Homemade pork sausage: recipes from experienced housewives, valuable tips. How to make homemade sausage: you need meat and patience!

Homemade pork sausage: recipes from experienced housewives, valuable tips. How to make homemade sausage: you need meat and patience!

If people did not like sausage, they would not have been engaged in its production for more than two thousand years.

For someone, making sausage is work and business, for someone else it's a hobby called cooking. And there are people who just want to be sure that this “stick” of sausage is made from the best products of the highest quality.

And the best way to be absolutely sure of this is to find out how the home-made sausage is made, so that you can cook it yourself as you like.

How to make homemade sausage - general technological principles

Not a big trick - make homemade sausage, from pork. You can also cook from poultry in such a way that any sausage shop will be envied. Yes, you can make homemade sausage from any stuffing!

Sausage is minced meat, in its various variations. After all, everyone knows how to cook burgers and other dishes from minced meat. For sausage, just, you need a shell. You can use food film, foil, cans, cupcake molds - anything! This is - if you want to quickly and not to mess around for too long.

But I want the packaging to be like factory, and the taste like homemade.

A little, of course, troublesome is not a very pleasant thing, but the result is worth it.

Just need to learn how to make a very clean natural film for homemade sausage, from pork.

Preparation of a natural food film - a detailed description of the process

Immediately you need to warn: people are receptive and impressionable, this part of the article is better not to read, but to prepare an artificial food film and proceed to the study of homemade pork sausage recipes.

For those who understand that this is exactly what a sausage turns out to be in a natural, considered to be the highest quality shell, we provide detailed instructions.

At 1 kilogram of sausage meat will need about a meter of pork intestines. Prepare guts for sausages as follows:

Before rinse guts under running water, in order to clean of the most unpleasant segments. At the same time, you can put each gut on a special, rigid tube, so that it is convenient to pour water inside. At the next stage of the intestine, it is necessary to soak several hours in a prepared, strong soda-saline solution. Try to keep the intestines filled with this solution in the inner part, in addition to the fact that the surface of the intestines must also be completely immersed in the prepared liquid. For the solution, take 100 - 150 g of baking soda and rock salt per liter of water, and stir them until completely dissolved.

Due to the fact that pigs are fed and kept in different conditions, the time for cleaning the guts in the solution may also be different. It is better not to risk the smell of future sausage and keep at least 12 hours.

The third stage of cleaning - scraping guts. If the shutter speed in the solution was performed correctly, then the unpleasant smell should completely disappear. The mucus is scraped off easily by the blunt side of the knife. You begin to remove it from the surface of the intestine, and then turn the intestines inside out and perform the same operation on the inside of the intestines.

After that, it remains to wash the intestines again, fill them with water to check if there are any gaps in them, through which the minced meat will flow. If there are still minor injuries, they can be repaired by tying up the tears with a thick thread, a string of twine, or making knots from the intestines in these places.

The procedure is not a pleasant exercise, so you can use medical gloves and a mask. If you are doing this procedure indoors, then take care of good ventilation. In extreme cases, peeled guts can be bought on the market, from pork vendors, along with meat.

Ideally prepared guts for homemade pork sausage - transparent natural film, odorless, tears.

The remaining actions are usually set out in recipes. You can try to make your own options.

Recipe 1. Home-made sausage, made of pork and liver


• Liver, pork 3 kg

• Manca 100g

• Pulp, pork 1,5 kg

• Eggs 6 pcs.

• Milk, non-fat 0.7 l

• Onions and carrots - 0.5 kg each (net)

• Spices (including sodium nitrite)


All pork offal is used for the liver. Prepare the heart, lungs, liver - soak them in cold water (at least 6-8 hours), rinse and remove all the strands, films, tubular tissue. Pulp, in order to remove the blood, you must also soak in water. Soaking time will depend on the size of the pieces. The meat should have a pale pink color, without blood patches.

Cut the liver and pulp into small pieces and simmer them with chopped vegetables. At the beginning of quenching add a little water, then the meat should be stewed in its own juice.

