Cauliflower in Korean style is a spicy snack for any side dish! Marinate cauliflower in Korean with carrots or tomatoes

Cauliflower in Korean style is a spicy snack for any side dish! Marinate cauliflower in Korean with carrots or tomatoes

Korean cuisine, in its domestic version, is rich in spicy vegetable dishes. And the adaptation itself touched primarily used products. For lack of the original ones used in their homeland, the culinary experts picked up the available ones. Cauliflower has attracted both its impressive appearance and dense structure and excellent “susceptibility” to spicy marinades.

Korean Cauliflower - General Cooking Principles

• Marinated spicy cauliflower in Korean style - an original fragrant snack that can decorate any table and serve to almost any side dish.

• Whole cauliflowers or split heads of cabbage are not marinated; only inflorescences are used. To gently separate them from the dense stem, the washed head of cab is turned over by a stalk up and cut in half strictly in the middle of the stem. A thin thin knife cut the inflorescences one by one, trying to divide them into smaller ones. The remnants of the trunk are cut off from the inflorescences almost completely, leaving only the “curly” part of them.

• Before marinating inflorescences require prior preparation. They are blanched for a certain time in lightly boiling water or steamed with steam. After that, the cabbage is well cooled, laid out on a sieve or colander. Often the inflorescences are boiled, but in most formulations, boiled and cooled, they are poured with hot marinade and cooled in it.

• Marinade for real cauliflower in Korean consists of vinegar, vegetable oil, spices, sugar and salt. The marinade components are mixed with water or decoction of the cabbage left over from the cabbage blanching. Sometimes they are added to a specially prepared tomato base.

• When preparing such a snack, carrots and garlic are added to the cabbage. Their number is not limited to prescription recommendations, you can put on the basis of their preferences. Others are often added to the main vegetables. To enhance the taste put a bitter onion and Bulgarian pepper, the sharpness of the dish is regulated by hot pepper. • Seasonings and marinade spices are self-selected or use factory-made “For Korean Carrot” seasoning.

• Duration of cooking snacks is from two to ten hours. But as a rule, it is not stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator. To stock up on the future, it can be mothballed, while respecting all the rules.

Classic simplest cauliflower Korean recipe


• small cauliflower cabbage - 700 gr .;

• big sweet carrot;

• five large teeth of garlic;

• 50 ml of highly purified oil;

• table food vinegar - 200 ml;

• full 200 gr. a glass of sugar;

• two tablespoons of rock salt;

• liter of drinking water;

• ground coriander, sweet paprika, a mixture of peppers;

• two small leaves of laurel.

Cooking Method:

1. Tear off all the leaves from the cabbage, rinse the head of cabbage in warm water and carefully disassemble into florets.

2. In a large saucepan, boil clean water. Dip cabbage in boiling liquid and boil for about five minutes with a slight boil. Then collect in a colander and set aside.

3. Pour a liter of drinking water into a clean saucepan. Add sugar with salt and boil. As soon as the first bubbles start to appear, pour in the vegetable oil with vinegar and, after boiling, boil the marinade for two minutes.

4. Pour boiled inflorescences with marinade just removed from the stove and allow to cool completely. To speed up the process, remove the container in a cool place.

5. Grate carrots. The dish will look beautiful if you use a special grater for making carrot-cha salad for grinding.

6. Cut the peeled garlic cloves into large longitudinal plates. If you like a rich garlic taste, increase its quantity.

7. Take ground coriander, crushed lavushka, a mixture of ground peppers and paprika. Mix the spices, focusing on your taste so that in total there are no more than two teaspoons of the mixture and add them to the cooled marinade with cabbage. Add carrots, mix well and place in a cool place for pickling for 6 hours.

Korean style cauliflower without carrots with onions and bell peppers


• kilogram of cauliflower, sifted cabbage;

• three large peppercorns;

• three onions;

• two spoons of sugar;

• 75 ml of food vinegar;

• two tablespoons of curing salt;

• 200 ml of vegetable oil, odorless;

• garlic;

• a teaspoon of ground coriander;

• black pea pepper - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. A saucepan, pouring 1.5 liters into it. water, put boil over intense fire. As soon as the liquid begins to boil, add one and a half tablespoons of salt and lower the enumerated inflorescences. After waiting for re-boiling, boil for no more than three minutes, remove from heat and cool, do not decant the broth.

2. Cut onions with very thin half-goats, if the bulbs are very large, then quarters. Peeled seed pepper cut along thin straws. Chop garlic into thin slices.

3. Decant the cooled decoction and do not pour it. Drain the inflorescences, and mix with the prepared vegetables.

4. Pour in the decoction measured oil and vinegar. Dip the remaining salt, black peppercorns and coriander. Lightly heat the marinade and cover with the vegetables. Stir and place overnight in the common compartment of the refrigerator.

Procurement of cauliflower in Korean for the winter


• Fresh cauliflower - 800 gr.;

• two spoons of seasoning “For Korean carrot”;

• large carrot;

• garlic to taste, but not less than 5 teeth.

For the marinade based on the source liter of water:

• table 9% vinegar - 250 ml;

• lean, odorless, oil - 50 ml;

• 200 gr. sugar;

• two tablespoons of curing salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Gently separate the inflorescences from the trunk with a knife and wash them thoroughly by dipping them in warm water.

