Lavash roll with Korean carrots - simple, tasty, healthy. Variants of fillings for pita bread rolls with Korean carrots

Lavash roll with Korean carrots - simple, tasty, healthy. Variants of fillings for pita bread rolls with Korean carrots

Thin Armenian lavash is a real magic wand for modern hostesses.

Korean carrot lavash rolls are served as a snack for dinner or lunch.

Korean carrot pita bread roll - basic cooking principles

Korean carrots can be purchased at any supermarket or cook yourself. It is enough to peel carrots, chop them on a special grater for Korean salads and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle with spices for this salad. In a frying pan, heat up any vegetable oil until smoke appears and pour prepared carrots over it. Stir, cover the top with a flat plate and put the oppression. After two hours, the carrot is ready.

Almost any ingredient can be added to the filling. They are crushed into small cubes or rubbed on a grater. Sheets of lavash are smeared with mayonnaise or a sauce based on the same mayonnaise, sour cream or kefir. In the stuffing put both fresh and pickled vegetables. Here you can turn on the fantasy and experiment. The prepared ingredients are laid in layers in pita bread and wrapped tightly in a roll. Then it is wrapped with film and left to soak for a couple of hours. Roll cut into portions and served as a snack.

Recipe 1. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and boiled pork


400 g Korean carrot;

mayonnaise - incomplete glass

two pita bread;

400 g of boiled pork;

cheese - 250 g

Method of preparation

1. Crush the cheese into large chips. Boiled ham in small cubes. Put the Korean carrot in a deep bowl, add to it the baked ham and cheese chips. Stir.

2. Brush mayonnaise spread on the table pita. Put the filling on it in a thin, even layer. Roll in a dense roll of pita bread with filling. Put in a plastic bag and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the film, cut the roll into large enough pieces.

Recipe 2. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and cheese


fresh greens of dill and cilantro - by bundle;

Armenian lavash - 4 pcs .;

incomplete glass of mayonnaise;

hard cheese - 200 g; Korean carrot - 300 g

Method of preparation

1. Coarsely grate cheese. Sort cilantro and dill, rinse and dry. Crumble greens.

2. On a pita, laid out on the table, apply a thin layer of mayonnaise. Dust it with a third of all the cheese chips. Spread on a third of Korean carrot cheese. Lightly green with greens.

3. Cover the filling with pita bread, lightly press it with your palms and put the filling in the same order. So we repeat, until the sheets of pita will not end.

4. Roll the pita bread stuffed into a roll, pressing it lightly to make it tight enough. About forty minutes, send in the refrigerator, after wrapping the film. Then remove the film. Roll cut into pieces and a half centimeters thick. Put on a flat dish.

Recipe 3. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and crab sticks


Korean carrot - 300 g;

four sheets of thin pita;

a bunch of fresh dill;

eggs - 6 pcs .;

300 g of mayonnaise;

crab sticks - 300 g;

processed cheese - 3 pcs .;

garlic - 2 teeth.

Method of preparation

1. On the table, lay out the pita bread. On a greased mayonnaise sheet, spread Korean carrot evenly. Form a dense roll.

2. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool them and finely chop up. Spread second sheet of pita bread with mayonnaise and cover with crushed eggs. Put the roll with carrots on the edge of the second sheet with egg filling and roll tightly into a roll.

3. Remove the shells from the crab sticks, cut it in half lengthwise and chop with a knife into small pieces. Brush mayonnaise on the third pita, spread out on the table, and sprinkle it with chopped crab sticks. Put our roll on the edge of this sheet and wrap.

4. Coat the fourth leaf with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese chips and finely chopped greens. Put the roll on the edge and wrap. Wrap the roll in foil and send to the fridge soak for two hours. Cut the roll into slices, put on a dish and sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe 4. Lavash roll with Korean carrots, crab sticks and bacon


fresh cucumbers - 2 pcs .;

100 g carrots;

eggs - 3 pcs .;

pita thin;

crab sticks - packaging;

cheese - 100 g;

smoked bacon - 100 g

Method of preparation 1. Boil eggs hard-boiled, cool in ice water, clean and chop on a fine grater. My cucumbers, wipe with a napkin and finely three. Putting shredded cucumbers in a colander to get rid of excess fluid.

2. Peel off the crab sticks. Remove from them the top red layer.

3. On the work surface lay out a sheet of pita. We smear the surface with mayonnaise, put whole crab sticks on the edge of the sheet, then lay out all the ingredients across the sheet in thin stripes, alternating between them. At the end lay out the red shell of crab sticks.

4. Now gently and tightly wrapped roll. We do this extremely carefully, so that the strips do not mix up with each other, but lie flat. Wrap the roll film and remove for an hour in the fridge. Dish is covered with lettuce leaves. We get roll and cut into slices. We spread on a dish.

