Home-made sausage: step-by-step recipe. How to make real homemade sausage - step by step recipes from natural ingredients

Home-made sausage: step-by-step recipe. How to make real homemade sausage - step by step recipes from natural ingredients

Every year more and more types of sausages appear on the store shelves. And, the more of them, the harder it is to choose a really high-quality product.

But to cook a delicious sausage without preservatives at home is not difficult. Let's try?

Step-by-step recipe for homemade sausages - general principles

You can cook sausage from beef, chicken, pork and even by-products. It is important that the meat is fresh, not lean and not too fat. Meat can be twisted in a meat grinder, crushed to a puree-like state in a blender or cut into small cubes with a knife.

For taste, various spices, herbs, garlic, onions are added to the prepared mince. Small sausages are formed from the mass, wrapped in plastic wrap or laid in a natural casing.

Depending on the recipe, the semi-finished product is boiled, baked or smoked. The finished product is cooled and served.

1. Chicken home-made sausage: recipe step by step


• 6 large chicken legs;

• 3 eggs;

• sour cream of average fat content or cream - 1 glass;

• Pepper black fragrant powder - 10 g.

To all the necessary ingredients, also take, according to your taste and desire, any seasonings for half a pack and 15 g of salt. You will also need half a bunch of fresh parsley and dill, any fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and others, which are useful for decorating the finished chopped chicken homemade sausage.


1. Thighs thaw well: it is better to remove the meat in advance and put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, but you can use the microwave. Ideal if you purchased chilled chicken. Carefully separate the flesh with a knife, discard the bones, cut the fat and skin. Separating meat from bones is a fairly long process, so if you don’t want to mess around for a long time, you can buy ready-made chicken fillets. 2. Cut the prepared chicken fillet into small pieces, chop the blender to a puree-like state. If you do not have a blender, twist the meat several times in a meat grinder.

3. Shredded chicken gruel in a deep bowl, beat with a mixer with a corkscrew nozzle, which is more intended for mixing tough dough, at medium speed.

4. Divide eggs into yolks and whites. Enter the proteins in the chicken mince, and put the yolks in the fridge; they will not be needed for this recipe.

5. In the minced chicken mince add a little salt to taste, pepper, any seasoning (you can take spices for chicken, ground paprika and others). If you like spicy, you can pour a pinch of red pepper.

6. Pour sour cream or medium-fat cream into the mince, mix everything well with a mixer at medium speed.

7. Spread cling film or parchment paper on the table, lay out the prepared chicken mince, form a sausage two centimeters thick with wet hands, wrap the edges of the cling film like candy, or you can tie the edges with thread. If you get too much minced chicken, simply divide it in small portions and form small sausages. You should not make too long and thick sausages, otherwise they can undercook.

8. Put the cooked chicken sausages in a container with boiling lightly salted water, cook on moderate heat for 60 minutes. During cooking, be sure to cover the sausages with some kind of lid in diameter slightly smaller than the container itself, because sausages may rise to the surface during cooking, which is why they will not boil.

9. Take the cooked sausages out of the hot water, put them on a flat portion of the dish and let stand for half an hour so that they cool completely. If you want chicken sausage to turn out with an unusual savory taste, then after boiling, release it from cling film, put it on parchment paper, sprinkled with any seasonings, cumin, garlic squeezed through garlic, tightly wrap the edges and put it in the refrigerator for nine hours. From this homemade chicken sausage will get even more flavor and great taste. 10. Uncooked chicken sausages free from cling film, cut into portions, lay on the edges of a flat plate, put different fresh vegetables sliced ​​into slices in the middle, and garnish with parsley and dill.

2. Chopped home-made sausage: recipe step by step from pork with spices and brandy


• pork (neck) - a little more than a kilogram;

• garlic head floor;

• fresh lard - a small piece;

• 2 onions;

• Cognac - 3 large spoons;

• cumin, nutmeg powder - 10 grams;

• Lavrushka - 3 leaves;

• black fragrant ground and red pepper, salt - 15 g;

• half a bunch of parsley and dill - when served.

