Cream for homemade cake: butter, cottage cheese, creamy, caramel, chocolate, from jam ... Choose from the variety of tastes your own recipe for homemade cake!

Cream for homemade cake: butter, cottage cheese, creamy, caramel, chocolate, from jam ... Choose from the variety of tastes your own recipe for homemade cake!

The cream layer gives the homemade cake a special delicacy and originality, making the taste of your favorite dessert original and not similar to store products.

Many housewives own recipes for "branded" home-made cakes that surprise guests and household members with their unique taste and delicate aroma. But not all home-made pastry chefs know that it is the cream that makes the cake special, because there are about a dozen types of dough for the dessert base, and there are several dozens of ways to make the cream.

In order to please the tastes of each family member, you should learn how to prepare several types of cream for homemade cake, which will allow you to make a culinary masterpiece of cakes and a “secret” cream recipe purchased in a nearby supermarket in just half an hour.

General principles for making homemade cake cream

In the confectionery business, there are general requirements for what should be a cream for homemade cake:

• the texture of the cream should be uniform, without oily “flakes”;

• the cream should not spread, its correct consistency corresponds to the density of high-fat sour cream;

• cream to decorate the upper tier of the cake should keep the desired shape even at room temperature;

• well whipped cream for homemade cake is not stratified when stored in the refrigerator.

In the cream for homemade cake should not add thickeners and stabilizers (flour, gelatin and starch), so as not to increase the already considerable caloric content of a tasty dessert. Homemade pastries are not intended for multi-day storage, so there is no point in making the cake heavier with thick cream. To enjoy your favorite dessert was not a reason to buy clothes for a couple of sizes larger, you can use lightweight creams that are no less tasty than classic ones. Among the general principles of making a cream for homemade cake, the following points deserve special attention:

• components of the cream should have approximately the same temperature before whipping, then the mass will be homogeneous and smooth;

• It is advisable to use a mixer for preparing protein creams, starting at a low speed and increasing the number of revolutions in the process of whipping the mass;

• creams with oil components are better prepared using a whisk to get the perfect consistency of the mass;

• syrup for classic butter cream boiled to the state of “thin thread”;

• cream requires cream with a fat content of at least 33-35%, and sour cream needs cream with a fat content of at least 25%.

To make an exclusive cream for homemade cake, you can try unusual combinations of components and the original sequence of cooking cream mass, using the following recipes as an example.

Chocolate rum cream for homemade cake

This recipe produces a cream with an exquisite taste, which can be interbedded with any kind of cake or used to make mass for making pastries.


• milk chocolate - 3 tiles of 100 g each;

• instant coffee - 3 teaspoons;

• fatty cream (33%) - 200 ml;

• butter - 60 g;

• rum (can be replaced with brandy) - 6 teaspoons

Method of preparation

Break the chocolate into small pieces, fold it into a metal bowl and heat it in a water bath until softened. In the warmed cream, add coffee and lightly whisk the resulting mass. Pour warm cream with coffee in a bowl of chocolate, stirring with a whisk, so that the mixture becomes uniform. Then add soft butter in small pieces and rum, not forgetting to work with a whisk. Capacity is bursting with film and put in the fridge for freezing. Before you use chocolate-rum cream, you need to beat the mass further.

Mint-strawberry cream for homemade cake

Light and gentle cream for homemade cake with summer notes and chocolate flavor suitable for biscuit cakes and custard cakes.


• fatty cream (33%) - 200 ml;

• white chocolate - 4 tiles of 100 g each;

• strawberries crushed in mashed potatoes - 160 g;

• fresh mint - 20 leaves

Method of preparation

Chocolate break into pieces, put in a bowl and melt using a microwave or saucepan with boiling water. Add the mint to the cream and heat it to the boil, then cover the saucepan with the lid and draw the resulting mint cream for 10-15 minutes, then remove the mint leaves. In the chocolate mass, add warm cream, stirring constantly with a whisk to ensure the homogeneity of the mixture. Then put strawberry puree in chocolate-creamy mass, whipping with a whisk. Put the container in the fridge, after the mass solidifies, you need to re-beat it, and then you can sandwich the cake layers.

Cream for homemade cake of jam

Interesting fruit cream for homemade sponge cake, which contains jam instead of sugar. The best options are plum, apple and cherry (seedless), from which part of the syrup is removed, leaving a thicker part for the cream.


• high-quality butter - 200 g;

• thick homemade jam - 400 g;

• cognac (can be replaced with liquor) - 2 tablespoons

Method of preparation

Rub the white butter. In a blender, whip the jam and add it in small portions to the butter, whipping the mass with a whisk. Then pour brandy or liqueur (it is better to take liqueur on herbs, not berry). The finished cream can be used for sandwiching and decorating the cake, as well as as an independent dessert.

