Beef Kebab - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook kebab of beef.

Beef Kebab - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook kebab of beef.

Beef skewers - general principles and methods of cooking

If you make a rating of the favorite food of humanity, in the first place will be bread, and in the second place meat. Bread is a basic thing, without it nowhere. But if we consider meat, what epoch you might take in the culinary sense - everywhere an ode to kebabs. Without it - nowhere, without it the cooking book of any country will not do in any way. The name, of course, may be different, but the meaning is the same - pieces of meat marinated in thousands of different ways, roasted on coals, smell of smoke, spices, and incredibly, breathtakingly tasty. And the Neanderthals are to blame, it was they who first discovered the secret of roasted meat on an open fire.

Today we will talk about beef kebabs. Beef meat has a dense original flavor, however, along with small fat layers requires special marinade and spices. The number of beef kebab recipes is truly limitless. It can be spicy and spicy, with lemon juice and dried herbs, in tomato or mayonnaise, kefir or onion syrup - it all depends on national traditions and personal preferences. This is a fairly tough meat, so you need to choose the best parts of it - cutting with a layer of fat or, for example, the inside of the back leg. Rump is used for both kebabs and steaks.

Beef Kebabs - Food Preparation

Muscular parts of the beef, such as a rump, will have to cook longer, so that the meat is not so tough. For kebabs, a special advantage is the “marble” beef, where the meat is under the thinnest net of fat. To get this look, special conditions are created when taking care of the bulls, and a special mode of the day. They say that they even make a special massage for fattening. Therefore, the tenderloin — an oblong piece of meat without bones from the muscles along the spine — results in a particularly soft, kebab from it will be tender and juicy. Neck, shoulder and ankle are prepared longer, and their pickling will take more time - a day or two. The main thing is not to overdry during frying so that it does not become tough.

Beef Kebab - Cooking

Skewers can be cooked with the help of any barbecue - collapsible stones or folded from a brick, or maybe you prefer a hiking metal construction. The main principle: the heat from open coal. The best coals are obtained from plums, apples, cherries - the meat is obtained with a special fruity aroma. Do not forget about skewers. Put them as close as possible, “tightly”, so that the kebab was juicier. Marinated meat should be in glass, enamel or earthenware. Aluminum pan can spoil the taste of meat.

Beef Kebab - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Siberian-style skewers in dry white wine

Preparing a kebab for this recipe, you will understand that the correct marinade can soften any, even the toughest meat. Siberians are such avid hunters, they can turn any meat into edible. It is necessary to marinate beef for a long time, not less than 24 hours, however, at the exit we will have juicy meat melting in the mouth.

Ingredients: beef meat (3 kg), onions (1.5 kg), salt, 300 grams of white dry wine, vinegar (150 gr.), Lemon, black pepper and bay leaves (1 pack ), red ground pepper.

Method of preparation

So, cut the meat into pieces of 4-5 centimeters. At the bottom of a large pot we place a lot of black peppercorns and a whole layer of bay leaf. Rings distribute the onion on top of the sheet and only then lay the beef on top. Salt, pepper - this is to taste. Again a layer of onions and meat. We continue until the meat is over. Sprinkle with pepper and salt. The last layer will be a bow and bay leaf. Pour the vinegar, cover the pan with a lid and put the press on top: something heavy. Leave for 24 hours. Marinated meat is separated from the juice, transferred to a new pan and filled with wine and lemon juice for 3-4 hours. String on a skewer and delight your guests with Siberian shashlyk. The well-fed and peaceful guests will remember your party and the delicious taste of kebab in white wine for a long time.

Recipe 2: Lebanese kyuf kebabs

Kufta (kafta) is a Lebanese national dish, marinated minced kebab. This amazing recipe is being asked by anyone who has ever tried kyufta. You will be able to prepare the meat in 20 minutes, and another 10 minutes will take you to prepare it.

Ingredients: lean ground beef (750 gr.), Onions (1 pc.), Parsley (half a glass), salt, allspice, ground black pepper, ground red pepper.

Method of preparation

Mix in a large capacity ground beef, spices and chopped onion and parsley. Divide the mixture into 6 parts and wrap around the skewer. It turns out six sausages on skewers with a diameter of 3 cm. Fry on prepared hot coals until brown, turning over from time to time. Barbeque marinated ground beef is an excellent snack, it is almost not necessary to chew it, it will melt in the mouth.

Recipe 3: Skewers of beef with pineapple for children on skewers

For the simplest recipe for an exceptionally bright and tasty dish, you need a minimum of ingredients. If strung pieces of meat on small skewers, you get a great dish for a children's holiday. Children love pineapple slices, the combination of beef and pineapple has just great taste.

Ingredients: beef (half a kilo), garlic, soy sauce, red, diced sweet pepper (1 pc), pineapple slices (2 cups).

Method of preparation

Mix the garlic and soy sauce. Meat is cut and repulsed, marinated for 30 minutes. Stringing pieces interspersed with pepper and pineapple, just get 8-10 skewers. Fry for 10 minutes using a grill or barbecue. It turns out delicious portions of kebab, which can be served with rice or salad. In general, a full holiday to you and your loved ones!

Recipe 4: Beef skewers in honey marinade with soy sauce

Exquisite version of the Caucasian beef kebab, with a spicy taste, a sample of real Caucasian freshness and vigor.

Ingredients: beef meat (1 kg), honey (1 tbsp. Spoon), soy sauce (80 ml), sesame oil, grated ginger (2.h spoons), garlic, salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the meat into pieces and salt. Heat the honey in a bowl, grate ginger, grind the garlic through the garlic press. Combine the ingredients, pour the resulting mass of meat for 4 hours. Along with the kebab, bake and vegetables for garnish, they are saturated with meat flavors. The main thing - put closer to yourself. If there are a lot of people, you risk to be late - they will eat everything!

Beef Kebabs - Useful Tips from Experienced Culinary Specialists

- If you use lemon juice instead of vinegar - be careful: you need a little less juice by volume, otherwise you risk making the meat sour.

- Kefir will make beef soft and tender. Marinate longer, minimum night.

- To soften the beef in the marinade, you can add a little vegetable oil.

- The distance from the skewer with meat to coal must be at least 15 cm.

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