Soak semolina with boiled milk and add one egg to it, stirring continuously. Spices can be added to meat, when stewing, or in an egg-milk mixture. We combine both parts of minced meat after cooling and very intensively interrupt with a blender, it is possible - in parts if there is a lot of minced meat.

It remains to be filled with a natural film. For this, it is convenient to use the sausage packing, often attached to modern models of electric meat grinders. Just do not rush. Some skill is needed here: apart from the fact that the meat grinder will push the stuffing through the nozzle, it must also be further advanced by hand so that it is distributed evenly in the casing, without the formation of air and voids inside.

Next you need to hang the sausage so that the mass inside the films is compacted under its own weight. Since all products were used in the finished form for the dryer, after the semi-finished product is kept in limbo for up to ten hours, it must be boiled again, but not for long, for reasons of product preservation and absolute hygiene. Place the “wheels” in a small amount of boiling water and pasteurize them to heat the sausage meat inside well. Remove the finished sausage, place it on a linen napkin and let it cool. Next - tasting and storage in the cold, if you do not eat everything at once.

Recipe 2. How to make homemade pork sausage - black pudding

A detailed description of the process of preparation and filling of sausage, see above, in the description of general technological principles and in recipe No. 1. In this and subsequent recipes there are secrets of cooking homemade sausage made from pork.


• Blood, pig 3 l

• Milk 1.0 liters

• Groats, buckwheat 210 g

• Pork lard 0.5 kg

• Garlic 7 - 8 large cloves

• Fat or vegetable oil (for frying) • Black pepper (ground) and salt - to taste


Cook buckwheat porridge: 210 g of cereals / 450 ml of water. Porridge should be slightly undercooked. Do not salt it. Finely chopped lard, cooked porridge, milk, blood and pounded garlic combine in one, capacious container. Use containers with an enamelled surface, remembering that milk containing acid is part of the blood sausage.

Fill the prepared guts with the obtained minced liquid solution, but not too tightly. In the process of cooking, minced meat will thicken and increase in volume - you can not allow the intestines to burst, and the contents spilled into the pan. While cooking, keep the needle ready and be aware of the air bubbles that enter the mass when the shells are filled. It's all! It remains to tie the intestines with tight knots and cook them in slowly boiling water, then fry in a frying pan until crisp. And you can eat!

Advice for homemade sausage pork lovers:

To keep the pork, fried sausage in a natural casing for a long time, place the ready, fried rings tightly in an enameled pan and cover them with melted pork fat. In the process of eating to get the next ring, the fat is not necessary to melt - just remove it from the surface with a knife or fork, remove the sausage and again, cover the pan with a lid, remove it in a cool place. The fat prepared for storing sausage can then be used to prepare various dishes. Therefore, make sure that it does not yellow and deteriorate under the influence of heat.

Recipe 3. How to make homemade pork sausage - fried sausage, with lard

The recipe is designed for 4 kg of raw material weight. For this sausage, the best option is the natural casing. If anyone knows how to make homemade pork sausage in film, then with great hope we will expect a story about this experience.


• Pork pulp, non-greasy (any part of the carcass) 3 pieces

• Pork lard 1 part

• Flour 200-250 g

• Salt, spices, garlic

• Natural sheath 4 m


Pig pulp (after soaking), clear of the film and cut into small cubes. Cut the lard with the same cubes and add it to the meat, along with flour, garlic and spices. The stuffing needs to be knocked out so that it is stuck together and it was then convenient for them to fill the shells. Fill the casing, boil the sausage rings, then fry it or copy it if there is a home smokehouse. In any case, the meat - there is meat, and the sausage will be delicious, very real, from natural products. How to fill? According to circumstances: someone manually, through the horn, in the old-fashioned way, and someone with the help of modern household appliances. It is important not to forget that during heat treatment, cooking, followed by roasting or, perhaps, even smoking, the casing should not break. Therefore, leave some free space for the expansion of sausage meat. The natural shell, on the contrary, is pulled down by heat.

You can change the ratio of lard and pork pulp, if you prefer a fatty sausage.

If, after cooking, you still smoke sausage, you will get a completely different look, reminiscent of the well-known “Krakow” or “Odessa”, and the highest grade.