2. Boil a little over a liter of water in a large saucepan and boil the cabbage in it for 4 minutes. The fire should not be intense, it is desirable that the water only barely boiled. Put the cooked cabbage in a bowl and leave to cool.

3. In a separate saucepan, pour a liter of drinking water and bring to a boil. Then add the spices, pour in the oil and boil for five minutes. At the end, add vinegar, immediately remove from heat and dip blanched inflorescences in hot marinade. Cool the cauliflower in the marinade to room temperature. 4. Add finely chopped garlic, grated carrot with a special tinder and mix well.

5. Spread the prepared mixture over the prepared sterile jars, filling them “by the hanger”. Top up the remaining marinade and sterilize it, loosely covered with boiled metal lids.

6. For sterilization, place the jars in a wide saucepan, the bottom of which cover with a terry towel in several layers. Fill the container with cans of warm water, pouring it so that it does not reach the neck by two centimeters, and put on an intense heat. As soon as the water boils, lower the heat and maintain the preservation in slightly boiling water. Half liter containers - a quarter of an hour, liter up to 25 minutes.

7. After sterilization, carefully remove the jars from the saucepan and seal the cups, rolling the covers with a special sealing device.

8. Cool the hot preservation under a blanket and store in a cool place for further storage.

Spicy Korean style cauliflower with lemon juice for two hours


• 4 tbsp. l lean frozen oil;

• 0.5 kg of cauliflower;

• two large carrots;

• 1.5 table. spoons of sugar;

• hot pepper - 1 pod, small size;

• coarse salt - 2 tsp;

• juice from large lemon;

• garlic;

• Fresh cilantro and dill - to taste;

• two onion feathers;

• teaspoon of coriander.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil water in a large saucepan and add salt, as usual when boiling pasta. In a boiling, lightly salted solution, lower the disassembled inflorescences and boil them for about 3 minutes. Readiness is determined by a bit of a bit. If it is not soft enough, boil more, but do not overdo it, the inflorescences should remain tight.

2. Decant the whole broth, measure and return five spoons to the pan. Put the cabbage in a strainer and cool well.

3. Slice green onions and hot peppers into rings, finely chop fresh greens. Chop the garlic with a fine chopper, cut the carrot into thin long straws or rub with a special chopper. 4. Combine all the vegetables in one bowl, add to them the cooled inflorescences, coriander, pour in the hot marinade and mix thoroughly.

5. Fold in a plastic food container under the lid and place in the refrigerator. If the inflorescences are small for pickling, it will take a couple of hours, if larger ones, they will need to be kept longer.

Korean style quick cauliflower recipe with sesame and soy sauce


• six inflorescences of cabbage, small in size;

• a tablespoon of soy light sauce;

• two spoons of sesame seeds;

• a piece of fresh ginger root;

• rice vinegar - 1 tbsp. l .;

• full spoon of honey, without a slide;

• 40 ml of high quality vegetable oil;

• garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the inflorescences in warm, slightly salted water for one hour. Then rinse well and let stand over steam for ten minutes.

2. Combine the soy sauce with rice vinegar. Pass through a press and add garlic, ground ginger (2 tsp) in the marinade, honey and mix well.

3. At a minimum temperature in a dry skillet, slightly fry the sesame seeds, cool them and add half to the marinade, mix.

4. Pour the marinade, pour the cooled inflorescences and leave to marinate in heat for two hours.

5. When serving, pour the cabbage gathered at the bottom of the container with marinade and sprinkle with the remaining sesame seed on top.

How to preserve Korean cauliflower in tomato marinade


• two large tomatoes;

• pound cabbage cauliflower;

• two sweet, preferably red, peppers;

• 3-4 peppercorns;

• hot pepper - 2 pods;

• five large cloves of garlic;

• salt to taste;

• three large spoons of sugar;

• half a cup of 9% edible vinegar;

• 170 ml of high purity oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully separating with a knife, disassemble the head into inflorescences of the minimum size and cut off the remnants of a dense stem. Dip in boiling, lightly salted water and boil for three minutes at medium heat. Then put on a sieve and dry well. 2. Peeled garlic cloves and chopped tomatoes chop up with a blender.

3. Add vegetable oil to the tomato mass, then sugar, vinegar and spices, mix well and remove the sample. Tomato marinade should be slightly salty.

4. On a low heat bring the marinade to a boil, lower the blanched inflorescences and boil again, just a couple of minutes.

5. Hot cauliflower in Korean with marinade pack in sterile jars and cork.

6. Turn the blanks over on the covers and leave to cool under a warm blanket.

Korean style cauliflower - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Quite often small midges live in cauliflower inflorescences. To get rid of the pest, it is enough to withstand it for a short time in salted cool water.

• It is not necessary to boil the inflorescences specified in the recipe time. If you like crispy cabbage, boil it less, but keep in mind that the harder the flesh, the longer it will take marinating.

• The taste of the marinade can be adjusted by changing the amount of sugar. But it is worth remembering that the marinade should be brackish, as almost all the salt from it will pull the cabbage.

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