Chicken rice soup: basic rules for cooking. Unique and classic versions of rice soup with chicken

Chicken rice soup: basic rules for cooking. Unique and classic versions of rice soup with chicken

Chicken rice soup is a healthy and tasty dish, which is fairly simple to cook.

Hearty and light soup has a very delicate flavor.

Rice Chicken Soup - General Principles

How to cook rice soup with chicken? The main products of the dish are: chicken, rice, carrots and onions. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the more rice is used in a dish, the more water or broth is required. Then the soup will be liquid.

For lovers of dishes with a thicker consistency, it is recommended to reduce the amount of liquid in the soup by passing the prepared mass through a sieve. In this case, pieces of meat can be laid out in a plate before serving the dish on the table.

First you should cook the broth using chicken and spices. Next, pour the rice and vegetables into the pan. Cook the dish should be until the cereal is fully prepared. Separately, you can chop onions, carrots, sweet peppers. At the end of cooking should combine the ingredients, turn off the heat and let the soup stand.

There are several variations of this wonderful dish. Soup with rice and chicken is good because it can be cooked both dietary and thick with the addition of fried vegetables.

To make rice soup with slices of chicken meat has a unique taste and aroma, you can add additional ingredients: mushrooms, vegetables, spices, greens.

Serve a treat for lunch with bread, bread crumbs or croutons.

Spanish chicken and rice soup


rice cereal - 220 g

onions - 90 g

yellow tomatoes - 240 g

cream - 140 g

butter - 105 g

chicken broth - 900 ml

chicken fillet - 150 g

sweet peppers - 95 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash rice several times.

2. Pour half the grits with the previously cooked chicken fillet broth.

3. Pour the remains of rice with water and salt.

4. Boil the ingredient in different containers.

5. Onions without peel cut into rings.

6. Put in a separate pan.

7. Fill with cool water. 8. Bring to a boil.

9. Immediately drain in a colander.

10. Send the griddle to the stove.

11. Add half the oil.

12. Heat up.

13. Fry the onions.

14. Tomatoes cut into large slices.

15. Add to fried onions.

16. Simmer a mixture of vegetables for several minutes.

17. Pepper sweet chop straws.

18. In rice cooked in broth, add steamed vegetables.

19. Pass the mass through a fine sieve.

20. Put in a lot of pepper.

21. Sprinkle with salt.

22. Pepper.

23. Heat pepper in bulk for 8 minutes.

24. In a saucepan with rice cooked in water, put the cream.

25. Add a piece of butter.

26. Bring to a boil. Stir.

27. Ready soup layered.

28. Put the meat pieces out of the broth.

29. Add the rice mass to the soup with steamed vegetables.

30. The dish is ready to consume.

Rice soup with pieces of chicken


bouillon cubes - 3 pcs.

