Banana cake cream is an unmatched delicacy. How to easily and quickly prepare the original banana cream cake

Banana cake cream is an unmatched delicacy. How to easily and quickly prepare the original banana cream cake

The banana in our menu has long been no surprise. However, lovers of this appetizing fruit will be able to please themselves and loved ones with an original dish. For this, it is enough to use banana cream for cake in your favorite desserts.

Why it is worth making banana cream for cake

Banana airy dessert is a dream of sweet teeth and fans of exotic fruit. This tropical fruit is a real storehouse of vitamins and beneficial microelements. It improves mood, is useful for many problems with the stomach and improves the functioning of the heart.

Banana cream is used to lubricate the sand and biscuit cakes in the cake or use as a separate dessert. It can be used to decorate puddings and cupcakes, as a filling for cakes, rolls and waffles. Sweet pancakes are smeared with pancakes and pancakes. Delicate taste of banana cream cake will give any dish originality and a unique highlight.

Features of cooking banana cream

Cream bananas are whipped in a blender or blender until smooth. However, if desired, the fruit is simply kneaded with a fork, then banana slices will be felt in the finished product. Usually cream is prepared according to the first method. So the cakes are better soaked, and not everyone likes to feel the breasts of the fruit.

The composition of products for a banana cream depends on the type of dessert. The basis of banana cream is various fats. This fruit goes well with milk, cream and animal oils.

Lemon juice in banana cream is used to prevent darkening of the fruit. In addition, you can use the juice of an apple, orange, mandarin or pomegranate. With this additive, the product will remain a beautiful yellowish color.

Banana cream is coated with shortbread, puff pastry, biscuit, choux and pancake dough. Each type of baking is well impregnated, the finished product has a pleasant taste and appetizing appearance.

Banana cream

Products • 60 g butter;

• half a glass of banana puree;

• half a teaspoon of lemon juice;

• package of vanilla;

• 3 cups of granulated sugar.


1. In a puree of a banana, pour in lemon juice and add vanillin, mix everything.

2. Beat soft oil with a mixer until fluffy.

3. To fat in small portions add alternately granulated sugar and banana puree.

4. Clean the cream with a smooth consistency in the refrigerator before use.

Banana-chocolate cream

This sweet mass is used both for dressing cakes, and as a separate dessert.


• 2 large bananas;

• 50 g of orange juice (optionally a mixture of orange and lemon juice);

• 100 g of dark chocolate;

• 75 g of granulated sugar.


1. Make banana puree in a blender.

2. Add juice and sugar to them, whisk until smooth.

3. Pour the mixture into the pan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

4. As soon as boils, remove from heat. Immediately chop the chocolate pieces into the cream mass and mix to make it completely melted.

5. Spread the homogeneous mixture on the bowl. When slightly cool, put in the refrigerator. It will cool completely and run well.

Banana Mascarpone Cream


• zest of half a lemon;

• 400 g Mascarpone;

• 250 g homemade cream;

• 1 medium banana;

• 50g of powdered sugar.

Preparation Steps

1. Make a banana puree in a blender.

2. Mix it with mascarpone.

3. Combine cream, powdered sugar and zest, beat until smooth.

4. In the resulting mixture, add mascarpone puree, mix.

Cream with liquor


• 3 bananas;

• a tablespoon of liqueur to taste;

• 250 g sour cream;

• 100 grams of granulated sugar.


1. Combine chilled sour cream with sugar, whisk.

2. In a blender, chop the slices of banana, pour the liqueur into the puree.

3. Combine the mixture, gently mix until a homogeneous cream mass.

4. Let cool slightly before use.

Milk-banana cream with raisins


• half a glass of milk;

• a tablespoon of powdered sugar;

• 100 g of bananas;

• 10 g raisins;

• half an egg;

• zest of 1 lemon.

Preparation Steps

1. Rub the powder with the egg.

2. Prepare a banana puree, add chopped lemon zest.

3. Boil the milk and cool slightly.

4. Combine the egg mass, mashed potatoes, milk and raisins.

5. Warm the mixture well in a water bath, not forgetting to stir constantly.

Banana yoghurt cream


• 2 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice;

• 2 bananas;

• 50 g of granulated sugar;

• 180 g unsweetened yogurt;

• 180 g sour cream.


