Salad "Starfish" - the five best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook salad "Starfish".


Starfish salad - general principles of cooking

Dish, the main ingredients of which are seafood, always attracts attention and delight. The display of the starfish salad only enhances this interest. Thanks to the interesting presentation, you can interest children, they will be happy to try such a dish.

Salad “Starfish” - preparation of products and dishes

For serving, you will need a flat dish, since only on it you will be able to beautifully decompose the components of the salad, giving them the shape of a starfish.

Recipes for Starfish Salad:

Recipe 1: Starfish Salad

Salad is worthy of a festive table - one of its kind will decorate a celebration, will cause interest and appetite among guests. The fact that it is tasty and healthy, says the list of necessary products for it.

Ingredients Required:

- large potato (1 piece);

- two fresh cucumbers;

- salmon or trout (100 g);

- two boiled carrots;

- crab sticks (4 pieces);

- eggs (2 pieces);

- mayonnaise (for refueling).

To decorate the salad: lemon, shrimp, olives.

Cooking Method:

Boil potatoes, shrimps and eggs.

Grate cucumbers with a large grater. Half put on a dish in the shape of a star.

On the same grater, chop the potatoes, mix with mayonnaise and put on a layer of cucumbers.

Salmon thinly chopped, place a few slices on top of the potatoes.

The next layer is grated crab sticks.

Sprinkle lightly with mayonnaise.

Grate eggs, mix with mayonnaise, lay out on top.

It's time to remember the remaining cucumbers. They should be spread out on the surface of the salad, creating a pale green background to decorate the dish.

From the grated carrots lay out on a salad starfish, reinforcing the impression of slices of salmon. The remaining space is filled with shrimp. On the edges of the dish spread out thin circles of lemon, olives.

Recipe 2: Starfish Salad with Chicken Breast

The dish is considered an appetizer, but it is so satisfying that for many it is easy to replace lunch or dinner. Mayo should not be sorry for him - the salad should be soft, juicy, tender. But this “Starfish” salad can never be dry.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken breast (1 piece);

- eggs (3 pieces);

- pickled cucumber (2 pieces);

- as many carrots;

- crab sticks (100 g);

- potatoes (3 pieces);

- garlic (2 cloves);

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Start by boiling all the raw ingredients: chicken breast, eggs, potatoes, carrots.

While they are cooling, you can prepare a dressing: crush the garlic under pressure, add to the mayonnaise, mix.

This sauce is generously seasoned with chopped chicken breast.

Chop potatoes, carrots, eggs on a coarse grater, cucumbers - with a knife.

Lay out the ingredients on a flat dish, giving them a star shape, because the dish is called “Starfish” salad.

Start with cucumbers, then - potatoes, chicken breast, eggs. Smear each layer with mayonnaise.

The topmost layer is the carrot, it will set the red tone of the star.

Crab sticks cut into neat rings, spread out over the entire surface of the salad.

Recipe 3: Starfish Salad with Cheese

This recipe will allow you to make the “Starfish” salad truly royal - everyone will like it, your gourmet guests will not be an exception. The combination of shrimps, salmon with fresh tomatoes, olives, sauce with a pleasant taste and aroma of lemon, make it so delicious! Before serving, let it soak for an hour in the fridge - the salad will be soaked, it will become even tastier.

Ingredients Required:

- salmon (200 g);

- Tomato (1 piece);

- 100 g each - of olives and cheese;

- shrimp (400 g);

- egg (2 pieces); - 4 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise and sour cream;

- lemon.

Cooking Method:

Cook and peel the eggs and shrimp.

Shrimp and olives chop with a knife, and cheese and eggs - coarse grater.

Salmon and tomato cut into thin slices.

Mix sour cream with mayonnaise, add salt, lemon juice.

Put shrimps, eggs, cheese, olives in a bowl, pour in the sauce, mix.

All the ingredients are prepared, you can put the salad "Starfish".

The contents of the bowl must be laid out on a dish, giving it a star shape.

From above distribute evenly over the surface slices of tomatoes, on them - salmon.

Between the rays of a star, you can decompose olives, thin slices of lemon.

Recipe 4: Starfish Salad with Corn

On the festive table, such a salad is irresistible! Delicate plates of red fish on bright green curls of fresh lettuce leaves look very beautiful. To give the dish a special solemnity, you can decorate the central part of the salad with red caviar just before serving. Then the Starfish salad will become even more appetizing.

Ingredients Required:

- crab sticks (200 g);

- canned corn (150 g);

- Bulgarian pepper (1 piece);

- five lettuce leaves;

- salmon or salmon (300 g);

- eggs (3 pieces);

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Part of the fish cut into thin long slices (ten strips will be enough), the rest - in small cubes.

Also, cubes, you need to cut the crab sticks, peppers, hard-boiled eggs.

All ingredients obtained with a knife cubic shape (fish, eggs, bell peppers, crab sticks), put in a bowl, add corn and mayonnaise, mix.

On a flat dish spread out the leaves of the salad in the form of star rays.

Place a piece of lettuce in the center of each leaf. Make it better dessert or a teaspoon.

It remains to cover each beam from two sides with a thin plate of fish (which is why there are ten of them!), And the Starfish salad is ready to decorate the table.

Recipe 5: Starfish Salad with Cucumber

The original design of this salad always attracts the attention of guests. And when they taste it, you can be sure that it will become their favorite dish.

Ingredients Required:

- Fresh cucumbers (2 pieces);

- one pickled cucumber;

- salmon or trout (300 g);

- eggs (3 pieces);

- cheese (150 g);

- one small onion;

- potatoes (2 pieces);

- dill;

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

From fresh cucumbers create a base for the salad: cut them lengthwise into plates, spread out on a star-shaped dish.

Cook eggs, grind on a fine grater. This gentle mass to cover the surface of cucumbers.

On top - chopped finely onions.

Separate thin strips from the fish with a sharp knife that will be used to decorate a star. The rest of the cut into cubes, put on top of the onion.

Cover the pieces of red fish with cheese, chopped on a fine grater. Cover this layer with mayonnaise.

Peremyat fresh cucumber remnants on a fine grater and gently place this delicate mass in mayonnaise.

The top layer of the salad consists of boiled and grated potatoes, mixed with finely chopped salted cucumber, chopped dill and mayonnaise.

To moisten this layer with a spoon moistened in water, cover it with thin strips of fish. This final touch should emphasize - it’s not for nothing that the dish is called “Starfish” salad.

Salad “Starfish” - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Shrimp always thaw slowly. This is best done by placing them in a sieve installed inside the pan. Leave this delicate sea product on the shelf of the refrigerator until completely thawed.

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