Berry-nut curd cream for homemade cake

Gentle and refreshing cream for homemade cake with a small calorie and juicy berry flavor (suitable raspberry, cherry or strawberry). Cake made from biscuit cakes with this cream is suitable for a festive tea party even for those who follow a diet. Ingredients:

• natural cottage cheese without additives - 400 g;

• chicken egg yolks - 4 pcs .;

• fatty cream (33%) - 100 g;

• sugar - 100 g;

• steamed raisins and fresh berries (bones must be removed), 50 g each;

• nuts or sunflower seeds - 50 g;

• vanillin - optional

Method of preparation

Pound sugar and egg yolks to whiten mass. Cottage cheese, twice rubbed through a fine sieve, add to the sugar-egg mixture. Raisin, nuts and berries chopped in a blender, add to the curd mass. Whip whisk cream and pour them to the cake mix cream. Beat the mixture until smooth and proceed to the assembly of the cake.

Chocolate ganache cream for homemade cake

The famous French ganache is easy to prepare, it requires a minimum of products, but the result will delight everyone who tastes the cake with this delicious cream.


• bitter chocolate - 3 tiles of 150 g each;

• butter - 50 g;

• fat cream (33%) - 400 ml

Method of preparation

Chocolate must be chopped with a knife into a crumb. The cream is heated, but do not let them boil. Chocolate chips pour hot cream and leave to infuse for 5-7 minutes. Add the oil, which will enhance the taste of the cream and give the cream a pleasant shine. Knead the mixture with a whisk until completely smooth. After cooling the cream in the fridge (about an hour), beat it until it is pompy and slightly brightens the mass. Ganache cream is suitable for decorating the top of the cake using a pastry syringe or sandwiching the cake layers.

Mascarpone cream for homemade cake

Thick and at the same time airy mascarpone cream for homemade cake has an unusual taste and is suitable for different types of cake layers. Suitable for sandwiching the cake and smearing it on the top and sides.


• Mascarpone cheese - 250 g;

• brandy - 2-3 teaspoons;

• orange, lemon and lime - 1 pc .;

• powdered sugar - 2 partial tablespoons; • vanillin - to taste

Method of preparation

Mix mascarpone with vanilla and powdered sugar, add brandy to the cheese and knead it well. Remove the citrus zest with a fine grater, lay out the zest in a cheese-sugar mixture. Knead the resulting cream until smooth, proceed to the promezhivanie cake cake.

Honey-nut cream for homemade cake

Fragrant and luscious cream for homemade cake with a biscuit or sandy basis will appeal to the most sophisticated sweet teeth. Honeyed note combined with nutty flavor gives the dessert its uniqueness.


• natural honey - 100 g;

• butter - 200 g;

• small lemon - 1 pc .;

• steamed prunes and dried apricots - 50 g each;

• walnuts - 100 g

Method of preparation

In the butter, pounded to the pomp, gradually add honey, constantly kneading the mass. Add grated zest from whole lemon and nuts chopped in a blender, constantly stirring the mixture. Grind dried fruits, pour them to the main mixture and finally knead everything, getting the perfect cream consistency. We coat the cakes and collect the cake.

Caramel cream for homemade cake

Delicate cream for homemade cake with a candy taste turns out quite thick, having a beautiful shade. Suitable for gluing cakes and décor to the top and sides.


• butter - 150 g;

• sugar - 200 g;

• fatty cream (33%) - 300 ml;

• vanillin - optional

Method of preparation

We pour the sugar into a saucepan with a thickened bottom, set it on a small fire and heat it until the sugar melts and obtain light brown liquid caramel. In a separate container, heat the cream without boiling it. Pour hot cream into the caramel mass, stirring all the time. Boil creamy caramel mixture until slightly thickened. Cool the mixture and start whipping the cream, adding gradually softened butter.

Brazilian homemade cake cream

The combination of condensed milk and lemons gives a creamy sweetness and a refreshing note, which allows you to turn even very sweet cakes into an original and not cloying dessert.


• fatty cream (33%) - 200 ml;

• condensed milk - 1 can;

• medium-sized lemon - 2 pcs.

Method of preparation

Whip the cream, adding condensed milk in parts, until a stable, fluffy mass is obtained. Gradually pour in the juice of 2 lemons, while I continue to knead until thick. Ready cream slightly cooled in the refrigerator and proceed to the preparation of the cake.

Homemade Cake Cream: Tips and Tips

  • As a cream thickener, you can use a mashed ripe banana or mango, which will make the mass more dense, and also give the product an exotic flavor, eliminating excessive cloying and calorie content.
  • Refreshing taste of cream add finely grated lemon or lime zest. Pre-Christmas mood will provide an addition to the cream for homemade orange zest cake.
  • If there are no nuts in the house, you can add lightly roasted and chopped sunflower seeds to the cream, which will be an interesting nuance of the finished product.
  • You can add a little cinnamon powder to the cream with the addition of fruit in order to enhance the fruity note and give the cake some piquancy.
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