sheets of Armenian lavash - 4 pcs .;

oil, refined - 30 ml;

200 grams of cheese.

Cooking Method:

Rinse cleaned vegetables with water and dry well. Three carrots through a large grater, and dismiss the onion in small slices.

After removing all the films from the meat, rinse with water. After drying the pulp with a towel, cut into small pieces.

Pour oil into a thick-walled frying pan, put onions and carrots in it. On medium heat simmer the vegetables under the lid for about ten minutes.

Add pieces of meat to vegetables, pass, stirring occasionally.

We spread the fried meat with vegetables in a bowl. Cool slightly, grind with meat grinder.

Add coldly chopped dill and pepper to the cooled meat mass. Here we also rub cheese. Salting, stir the stuffing until smooth.

We rub the walls and bottom of a small rectangular or round shape with vegetable oil and immediately turn on the oven to warm up.

We lay out the shape of a sheet of pita so that it not only finds on the sides, but also hangs out a little. Spread on the pita bread part of the meat filling. Pour kefir in a wide bowl. Carefully breaking the shell, release an egg to it and carefully stir it.

The remaining pita bread is torn with hands into large pieces. Alternately, we lower them into kefir, after which we lightly crush and, in this form (without straightening), lay them on the mincemeat.

Over the crumpled pieces of pita bread, lay out the remaining mince and cover it with a whole sheet of pita bread. We wrap the edges of the bottom sheet hanging from the sides.

Pour the remaining kefir mixture onto the cake and distribute it evenly over the surface, spread finely chopped butter on top.

Place the form in the oven warmed up by this time and bake the cake for a quarter of an hour.

“Snail” - pita bread with minced meat, tomatoes and cheese in sour cream


two thin sheets of pita;

a glass of low-interest sour cream;

two heads of salad onions;

150 gr. fresh tomatoes;

eggs, fresh - 2 pcs .;

220 grams of hard cheese;

a pound of minced meat;

a quarter cup of oil;

spoon “Provencal herbs”.

Cooking Method:

Rinse under the tap for a couple of minutes, put the tomatoes in boiling water, and then return to cold water to cool. Cutting from the side of the stem, gently weave the skin off the tomatoes.

Thin and very finely chop onions. Cut the tomato flesh into small slices.

In a slightly warmed up oil in a pan, dip the onion and fry the slices until transparent. After adding the stuffing, mix well and continue cooking, kneading large clumps of meat with a fork.

As soon as the meat changes color and becomes brown, add the tomatoes. Without covering the pan, simmer the minced meat with vegetables on low heat for seven minutes. In the end we add some salt, mix spices and dried dill. Cool ready meat filling.

In a small deep bowl lay out sour cream. Salting, release the eggs and mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl we grind the cheese on a large grater. Add a third of the chips to sour cream and mix well.

Rub the form with softened butter or sunflower oil. We turn on the oven so that the temperature rises to 180 degrees by the right moment. On a table or a large cutting board, lay out a sheet of pita bread and evenly apply the filling. On minced meat lay out the grated cheese.

Having turned a dense roll, we shift the stuffed pita in the form, wrapping a snail. If the shape is rectangular, it is more convenient to first cut the roll into pieces of the required length, and then tightly, arrange them in one row along the bottom of the container.

Pour the lavash cake evenly with sour cream sauce and place it for half an hour in an oven well heated by this time.

Lavash meat pie with minced meat in cream sauce


thin pita bread - three sheets;

300 gr. lean minced meat;

onion head;

small carrot;

hard, “Russian” cheese - 200 gr .;

300 grams of fresh champignons;

eggs, chicken - three pieces;

a glass of sour cream;

spices “Mix of fragrant peppers”;

vegetable oil - 40 ml.

Cooking Method:

Chop the onion in small cubes, cut the mushrooms into thin strips, and rub the carrot with a medium or large grater.

Put the minced meat in a bowl, pepper it, and lightly salt it, carefully stir it.

