How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

Today we will talk about the most favorite delicacy of my children, almost from the very birth. I will also give you a few recipes for baking apples in the microwave, with honey, sugar, cottage cheese, and cinnamon.

Why not in the oven? In general, there is no big difference where to bake. It's just that everything is much faster in the microwave, it doesn’t need to be a “stoker”. And the dish turns out just as tasty and healthy. By the way, opponents of microwaves, they do not emit anything harmful and it is high time to study their action and use it for their own benefit.

Can I bake apples in the microwave

We always have apples, they are familiar to us, one might say, ordinary. But sometimes it bothers to gnaw them fresh, I want diversity. And another plus, with a huge, baked apples is that they do not cause bloating as fresh. So they can be kiddies, even babies, their nursing mothers, and all those to whom apples are prohibited, for example, after abdominal surgery.

Do not believe those who convince you of the lack of vitamins and nutrients in baked apples. Everything is preserved, even some substances enhance their healing effect. And there is a lot of fiber in them, so a very useful diet product that can restore your digestion.

How to prepare apples for baking

  1. Apples can be baked whole, stuffed with halves or something. But in the beginning they need to be washed. Imported fruits often go in paraffin treatment, it is quite difficult to remove from the surface of the peel, you need to wash it with a non-coarse brush in hot water. I just wash my homemade apples with soda.
  2. You do not need to remove the rind from the fruit before baking, otherwise they will fall apart and lose their shape. But so that it does not crack, it makes sense to make a few punctures with a wooden toothpick.
  3. To prepare apples for stuffing, you need to cut off the upper part, it will be a lid. In a circle with a sharp knife cut out the core with bones and pull it out. The bottom is left untouched. Also, in order for the apples to bake evenly, pick approximately the same size of the fruit.
  4. If you bake apples with slices or halves, it is enough to cut them and remove the middle part. But do not cut too thin slices, again, they will fall apart.

How long does it take to bake apples in the microwave

Apples are with hard pulp, such bake the longest, the juicy, friable fruits bake faster. Time also depends on the size; the larger, the longer bake is correspondingly longer.

Time still depends on the power of the microwave oven, I have a regular, standard, baking an average-sized apple in it for about five minutes when turned on at 700 watts.

How to bake apples in the microwave - recipes

I first read about how to bake apples in a microwave in a little book with recipes, which was attached to this microwave, though it was my first microwave oven, it was not as sophisticated as modern ones, but first of all I tried these recipes .

Then, having become accustomed, I started baking apples with various fillings. And when my youngest daughter came to light, then from three months she began to slowly introduce the supplements from just such apples. I am happy to share my recipes.

How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

We bake apples in the microwave with cinnamon

Do you like the flavor of apples with cinnamon? I and my children very much. We even add it to all apple pies. The smell of warmth and comfort gives this spice. And dessert can be supplemented with sweet raisins, I think your kids will be delighted with such healthy food. We take:

  • Six medium-sized sour-sweet apples
  • A handful of brown raisins
  • Two large spoons of sugar
  • A teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Half a glass of water

Cooking process:

Raise the raisins for the first time with boiling water, rinse and drain the water, then rinse under running water and soak for a few minutes so that the berries soften.

Apples are mine too, we cut each into eight slices, cutting out the middle in advance. In this recipe, the peel can be removed, as we will cook in a refractory dish and the dish should be a little boil soft. We set the microwave at 800 watts and time 5 minutes. Then we open the lid, mix the components and set it again for 4 minutes.

Baked apples in the microwave for a nursing mother

I remember when I was a nursing mother, I wanted exactly what was impossible. Then my grandmother suggested how I baked a pumpkin and apples in a Russian oven. I tried, it turned out very tasty and my baby had no colic. You can such a dish on the third day after birth. Benefits a huge amount and at the same time a quick disposal of extra pounds.

We take:

  • Eight apples with thick skin
  • Two hundred grams of pumpkin pulp

Cooking process:

To dessert you like, take apples sweeter, and pumpkin better than nutmeg. We do not use sugar here, because we need not only to eat vitamins, but also to return our figure to its former size.

