Do you know how much to cook beef liver

Do you know how much to cook beef liver

According to nutritionists, liver is the most valuable offal. But how much and how to cook the liver beef, the most useful, alas, the question sometimes leads to a stupor. Especially young housewives. This product is very delicate and, if improperly prepared, your piece of liver may taste like a rubber boot.

As part of the liver is a lot of folic acid, necessary for the human body, and there are vitamins of group A, V.S. like her appearance in its raw form, and to some people it seems too tough. And in vain!

This by-product is considered to be very useful for people with problems with the central nervous system and kidneys. As well as beef liver is widespread in the diet and in Europe and in Asia.

For young children, beef liver is an indispensable supplier of very rare vitamin D.

With proper preparation, this diet product turns out to be soft, soft and delicious. It has a special fragrant aroma with proper selection of spices.

So, to make beef liver tasty and fragrant, you need to decide how we will cook it? and do it right. We will now tell about some features of cooking beef liver.

How much to cook beef liver until ready

To make the liver tasty and juicy when cooked, at the very beginning it needs to be properly prepared (prepared):

  1. Soak the liver in very cold water for 15 minutes, and then put the product in warm water for exactly 10 minutes.
  2. After carefully making cuts on the film with a knife, and without haste, we separate the film from the liver itself.
  3. After removing the film, we cut the liver into large pieces and check if there are large vessels inside. If there is, then cut them with a sharp knife.
  4. Take baking soda and roll a thin layer of liver pieces in it to eliminate the bitter natural smell of beef liver.
  5. Leave the liver for an hour in soda to lie on the cutting board.
  6. Then we put everything in enameled ware, put it on the stove and boil it.

Some, in order to get rid of bitterness, pour liver with cold water or fresh milk and so give it a chance to soak for an hour.

Do you know how much to cook beef liver

Usually, beef liver is boiled for 25-30 minutes (cut into small pieces). And if you boil the liver with a whole piece, then it needs to be cooked for about an hour (plus - minus 10-15 minutes). It is very easy to check the readiness of the liver, just remove it (or a piece) from the broth and pierce it with a fork. If the brown liquid flows out, then we continue to cook, and if we see that the clear broth comes from the puncture, then everything, the liver is ready. That is, the liver is absolutely easy to cook.

But, many housewives make a big mistake. They just want to cook a soup based on clear beef liver broth. They are so attracted to pour carrots, onions, potatoes or vermicelli there, so beef liver broth looks great. But, this should not be done categorically, since the liver in the body has protective functions and tends to accumulate harmful substances, toxins and other filth, which turned out to be in our broth when it was cooked.

How and how much to cook beef liver in a microwave

If you have a multicooker, then your task is as easy as possible. Prepare the liver, as described above, that is, cut, remove the film and soak it. Then we turn on the “Quenching” mode in the multicooker and carefully place the finely chopped carrots and onions in the bottom of the machine. Remember that vegetables should not exceed 30% of liver weight. Vegetables, and on her pieces of the liver, pour some water so that it is a centimeter (minimum) all covered.

We spread immediately on top sour cream at the rate of 100 grams. on 1 kg. the liver. Sour cream take any, it does not matter fat or not. Now close the multicooker lid and simmer for at least half an hour.

How much to boil the liver for a child

Do you know how much to cook beef liver

Our children (especially small ones) do not like liver. If some adult uncles and aunts do not like the liver and especially its smell when cooking, what can we say about our children. Therefore, it is necessary to mask her moms for meat with various sauces, or to persuade children with various proverbs and jokes, to eat the utility.

Often, young mommies wonder how to cook beef liver for a child. In principle, there is nothing complicated or special, everything is the same as for adults, only there are two important nuances:

  1. It is imperative that the liver be soaked in milk. It will kill her natural bitterness. This is the most important when cooking beef liver for baby food. At least half an hour beef liver should be in milk. And ideally 1 hour.
  2. When cooking a liver for children, boil it in a slow cooker or in a simple saucepan, add finely chopped onions and carrots. This will additionally give the liver a sweet, pleasant taste and will completely remove all odors that the child does not accept. Sometimes add a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of tomato paste. But, this is all individually. The goal is the same - to remove all extraneous odors for the child.

If you cook beef liver for a child in a pan in slices, look to be soft. Usually 30 - 35 minutes is enough. If you cook a whole piece, then in time you should have about an hour for full readiness. We also check as stated above. If a clear juice comes from an incision, then the liver is ready. If not, then do some more time.

Cook liver for salad

Cook the liver for the salad according to the above instructions. But, sometimes it can be 20-25 minutes, if the liver is cut into very small pieces. I have my own signature dish and when we meet with friends, I always treat them to them. The secret is that finely chopped beef liver is boiled for about 22-25 minutes, and then it is finely ground with eggs, carrots. After dressing with spices and mayonnaise. I still do not know the salad tastes better, and for 15 years I have been enjoying this healthy dish.

Some ask me, they say why the liver is ready so quickly, is it not raw? I always laugh and answer that the liver should be prepared exactly this way, not to digest it. It is very important! By the way, I still know how to make a wonderful beef liver pate. For beef liver liver is cut and cooked according to the instructions described above, there are just prescription points when preparing pate. Carrots, onions and spices, and one more thing are added. But, this is a completely different culinary story.

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