1. Peel bananas, cook mashed potatoes, add lemon juice to it.

2. Whip sugar with sour cream until smooth.

3. Combine bananas, sour cream and yogurt.

4. Spread on the bowl. Cool before serving.

Banana cream with gelatin


• 1 medium sized banana;

• incomplete glass of sour cream;

• 85 g of granulated sugar;

• 5 g of gelatin;

• package of vanilla.


1. Soak gelatin in warm water for 15 minutes.

2. Cooking mashed banana.

3. Mixer thoroughly whip up icing sugar, vanillin and sour cream.

4. Swollen gelatin completely dissolve on the steam bath.

5. Turn on the mixer, gradually pour the gelatin into the sour cream mass and mix.

6. Add banana puree to the mixture, beat.

Sour cream


• 160 g of bananas;

• 250 ml of sour cream;

• 90 g of granulated sugar;

• a teaspoon of lemon juice;

• package of vanilla.

Preparation Steps

1. Peel the bananas. They can be crushed with a blender or mash with a fork, depending on desire.

2. Pour lemon juice into banana mass and mix.

3. Combine puree with sugar and sour cream, whisk in a blender or with your hands.

Cream with condensed milk and banana


• 200 g of bananas, butter and condensed milk.

Preparation Steps

1. In a blender of bananas, make mashed potatoes. Put it in a separate container.

2. Whip soft butter until it turns white. 3. Pour the condensed milk into the blender and mix it thoroughly with oil.

4. Combine the mixture with banana puree and flux until a homogeneous air mass.

Orange-banana cream with milk chocolate


• 2 bananas;

• 1 orange;

• 90 g of granulated sugar;

• 50 ml of water;

• 120 g of milk chocolate;

• 2 tbsp. spoons of cocoa powder.


1. Grind bananas in a blender.

2. Squeeze the juice from half an orange, using a fine grater, remove the zest from the fruit.

3. Mix banana puree, orange juice and zest.

4. Add water, cocoa and granulated sugar to the mixture.

5. Put the mass on a slow fire, stir constantly. After boiling, boil for 2 minutes.

6. Remove from heat. Add chopped chocolate, mix until smooth.

7. When the cream has cooled slightly, place in the refrigerator until it is completely cooled.



• 1 chicken egg;

• a tablespoon of granulated sugar;

• 70 g flour;

• half a teaspoon of butter;

• 3/4 cup of milk;

• half a banana.


1. Pound an egg and soft butter with sugar.

2. Add flour to the mass and whisk thoroughly.

3. Heat the milk, add a little to the egg mixture and mix.

4. Combine the remaining milk and the resulting mass, boil over low heat until thick and remove from heat.

5. Grate a banana on a grater, place in a pan with a milk-egg mass and again heat over low heat, stirring all the time.

6. Freshly prepared cream is better to use immediately for the impregnation of the cake in the cake.

Curd-banana cream cake


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• sugar to taste;

• 100 g of kefir;

• 2 bananas;

• package of vanilla.

Preparation Steps

1. First, separate the cottage cheese in a blender.

2. Add kefir, banana slices, vanillin and sugar to it. Mix thoroughly until smooth and completely dissolved sugar.

Tips and Tricks

• The cream keeps its shape better, if you use not overripe, but still hard fruit. You can not cook from frozen bananas, and green can be used. • Instead of granulated sugar, powdered sugar is often used to make this banana sweet. This replacement helps to improve the quality of the finished product, making the cream more airy. The rate of sweet product regulate depending on your taste.

• Butter for butter cream can be whipped, when by pressing on its surface there is no recess. This can be achieved if you get it out of the fridge half an hour before making the cream.

• Banana cake cream is a fairly high-calorie product. It perfectly satisfies hunger, but will not help in the fight against obesity.

• In sour cream, sour cream can be replaced with homemade cream. Then the finished product will be even tastier, but more fat. The main thing when cooking cream with cream is not to beat the mass for a long time. This can lead to the fact that the cream can be divided into serum and butter, then the cream will not work. If instead of sour cream to use yogurt or kefir, then the dish will be not so high-calorie.

• For a good saturation of the cakes with banana cream, they are smeared in the evening, and by the morning the dessert is well soaked in a tasty filling.

• Banana egg-based cake cream is a fast-rotting product. It is better to use it immediately after preparation, before use to keep in the refrigerator. At room temperature, the shelf life is not more than 6 hours.

• Bananas blend well with other fruits, as well as ice cream, dried fruit and chocolate. It is appropriate to apply banana cream with these products. If desired, add hazelnuts, cinnamon, rum or brandy.

• A great “quick” cake with a banana cream can be made using ready-made wafer cakes.

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