It is most useful to roll tomatoes for the winter without vinegar. The best recipes for making fragrant homemade tomatoes for the winter without vinegar

It is most useful to roll tomatoes for the winter without vinegar. The best recipes for making fragrant homemade tomatoes for the winter without vinegar

In addition to bright taste, tomatoes for the winter without vinegar retain a number of vitamins.

They will be a good snack for any holiday and will complement modest family dinners.

That is why the responsible housewives try to close them every year.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar - general principles of cooking

There are many ways to make tomatoes for the winter without vinegar, by adding some spices and seasonings, you can change the taste and even extend the shelf life.

It is easy to make a preparation without vinegar, because it is prepared without a complicated sterilization process and other refinements. It is enough to cook the marinade, put ripe tomatoes on the banks, pour and roll the banks with a special key. That's all the tricks, but how delicious it is in winter!

Of course, a lot depends on the recipe. With the addition of such products as cherry plum, apples, mustard and others, the taste of the tomato changes dramatically. You can close the whole tomatoes or slices - as you like. The longer they persist, the juicier and tastier they will be. Cook in the ripening season when the vegetables are cheap and ripe.

An important rule for all recipes: after the jars are rolled up, they need to be turned upside down, they must cool down in this position.

A classic recipe for tomatoes for the winter without vinegar

This recipe does not belong to the category of competition, but this is its advantage: it is simple and understandable even to those housewives who canned tomatoes for the winter without vinegar for the first time. Ease is that you do not need to repeatedly drain the water. To taste, they resemble tomato juice and salt. Yes, and a small set of ingredients, and then everything will turn out!


The list of ingredients is the shortest of all the recipes presented, since we only need salt, water and tomatoes.

It is important to adhere to the proportions: put a teaspoon of salt on a liter jar, boil for half an hour. For a two-liter jar, you will need a tablespoon of salt without top, boil for 40 minutes, and accordingly, for a three-liter jar - a tablespoon of salt and top and cook for 50 minutes.

Method of preparation

• We wash the tomatoes under running water and dry them. • We put in the washed and dry banks, we pour salt on top, the quantity is determined by the above described proportion.

• Place the jars in the pan so that they do not burst during boiling, put a rag on the bottom of the pan. Water is poured into two thirds of the height of the cans.

• Fill the tomatoes with unboiled cold water and cover with lids. After boiling we boil on medium heat for half an hour.

• After another 30 minutes, we take out and roll the jars, turn them upside down, cool them. Stored well, must be infused before use within a month.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with fruit tree leaves and garlic


The number is calculated on a three-liter jar or 3 liter.

• Red tomatoes of medium size (preferably cream grade) - 3 kg.

• 6 pieces of currant and cherry leaves.

• Pepper Peas - 9 pieces.

• Sugar - 2.5 tbsp. l

• Salt - 1.5 Art. l

• Dill - half a teaspoon of seeds and a few sprigs.

• Water - how much will go into the banks.

• For a brighter taste, you can add one clove of garlic to one liter jar.

Method of preparation

Tomatoes need to wash, dry. In the meantime, you can peel the garlic, wash the currant and cherry leaves, and prepare the spices. Banks also require preparation: they must be washed in soda solution and sterilized in boiling water. Many housewives use a microwave for this purpose, keeping cans for ten minutes at a temperature of one hundred degrees. Meanwhile, boil about two liters of water.

In jars (in our case there are three of them) we put garlic, washed greens and tomatoes before the neck. Fill with boiling water to the top. Lids-covered jars are left for about twenty minutes - this time is necessary for warming the vegetables. After cooling the water in the jars, pour it into the pan and bring to the boil again. Banks at this time should be covered with lids. In the hot water, add the required amount of sugar / salt / tomato and leave for another twenty minutes. Then again pour water into the pan and boil the brine on its base. For this recipe, you need to boil it several times, pour tomatoes on it, roll up the key. After the banks have completely cooled down, send them to the cellar for storage.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with citric acid

You will spend only half an hour of time, and savory tomatoes will delight the household all the winter months! You will enjoy the sweet taste of tomatoes, and you can drink pickle endlessly.


To close one three-liter jar of tomatoes you will need:

• about two kilograms of tomato;

• 2 tsp of citric acid;

• 3 tsp salt without top;

• 4 tablespoons of sugar with a hill;

• a few peas of black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, parsley sprigs.

Method of preparation

Prepare tomatoes and jars (as in previous recipes). At the bottom of a three-liter cans are laid out spices. We ram the tomatoes, pour boiling water. We are waiting for 15 minutes, then pour the water into the pan, add a little more water (about 90 ml per three-liter jar) and put the citric acid, as well as sugar and salt - bring the brine to a boil. We just pour the freshly boiled pickle so that it is poured over the edges of the can - this will once again sterilize the neck. We roll up the rolled up banks, cover with a rug to cool completely.