chicken fillet - 220 g

water - 1.45 l

carrots - 160 g

celery stalks - 140 g

onion - 45 g

rice cereal - 75 g

crushed black pepper - 5 g

Method of preparation

1. Heat water in a saucepan.

2. Dissolve the bouillon cubes.

3. Chop the meat into medium pieces. Send to the pan.

4. Rinse carrots, rinse. Cut into small strips.

5. Peel the onion. Cut in small pieces.

6. Rinse the celery under water. Shred into pieces.

7. Pour the vegetables into the broth.

8. Reduce heat.

9. Cover with a lid.

10. Cook an aromatic dish on low heat for 20 minutes.

11. Add water as needed.

12. Pour the rice. Cook rice soup with chicken for 15 minutes until the cereal is cooked.

13. To salt.

14. Sprinkle with pepper.

15. Serve the dish with croutons.

Rice soup with chicken and coconut


young chicken meat - 950 g

garlic - 18 g

bulb onions - 115 g

24 g poppy seeds

olive oil - 70 g

nutmeg - 3 g

cumin - 2 g

dry cilantro - 6 g

Kaen pepper - 1 g

long rice - 75 g

chicken broth - 1400 ml

coconut chips - 25 g

cilantro green - 20 g

lemon juice - 40 g Method of preparation

1. Chicken meat chop into thin strips.

2. Remove the top layer from the bow. Coarsely chopped.

3. Garlic teeth rid of scales.

4. Chop coarse cilantro.

5. Put the onion pieces and chives in the blender bowl.

6. Pour in 22 g of olive oil.

7. Pour out poppy seeds.

8. Add nutmeg.

9. Pour in the required amount of dry cilantro, kaen pepper, cumin and crushed black pepper.

10. Grind the contents of the bowl until smooth.

11. Warm up the pan with olive oil.

12. Put the meat on the bottom. Fry until golden.

13. Pour the contents of the blender there.

14. Simmer the mixture over low heat for 4 minutes.

15. Pour broth. Stew on low heat for 35 minutes.

16. Pour out the rice. Bring mass to a boil.

17. Turn down the heat.

18. Add coconut milk as well as fresh lemon juice.

19. Salt.

20. Turn off the fire.

21. Put in a rice soup with chicken meat cilantro. Mix.

22. Let stand for 10 minutes.

23. Serve hot and fragrant soup on the table in deep portions, taut coconut flakes on top.

Rice soup with green peas and chicken


homemade chicken - 800 g

long rice - 110 g

salt - 18 g

parsley - 55 g

onion - 35 g

green peas - 210 g

spring onions - 65 g

dry celery - 14 g

carrot - 65 g

Method of preparation

1. Put the hens in a deep container with water.

2. Add onion.

3. Put a pinch of celery.

4. Boil the broth for 1.4 hours on low heat.

5. Nalushit peas.

6. Peel and wash the carrots. Cut into rectangular pieces.

7. Pour the rice into a separate container. To fill with water.

8. Remove the prepared chicken and cool it.

9. Pour rice and carrot pieces into broth.

10. Disassemble the meat into slices, separating it from the bones and skin. Put in the soup.

11. After 8 minutes, add peas and finely chopped green onions and parsley.

12. Bring the mixture to a boil.

13. To salt.

14. Sprinkle with ground pepper.

15. Rice soup with chicken and peas to remove from heat after 6 minutes.

16. Cover with a lid. Let stand for 7 minutes. 17. Serve flavored soup with breadcrumbs cooked in the oven.

Tomato soup with rice and chicken meat


tomato - 80 g

Bulgarian pepper - 130 g

sunflower oil - 36 ml

chicken meat - 200 g

onion - 55 g

rice - 70 g

garlic - 3 cloves

green onion feathers - 30 g

tomato paste - 10 g

egg - 1 pc.

sugar - 4 g

salt - 6 g

laurel leaf - 2 pcs.

ground black pepper - 2 g

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the tomatoes and peppers in water. To dry

2. Pour water into the container. Heat up.

3. Remove the husks from the bow.

4. Pour the sunflower oil into the soup pot. To warm.

5. Grind onions. Put in pan. Mix.

6. Sprinkle with salt. Cook with the lid closed.

7. Sweet peppers rid of the membranes and seeds.

8. Cut into small pieces.

9. When the onions are soft and have a golden hue, add pepper slices.

10. Put sugar in there to make caramelized vegetables.

11. Tomatoes incise a cross.

12. Put in a bowl of boiling water for a few seconds.

13. Remove loose skin. Cut into small slices.

14. After the liquid has evaporated, add the tomatoes and tomato paste to the ingredients.

15. Cut the meat into strips.

16. Place in a saucepan.

17. Pour the rice.

18. Stir the mixture well.

19. When rice gets milky, add garlic sliced ​​in plates.

20. Add salt and pepper.

21. Put a bay leaf.

22. Pour 1.45 liters of water. Cook rice soup with chicken and tomatoes until rice is cooked.

23. Separately boil an egg.

24. Chop green onions.

25. Serve the dish in a deep plate with a quarter egg. Sprinkle with greens.

Pickled soup with rice, pickles and chicken


Butter - 60 gr.

