Canned tomatoes for the winter: delicious storage. Recipes canned tomatoes for the winter

Canned tomatoes for the winter: delicious storage. Recipes canned tomatoes for the winter

Only recently, in the winter, tomatoes were sold in stores and supermarkets: but their taste is often far from the taste of home-grown vegetables, they are usually tasteless and tough, and imported ones are unreasonably expensive.

So that our tables would not be empty without this beloved vegetable, there are a lot of different methods of canning, which allow us to prepare various dishes in summer: festive and everyday.

Canned tomatoes for the winter - the subtleties of cooking

Each recipe has its own cooking technology, different from the rest. There are many pickles, marinades, sauces, used for canning, but there are general principles, following which you can achieve the perfect taste of your dish.

1. If you canned whole tomatoes, they must be solid, without any damage.

2. Peduncle necessarily be removed.

3. Fruits should be slightly “immature”, strong, before putting them in banks they are punctured in several places so that the skin does not burst.

4. If you plan to preserve tomatoes in a crushed form, it is better to pick absolutely ripe, soft fruits.

5. Banks before canning should be doused with steam, and lids with boiling water.

Many housewives sort vegetables before cooking, while others, on the contrary, prefer to see tomatoes of different shapes and colors in the same jar. In any case, only healthy, whole fruits of medium size should be selected for conservation.

For canning use a variety of seasonings and herbs: from classic dill and parsley to honey, cinnamon and currant shoots. The taste of tomatoes is enhanced and combined with many additives, so that there is such a variety of ways.

In all countries where there is a tradition of canning, there is a recipe for harvesting this fruit: spicy tomatoes in Korean, chakhokhbili, adjika from tomatoes, tomatoes with garlic in Ukrainian and many others. All fruits are subject to preservation, regardless of maturity, variety or color. Greens will crunch nicely and have a sour taste, strong red tomatoes are ideal for preserving both whole and halves, and overripe fruits are used to create dressings and sauces.

Classic recipe: home-made canned tomatoes

This is perhaps the most common recipe: it is as simple as possible, even a person can easily cope with it, taking the first steps in cooking, and you can store the product in a warm place thanks to the addition of vinegar essence. Canned tomatoes for the winter in this way should be in the arsenal of every hostess.

Ingredients for one can of 3 liters:



1 tbsp salt

5 tablespoons sugar

1 tsp of vinegar essence (70%)

Method of preparation

Prepare the tomatoes - check their integrity, wash, remove the stem. Banks need to be subjected to the sterilization procedure, then put the tomatoes in them, fill with boiling water and cover for about half an hour. Next, the water must be poured into another container, add the rest of the ingredients and boil. As soon as the brine boils, you need to re-fill them with tomatoes, adding vinegar essence in accordance with the recipe.

That's all: preservation is ready, then you need to roll up the jars and keep them turned upside down to cool. For taste, if desired, you can add a few cucumbers - you get a great crunchy addition.

Savory canned tomatoes for the winter

Another recipe, which can rightly also be called a classic. Such tomatoes are distinguished by a spicy spicy taste and rich aromatic pouring.

Ingredients for one can of 3 liters:


1 bell pepper

1/2 hot red pepper

4 cloves of garlic

Celery - 3 sprigs

3-4 bay leaves


Brine: for 1 liter of water - 1 tbsp. sugar, 1.5 tbsp. salt, 1 tsp 70% Acetic Essence Method of preparation

To prepare the brine, you need to bring the water to a boil, add sugar, salt and vinegar essence.

Laurel leaves, Bulgarian pepper, chopped into large cubes, garlic, celery, allspice and red peppers are placed on the bottom of the jar. Next, tomatoes fit tightly in a jar, after which the contents are poured with brine.

Now cover the jar with a lid and place in a large bowl of boiling water (water should close the jar by 2/3) for sterilization. Then the preserved pot rolls over, turns over onto the lid until it cools. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to store canned tomatoes for the winter in this way even in a warm room.

Green canned tomatoes for winter with celery “By Caucasian”

If tomatoes do not have time to get to the garden or after harvesting, use them for cooking according to a recipe that is very popular in the Caucasus.


Unripe strong green tomatoes - 1 kg

Celery - 300 gr

Garlic - 200 gr

Hot red pepper - 1 pc

Salt - 1.5 st.l.

Water - 1 l.

Method of preparation

First you need to prepare the brine: boil water and add salt to it.

Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water, cut them across. Chop the celery, garlic and red pepper, mix and stuff the tomatoes with the resulting mass. Ready-made tomatoes are folded into jars and filled with pre-prepared pouring. Cover the cans with a plastic lid and store them in a cold room for storage. These tomatoes are not sterilized, so you need to store them in a cool place.

