Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven - budget! Recipes for chicken wings with potatoes in the oven: in Italian, in beer, etc.

Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven - budget! Recipes for chicken wings with potatoes in the oven: in Italian, in beer, etc.

Every housewife knows how to cook chicken wings with potatoes in the oven.

But over time, any recipe bothers.

I would like to give your favorite dish a new and unique taste.

Today it is possible, because there is a huge selection of spices and spices.

Thanks to them, you can cook dozens of types of marinades that will change the taste of the dish and give it new shades.

Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven - general principles of cooking

Buying wings in the store or on the market. You should always check their freshness. It is better if the meat is chilled rather than frozen.

Before cooking the fenders are removed. They have no nutritional value.

Meat should be well washed and put in a deep plate. There it is marinated from half an hour to two.

The composition of the marinade can include any spices and spices. Used seasonings for potatoes and chicken.

Wings can be cooked whole or cut in two.

Potatoes are peeled and cut most often into four parts. If the tuber is big, then three or four. It is cooked raw or boiled for no more than ten minutes.

You can chop the potatoes into cubes, straws and slices.

Roasting time is an hour and a half at a temperature of 180 degrees.

The baking sheet is covered with baking paper or foil and greased with vegetable oil.

You can prepare the dish in the sleeve for baking.

1. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven “American style dinner”

The dish is served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce, prepared on the basis of ketchup and orange juice.


• 0,800 kg of potatoes

• 0,500 kg wings.

• 50 grams of parmesan.

• 200 grams of cornflakes.

• Salt.

• For a teaspoon of chili and paprika.

• 50 grams of butter.

• Onion.

• Two garlic cloves.

• Three Art. spoons of hot mustard.

• 0.150 kg of ketchup.

• One Art. spoon of sugar. • Half a cup of orange juice.

• Worcestershire sauce.


Wings divided in half, spread out on a wooden board and salt on both sides.

For breading chop cornflakes. To do this, put them in a bag and crush hands.

Chop parmesan and mix it with cornflakes and chili.

Breaded wings and lay them on a baking sheet with baking paper.

Melt butter. Water the wings.

Cut the potatoes into slices and place in a bowl. Salt and sprinkle with paprika. Mix.

Arrange the potatoes next to the wings and send to the oven for a standard time.

Prepare the sauce:

Chop onions and garlic. In a skillet with vegetable oil, fry until transparent onion. Add sugar and caramelize onions.

Add orange juice and boil it for about two minutes.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour into a bowl of ketchup. Add hot mustard. Mix.

Pour a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and stir again.

Serve on a large platter, in the middle place cream bowl with sauce.

2. Chicken wings with potatoes in Italian oven

In the recipe there is a large amount of spices that turn the finished dish into an exquisite and savory dish.


• 0.800 kg of potatoes.

• Kilogram chicken wings.

• Pinch of oregano, cumin and rosemary.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Salt.

• Onion.

• Three garlic cloves.

• Olive oil.


Baking paper soak in water, squeeze well and spread on a baking sheet.

Wings cut in half.

Onions do not peel. Cut into rings and pour the husks together on the wings.

Cut the garlic into rings and add to the wings. Sprinkle with oregano, cumin, rosemary and pepper mixture. Stir and leave for two hours.

Put on a baking sheet wings. Sprinkle with pickled onions.

Add sliced ​​potatoes. Salted. Pour over olive oil.

Bake at standard temperature for an hour.

3. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven “Regular”

The easiest recipe for cooking dishes, but the taste of this is not worse. Fragrant and juicy wings with delicate potatoes - an excellent and satisfying dinner.


• One and a half kg of potatoes.

• Kilogram chicken wings.

• Salt.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Seasoning for potatoes.


Cut the potatoes into four parts. Put the pieces in a bowl. Sprinkle, sprinkle with seasoning and mix.

Baking tray with parchment paper and grease.

Put wings on top, next to them are potatoes. Priprichit and salt meat.

Bake in the oven at standard temperature for one and a half hours.

4. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven under mustard-tomato sauce

The wings impregnated with mustard and tomato with potatoes taste pleasant and fragrant.


• One and a half kg of potatoes.

• Kilogram chicken wings.

• 0,250 l kefir.

• Ch. Spoon of spicy tomato sauce.

• Black spoon mustard.

• Two garlic cloves.

• Salt and pepper mix.


Cook the marinade. For this you need to mix kefir with spicy sauce, mustard and chopped garlic.

Marinate the wings in the mixture for two hours.

Peel potatoes and boil in salted water for ten minutes. Put on a dish to cool slightly.

On a baking tray with baking paper, oiled, spread out the wings and potatoes. Salt and pepper.

Bake at standard temperature for about an hour.

5. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven, cooked in the sleeve

Dietary and nutritious dish will appeal to those who love to eat and not worry about the extra calories.


• 0,800 kg of wings.

• A kilogram of potatoes.

• Head of garlic.

• Half lemon.

• Salt.

• Three teaspoons of paprika.

• Three h. Spoonfuls of hops-sunels.


