Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

Vegetarians, allergy sufferers and those who simply fast often encounter a problem — how to replace eggs in dough without losing quality. Sometimes the lack of eggs in the fridge can be a problem - one wants to fry cheesecakes for dinner, and there is no way to run behind the eggs to the store;

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

Eggs in cheesecakes combine the ingredients, give moisture and slightly loosen the dough. There are several products and food combinations that successfully replace eggs, and the quality and taste of cheesecakes do not suffer at all, but become even better.

I will not list all the combinations of products, there are quite a lot of them. I will dwell on the fruit combination - half a ripe or overripe banana and half a sour-sweet apple. It is important to remember that you can replace 1-2 eggs in the dough! If you are preparing a biscuit, then these recommendations are not useful. But cheesecakes will be extremely tasty. Try to cook them!

  • Cooking time: 25 minutes
  • Servings: 3

Ingredients for fruit cheesecakes without eggs

  • 1/2 apple;
  • 1/2 banana;
  • 1 pack of cottage cheese;
  • 2 tablespoons whole grain flour;
  • 2 tablespoons of dried cranberries;
  • salt, vegetable oil.

Method of cooking fruit cheese cakes without eggs

Rub a sweet and sour apple on a coarse grater along with the peel.

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

Add half a ripe banana to the apple. By the way, if the banana peel is blackened, this is no reason to throw out the fruit. Such a banana looks unappetizing, and for baking, it is just what you need. So do not throw away the blackened banana, but simply freeze it - it will come in handy!

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

Take a fork and mash a banana and an apple until you get a smooth mashed potatoes. You can also turn the fruit into a puree with a blender.

Next, mix fruit puree with dry cheese. If the cheese is wet, put it on a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze slightly, because the wet dough will take a lot of flour, and for cheesecakes it is not acceptable.

Pound the fruit puree with curd, add the sifted whole grain flour and a pinch of fine salt to balance the taste.

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs Fruit cheesecakes without eggs Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

Dried cranberries doused with boiling water, spread on a paper towel, dried.

Add the cranberries in the dough, mix thoroughly.

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

We make balls of dough, roll in whole grain flour from all sides, lay it on a board sprinkled with flour.

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

For frying, we take a frying pan with a thick bottom - non-stick or cast-iron. Heat the pan, pour a little refined vegetable oil.

We spread cheesecakes, press down the balls with a spatula so that they become slightly flat.

Fry fruit cheese cakes without eggs until tender on both sides on a quiet fire.

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

A few tips to make it work. First, do not make big curd cakes until you put your hand in - small ones are easier to turn over. Secondly, watch the fire, first heat the frying pan well, then immediately reduce the heat to a minimum. Thirdly, pick up a convenient shovel - quite thin and rigid.

Enjoy your meal!

Fruit cheesecakes without eggs

The recipe is suitable for a vegetarian menu (vegetable vegetarianism).

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