Delicate and juicy sausages made from minced chicken. Simple recipes for making homemade sausages from minced chicken

Delicate and juicy sausages made from minced chicken. Simple recipes for making homemade sausages from minced chicken

If you have mastered almost all the intricacies of culinary art, but have never treated your household with your own sausages, now we will begin to fill this gap. Just imagine - a completely natural filling! Do you like sausages with cheese? You can add it as much as you see fit. If, on the contrary, you need to follow a strict diet, then in this case we will find a recipe.

Chicken Sausage Sausages - General Cooking Principles

The cooking time for homemade sausages is longer than purchased ones. The difference in minced meat: in homemade products, it is usually raw.

You need to boil or bake homemade sausages as much as you would spend time preparing a dish of meat pieces. For chicken it is 30-50 minutes and the duration is slightly increased if there are a lot of cheese or other additional ingredients in the sausages.

The taste and texture of sausages is almost impossible to repeat, and it is not worth it! The only thing that needs to be learned is the proper selection and reasonable use of spices.

A simple recipe for minced chicken sausages


chilled chicken fillet - 700 gr .;

two eggs;


spices - to taste.

Cooking Method:

We remove the skin and films from the chicken, be sure to cut also the pieces of fat, if they remained during the cutting. Cut into pieces, convenient for grinding and grind twice using a meat grinder. If you use a blender, turn it on first at low speed, then at maximum speed.

Salt the essence stronger than if you were preparing any other dish. Season with pepper, choosing the smallest. If you rub it yourself, do not spare the time and effort for fine grinding.

Release into the egg mass, add a clove of grated garlic. Scroll through the blender for a minute more, then transfer it to the bowl and very slowly, turning and massing from all sides, knead the stuffing for at least ten minutes.

Culinary sleeve cut into squares, with a side of twenty centimeters or a little more. Spread a portion of minced meat from any edge and roll up a tight sausage. Having folded the thread several times, we fasten one of the edges, then with our fingers we slightly shift the stuffing in its direction. Tightly overtighten and free edge.

Boil sausages in boiling water for up to fifteen minutes. They will be ready, but if you like, you can lightly fry them in Smaltse or butter.

Chicken minced sausages - “Kids”


half a cup of very fat milk, or vice versa light, 15 percent cream;

two halves of a breast from a medium-sized broiler - only about 700 grams;

fresh, selected egg;

large juicy onion;

salt, finely ground.

Cooking Method:

Cutting off all the excess with washed and dried flesh - grease, films and skin, weigh the required amount. Cut into pieces, the size of half a matchbox. Fold in the bowl of the blender and lightly grind.

Cut and add to the meat the cleaned and washed onion, slightly add, turn on the chopper at high speed. Grind until onion particles no longer clearly visible.

Pour half of the milk, salt, add spices, be sure to put at least on the tip of a nutmeg powder knife. Having scrolled for a minute at reduced power, we spread the mass in a deep bowl and change the blender to a low-speed mixer.

Taste of sausages directly depends on further thorough mixing. Choose the lowest revolutions, slowly, gently shaking nozzles, knead the mince for about ten minutes. Pour in the rest of the milk and repeat the procedure. Be patient, or put the mass in the kitchen processor.

The easiest way to form sausages is with a roasting sleeve. Such a film, among other things, also maintains the temperature of boiling water. Mince the stuffing in small portions, sausages make thin.

Freshly cooked sausages should be boiled for seven minutes, and frozen over ten.

Juicy minced meat sausages with cheese


Half a kilo of fresh chicken meat (white);

slice loaf;

two selected eggs;

one hundred grams of hard, sharp cheese;

bulbs, large onions - one thing; half a cup of cream;

hand-ground pepper and ground nutmeg - a quarter of a spoon;

salt to taste, only varieties “Extra”.

Cooking Method:

Soak a slice of white, “dairy” loaf for five minutes in cream. Slice the chicken and peeled onions into the blender's grinding container, scroll through a minute and add, without wringing, a loaf.

Rubbed into mashed potatoes, first pour and scroll for a minute, cream. Then add salt, add seasonings, release the egg. Next, we operate at low revs or even transfer the stuffing to a bowl and pick up a mixer with “hard” nozzles for mixing the dough.

The last of the components, put grated cheese. We only interfere with him, but we do it carefully and evenly.

