This is not GOST! Homemade chicken sausage - much better and cheaper! Traditional and original recipes of homemade chicken sausage

This is not GOST! Homemade chicken sausage - much better and cheaper! Traditional and original recipes of homemade chicken sausage

The attitude towards the quality of sausage offered by retail chains may vary. For the most part, it leaves much to be desired, but I do not want to abandon the use of the product.

Sausages are made for thousands of years, and why refuse such a pleasure? The engine in the production of homemade chicken sausage and all other types of sausages was the ingenuity of housewives and the universal love of meat loaves and "wheels". Some secrets of sausage production were nevertheless spied on and immodestly borrowed from sausage production technologists.

These secrets of sausage manufacturing, long ago adapted to home cooking, with a wider range than in industrial environments, and therefore more interesting, are brought to the attention of readers.

Homemade Chicken Sausage - General Technological Principles

But, before considering all possible recipes for homemade chicken sausage, we’ll dwell, so to speak, on the theory and basic technological stages of its production. Moreover, in the base part, homemade chicken sausage and its production analogue are similar to the very last stage - cooking minced meat and making a list of ingredients.

So, let us briefly discuss the most basic technological points in the form in which they are suitable for the production (let it sound loud) of homemade sausage.

Why not? Chicken meat - the most affordable, social product, very convenient for heat treatment due to the fact that the diet pulp is cooked much faster than other types of meat.

Some economic aspects

There is, however, one small “minus”: poultry meat has a lot of bones, skin, cartilage, which are not suitable for high-quality sausages. That is, it is necessary to solve the issue of profitability of home production, as they say, “right from the wheels”.

Solution of the problem, option one:

for homemade chicken sausage profitable to purchase poultry fillets. And then there will be no waste. Make homemade chicken sausage and enjoy its taste.

Solution of the problem, option two: Chicken broth in the house are preparing? The question is rhetorical, and you can not answer. If, in principle, chicken sausage is eaten in the house, then the bones for the broth will surely come in handy.

In addition to chicken meat, additional ingredients will be needed: mostly, these are spices, spices, milk or cream (this also applies to cheese), eggs. It is allowed for some types of homemade chicken sausage to use other types of meat. Here lies the variety of homemade products! On the production - standards, costing, and at home everything is possible.

Requirements to the quality of raw materials

The main thing is that the raw materials should be of a high quality level - at home, we do not neglect the requirements for raw materials, but, on the contrary, if possible, raise them.

According to the technological standards of production for the manufacture of chicken sausages are used:

Poultry fresh meat - fresh, unfrozen carcasses. They need to be processed during the first 12 hours, as the meat quality subsequently deteriorates.

Chilled meat should be stored at 0 ° C and processed within 10 days after slaughter.

For frostbitten poultry storage temperature is in the range from -5 ° to + 1 ° C. This temperature varies depending on the thickness of the pulp. Frozen meat stored 10 - 25 days.

Frozen birds are stored at temperatures below -15 ° C. Usually, deep-freezing is resorted to to accumulate raw materials. But with this method of storage, the structure of the protein changes, and the quality of the meat deteriorates.

Defrosting is best done in the refrigerator, in a closed container. This method is more hygienic and affordable at home.

Knowing about the assortment of raw materials and how to store them, choose the most appropriate option.

Ambassador and cooking ground beef

Meat is salted with the higher quality and faster, the finer the meat is cut. When salting temperature is maintained at + 8 ° C.

In order to preserve the quality of the product, ice-cold water is added to the sausage meat, or ice is used. Meat at the same time does not heat up from the working meat grinder. This is also necessary because the formed sausage loaves are not immediately subjected to heat treatment - they are suspended from the string, so that the minced meat is compacted, and the sausage structure is free of bubbles, cracks and voids. Pink sausage become due to the use of sodium nitrite during salting.

Regarding the use of this additive, we can say the following: it is harmless in micro doses. In addition, similar drugs are allowed for sale in pharmacies, as a vasodilator that improves brain function. True, with some limitations.

Sodium nitrite is not recommended for children, in acute stages of heart attack, hypertension, patients with a diagnosis of glaucoma. In those cases, if one of the family members belongs to this risk group, then such a component in homemade chicken sausage should be avoided.

