How to marinate pork for kebab: tips from experienced "kebab cookers". Marinated pork: it's time for nature!

How to marinate pork for kebab: tips from experienced

Probably, the dizzying smell of roasted meat leaves no one indifferent.

The words “kebab” and “picnic” seem to rhyme on purpose closer to spring, weekends and holidays, promising a pleasant rest on the bank of the river or of the lake, by the fire.

Of course, the fees begin long before the cherished day, and they begin with the purchase of meat for kebabs, its marinating, because all the other attributes of a feast in nature are just the accompanying entourage.

How to pickle pork for kebab - the basic technological principles

Before you start talking about marinades, you should focus on the choice of meat. This is not a coincidence. Each type of meat differs in density, biochemical composition, which accordingly affects the methods of its processing, compatibility with other ingredients, spices and spices, cooking time.

Pork for cooking kebabs is increasingly becoming a traditional type of meat due to its availability. But even if we consider pork meat as the main ingredient, and not lamb or other types of meat, then we must pay attention to the fact that pork is different, even in the same carcass, the meat is not accidentally divided into different categories by quality. Some parts of the carcass - more fat, in other fat is contained in small quantities. The density and elasticity of muscle tissue in the pig carcass pulp is also different. Although pork is considered more tender meat than lamb or beef, these nuances must be considered.

The back of the pork has the most lean and stiff flesh, and the neck is the most tender and juicy meat, with fatty layers. In the process of roasting, the protein of the meat is rolled up, and if the pulp does not contain a sufficient amount of fat, which secretes the juice during frying, then the kebab will turn out hard and dry. In order to keep lean meat during frying, marinade is not necessary. By the way, those who do not like fatty meat need to know that the acid contained in the marinade not only changes the structure of animal protein, making it soft, but also contributes to a better splitting of fats during the digestion of food. Protein softens in an acidic environment, which provides a marinade consisting of juice, wine vinegar. Pineapple juice and papaya juice containing bromelin and papain enzymes work very well. In addition to these juices, wine, tomatoes, dairy products are excellent.

The rest of the pork marinated are selected additional vegetables and spices, which are most combined with this type of meat, taking into account its further roasting on the coals of the fire. When selecting spices for pork, consider the richness of their flavor. For example, carnation has a brighter and more expressive smell than allspice or bay leaf. Therefore, the number of spices must be adjusted, paying attention to the properties of spices.

If it is necessary to marinate pork for shish kebab in a short period of time, it is better to grind spices for the marinade so that their smell becomes tangible and more quickly absorbed into the meat. Essential point: if you remember that salt absorbs moisture very quickly, then do not salt the pork when pickling. Prepare a separate salt solution, and even add a mixture of spices and spices to it, in order to sprinkle the meat over the coals when the kebab is almost ready.

Asking how to marinate pork for shish kebab, try to cook the marinade, not so much caring about its quantity, as choosing the right meat and ingredients for the marinade itself. Not everything depends on the marinade.

Chop the meat correctly: the smaller pieces will more quickly soak the marinade and then fry. When frying, the meat is reduced in volume, but a piece weighing 50 g will be perfectly cooked. Try to cut the meat across the fibers: this will also help to properly marinate the pork for the kebab. Another trick that will help make even the back part softer is beating. Cut the meat into transverse layers, 4.5–5 cm thick, beat it first, and then continue cutting and marinating.

Even a large number of pork can be marinated in one liter of marinade, if you approach the issue, showing ingenuity and ingenuity. Of course, the usual method of cooking pork marinated in enamel saucepans and plastic buckets, has not been canceled, as the most proven and reliable. But, at least, take note of another, compact and economical option, and the first topic of conversation at the picnic will be a discussion of how to marinate pork for shish-kebab, saving space in the refrigerator.

Let's count a little. If you pour 5 ml of wine , or pomegranate juice, or pineapple into a piece weighing 50 g with an ordinary medical injection syringe, how much marinade is needed and how much time will be spent on this procedure? Answer: in 1 kg of meat - 20 pieces weighing 50 g each; respectively, 5 kg is 100 pieces of pork and 500 ml of wine or juice. Compare how much marinade is needed to marinate the same meat in the usual way, pouring marinade over it so as to cover the surface at least 2 cm? Of course, in order to pickle onions or other vegetables for shish kebab, taking injections is not quite suitable, but for this it is quite enough to put the meat in a sealed bag with a clasp, together with these vegetables, and hold them together until as long as firewood is burned in the fire and the heat is generated, it is necessary to finally start cooking kebabs.

You can, in order to calm yourself, pour an additional glass of wine or juice into the bag, so that the vegetables are also filled with delicious flavor and proceed to the question of how to marinate pork for shish kebab and which marinade to choose for marinated pork?

