Chicken broth pearl barley - rich taste of nutritious food. Recipes soups, soup and pickle in chicken broth with barley

Chicken broth pearl barley - rich taste of nutritious food. Recipes soups, soup and pickle in chicken broth with barley

The basis of any soup is broth, and it’s not so important what it is made of, if you don’t make mistakes while cooking. Chicken broths do not require special skills, for which they are valued. At minimum cost, they are the basis for almost any soup.

Chicken is considered a dietary meat, and soups based on it are easy. Barley, in the composition of such soups - a nutritious and useful component. The dogma that only porridge is prepared from pearl barley, well, because of the strength of the kharcho and pickle, however widespread, is so erroneous. If from barley, on light chicken broth to cook soup, it will become not only healthier, but also more satisfying.

General principles of cooking soups with barley on chicken broth

• Chicken broth prepared from any part of the carcass. For a larger gain, it is preferable to cook from the hips, legs, backs and wings of the chicken. For lean broth, it is better to use the breast.

• Chicken, belongs to dietary broths, but, despite this, many hearty soups are cooked on it: pickle, sour soup or regular light soups. For satiety, many hostesses add barley to them.

• Krupa boils loose for a long time and therefore requires additional efforts. It is soaked overnight in cold water, or boiled separately until half ready. There is also a faster method: pour boiling water over the barley and leave it for one and a half hours. In all these cases, the grits are washed at the beginning and at the end of the process, and dried well before adding to the broth.

• When filling soups with grits, you need to keep in mind that barley increases almost fourfold when cooked. Therefore, immediately need to calculate the need for broth volume, so as not to get too thick brew. Soaked cereal lay in the broth for ten minutes before potatoes.

• Any soup with pearl barley after readiness should be allowed to stand, so that all tastes have time to mix and create a distinctive composition.

Recipe for light soup with barley on chicken broth


• small onion head;

• 300 grams of chicken thighs;

• small carrot;

• half a cup of barley;

• Dill sprigs;

• two laurel leaves;

• celery stalk;

• three large peas of black pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. We wash the hips, gently scraping the skin with a knife. Fill the chicken with two liters of water, and, after waiting for the first boil, pour the broth. Re-fill the thighs with water, bringing to a boil, remove from the surface all the var.

2. In the boiled broth, lower the whole, peeled, onion at the same time as the peppercorns and bay leaves. Add, without chopping, celery and soaked barley.

3. Approximately after a quarter of an hour, after the cereal, we put carrots in a pan, cut into a short straw. Cook at minimum heat under the lid until the grits soften.

4. When there is five minutes until readiness, we take onions, celery and laurel from the soup. We catch peas from pepper broth, we obtain thighs. Salt soup, bring to readiness.

5. On plates, lay the chicken meat separated from the bones and fill it with hot soup. You can put the meat into pieces in the pan, then the soup will need to be boiled for about five minutes.

Barley soup in chicken broth with potatoes


• mid-size chicken legs or thighs - 500 gr .;

• two small carrots;

• potatoes - two large tubers;

• large white onion;

• celery stalk;

• fresh greens - onion feathers, parsley and dill;

• four pepper peas;

• leaf of laurel;

• 100 grams of barley;

• refined oil - 20 grams, odorless.

Cooking Method:

1. Preparing and washing the chicken, we put in a deep pan, topping up 3 liters of water, set to boil. Constantly remove the foam from the broth. As soon as it boils, add laurel and pepper and lower the temperature, leaving the broth to a minimum boil. 2. Cover with a lid, cook the chicken until ready, remove it and set aside, and strain the broth. We collect meat from the bones, divide it into pieces and fold it into a plate.

3. Cut the carrot celery and onion into small cubes, chop the garlic. Put the vegetables in the heated oil, fry, achieving softness.

4. In the boiling chicken broth, lower the small cubes or cubes of potatoes, add the soaked barley, separated from the bones of chicken. Cook on low heat until the grains and potatoes soften.

5. Fill the soup with roasting, add chopped greens, add some salt to taste. We bring the chicken soup with barley to boiling and immediately remove from the stove.

Classic pickle on chicken broth with pickled pearl barley


• a pound of chicken (thighs, legs, wings or half of a bird);

• Four pickles, large;

• small carrot;

• four medium potatoes;

• 200 gr. barley;

• medium sized bulb;

• two spoons of tomato;

• 30 gr. dried dill;

• three small leaves of laurel;

• non-aromatic oil - 2 tbsp. l .;

• dill, young.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the three-liter pot with cold water. Dip the pieces of chicken into it, boil the usual broth. Before boiling we remove the foam from it, cook at the minimum of heating, not allowing it to boil intensively and always with the lid closed.

2. Pour barley into a colander, wash with intensive cold water pressure for about three minutes. Then we shift to the pot, pour water in large quantities. After boiling, boil the pearl barley for 25 minutes at low temperature. Turning off the heat, let the barley stand in boiling water for at least a quarter of an hour.

3. Salted cucumbers, without peeling, cut into thin strips. We spread it on a plate, withstanding it a little, we decant the released juice and do not pour it, it will come in handy.

