How to please the family with homemade beef sausage? Homemade beef sausage: recipes without soy, preservatives and dyes

How to please the family with homemade beef sausage? Homemade beef sausage: recipes without soy, preservatives and dyes

General principles of cooking sausage from beef

For the preparation of homemade sausage from beef should choose good pieces with a small amount of fat. The best sausage is obtained from the neck, but other parts can also be taken. However, we must remember that if you took a piece from the leg, then the dish will be very dry, tough and rather rough. To make sausage from ham more tender and juicy, you need to add a little pork to the beef, preferably fat.

There are many recipes for homemade beef sausages. Usually it is boiled sausage, but you can also cook dry-cured or smoked, if there is a smokehouse. There are also several options for making minced meat.

First, minced meat can be cooked using a meat grinder with a coarse or fine grate.

Secondly (and many consider this method to be the best), the meat can be chopped or cut into cubes with a side of 2-8 mm, depending on the recipe.

Sometimes in minced meat for homemade sausage from beef it is required to add bacon (or lard): either in a meat grinder, or sliced ​​as well as meat.

If you want to add fat, take a very careful look at his choice. It should be tight, white or slightly pinkish, not sticky and not loose, but resilient. The smell from him should be pleasant.

It goes without saying that the beef must be perfectly fresh, dense, with the smell of meat, without any extraneous ducky. If you can buy meat from a familiar farmer, then this is just the right option. If not, you can reduce acquaintance with sellers in the market. For regular customers, they often leave the best pieces.

After bringing the meat home, it should be washed and very carefully inspected, so as not to miss the bone fragments that may remain in the meat after chopping. Next to the bone, the meat should be washed, gently rubbing it with your fingers.

Homemade beef sausage is supposed to be cooked in the trunk (pork or beef intestines), which often becomes a stumbling block for those who want to eat a delicacy, but who do not know how to get this ingredient. Of course, for the villagers or for the farmer’s acquaintances, the purchase of rounds does not pose a problem, so these lucky people can cook homemade beef sausage at any time. But the rest can also find a way out of the situation, namely, purchase a carriage via the Internet. Along with the sites that offer this product in industrial quantities, there are many who are willing to sell in very small quantities, suitable for home use. You can store it in the freezer, and you can fall asleep with salt and put it just in the fridge. When preparing homemade beef sausage, before stuffing, the trunk should be soaked for 15-30 minutes. It’s better to cook homemade sausage from beef in large batches: some will be eaten quickly, and some will be put in the freezer and taken out as needed.

Salt is better to take nitrate, at the rate of 17 g per kilogram of meat.

Recipe 1. Homemade beef sausage for frying


Beef - about 5 kg

Pork with layers of fat - 1 kg


Salted pork fat - 0.5 kg

Garlic - 2 heads

Peppers and other spices - optional

Method of preparation

Beef and pork rinse thoroughly and inspect to make sure there are no bones.

Cut the beef into cubes with a side of about 6-7 mm, and pork and lard - with a side of 4-5 mm.

It is better to use a special nozzle for the meat grinder for stuffing the bowels, but you can also use a pastry syringe or something else.

Cut about one meter of the trunk, tie one end with a knot and fill the gut with minced meat, but not tightly. In the process of cooking natural shell is compressed, which must be remembered in the process of filling it with meat. If somewhere there is a cavity with air, it should be pierced with a toothpick or needle. Tie the other end in a knot. Thick cotton threads can be used.

Just fill a few more of the same pieces of the trunk, until the meat is over. The resulting sausages can be strapped with threads in several places to make sausages. Having coiled them, put them into a form of sufficient size (juice should stand out), pierce them in several places, oil them and bake at 190 degrees for 30-40 minutes, periodically sprinkling with the released juice. The remaining sausages can be stored in the freezer and cook as needed.

Recipe 2. Homemade sausage from beef “Spicy”

This version of homemade beef sausage will delight lovers of sharp and juicy, and the smell is very pleasant. However, if some of the spices you do not like, you can replace them with others.


Beef - 3 kg

Salo - 750 g

Oil, better olive - a third of the glass

Onions - one and a half glasses of already crushed

Garlic - one small head Black and white pepper, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, coriander, oregano, etc. - to taste, in general about 10 tablespoons

Sugar - 1 tablespoon

Salt - to taste

Method of preparation

Chop the onion and garlic in any way and lightly fry with oil for about 3-4 minutes. Meat cut into pieces the size of a pea, lard is better even to grind with a meat grinder or blender, but it can be a knife. Add spices, salt and sugar to the mince, mix thoroughly and place in a refrigerator under the lid overnight.

In the morning, skip the minced meat through a meat grinder and put it back cool, then beat the mass with a mixer and after that you can stuff it.

It is necessary to stuff it loosely, bandaging every now and then, making not long sausages autumn. The finished product put another 12 hours in the fridge, and then cook on the grill, after having pierced in several places with a needle.

Recipe 3. Homemade sausage from beef “Slavyanskaya”


Beef - 4 kg

Fatty pork (for example, neck) - 0.5 kg

Fat (fat) - 0.5 kg

Starch - 0.5 cup

Ice water - 0.8-0.9 l


Sugar - 1 tsp

Garlic - 2-3 cloves

Ground black pepper

Method of preparation

Cut the meat very finely, chop the bacon. Stir the starch in the water. Stir the beef by adding water with starch for at least 15 minutes, carefully grinding the pieces. When the mass becomes viscous and homogeneous, add the pork, stir a little more, and then put the lard and finally mix it up, adding also salt, sugar, pepper and garlic.