Apples are washed and freed from hearts. We rub a pumpkin with a large grater and fill each apple, put lids from the top of the cut part on top and set it at 700 watts for eight minutes, if the apples are too hard, add time.

How to bake apples in the microwave with honey and dried apricots

I make this recipe with honey almost every weekend. Tasty, indescribably. The fragrance stands at home giddy. I make such a dish for breakfast, everything from the smell immediately wake up.

We take:

  • Six medium sized apples
  • Five large spoons of honey
  • A handful of dried apricots
  • Some Cinnamon

Cooking process:

Apples as always washed, cut off the cap and cut out the middle. Dried apricots should be filled with boiling water for three minutes, rinsed well and finely chopped. After that, you can individually stuff it with apples, then pour it with honey, but I immediately mix honey and dried apricots in a bowl, add a pinch of cinnamon, then stuff apples.

Then for five minutes at maximum power I put the fruit in the microwave. When ready, you can slightly tuck them with powdered sugar for beauty.

How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

How to bake an apple in the microwave for a child

The development of taste directly affects the development of the child, his speech and psyche, so say the scientists. At the age of half a baby, you can begin to enter the baked apples, if the child is completely healthy. In general, such food does not harm the stomach, like ordinary apples, so bolder, develop the taste.

We need to take:

  • Sweet non-firm apple
  • A spoonful of water
  • At the tip of a teaspoon of butter

Cooking process:

You and other family members may also want to try apples, then take a few pieces. For children over one and a half years, you can sprinkle with sugar.

I wash my apple, take out the middle part, put a piece of butter in there and put it on a plate, at the bottom of which we pour water.

At the strongest power, we set the microwave for five minutes of baking. After turning it off, let the dish stand for a while in the microwave.

How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

Baked apples in the microwave with sugar

For such a dessert, you can take both sugar and powdered sugar. Simple, fast, no frills.

We need:

  • Three medium apples
  • One and a half teaspoons of sugar
  • Cinnamon optional
  • Three large spoons of water

Cooking process:

We also prepare the apples, remove the middle parts, and pour sugar in them, half a spoon. Pour water on the dish and lay out the apples, bake at the highest power for five minutes.

How to bake apples in the microwave, with sugar, for a child, with cottage cheese

How to bake apples with cottage cheese in the microwave

Baked apples with cottage cheese may well pass for a light dinner. There are few calories here, if you take low-fat cottage cheese, so it will be very useful for losing weight.

We take:

  • Three large apples, Antonovka
  • will do

  • Two hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese
  • Big spoon with a pile of sugar
  • A handful of dried apricots
  • A handful of raisins

Cooking process:

Pour boiling water over raisins and dried apricots, leave for about twenty minutes, then rinse well. Spread out on a paper towel to dry.

Dried apricots should be cut into small fragments, cottage cheese, if granular, it is better to rub through a sieve. In a cup, mix cottage cheese with sugar, you need to thoroughly pereteret, then add dried apricots and raisins.

My apples, cut out the middle, inward lay the cottage cheese, cover with cut tops. We set the microwave for 500 watts and bake for 8 minutes.

Baked apples with banana and cinnamon

When you have to go on a diet, the worst thing is to give up sweets, but you want to be terrible. Here, so as not to break, I make such a delicious dessert. Very useful for the tummy, and usually the whole family joins me. We take:

  • Two red apples
  • Overripe Banana
  • Ground cinnamon or sticks
  • At the tip of a vanilla knife

Cooking process:

Cut the apples into halves and remove the middle one, lay them on a platter. Mash a banana, immediately add vanilla to it. Banana gruel laid out in the hollows of apples, sprinkle with cinnamon on top. Bake at 700 watts for seven minutes.

Apples Baked with Strawberries

Chic recipe, tried once and now I cook all the time. A great dish for a kids birthday table.

We'll take:

  • Five small red apples
  • Two hundred grams of strawberries or strawberries
  • A large spoonful of potato starch
  • Two large spoons of sugar

Cooking process:

Starch mix with sugar in a separate bowl. We cut the middle of apples. Put them on the dish. We lay berries in the middle of each apple, sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and starch on top. Bake 7 minutes in the microwave.

How to bake apples in the microwave, video

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