All other ingredients are made according to each type of sausage - according to the recipe.

Inventory, equipment and consumables

At home, a meat grinder with different types of nozzles is ideal for filling guts. What type of nozzle to use depends on the type of sausage. You also need to prepare suitable containers for cutting, salting meat, dishes for heat treatment (convenient cooking pots, pans, pans). You will need cutting boards and sharp knives.

If you are planning, in addition to boiled, homemade chicken sausage, to make smoked, half-smoked or boiled-smoked products, then you should consider the issue of preparing the conditions for smoking and drying.

That's all the wisdom that is necessary for the manufacture of homemade chicken sausage. It remains to try to cook yourself a few sticks of different yummy.

Recipe 1. Homemade chicken sausage with beef liver


• Beef liver 260 g

• Chicken Liver 350 g

• Chicken fillet 700 g

• Butter, cream 240 g

• Onion 180g

• Carrots 150g

• Cream, low-fat 75 ml

Ground spices:

• Nut, nutmeg

• Black pepper

• Bay leaf


Peel the chicken and beef livers from the films, chop and passe in butter, with the addition of finely chopped vegetables. At the end of the frying, pour in the hot cream and bring the mass to a boil. Boil the chicken fillet in salted water, adding spices. Combine all ingredients and chop well. Sausage mass should be elastic, pasty. Form two loaves, wrapping the meat in a food film (foil can be used). Additional heat treatment is required. Put the finished sausage in the fridge. The second method: fry only vegetables in a pan, adding them with spices, butter and cream. Boil meat components - chicken fillet should be cooked separately from the liver. Next, combine and cook the stuffing, as described in the first method.

Recipe 2. Creamy Homemade Chicken Sausage


• Chicken flesh 2.0 kg

• Butter, sweet cream 120 g

• Proteins, egg 3 pcs. (60g)

• Medium-fat cream (25%) 100 ml

• Spices, salt

• Celery (roots) 25 g

• Onions (shredded) 150 g

• Parsley (root) 40 g

• Garlic 10-15 g


The fillet is cut finely, mixed with salt and spices (ground black pepper, nutmeg, sodium nitrite, bay leaf). The meat is seasoned with spices for a couple of hours. The roots of spicy vegetables are washed, cleaned and prepared from them pasta, passeraya in butter and combining with cream. Squirrels whip. Proteins need to kill a blender to destroy the structure of the protein and the mass is evenly distributed in sausage minced meat. Cooled steamed vegetables combine with proteins, mixing again. Chicken meat is repeatedly passed through a meat grinder until it is fully crushed, the prepared melange is added and the kneading is continued until the mass is glued together. Form loaves, wrapping them in foil or film. In a wide dish spread shaped sausage loaves, poured water. A small press is placed on top so that the sausage does not float during cooking. Cook on low heat for 2 hours. After natural cooling, the finished sausage is placed in the refrigerator or served to the table.

Recipe 3. Homemade Chicken Sausage - Provence Sausages


• Chicken meat (pulp) 1.9 kg

• Oil, olive 120 ml

• Eggs 4 pcs.

• Lemon juice 50 ml

• Spices: black ground pepper, set of Provencal herbs, salt, capers (25 g)


Poultry meat is cut finely, dressed with a mixture of spices, butter and lemon juice. The prepared semi-finished product is aged 48 hours in the cold. Then it is repeatedly passed through a meat grinder, using a small nozzle, add the beaten egg mass and mix thoroughly until smooth. Formed small sausages (wieners), weighing 150 g. To do this, each portion of minced meat spread on food film at a distance between them - 4-5 cm, so that you can fix each portion. The film needs to be pierced with a pin in several places. Semi-finished product is boiled in chicken broth for up to 40-50 minutes.