Recipe for tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with apples

The aroma of such tomatoes for the winter without vinegar is excellent, as is the taste. To implement the recipe, choose apples sour varieties, ideal - Antonovka.


• 2 apples per 1-liter can;

• spices: dill sprigs, allspice, a piece of bitter pepper, cherry leaves;

• brine: take three tablespoons of sugar and salt for half a liter of water.

Method of preparation

At the bottom of a carefully prepared jar (as in the above recipes) put spices. Apples need to be cut into four pieces, remove the core and put in jars. Brine boil water, salt and sugar. Pour tomatoes in cans with boiling brine, then roll them up.

Tomatoes with apple slices are incredibly tasty, and the juice from the jar does not harm health, because it is without vinegar!

Pickling tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with mustard

Mustard is present in many recipes for salting vegetables, and not only tomatoes. But not every hostess uses it correctly. At observance of proportions preservation will turn out fragrant, tasty with characteristic "peppercorn".


• 8 kg of ripe tomatoes; • currant leaves;

• 5 l. water;

• 1 tsp. mixes of pepper: black and red;

• 12 tsp without a top of dry mustard powder;

• 0.5 cups of salt;

• 6 pieces of bay leaves.

Method of preparation

Choosing not salted tomatoes for pickling. They need to be washed, dried, put in a container for salting (a small barrel is good for this purpose). Each “tomato” layer is “covered” with currant leaves.

Cooking fragrant pickle: boil water, salt, give cool. When the brine is cold, add mustard powder, stir and wait for it to infuse. Fill the tomatoes only after it becomes completely transparent, while it may have a characteristic mustard shade. So, pour tomatoes, put the oppression and send for pickling in a cool place - see how simple it is, it remains to try how delicious it is!

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with cherry plum

Cherry vinegar in this case replaces vinegar, so to taste you do not distinguish tomatoes, closed with vinegar. We offer a recipe for three liter jars.


• cherry tomatoes (or other small varieties) - 1.5 kg;

• sour cherry plum (wild) - 300 g;

• sugar (4 tbsp. L) and salt (2 tbsp. L);

• dill - several umbrellas with seeds;

• a larger sheet of horseradish;

• cherry leaves - 2 pieces per jar;

• three rings of hot and sweet peppers;

• black pepper peas - 15 pieces;

• optional: 3 pieces of cloves and several bay leaves.

Method of preparation

Put greens and spices into prepared jars, in general everything except cherry plum, tomatoes, sweet pepper, sugar and salt. We put cherry plum and tomatoes, pour boiling water, cover with lids and leave for a while, as in previous recipes. We perform this manipulation twice. Then add salt, sugar, bay leaf to the pan. We bring the marinade to a boil, give boil for half a minute. We pour the hot marinade over the cans, cover with lids, roll up, turn over, wrap, give completely cool.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar with aspirin

You might be surprised, but aspirin will help not only reduce the temperature, but also ferment the tomatoes. It is also popular because many consider it less harmful to the body than vinegar.

Ingredients The proposed list of ingredients is designed for 5 three-liter cans:

• 7 liters of unboiled water.

• 2 tbsp. l sugar and 1 tbsp. l salt.

• 2 medium onions, cut into half rings.

• 40 peppercorns.

• 10 bay leaves and the same number of dill umbrellas.

• 15 cloves of peeled garlic

• 15 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid at 0.5 g.

Method of preparation

After preparing the cans and tomato, boil the brine with pepper, salt, sugar, bay leaves. Let it simmer for a few minutes and take it off. The main rule - do not pour warm marinade, just completely cooled.

Now you can put the tomatoes on the banks, in each send aspirin tablets, at the rate of one tablet per one liter capacity. So, for a three-liter jar of conservation will need three tablets. Do not forget to also send onions, garlic in a jar, cover with cooled brine. The peculiarity of this recipe is that tomatoes can be closed with nylon covers. You can try it in seven days, but it’s better to wait two weeks so that they become even tastier.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar - tricks and tips

First of all, pay attention to the quality of the purchased vegetables. They should be ripe in moderation, dense, free from mold and other defects. From soft overripe fruits it is better to make a salad, cutting off parts that you do not like.

If you want to prepare tomatoes for the winter without vinegar and other preservatives, it is necessary to sterilize the cans well, in the process, do not take them by the neck and, as our grandmothers say, do not preserve during critical days. Most likely, this is due to the hormonal background that is changing these days. If you pour tomatoes with cold marinade, they will retain their hardness and fresh taste.

You can add onions, slices of sweet pepper, grapes, and lemon to tomatoes. Originality is acquired by tomatoes, preserved with pepperoni, gherkins.

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