4. Carrots three large, cut the potatoes into centimeter cubes, onions in small, thin slices.

5. In a frying pan heated with butter, lay out the carrot and onion. Fry vegetables to a nice golden blush. Add cucumbers, stew, cover with a lid, for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally. If necessary, add chicken broth. We spread a tomato for roasting, add a little broth, stir it thoroughly, simmer for another five minutes. 6. In a boiling, strained broth, lower the potatoes. Boil for a quarter of an hour, add the barley washed after cooking and vegetable roasting, continue to cook pickle on the lowest heat.

7. After checking the potatoes for readiness, put in the soup fresh and dried dill, bay leaves, add some salt. We give the pickle a little boil, remove from heat and hold for half an hour.

Mushroom pickle on chicken broth with barley


• fresh small champignons or forest plum mushrooms (chanterelles, honey agarics, milk mushrooms) - 200 grams;

• broth set (bones) - 400 grams;

• big salted tomato;

• two medium carrots;

• three small potatoes;

• salted or pickled cucumber;

• bitter onion head;

• three spoons of pearl barley;

• 40 grams of corn oil;

• garlic;

• 2 laurel leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. On 3 liters of water set transparent chicken broth. Bring to a boil, remove the foam, add washed barley. Cooking under the lid, with a slight boiling.

2. Approximately forty minutes later, when the chicken is ready, and the barley is soft, take out the bird, put the potatoes in a pan in the pan. We continue to boil the cereal with potatoes in chicken broth for another 25 minutes, while working on a dressing for the soup.

3. Cut the carrot with small strips, rub the cucumber coarsely, cut the mushrooms into plates or strips, and scall the onions into thin, medium-sized pieces. With a tomato, remove the peel, grind the pulp through a sieve.

4. Paste onion with carrots in vegetable oil until softened. Add shredded cucumber and mushrooms. Simmer for 20 minutes under a lid, pour tomato sauce into the pan, cook for about five minutes.

5. We shift the dressing in a saucepan with barley, cook pickle at the very minimum for another five minutes. Do not boil, set almost zero heat.

6. Adjust the taste of brine and salt. Add the pounded garlic and lavrushka, bring to a boil, remove from heat.

Fragrant soup with barley on chicken broth with dried mushrooms


• 1.5 liters of bottled, non-mineral water;

• 50 gr. dried forest mushrooms;

• two spoons of barley;

• a pound of chicken, bony pieces of poultry;

• small onion;

• 250 gr. potatoes;

• carrot, medium-sized;

• sunflower or corn oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Cook chicken broth. Waiting until it is boiled, soak the mushrooms: pour hot water, hold for about half an hour, throw back on the sieve. After filtering the remaining water, we twist the mushrooms in a meat grinder or cut them very finely.

2. Barley soaked overnight is thoroughly washed. If you forgot to soak the cereal in the evening, just pour boiling water on it for an hour.

3. In broth, to the chicken which has almost reached readiness, we spread barley. Boil for at least half an hour, add small cubes of potatoes. Cooking all together for about 20 minutes, bringing both products to softening.

4. While the main components are being cooked, we are cooking the roast. Paste on vegetable oil coarsely grated carrots with finely chopped onions. After waiting for the vegetables to soften, we spread crushed mushrooms to them, add two spoons of chicken broth, simmer for seven minutes.

5. Catch chicken meat from the broth, separate it from the bones, cut the meat into small pieces and return to the pan, fill the soup with mushroom roasting. Boil on a minimum heat for three minutes. Then bring to a boil and turn off. Let stand for a quarter of an hour.

Chicken broth pearl barley soup - a recipe for acidic soup


• sauerkraut - 250 gr.;

• 2.5 liters of chicken broth;

• 100 gr. barley;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• 3 large potatoes;

• one onion;

• a spoon of wheat flour;

• small carrot;

• fresh dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare rich broth from bony pieces of chicken.

2. Well wash the pearl barley, the bay with cold water, boil until half ready. We allow to stand in boiling water for a quarter of an hour, then rinse again and recline in a colander or sieve. 3. In the boiling broth we lower the lavrushka, diced potatoes and barley. Bringing to boil, cook on low heat for 25 minutes.

4. Cut the onion, pass it along with the grated carrots, in butter until softened. Add the flour, put the cabbage squeezed from the brine and immediately stir intensively. Pour a few spoons of broth, simmer for five minutes.

5. To the potatoes that have come to readiness and barley lay out the fried vegetables. By adding a little pepper, if necessary, add saliva and finish cooking until the barley is ready. At the end add the greens.

Soups with pearl barley on chicken broth - cooking tricks and valuable recommendations

• To soak the pearl barley, try to use filtered water from salts and impurities, change it at least a couple of times. In hot weather, soaked barley place in the refrigerator so that the water does not start to ferment.

• When boiling separately, take deep roomy pots, pour the grits with plenty of water. Remember - when boiling barley can increase in volume up to four times.

• Whole grits, if desired, can be replaced with crushed. It will boil faster, and the taste of the dish will hardly change.

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