Recipe 5. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and ham


garlic - three slices;

jar of creamy soft cheese;

greens - a bunch;

100 grams of cheese;

lavash - three leaves;

100 ml of mayonnaise;

300 g of ham;

Korean carrots - 200 g

Cooking method

1. Ham cut into long thin straws. Lay a sheet of pita on the work surface, apply a thin layer of mayonnaise and spread the sliced ​​ham.

2. Spread the second pita over the ham, press lightly, coat with mayonnaise and put the carrots in Korean.

3. In a jar of cheese, crush the garlic and add the finely chopped greens. Mix gently until smooth. Cover the carrots with lavash and coat with garlic-cheese mass. Sprinkle with cheese chips and herbs. Roll the pita bread with a thick roll. Cut it in portions.

Recipe 6. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and smoked chicken


dill greens;

smoked ham;

half Bulgarian pepper;

Korean carrot - 150 g;

thin Armenian lavash;

mayonnaise - 80

Method of preparation

1. Remove the skin from the smoked chicken leg, separate the meat from the bones and cut it into small pieces.

2. Rinse the pepper, wipe it off, scrub the seeds and crumble it with a thin, short straw.

3. My dill, dry and finely cut with a knife.

4. Evenly grease with mayonnaise pita. Sprinkle it with chopped dill. Over the entire surface of the sheet we lay out strips of Bulgarian pepper. Lay Korean carrot in transverse stripes so that the same distance between them remains. Between strips of carrots laid smoked chicken. 5. Fold a sheet of pita bread with the filling into a roll, wrap it in film and leave to soak for a couple of hours. Then cut the roll into chunks and lay out on a dish.

Recipe 7. Lavash roll with Korean carrots and cucumber


ground black pepper;

pita thin;

fresh cucumber;

kitchen salt;

sour cream - 80 g;

smoked breast - 100 g;

green onion - half the beam;

Korean carrot - 200 g;

4 branches of dill.

Method of preparation

1. Wash cucumber and grind on a coarse grater. Squeeze the juice, put it in a bowl and add it.

2. Rinse greens of onion and dill, dry and finely crumble. Spread to the cucumber and mix.

3. Put sour cream in a mixture of greens and cucumber, mix until smooth.

4. Spread the pita bread on the working surface. Place Korean carrot on one half of the sheet, and a mixture of greens and cucumber on the second.

5. Slice the smoked bacon in small strips and spread on a layer of Korean carrot. Roll the pita bread tightly into a roll. Leave to soak for half an hour and cut into small chunks.

Recipe 8. Lavash roll with Korean carrot and salmon


three pieces pita bread;

eight sheets of green lettuce;

mayonnaise - 300 g;

Korean carrot - 200 g;

300 g salmon fillet salted.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the salmon into thin slices. Unroll the pita bread, coat the surface with mayonnaise. Spread out thin chunks of salmon. Instead of salmon, you can use any other red fish.

2. Cover the fish layer with the second pita bread, lightly press it with your palms and coat with mayonnaise. Put on him a fairly dense layer of Korean carrots.

3. Rinse the leaves of green lettuce under the tap and dry lightly. Cover the carrot with third pita bread and apply a thin layer of mayonnaise. Cover with lettuce leaves.

4. Carefully roll the pita bread into a roll, pressing it down lightly to make it tight. Wrap the roll with foil or foil and put it in the fridge so that the sheets are well soaked. Before serving, cut with a sharp knife into pieces two centimeters thick.

Recipe 9. Roll of pita and Korean carrot with mushrooms


Korean carrot - 300 g;

three sheets of Armenian lavash;

mayonnaise - 300 ml;

champignons - 400 g;

onions - 150 g; bunch of lettuce leaves.

Method of preparation

1. Clean, wash the champignons and lightly dry them on a paper towel. Shred the mushrooms in thin slices. Onions peeled and finely crumbled. Put a griddle on the stove and spread the mushrooms. Fry until all the moisture is evaporated, then pour in a little oil and put chopped onion. Fry until rosy on moderate heat.

2. Lettuce leaves rinsed, obsushivaem and shred strips.

3. Unfold the pita leaf on the working surface, apply a thin layer of mayonnaise and unfold the Korean carrot.

4. Cover the carrot with the second pita bread. It is also coated with mayonnaise and covered with lettuce leaves.

5. Put the third leaf of pita bread on the mushrooms, press down lightly with palms, apply a thin layer of mayonnaise and spread the mushroom roast. Spread all over the surface. Fold the pita bread with the filling in a thick roll, wrap food film and leave for three hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, cut into slices, spread on a dish, covered with lettuce leaves.

Lavash roll with Korean carrots - tips and tricks from chefs

  • If you want to get a light snack, use more greens and vegetables in the filling, and replace the mayonnaise with a low-fat sour cream.
  • It is necessary to spread the filling and form a roll quickly enough so that the sheets of pita did not have time to soak.
  • All ingredients of the roll should be the same temperature.
  • If you buy Korean carrots in a store, be sure to taste it. So, you will be guided, you need to salt other ingredients or not.
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