Cool the mass and fill it loosely in the bowl.

Put the finished sausages in the oven and dry for one and a half hours at a temperature of about 70 degrees. Then put the sausages in a saucepan and cook for about 40 minutes at extremely low boiling (the surface of the water should remain almost stationary).

Cool the sausage and use for sandwiches, etc.

Recipe 4. “Anti-Crisis” Home-Made Beef Sausage

The result is a tasty and fairly budget product. And in this homemade beef sausage there is at least more meat than purchase! Ingredients

Beef - 1.5 kg

Potatoes - 1 kg

Salo - 0.3 kg

Garlic - half heads

Onion - halfheads


Black and fragrant pepper, coriander, nutmeg and other, to taste

Method of preparation

Boil the meat in salted water for 1.5 hours, cool and grind using a meat grinder with a large-mesh net. Peel the potatoes and boil them for 5-7 minutes, grind them up with a meat grinder and bacon immediately, stirring the fat into hot potatoes.

Cool all ingredients and combine them with spices, chopped onion and garlic.

Stir the mass thoroughly and fill the bowl, dividing it into "wieners". Boil the resulting sausages in water with salt, peppercorns and bay leaf.

Recipe 5. Homemade beef sausage “For breakfast”

This homemade beef sausage most of all resembles the usual purchased boiled sausage in appearance and texture, but, of course, much tastier and healthier than it.


Beef - 4 kg

Pork jowl - 1 kg

Garlic - half heads

Sugar - 1-2 teaspoons

Salt - about 2 spoons with top

Ice water - about one and a half glasses

Spices (black and white pepper, nutmeg, ginger, coriander, etc.) - to taste

Method of preparation

Sugar diluted in water. Meat and cheek meat minced with a fine grate. Stir in minced sweet water, knead very carefully, add chopped garlic, salt and spices.

Ready stuffing stuffed cherubu, giving shape sausage loaves. Stuff tightly. Tie loaves with both ends. If you get air bubbles somewhere, pierce them with a needle.

Cool the finished loaves in the refrigerator for 10 to 12 hours.

Suspend the sausage in the oven (or put it on a grid covered with foil) and dry it (turning it over if the loaves are lying) for about 4-5 hours, gradually bringing the temperature in the oven to 85 degrees. It is advisable to use the sensor to determine the temperature of the meat, which immediately stick into one of the loaves. Sausage is ready when the temperature inside the loaf reaches 67 degrees. Remove the finished sausage from the oven and hang it for drying in a cool place for about 12 hours.

Recipe 6. Homemade beef sausage “Low-calorie”


Beef - 3 kg

Milk - Faceted Glass

Water - one and a half cups

Onions - 4-5 medium onions


Black pepper

Tomato paste, sour cream 15% fat - 5 tablespoons, for sauce

Method of preparation

Chop onions and fry in a pan with a small amount of oil. Meat, onions, garlic mince with a fine grill, it is better even twice.

Stir thoroughly by adding spices and adding milk. You can beat the mass with a mixer.

Stuff the trunk, twisting it to get small sausages. Pierce them in several places with a needle and fry over low heat. Dilute tomato paste and sour cream in water and boil or bake sausages in this sauce.

Recipe 7. Dry-cured home-made sausage

For the preparation of dry-cured homemade beef sausage, a dryer is required. Craftsmen make it from the old system units and other henchmen of the outdated devices, instructions can be found on the Internet.


Beef - 3.5 kg

Lard 1.5 kg

Salt - 90 g

Cognac or brandy - 3 glasses

Spices (nutmeg, black pepper, coriander, etc.) - a total of 15 g

Method of preparation

Twice the meat in the meat grinder. Salo cut into small pieces. Mix the minced meat thoroughly by adding brandy, salt and spices and put in 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Stuff loosely round. Ensure that no air bubbles remain. Tie loaves at both ends and hang them in the dryer. In the evening, roll the loaves with the help of a rolling pin and place under the oppression in the refrigerator. In the morning, put in the dryer again. So repeat until sausage is ready, which is usually about 20 days.

Homemade beef sausage: tricks and tips

  • If the meat is completely fresh, then it is usually recommended to hold it in salt water for a couple of hours.
  • To make meat and lard for homemade sausage from beef better cut, they should be placed in the freezer for 40 minutes.
  • It is better to chop the lard with a knife, otherwise the fat will remain on the knives of the meat grinder, which is undesirable.
  • Spices for cooking sausage (coriander seeds, fennel, mustard seeds, etc.) should be ground immediately before cooking, and garlic, if you need to put fresh, not fried, according to the recipe, mash it in a mortar rather than pour it through press.
  • In the process of cooking all the tools and the stuffing itself must remain constantly cold. This is necessary so that the formation of the meat mass goes right. If you feel that the meat is warm to the touch, put it in the refrigerator for a while.
  • If you do not have a special nozzle for a meat grinder, you can fill the bowl using a funnel made from a cut-off plastic bottle, where the stuffing can be stuffed using the back of a spoon.
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