Canned Tomatoes in Georgian

Chakhokhbili is an obligatory preparation of any Georgian mistress. It is made from ripe, soft tomatoes with onions. The advantage of this dish is that it can be eaten both independently and as a sauce for meat, dressing for borscht or the Georgian national dish “Chakhokhbili”. This is not just canned tomatoes for the winter, it is a complete semi-finished product. Add eggs and you will get excellent winter eggs with tomatoes. Products for cooking:

5 kg of tomatoes

2 kg of onions

1 l. oils for roasting

Salt - to taste

Cilantro - 500 gr.

Method of preparation

Thoroughly wash the tomatoes and scroll through the meat grinder. Onions cut into cubes, lightly fry in butter at the bottom of a thick-walled pan. In the browned onions add the resulting mass of tomatoes. After that, you need to reduce the heat so that the tomatoes do not burn, and bring the chochbili to readiness (the dish will be ready in 30 minutes).

Without waiting for the chakhokhbili to cool, you need to pour it into cans up to a liter, you must first scald it or pour it with boiling water. Cover with tin lids, sterilize, roll and flip.

Canned tomatoes for the winter in jelly

Canned tomatoes for the winter, prepared according to this recipe, are considered one of the most original ways to cook this product. The dish has an exotic look and will be an original addition to the table.



Water - 1 l.

Sugar - 80 gr.

Salt - 40 gr.

Vinegar - 1 tsp.

Gelatin - 30 gr

Sweet peas, bay leaves to taste

Method of preparation

Prepare the gelatin - soak it in water, then heat the mixture in the bath until dissolved, strain, you should get a homogeneous mass. Slice tomatoes into large jars.

Preparing pouring: add salt, sugar to water, add boiling vinegar, gelatinous mass, spices after boiling. After 3 minutes, remove from heat, pour hot pickle over the cans and sterilize. Next, the banks must be rolled up and kept upside down until they cool down.

Canned tomatoes for the winter in a tomato sauce with onions and carrots

The original tomato recipe in tomato sauce came to us from the Urals, but it is valued and loved throughout the country. To prepare 4 liter cans you will need:



2 medium carrots

3 onions Cilantro, parsley

Bay leaf, sweet pea

4 tbsp. Sahara

1 l. tomato juice

1 tbsp. salt

Method of preparation

Banks before cooking must be sterilized. Lay lavrushka, cilantro, parsley, 2-3 peppercorns on the bottom. Tomatoes should be large parts: cut in halves or quarters, carrots cut to taste - small or large straws, slices, onions - half rings.

In a jar on top of the greens, lay them in even layers, first tomatoes, then carrots, tomatoes again, onions, and then to fill the jars.

Salt the tomato juice and stir in the sugar, put it on the fire and let it boil. If a foam has formed on the surface, it must be removed. After that, pour the hot tomato juice on top of the contents of the cans.

Be sure to sterilize the workpiece: cover the jars with sterile tin lids, lower the jars into boiling water for 10 minutes, then, according to the classical scheme, roll up and turn to cool. Store canned tomatoes for the winter with this method should be in a dark, cold place.

Salty Tomatoes from a Jar or Keg

One of the oldest recipes, beloved by our ancestors - canning due to fermentation and an atypical combination of flavorings in the form of horseradish, cherry leaves, honey and others. The taste is unusual and different from the usual preservation due to the carbonation of the product. The process is usually long and delayed for a month, but the taste becomes unique. Such canned tomatoes for the winter differ in production volumes and lack of need for sterilization.


For canning 15 kg of fruit will need:

10 horseradish leaves

1 kg of leaves of cherry and currant, dill sprigs

300 gr. garlic

300 gr. apples

For the preparation of brine will need: 10 liters. water, 230 gr. salt, 3 tablespoons honey, 50 gr. sugar, 40 g. mustard powder, sweet pea) and 1 tbsp. horseradish Method of preparation

How to make canned tomatoes for the winter from the jar:

First you need to prepare the container: rinse thoroughly and scald. The same goes for the keg.

Reassemble and wash the fruits, greens, they must be fresh and without external damage. Cut the garlic, not peeling it, cut the apples into large pieces. After that, start laying layers of greens, apples, tomatoes and garlic. Apples are stacked only in the first tier. Thus fill the flask and keg almost completely, leaving 15 cm, the last layer should be laid out of horseradish leaves.

Then we prepare the pot for salting: add salt, sugar, honey, mustard, horseradish, peppercorns to the water and stir well to dissolve the salt and sugar. The resulting liquid must be poured before filling. The flask must be closed, blocking the access of oxygen, and left for 30-35 days. You can speed up this process - at a temperature of +20 degrees the dish will be ready in 3 weeks.

To prepare in the barrel, you need to put a load on top of the tomatoes and cover it with a linen napkin or gauze. Approximately in a month the salting process will be completed and the tomatoes will be ready, their taste will almost completely match the taste of tomatoes prepared in a jar.

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