The resulting sausage filling is kept for half an hour in the refrigerator, and the remaining cream is also sent there. Then, again with a mixer, finally mix all the ingredients.

Cutting into pieces of suitable size heat-resistant food film, roll up sausages with its help. Tightly fasten both edges and weld for a minute in boiling water. Next, sausages can be cooled and frozen or cooked until ready.

Delicious minced chicken sausages in the gut


half a pack of “Traditional” or other high fat oil;

a kilogram of steam chicken without fat and bones;

a glass of milk, 3 percent;

one egg;


medium salt;

natural sausage casings or thin, prepared guts.

Cooking Method:

No less than three times skip the chicken through a meat grinder on the finest grinding. Put the minced meat in a blender and scroll for another minute.

Then alternately add and scroll through for thirty seconds: butter slices; salt and spices; milk; at the very least, we are releasing an egg, and we are already interfering it at low revs.

Very high quality stuffing will be released if it is stirred by a mixer for twenty minutes. Cover the bowl with minced meat tightly, best of all tightly pulling the shrink film on it, put it in the refrigerator for three hours, then mix it again with a mixer.

Prepare the shell for filling, as recommended by the manufacturer. Rinse the natural intestines from the brine in which they are stored by putting on the tap and dropping the free edge into the bowl. Do not turn on strong pressure! Fill both types of recommended shells, using a special nozzle on the meat grinder. For her absence, you can use a pastry syringe or just put the edge of the casing on a plastic bottle cut across.

Do not fill the shell too tight; make sure that no air bubbles remain under it. As you fill every 15 centimeters, carefully separate the sausages, pulling them with thick threads.

Cook sausages in brackish water with a very moderate boil. On average, chicken is boiled up to half an hour; in the case of sausage made from raw minced meat, this rule is preserved.

Chicken ground sausages with carrots and melted cheese wrapped in foil


six hundred grams of chicken fillet;

a spoon of finely chopped dill;

white lettuce;

two processed cheese, top grade;

fresh chicken egg;

small bright carrot, preferably savory;

salt, a pinch of small pepper.

Cooking Method:

Chopped chicken, carrots and onions twice pass through a meat grinder. After placing in a bowl, let out a minced egg, put greens and prisalivaem.

Slowly mix with a mixer, acting at minimum capacity.

Frozen curds rub large, unfold and immediately cut the appropriate sheets, food foil.

Spread the stuffing with a spoon, immediately forming the length of the future sausage. On top of the stuffing put a narrow strip of grated cheese. We turn off, first like a candy bar, then we twist the foil tightly from the edges.

Turn on the heating of the oven, set the regulator to 180 degrees. Sausages laid out on a rare lattice or simply on a baking sheet, fry for half an hour.

In the process of baking sausages, be sure to turn them over at least once; if they are lying on a roasting pan, then it is better to do this several times.

Chicken sausage with smoked cheese


fresh chicken meat (white meat from the breast) - 750 grams;

smoked cheese - one hundred grams;

large onion;

three spoons of sour cream;

hand-ground pepper;

slice of bacon

Cooking Method:

Meat with peeled onions carefully grind. You can use a blender or a manual meat grinder. Mix the minced meat with salt and pepper. Put sour cream and stir it with a spoon. Cheese cut into cubes and add the last.

Fat, indicated in the list of products, is governed by the sausages juiciness. It should be strongly frozen, quickly and subtly “nastrogat” with a knife, not cutting. Soak in the refrigerator for half an hour and chop into small pieces.

Add the right amount of bacon in the stuffing, knead it for last and fill the shell. Be sure to divide the long “stocking” into separate sausages, in addition to the usual look, so they also cook faster.

Make a few punctures in each sausage, put them in boiling water and cook for about twenty minutes. Serve with mustard, spicy tomato sauce.

Chicken ground sausages - cooking tricks and helpful tips

Sausage from minced chicken can be cooked not only in film or foil. An excellent shell for them is the natural intestine. It can be purchased on the market, usually in the meat rows, often it can be found in large supermarkets.

Excessively liquid chicken mass can be supplemented with breadcrumbs. They will perfectly absorb all the moisture, and will not be felt in sausages.

When preparing sausages in a natural casing, pierce it with a needle in several places before heat treatment. Products will not lose their juiciness, and the shell will not burst under the influence of high temperature. Do not pierce the film and foil, the meat juice will leak out through the punctures in such “packages”, and the sausages will come out dry.

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