Heat the vegetable oil in a small saucepan. Putting onion in it, fry over medium heat until a pleasant blush. Add carrots to onions and continue to warm up to five minutes.

We spread mushrooms in vegetables in a saucepan, cover with a lid. Stew the filling on low heat, stirring occasionally, up to five minutes.

Sent to mincemeat stew pan. Having kept on low heat for five minutes, carefully break all the lumps with the teeth of a fork and simmer until meat is cooked. Put the prepared stuffing in a wide bowl.

While the mass cools, we grind the cheese through a large grater. Beat the eggs with sour cream and add some salt to the sauce.

Lubricate the round shape with vegetable oil and cover with a sheet of lavash so that the high sides come out.

Put the third part of the cooled filling on the pita bread, lightly sprinkle it with cheese chips and pour over three tablespoons of sour cream sauce.

Cut out a circle from the pita bread according to the size of the form, moisten the pruning in sour cream sauce and spread it evenly on the filling. In the same way we form another row, do not sprinkle the top layer of minced cheese. On the last row of the filling we put a dry round billet of pita bread and gently bend the edges of the lower layer remaining from the sides.

Fill the cake with the remaining sauce, sprinkle the surface with the remnants of cheese chips and place the mold for half an hour in the preheated oven.

A quick recipe for puff pastry made from pita with minced meat and potatoes


two thin pita;

a pound of minced meat;

two large onion heads;

five small potatoes;

two spoons of mayonnaise;

one egg.

Cooking Method:

Rinse peeled potatoes with water. Cut the tubers into cubes, as is usually done for soup. Bay with cool water, set on intense fire. After boiling, boil the potatoes for no more than ten minutes, then lay out in a colander.

Putting the stuffing in a bowl, rub with a large grater to it. After adding the boiled potatoes, season the stuffing with pepper, lightly add salt and mix thoroughly.

We cover the inside with a 20-centimeter, round shape with oil. We put into it one of the sheets of pita so that it completely covers the bottom and sides.

From the rest of the first pita bread and from the second sheet, cut four circles of equal shape bottom and begin to form a cake.

We spread on the part of the filling laid in the form of pita bread and cover it with one of the round blanks. Next, again, lay out a little filling and cover it with pita. In this way we make the whole pie. Trimming is also desirable to put into action, the last one should lay the whole billet, under which tuck the pita hanging from the sides.

Beat the egg with three spoons of mayonnaise. Salting and slightly peppering, pour the prepared pouring on the cake and spread it with a spoon.

We give the cake to the stand for about ten minutes, then put it in a preheated oven and bake until golden brown, about 30 minutes.

Simple pita bread recipe with minced meat and zucchini in the form of a roll


two round thin pita;

350 grams of homemade minced meat;

one large onion; 200 gr. squash;

spoon of mayonnaise;



three spoons of sour cream;

spoon of vegetable oil;

bunch of dill;

50 grams of hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

Peel the onion, thinly peel off the zucchini. Rub the squash pulp and onion in a bowl.

We spread mince to the vegetables and release the egg here, press two slices of garlic with a press. Add some favorite spices or ground pepper and mayonnaise. Poured chopped dill, add salt and mix thoroughly.

We cover a large baking sheet with a sheet of foil and thickly rub it with oil.

Spread one of the pita bread on the table, apply a portion of the meat filling evenly on it. Fold the lavash into a roll and gently transfer to a baking sheet. In the same way, prepare the second billet, put it on a baking sheet, close to the previous one.

Lubricate the surface with sour cream, whipped with a small amount of salt and place the roaster for 20 minutes in the oven.

After the allotted time, we get a baking tray with pies and sprinkle them abundantly with grated cheese. Return the roaster to the oven and bake, making sure that the melted cheese is covered with a golden brown crust.

Lavash pies with minced meat - cooking tricks and helpful tips

Use only fresh pita bread for cakes. Even slightly dried layers will break through when twisting or laying into a mold.

The surface of the pita cake will not bubble if, after pouring or smearing, let the future cake stand for ten minutes, so that the pita will absorb moisture well.

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