Also for the preparation of this sausage, you will need three meters of pig intestine. You can buy it at any butcher shop or on the market. Still take some sunflower oil for toasting.


1. One day before homemade pork sausages are cooked, prepare pork guts: rinse them thoroughly with cold running water, then soak in soda solution in the ratio of 1 teaspoon per liter of water, soak for about 40 minutes. Then drain the solution, rinse the intestines again and soak for two hours in a not very acidic solution of acetic acid and water, just take 20 ml of acid per liter of water. After soaking the gut turn on the wrong side and rinse with running lukewarm water. Put the guts in a refrigerator in an airtight container.

2. The next day, while you are cooking mince, put the processed gut in salt water, diluting 5 grams of salt in a liter of water.

3. Cut pork and lard in small cubes, scroll half the mass through a meat grinder or in a food processor simultaneously with the peeled onion. The second part of the meat and fat finely chop with a sharp knife.

4. Crush the second peeled onion with a knife and fry in a frying pan in hot sunflower oil until softened over medium heat, put the chopped lard and meat to the onion, fry everything together for about 10 minutes. 5. In grilled meat with bacon and onions, add minced meat with bacon, add ground cumin, nutmeg (you can use and not ground, only before adding, grind them in a blender, coffee grinder or in a mortar). Add garlic minced in a garlic dish, add salt, pepper, pour brandy, mix thoroughly and leave for a few minutes, so that the stuffing will be infused and fed.

6. Cut the intestine into small pieces. Firmly fasten one end of each intestine with a thread (preferably silk). Using a special nozzle, fill each gut with cooked meat. If you do not have such a nozzle, you can simply take a plastic bottle, cut off the neck and fill the stuffing through it, making a funnel.

7. Fill the guts with minced meat is not very tight, so that during cooking the shell is not torn.

8. Also fasten the other end of the bowel with a strong silk thread.

9. Intestine-filled intestines must pierce with a fork or a needle to allow air to pass, and the intestine does not burst when heated.

10. Put the sausages in a baking sleeve, put them on a baking sheet, put them in a hot oven and bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. After a while, open the oven door, turn the sausages over to the other side and put on the dough for another half hour.

11. Ready homemade sausages cool slightly and serve to the table on a flat plate, garnish with greens.

3. Liver sausage home: recipe step by step


• pork liver, kidneys, lungs - 350 g each;

• 2 eggs;

• fresh fat - a small piece;

• 2 onions;

• pig gut - about three meters;

• ground red, black pepper, salt - 15 g each;

• any seasoning for meat dishes - half a pack;

• 3 leaves of laurel;

• 5 parsley leaves when serving.


1. As it was described in the previous recipe, prepare the pork intestine the day before cooking the homemade sausage. And also prepare all the pork offal: wash the liver, cut out all the veins, wash the lungs, cut the rough parts and tubes, wash the kidneys, cut in half and soak for several hours in water. 2. Prepared offal in a metal container with cold lightly salted water, put on a large fire, lightly salted, add three leaves of Lavrushka, bring to a boil, remove the foam, reduce the heat and cook until ready.

3. Chop the peeled onions with a knife, cut the fat into small cubes. Put the onions and bacon in the pan and fry until golden brown.

4. Crush the boiled offal in a meat grinder together with roasted lard and onion, add eggs, add seasonings, salt and mix thoroughly until smooth.

5. Similarly to the step-by-step recipe of pork homemade sausage, cut the processed intestine into pieces and fill them with minced meat using a nozzle or funnel from a plastic bottle, firmly fasten all the ends of the intestine with silk thread, pierce the sausages with a needle or fork.

6. Place the filled sausages in hot, salted water and cook for half an hour.

7. Serve on a serving plate, garnished with parsley leaves, next to put a separate plate with black bread.

Step-by-step recipe for homemade sausages - tricks and tips

• If you use a natural casing for making homemade sausage, be sure to carefully prepare the intestine so that the finished product does not have any flavor.

• If the sausage contains lard, choose only fresh produce.

• To make the sausage a beautiful color, add a few pieces of ground paprika, turmeric, curry into the mince.

• Store homemade sausage, wrapping it with parchment, in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

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