Allspice - 4 gr.

Tarhun - 2 gr.

Dill - 90 gr.

Parsley root - 20 gr.

Round rice - 80 gr.

Leek - 95 gr.

Chicken - 550 gr.

Carrot - 85 gr.

Onion - 40 gr.

Salted cucumbers - 220 gr.

Parsley - 15 gr.

Thyme - 8 gr.

Bay leaves - 2 gr.

Garlic - 6 gr.

Method of preparation 1. Rinse chicken meat thoroughly under water.

2. Chop finely.

3. Put in a saucepan with 1.8 liters of boiling water.

4. Cook until meat is completely cooked.

5. Cut roots and carrots.

6. Put in the pan.

7. Wash rice in several waters.

8. Pour into the mixture.

9. Bulb onion and chop into cubes.

10. Send to a boiling mass.

11. To salt.

12. Put laurel leaves.

13. Cook the soup until cooked rice.

14. Cucumber rid of peel. Cut into small slices.

15. Sprinkle in oil for about 8 minutes.

16. Pour out the pickle.

17. Grind garlic with salt and chopped greens.

18. Ready rice soup with chicken and pickled cucumbers served hot. Fill with sour cream.

Pumpkin soup with chicken meat and rice groats


basmatti rice - 135 g

butter - 26 g

chopped leek - 60 g

orange peel for serving

pumpkin - 440 g

vegetable oil - 22 g

cardamom - 2 g

milk - 360 g

black crushed pepper - 5 g

chicken fillet - 320 g

chopped carrot - 135 g

stalked celery - 80 g

black peppercorns - 4 pcs.

water - 1100 l

Method of preparation

1. Put pieces of chopped meat into a bowl.

2. Add slices of celery, carrots and onions.

3. Pour out the peas.

4. Fill the ingredients with water. Bring to a boil.

5. Remove the resulting foam.

6. Reduce the flow of fire.

7. Cook the broth for about 55 minutes.

8. Strain the broth in a deep bowl.

9. Take out the vegetables.

10. Place meat in a different container.

11. Clean the pumpkin. Rid of seed. Pulp cut into cubes.

12. Heat olive and vegetable oil in a skillet.

13. Put the boxes of fragrant cardamom.

14. Cook for 3 minutes.

15. Spread leek and pumpkin pieces.

16. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally.

17. Cover the stewpan with a lid.

18. Cooking foods until soft.

19. Pumpkin pour broth.

20. Boil the mixture. Boil for about 12 minutes.

21. Pour the rest of the broth into a measuring vessel.

22. Add water to the volume of the liquid was 310 g. 23. Drain the rice. Pour into a clean saucepan.

24. Pour broth.

25. Cook until rice is softer.

26. Salt.

27. Add pepper.

28. Remove the cardamom boxes from the soup.

29. Pureen mixture until smooth.

30. Pour the mass into a clean container.

31. Add milk.

32. Put the meat.

33. Pour out rice with broth.

34. Bring rice soup with chicken and pumpkin to a boil.

35. Remove the saucepan from the stove.

36. Serve the dish with the most delicate taste in portions.

37. Decorate with lemon zest.

38. Sprinkle with chopped black pepper.

Chicken Rice Soup - Tips & Tips

• Rice soup with chicken is better not to digest, so that the liquid mass does not turn into a mush.

• Salt the dish preferably at the end of cooking.

• In the process of cutting onions, knife and vegetable is better to rinse under cold water so as not to pinch your eyes.

• The more carrots in the soup, the brighter its shade.

• Rice must be rinsed in several waters. This affects the transparency of the dish.

• Before applying soup laurel should be removed.

• In the soup is better to put medium-grained rice.

• In the summer, you can add fresh vegetables to the dish, and in the winter to use the ingredients that are in the freezer.

• It is recommended to drain the first fat from the chicken, as there are harmful substances in it. Such broth will turn out bland.

• Slices of sweet pepper give rice soup with chicken sweet notes.

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