Divide the chicken wings in two and place in a bowl. Pour two tablespoons of paprika, salt to taste. Add hops-suneli. Stir and leave in the refrigerator for two hours. Cut the potatoes into strips. Sprinkle with salt and paprika. Sprinkle with finely chopped garlic. To mix everything.

Place the potatoes in the sleeve and place the pickled wings on top. Pour with lemon juice, tie and put in an oven preheated to normal temperature for an hour.

6. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven with prunes

Potatoes saturated with prunes and carrots are tender and soft. And chicken wings are juicy and tasty.


• 0,700 kg wings.

• A kilogram of potatoes.

• A slice of garlic.

• Two carrots.

• Two onions.

• 0.100 kg of prunes.

• Soy sauce.

• Salt.

• Ground black pepper.

• Four Art. spoons of mayonnaise.

• 0.100 kg butter.


Put the wings in a plate, generously salt and sprinkle with pepper. Pour in two tablespoons of soy sauce and the same amount of mayonnaise. Squeeze the garlic. Mix everything and leave to marinate for an hour.

Cut potatoes into medium cubes.

Grate the carrot and chop the onion finely. Add to a bowl of potatoes.

Cut prunes into four parts, pour in potatoes.

Vegetables salt and pepper. Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and chopped butter. Mix everything well.

Prepare baking sleeve, tie it up on one side. Download potato mixture and wings. Well tie, put on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and send to the oven for an hour and a half.

7. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven “Yummy”

The main advantage of the dish is the sauce in which the meat is marinated. In the process of baking, the potato is filled with its aroma and taste. The finished dish is tender and appetizing.


• A kilogram of potatoes.

• 0,800 kg of wings.

• Seasoning for potatoes.

For marinade:

• Three Art. spoons of olive oil.

• One Art. spoon adzhika.

• Art. spoon of honey.

• Three Art. soy sauce spoons.

• 1/2 teaspoon paprika spicy and sweet.

• Five cloves of garlic.

• Two teaspoons of mustard. Preparation:

Cut potatoes into slices. Sprinkle with seasoning and leave for ten minutes.

Cut the garlic into small pieces.

Prepare the marinade by mixing all its ingredients. Pour the wings and mix. Leave for an hour and a half.

Put potatoes and meat on a prepared baking sheet. Send in the oven for an hour.

8. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven in beer batter

If the husband has not been surprised by culinary talents for a long time, then you can prepare a dish for dinner for this recipe. It is unlikely that he would guess what ingredient turned ordinary foods into an unusual dish.


• 0.800 kg of potatoes.

• 0,500 kg wings.

• Two onions.

• One Art. a spoon of honey.

• 1/2 Art. spoonful of lemon juice.

• 1/3 teaspoon spicy and sweet paprika.

• Two cloves of garlic.

• Egg.

• 100 grams of light beer.

• Salt.

• Three Art. spoons of flour.


Prepared wings are placed in a deep bowl. Add honey, lemon juice and spicy paprika. Squeeze garlic and salt. Mix and leave for an hour.

Potatoes cut into cubes. Onion cut ringlets. Add vegetable oil, salt and sprinkle with sweet paprika. Stir.

We spread onion form with foil and potatoes on top. Bake twenty-five minutes.

Put the egg and beer in the blender. Stir. Without turning off the blender, we fall asleep flour. We achieve a uniform composition and pour into the plate the finished batter.

Wings roll in batter and fry in a skillet for three minutes. We spread on paper napkin and remove excess fat.

Move the wings on a baking sheet (on top of the potatoes) and cook another twenty minutes.

9. Chicken wings with potatoes in the oven “Tasty evening”

A simple recipe will help turn dinner into a small celebration. You just need to add a glass of wine.


• 0,700 kg of potatoes.

• 0,500 kg wings.

• Carrot.

• Salt.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Chicken seasoning.

• A slice of garlic.

• Two Art. spoons of mayonnaise.

• One teaspoon mustard. • Two pinches of oregano.

• Pinch of fennel seeds.


Salt and pepper the wings. Sprinkle with seasoning and stir.

To do the cooking of the sauce: pour mayonnaise, mustard and chopped garlic in a deep platter. To mix everything. Add oregano and fennel seeds.

Cooked sauce, spread the chicken. Leave for half an hour.

Cut potatoes into medium cubes. Cut the carrot rings. Stir vegetables, pepper and salt them. Pour a tablespoon of tablespoon vegetable oil.

Put potatoes and carrots on the bottom of the mold with foil, and place chicken wings on top. Bake in the usual way. Cover the top with foil.

Chicken Wings with Potatoes in the Oven - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • Forms of cast iron and ceramic are most suitable for baking. They do not heat up immediately, but gradually. This allows you to avoid uneven baking products and their burning.
  • Chicken wings with potatoes need to be loaded into an already heated oven.
  • Do not hold the dish for too long, as the meat will become dry and may get an unpleasant smell.
  • You can use complex marinade or ready-made seasonings for chicken and potatoes.
  • The grooved part of the roasting sleeve must be on top so that the ingredients of the dish do not flow out. Length - one and a half times the size of the baking sheet. The sleeve must be tightly tied on both sides.
  • To get a golden crust on the wings, you need to lubricate them with a thin layer of honey or sour cream.
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