1. How to pickle pork for kebab: marinade with mustard and lemon juice

The composition of the marinade:

Mustard, hot (ready) 200 ml

Lemon juice 400 ml

Purified water 150 ml

A set of spices: bay leaf, a mixture of allspice and ground pepper

Onions, rings 2 kg


Combine water and fresh, purified lemon juice. Grind the spices with a blender or coffee grinder into powder and add to the liquid, along with the mustard. Put prepared meat in a bag, tie and shake. Soak pork in marinade for at least 12 hours. Pack in the refrigerator on the top shelf. For cooking kebab choose small onions, preferably sweet varieties. A sharp onion during long marinating will add bitterness to the meat. Large onion is uncomfortable to string and fry. Small onions will not crumble and will sit tight on skewers or skewers, baked together with meat and will serve as an excellent side dish.

2. Red, dry wine for pork marinated

The composition of the marinade:

Dry wine, red (grape) 700 ml

Sugar 100 g

Spices: cloves, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf

Onions, white (small or medium) 1.5 kg

Eggplant, blue (small size) 1 kg

Garlic 150g

Tomatoes “cream” (or “cherry”) 1.7-2.0 kg

Parsley (greens) 200 g


Chop dry spices, chop vegetables, chop garlic and parsley so that they release juice into marinade. Combine all the components, separating 200-300 ml of wine in advance, in order to introduce it into each piece of meat with a syringe. Leave the meat and vegetables in a sealed bag for at least 2 hours to pickle the vegetables.

3. Tomato juice with Georgian adjika for pork marinated

The composition of the marinade:

Tomato juice, natural 500 ml

Pomegranate juice 200 ml

Sugar 150 g

Garlic 100g

Cardamom, bay leaf, chilli pepper, cloves

Tomatoes, fleshy 2.0 kg

Red and yellow pepper, salad 1 kg

Green cilantro and parsley, chopped 300 g

Onions, rings 1,5 kg

Adjika, Georgian 3 tbsp. spoons


Slice the prepared vegetables into rings to alternate them with the meat, stringing them onto the skewers. First chop the spices, and then, shifting them in a mortar or blender, add adjika, chopped greens, garlic. After grinding all the ingredients in the paste, add it to the tomato juice. There, put the meat and sliced ​​vegetables for 3-5 hours.

4. Apple juice marinade with pineapples for marinated pork

The composition of the marinade:

Onions, white 3 kg

Prunes 300 g

Pineapple, fresh 1 pc. (medium size)

Juice, apple 0.5 l

Bay leaf, anise, pepper, basil, oregano


Prepared onions and pineapple cut into rings. Divided steamed in boiling water prunes divided into halves. Crush the spices with greens and combine all the ingredients of the marinade, filling them with apple juice. Put the prepared meat in the bag and pour the marinade into it. An hour later, you can fry kebabs.

5. How to marinate pork for kebab kefir

For the marinade:

Cranberry 1 tbsp.

Bay leaf

Basil, fresh 200 g

Kefir 1 l

Provencal herbs




Peel the onions and cut into rings, coarsely chop the basil leaves and combine with other ingredients. In such a marinade stand the meat in the cold during the night.

6. How to marinate pork for kebab brandy

For the marinade:

Cherry juice 500 ml

Onion, 400 g

Cognac 500 ml

Honey 100 g

Black pepper, cardamom, bay leaf


Add crushed spices to cognac, dilute honey with heated cherry juice (25-30C) and pour into cognac. Place the pork in the bag and cover with the cooked marinade. Meat will be ready for roasting in an hour.

7. How to marinate pork for kebab with beer

The composition of the marinade:

Borodinsky bread (stale) 1 loaf

Cumin, bay leaf, hops (dried cones), a mixture of peppers

Malt 100 ml

Beer, “living” 1 l

Onions 2 kg

Eggs 6 pcs.


Beat eggs with malt and beer, add spices, onions, cut into large rings and large cubes of bread. Transfer the cooked marinade into the meat bag for 4 hours, and then proceed to bake the kebabs.

How to pickle pork for kebabs - tips and tricks

  • So that the juice from the meat does not leak out onto the coals during the frying process of the kebab, pork marinated before stringing on the skewer, roll in flour. Breading will delay the juice in the meat
  • After removing the kebab from the fire, place it on a plate and cover with foil for a few minutes so that the meat “rests” and becomes juicy.
  • If the weather spoiled the plans and the picnic had to be postponed, then put the meat and marinade in foil and do not be discouraged. In any marinade pork in foil will be a festive dish. If you want the meat to smell like smoke, add smoked ribs or lard to the foil before baking. Bring the meat to readiness, and then open the foil and hold it in a hot oven, open over high heat to redden.
  • When choosing a specific marinade recipe for barbecue, think over the sauce recipe in advance: it should correspond to the marinade prepared earlier, therefore include similar ingredients in its composition.
  • Our ancestors always served cranberry or lingonberry sauce to fried, “spiced” meat. They were right, because “sourness” helps the stomach to digest food. The ancient culinary secret of our ancestors is also hidden in honey sauces: the biochemical composition of honey is very similar to blood plasma, and this product also helps the body cope with a hearty lunch.

Try in the near future meat “grilled”, baked in a large piece in the dough, marinated in any of the cooked marinades.

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