Recipe 4. “Special” Home-made Chicken Sausage


• Veal (pulp) 0.5 kg

• Chicken fillet 2.2 kg

• Butter (butter, for browning) 150 g

• Onions, browned 300 g

• Cream, low-fat (or milk) 250 ml

• Egg melange 150g

• Spices, garlic


Cut veal into small cubes, season with spices, cover with foil and leave in the cold, at least for a day. We also do with chicken meat, but we put it in a separate container. Keeping the meat in the marinade, proceed to the preparation of sausage. Pass the onion and add it to the chicken mass. Grind to a pasty consistency. When the minced chicken is ready, add the cream, pieces of veal. We taste and, if necessary, add spices. Enter the melange and mix until the mass thickens, and all the air bubbles come out. We shift the stuffing on the film, dividing it into 2-3 parts. We form sausage loaves with a diameter of not more than 7 cm. Cook in chicken broth or water. If in the process of cooking bubbles begin to stand out on the surface of the film, pierce it with a needle. After cooking, remove the ready loaves from the pan, dry with a napkin. Sausage can be eaten, but after aging, the next day, it is much more tasty.

Recipe 5. “Confetti” Homemade Chicken Sausage


• Chickens 4.0-4.5 kg

• Red, lettuce pepper 350-400 g (net)

• Spices

• Carrots 0.5 kg

• Green peas 300-400 g

• Celery and parsley roots

• Onions 600g

• Gelatin 100 g

• Water 4-5 liters


Gutted and cleaned chickens laid in a large saucepan, pour the meat with water and then put on fire. Water should be poured to cover all meat 5-6 cm above the level, taking into account the boiling of meat and evaporation of liquid. Cook very slowly, like brawn. Remove the foam so that the broth is completely transparent. When the foam ceases to stand out, throw the peeled vegetables into the pan, whole. Onions are no longer needed, and carrots, when cooked, reach, cool and chop into beautiful, small cubes. Ten to fifteen minutes before the end of cooking cold jelly, add salt, bell pepper, bay leaf ,. When the meat begins to separate from the bone - remove the pan from the stove, cool naturally. The flesh should not be boiled heavily so that it can be easily cut into cubes. Broth thoroughly filter and enter into it the dissolved gelatin. Green peas and pepper cubes are cooked separately in salted, sugared and acidified lemon juice water, or in chicken broth. When the broth hardens and turns into a thick, gelatinous mass, convenient for further formation, combine it with chopped chicken fillet (without bones and peels), carrots, peas and pepper.

Next, you will need forms lined with food film. Choose from the available ones, or use plastic bottles, after cutting off the top and bottom parts, so that the shape is correct and the same. It should be a plastic tube. One side of this form can, for example, wrap with foil and secure it with an elastic band. Prepared form set in the pan. Plastic bags are filled with jelly mass, leveled, tied and dropped into the form of bottles. Put the pan in the fridge. There are other options for the formation of jelly chicken sausage, but this question will decide each hostess, based on the availability of a suitable tool and material in her arsenal.

Recipe 6. Homemade Chicken Sausage with Cheese

Ideal for making homemade cheese, chicken sausage, cream cheese with a high content of fat and a pasty consistency is suitable. For example: “Friendship”, “Hochland”, “Philadelphia” cheese. In this case, you can reduce the use of butter in the recipe, replace the fat cream with milk, 2.6% fat.


• Chicken fillet 1.8 kg

• Cheese, creamy 450 g

• Spices

• Milk 350 ml

• Oil 120 g


Meat is cut into small cubes, seasoned with salt, pepper. You can add other favorite spices. If the cheese is salty enough, then with the addition of salt, be careful. We leave the meat prepared for the stuffing overnight in the refrigerator, on the top shelf. Of course, it should be well wrapped with a film or foil. The next day, carefully smash the minced meat together with the prepared cheese and the other ingredients. We form sausages with the help of a film. Dump the loaves in boiling water and cook for about an hour. So that they do not emerge, tie a small weight to the knots on both sides. If it turns out that during the cooking sausages come to the surface of the sausage - pierce the film with a needle or a thin needle in several places.

Homemade Chicken Sausage - Tips and Tricks

Some homemade craftsmen advise to cook sausage in plastic containers. Do not forget that bottles for cold drinks are not intended for heat treatment, during which plastic will release into food undesirable substances. In extreme cases, such methods can only be resorted to for the formation of a cooled mass, having previously wrapped it with food film.

How much is the sausage in the store - every owner knows. But not everyone is sure that the label contains true information about what the product consists of.

The cost of fresh chicken meat is much lower than the finished sausage. Have a lot of patience, find free time and arrange a sausage shop in your kitchen, for the production of homemade chicken sausage, once a month. The benefits to the budget, health will be as tangible as the taste of this homemade product is pleasant.

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