Recipe 4. Home-made sausage made from pork - “Language” ham


• Top grade pork (tenderloin) 3 kg

• Beef or pork tongue 1.5 kg

• Cream, fatty 500-600 ml

• Egg melange (or eggs) - 140 g (or 6 eggs)

• Onions, carrots, parsley and celery roots, garlic

• Spices (to taste), sodium nitrite (optional) and gelatin (40g)


Clean the tongue and cook it separately. Then cut into beautiful, even cubes (0.5x05 cm). Chop the prepared cuts in a meat grinder, as for a regular meat patty. Also add, with diluted gelatin, spices and chopped vegetables. Try to kill all this mass to such a consistency, so that it is not noticeable of what it consists of.

After that, fill the prepared shell. For ham sausage is quite suitable artificial film or foil. Fix the edges of the rings or loaves well, make a loop on one side so that the sausage hangs a bit, and then boil it, as usual, the meat is cooked.

Recipe 5. How to make homemade liver sausage - pâté “Delicious”


• Liver (calculation of products per 1 kg of any type of liver):

- beef

- pork

- chicken (turkey or other)

• Milk 250 ml - for any liver

• Butter:

- for beef liver - 180 g;

- for pork liver - 100 g;

- for poultry liver - 120 g;

• Onions and carrots - no more than 15% of the total mass of minced meat for any kind of liver; • Pork or poultry pulp - 40% of liver mass

• Garlic, spicy roots, spices - to taste.

• Eggs - 1.5 pcs. on 1 kg of forcemeat (total volume)


Prepared by-product, liver, cut and stew, as usual, in butter, with the addition of milk and vegetables. You can use the liver of any kind separately, as well as in combination with another type. Boil pork pulp in spicy water, with spices, roots, bay leaf. Pork fillet should be slightly boiled. Combine the cooked portion of minced meat with stewed liver and vegetables. After cooling, chop, beat the eggs, mix. Add garlic, eggs and continue to kill the paste to a smooth paste. If necessary, you can add butter to increase the fat content and softness, or milk, if the stuffing turned out dry.

Form the prepared mass and boil it. You can cook for a couple, because the ready minced meat only needs pasteurization. Make loaves of small diameter so that the pasteurization time is reduced to 15-25 minutes. For the manufacture of this sausage, you can use an artificial casing.

Recipe 6. Homemade sausage, pork - “Cervelat”, jerked

If you want to make a real, “elite sausage”, then this recipe is a suitable case for trying strength.


• Pork (loin) 2 kg

• Beef tenderloin 1.0 kg

• Fatty pork (brisket) 3.0 kg

Dried spices, ground - 1 tsp. :

• Garlic;

• Nutmeg;

• Fennel;

• White pepper;


• Sodium Nitrite 100 mg

• Fructose 150g


This sausage is cooked much faster than boiled or fried. The main condition is very high quality meat and the right conditions for ripening.

Let's start with them! Consider in advance where the sausage will wither, if for its maturation within 45 days you need 50% humidity, 15 ° C - air temperature, and also - the room should be ventilated. Yes, one more important point: in this room no insects should get close to the sausage.

The rest of the cooking process consists in combining all the products and grinding the minced meat thoroughly. Its structure should be, like a real sausage - granular. Another nuance is the shell. Ideally, it would be nice to use a natural beef intestine. But even parchment paper or food film will do.

If in the process of drying mold appears on the surface of the natural shell, it means that everything goes according to plan. Wipe the sausage with ordinary spirit vinegar.

Homemade sausage, made from pork - useful tips and tricks

• For the manufacture of sausages, you can use milk powder or cream. At the same time, it is better to dilute dry mixtures with meat broth, and if the stuffing is wet enough, pour dry preservative directly into the meat.

• Do not rush to add salt and spices until the mince reaches the desired consistency. If the spices still need to be added, then in the tighter ready stuffing, enter the spices in a solution of water, milk, or meat broth. Use a small amount of liquid so that the stuffing does not become too liquid. After adding the spices, the mince must be smashed again very carefully.

Successful experiments and delicious homemade sausage, from pork and any meat, on the table!

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